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Book airport escorts for your holiday travels

airport escortsWe hope you had a lovely Christmas gentlemen! We’re looking forward to a very happy New Year too. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a great deal going for all you party guys out there. We have some new and exciting VIP packages to introduce you to. You can have a number of escorts at your place, with a bath full of champagne if you really want! Go and read more…

Travelling home after Christmas?

If you’re travelling home between Christmas and New Year, you may be using one of London’s airports. We are delighted to tell you that if you want airport escorts, we’re the agency for you! We know what it’s like. You’ve just had Christmas in London, probably with family or friends, and now you have a long flight home.

Perhaps you’re staying at a Heathrow hotel or something like that? Well, if you have at least one night before your flight when you can finally be alone, we recommend that you book one of our airport escorts. They will help you forget all about the stresses of travel, and indeed any job you may be returning to.

See the year out with airport escorts

If you want a truly fitting end to 2018, then you really need to see one of these airport escorts at your hotel before your flight. It may be the last chance you get to see a girl in London before you jet off to wherever you’re travelled in from. What better way to remember London? What better way to remember 2018?

We are open all over the holidays. Just when you’re all sitting back waiting for the New Year, and you’ve forgotten what day it is, the girls at Allstars Escorts are still working hard to make everyone happy. They love this time of year, mainly because they like to celebrate in style!

Flying from Gatwick this Christmas? Book cheap Gatwick escorts

cheap Gatwick escortsThere are so many people flying out of the UK this year for Christmas, we actually think it’s going to be a new record, based on our bookings so far that is. We are here to tell you that those early morning flights really needn’t be dreaded when you have cheap Gatwick escorts to make the night before one to remember.

Too many people try to organise someone to take them to the airport early in the morning and negotiate all that awful early morning traffic, in order to get them on their flight at the right time. It’s either that or airport parking right? And who has the money for airport parking. Besides all that, depending on where you’re flying to and for what reason, you probably don’t need the extra hassle getting to the airport. This is why so many people book cheap Gatwick escorts, in the local hotels around the airport.

Staying relaxed with cheap Gatwick escorts

No need to drive to the airport when hotels are so reasonable these days. Gatwick hotels are often easy to book and they’re usually only for one or two nights before people jet off to the other side of the world. How do we know this? Think about it for a moment. Cheap Gatwick escorts are our business. In fact, cheap Heathrow, Luton and Stansted are too, but we’re not talking about those place for the moment.

Want a recommendation or two?

We do have a few Gatwick hotel recommendations for you if you’re interested.

If you spend the night close to the airport you won’t have far to go in the morning for your flight. Not to mention the fact that an escort, whether she’s cheap or not, really will be able to relax you. Especially one from Allstars Escorts!

Which Stansted hotel escorts are the best?

Stansted hotel escortsWell, the ones you book from Allstars Escorts of course! No seriously, of course we’ll tell you that; and it’s the truth. The question should be which hotels? We’ll have a look at some of the best hotels around Stansted and match them up with the perfect Stansted hotel escorts…

We’re basing this knowledge on actual experience by the way. If we say that a certain girl has been a Stansted hotel escort at a particular place, then she has; it’s really as simple as that. So basically you’re getting our recommendation. A hotel, and then the perfect girl to visit you at that hotel. Couldn’t be simpler right.

  • Carmen at the Holiday Inn Express London – Stansted Airport
  • Dominica at Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport
  • Debora at Premier Inn Stansted Airport
  • Ida at Hilton London Stansted Airport
  • Zoe at Desalis Hotel

Discretion with the best Stansted hotel escorts

The Stansted hotel escorts we represent are all very professional, and they’re incredibly discreet. In most cases they can meet you at your room, but if you wish (or circumstance dictate) you can meet them in the lobby, bar or restaurant; or even outside or elsewhere. What about a local restaurant? You tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest!

