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London escort jobs for the right girls

London escorts jobsIt’s another recruitment drive girls. Well, we’re hoping that the girls will read this. We realise that not all of you have a great grasp of English, but some do. In fact we would probably prefer to get the girls who have a better grasp of English. When it comes to offering London escort jobs, we’re always going to prefer to represent those escorts that can speak a little English. It’s not that we discriminate of course (and we usually take most applications), it’s just that our clients like their girls to speak some English, because most of them are English themselves (or speak it well).

Have you got what it takes for one of our London escort jobs?

The London escort jobs at Allstars are not just handed out to anyone. Even when you are successfully represented by us, we’re not just going to give you jobs all the time if you are unreliable. We require the best and most versatile girls in the business.

  • You must be aged over 18 years
  • You must be physically attractive
  • You must be pleasant company
  • You must have a good personality (funny, charming, attentive etc)
  • You must enjoy the company of a variety of different men
  • You must be available at short notice
  • You must be able to work unsociable hours

If you can tick all those boxes, then you just might be able to snag one of the London escort jobs we have going at the moment. We’re always looking for good girls to keep the old gallery updated. Some of the girls on there actually don’t work that often to be honest, they’re just there to make it look like more than there is. We want fresh young talent to join the team!

Make sure you fill out our application on the website. We’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience when we have reviewed your application.

Allstars are on the up! Looking for escort work?

We’ve been doing very well for a while now, and we’re very happy about that. As are our girls of course. They’re loving the attention they get. Some of them have moved from other escort agencies in London, just because they’re getting more work from us!

So you see, if you’re looking for escort work in London, perhaps to get some money in for Christmas, you’re going to get all you can handle with Allstars Escorts. If your application is successful you can expect plenty of opportunities. And if you make yourself available for them, you will get more and more from us. Obviously if we get a girl who keeps turning down bookings, we won’t be recommended her to our clients very often.


There’s plenty of money to be earned escort work! You can see as many clients as you want, and basically make as much money as you want. You will pay us our commission from the bookings we give you of course, but even after this, the earning potential is excellent. Beats the hell out working as a waitress with shitty tips!

Are all the girls European?

They’re actually not, no. And if you are a European girl looking for escort work, you are more than welcome to apply to Allstars. Surprisingly, and unlike many other large agencies in London at the moment, we have a number of British London escorts too! We know that our clients like a wide choice of girls. Different body types, nationalities, ages etc. We pride ourselves on reviewing every application without prejudice or discrimination.

Browse our gallery

If you’re still thinking about joining, why don’t you go and look through the girls who we already represent to see if you would “fit the bill,” so to speak. Don’t worry about the photos, they’ve all been done in a professional studio we would imagine. When you apply, you don’t have to have these sort of pictures, and we are very well aware of what a girl really looks like!

Allstars Needs You! Wanted – New Escorts

escortsWe were just imagining Kitchener then, with his finger pointing to you in the picture, with “Your clients need you!” written in it! Could you imagine?! Anyway, back to fundamentals. We’re looking for new London escorts again. We know what you’re thinking: “Don’t you already have enough escorts on your website?” Well, the answer to that is a clear and resounding “yes,” of course, but you can never have too much of a good thing can you?

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for bright and entertaining young ladies, from anywhere in the world. They must really be able to speak at least a conversational level of English and enjoy conversing in that language. Those that speak very good English are sure to be very popular because we have a lot of British clients that like to chat with their escorts.

They obviously have to be very good looking. They have to be relatively young, or at least still look good if they’re a bit older (we don’t mind older women, if they look dynamite basically!) It’s a very important factor to consider.

The girls need to be able to dress up to impress our clients. And they need to have a sufficient amount of classy and elegant clothes in their wardrobe, that are likely to impress. As well as plenty of regular clothes too of course. They need to be able to get ready quickly and efficiently, without being late.


Which brings us on rather neatly to the next point. If you apply to be an escort with Allstars, you’re going to need to be reliable. For example, if we call you with a booking, you need to get to that booking on time. It’s very simple. And if you let us and our client down, we will no longer want to represent you, so it’s well worth your time and effort to get to your date on time.

Other than that, there isn’t much more you need to have, except a desire to make plenty of money and meet plenty of men. But then that’s not too hard is it?

Apply now to be an escort online at Allstars Escorts

Looking for escort jobs in London

escort jobs in LondonIt’s never hard to find escort jobs in London if you’re prepared to travel. You see Allstars are always looking for new girls. We want the most beautiful young women from all over the world. We want them to not only be attractive, but we need them to be charming, with excellent conversational skills and able to entertain a variety of different men, from all over the world.

Allstars has no time for girls who can’t work late, or don’t like a certain type of man, or won’t travel to this place or that. You need to be a versatile woman to work with us. We have some of the best escort jobs in London, but only for the right girls!

Escort jobs in London – Outcall only

The thing you need to understand first about the escort jobs in London that we have to offer, is the fact that they are all outcall. We don’t really care whether or not you have a nice apartment and you want to entertain there, that’s not what we do.

If you work with us at Allstars you need to be prepared to travel all over Greater London, not just Central London. You will have the use of a driver in most cases, depending on where you are going, so you’ll never have any trouble getting to your client. We have a reputation to uphold, so if you can’t commit to visiting clients in their homes or hotels, all over London and Greater London, it’s best that you simply don’t apply in the first place.

Where to apply for escort jobs in London

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a professional London escort, you need to contact us via our employment page. We review all of our applications and notify those who are successful directly. If you don’t get a reply from us, you can assume that you were not successful!

Now recruiting new London escorts – outcall only

outcall escortA while ago we wrote an article explaining why we only represent outcall escorts. This time we’re writing an article to attract more of those type of girls to the agency. We are