What you must bear in mind however, is that all of the girls you see in the Allstars Escorts gallery are able to get to any of the hotels. We realise that you might not fancy a particular Stansted hotel escort, at a particular hotel, so it’s entirely up to you to mix and match. The Allstars promise, as always, is that we’ll get any girl you choose to any destination in London, including the airports and the whole of Greater London (sometimes beyond), without any trouble at all.

Like Burger King, at Allstars Escorts you have it your way!

London Gatwick escorts to keep you company

London Gatwick escortsThere are airport escorts, and then there are London Gatwick escorts. The London Gatwick escorts you get through Allstars Escorts will be the best you could possibly book. There are a number of reasons for this, but chiefly among them is the fact that these girls are highly experienced. This is because they get to cover literally all the London airports. When you book escorts who have seen clients at a number of different airports, you’re going to get girls who can handle themselves in any situation, and girls who know how to be discreet. Whether you’re meeting them in your hotel bar, or having them come directly to your room, the London Gatwick escorts we have working with us, will always leave you breathless!

London Gatwick escorts to your hotel

The only things we need to know when you call Allstars Escorts to make a booking are your name, your number, and obviously your hotel or home address. In the interests of this article, we’re going to take a look at a few London Gatwick hotels. It’s always helpful to stay in a hotel the night before your flight in order to avoid the traffic etc. Here’s a list of hotels that our London Gatwick escorts have visited in the past, and would be more than happy to visit again.

[note: All prices accurate via Google at time of publication]

At those prices, why wouldn’t you want to stay the night before your flight and have some fun with our London Gatwick escorts? If you’re only paying £100 for one of our cheap London Gatwick escorts then you can have an awesome night of fun in a hotel for less than £200 if you book through Allstars Escorts. Hell, with some escort agencies in and around London, you’d pay over £200 for the girl alone, never mind the hotel price on top of that. It really is easy to have a stress free flight when you’ve had a wonderful, passionate evening with a London Gatwick escort professional such as those you’ll find on our website.

Go and take a look a look at some of the London Gatwick escorts we have available right now!

Airport escorts and where they cover

airport escortsWell the obvious remark to make here would be that airport escorts cover the airports! Well, of course they do, but which ones? We’re going to give you an idea to what extent Allstars escorts has covered in and around London…

To begin with we’ll start by saying that we have literally all of them covered:

  • Stansted airport
  • Luton airport
  • Gatwick airport
  • Heathrow airport
  • London City airport

The only real exception to the London airports, and indeed our airport escorts, is London Southend. But then, we’re really struggling to understand just why they call it “London” Southend, since it’s so bloody far away from London it’s ridiculous! So, we’re sorry to say we won’t be getting our airport escorts, or any other escorts, all the way to Southend.

Now, as for all the others, we have them covered. Our girls can travel from anywhere in the city to get to you, no matter which airport you’re flying from. We know that you’re probably doing an overnight stay before your morning flight, so book some airport escorts to keep you company.

Airport escorts – local hotel recommendations

Because our airport escorts have been to a great number of hotels to visit clients, all over the city, we have a few recommendations for you based on their experiences.

All of the above have been very good places to meet with airport escorts, with tolerant, easy going, and very helpful staff. Facilities are consistently good, and more importantly, our escort girls would gladly spend time in them again. We would also like to add that the basic hotels like Travelodge and Holiday Inn, are also generally pretty good when it comes to quality; and always good with price of course!

Overnight airport escorts

Just remember that our girls also do overnight bookings if you really don’t want to be alone the night before you fly. We can’t think of anything better to keep your mind off wherever you’re going to! Allow Allstars Escorts to put you in touch with a young woman who will melt your cares and worries away in no time at all. All this for just £100? You’d be mad not to book.

Go and look at the girls now…

Cheap Heathrow escorts and value hotels

cheap Heathrow escortsWe all know that travelling in and out of London is an expensive affair, to say the very least! In fact, it’s actually been confirmed that London is one of the most expensive cities to live and work in the world. So you’ll appreciate it if we can offer you cheap Heathrow escorts and a few ideas regarding value hotels around the airport…

It’s particularly important if you have an early flight and you don’t want to rush around in the morning to catch it. Heaven knows it’s awkward enough on the tubes in the morning, but if you’re travelling to Heathrow from anywhere else in the UK, you’ll actually struggle to get an early train. You could drive of course, but who wants to do this and pay for airport parking? So book yourself into a nice hotel nearby, and then book yourself one of our lovely cheap Heathrow escorts to keep you company.

Why cheap Heathrow escorts?

Well… Why not, we ask you? You’re not going to sit in your hotel room all night watching pay per view or snacking on some awful offerings from the hotel bar are you? You want to get some shut eye because of your early flight, but you want to be relaxed. Cheap Heathrow escorts are the perfect choice to help you do this. You get to stimulate your brain with some intelligent conversation, and you get to stimulate your eyes with a young woman who will undoubtedly look like she’s just stepped out of a glamour magazine! We can assure you that all our cheap Heathrow escorts are equally as beautiful as they are intelligent. And they’re all keen to come to your hotel and meet you.

Where do you meet them?

You can meet them in your hotel lobby, in the bar or restaurant, or in many cases directly to your hotel room. Cheap Heathrow escorts won’t cost you much at all, and they’re happy to come to any of the following places to meet you and entertain you. We’ve chosen those near the airport, and those that aren’t too expensive.

There should be something there for everyone. We could go on, but you’re more interested in the cheap Heathrow escorts we have on offer right?

Check them all out now in our gallery!

Stansted escorts guide to local hotels

You’re probably aware that we are one of the best agencies to use for Stansted escorts, or indeed Heathrow escorts. It’s for this reason that we’re able to share a little information about where’s best to stay locally…

Stansted escorts

Not all airport hotels are nice. They’re generally pretty good around the London airports however, and the Stansted hotels have a wide choice of levels, from five star luxury to standard budget places. Stansted escorts have a lot of experience in these places, and of course they like the more stylish ones. However, when you book your companions from Allstars Escorts you will find the girls to be very versatile. They’re pretty happy wherever they are. As long as the company is good!

  • Premier Inn – Stansted Airport, Thremhall Avenue. Premier Inn have a very good reputation for delivering basic and comfortable accommodation, for very reasonable prices. Your room will likely to be adequate in size and you’ll get everything you need; emphasis on the word need here of course. There are no frills, but it’s a place to lay your head for the night between trips. There’s an onsite restaurant and bar and even a coffee shop, so there are plenty of places to meet Stansted escorts.
  • London Hilton Stansted – Round Coppice Rd, Stansted. Hilton are of course another hotel brand that have a great reputation. A little higher in class than Premier Inn and Travelodge, in our personal opinion. The location of The Hilton isn’t perfect, considering it’s about two miles from the actual airport, but transfers are available, they’re reliable and they’re frequent. The quality of the hotel itself is very good. Has everything you need. They’re Stansted escort friendly of course. It’s a great hotel to entertain one of these young ladies. Especially if you get one of the suites with a separate lounge etc! There’s a 24 hour gym at your disposal, all rooms have Wi-Fi, flat screen TV’s and all the other related paraphernalia.
  • Linden House – 1-3 Silver St, Stansted. This is a lovely little hotel with individually designed rooms that are simply exquisite. It’s classed as a five star hotel. Although we wouldn’t but it in the same league as some London hotels, for an airport convenience hotel it’s really very nice indeed. The rooms really are luxurious, and have a lovely mixture of the historic and contemporary. All the comforts you’re likely to need are all provided and the staff are very welcoming. Having dinner here is also quite an event, especially if you dine with one of our beautiful Stansted escorts!

Cheapest London escortsWe hope we’ve managed to give you a little insight into these hotels. We sincerely hope you will consider using Allstars Escorts for all your companionship needs during your stay. No matter where you stay in London, Greater London or around the airports, we will guarantee you one of the best services around. Reliable, excellent quality and excellent prices

Book your Stansted escorts from Allstars Escorts for just £100!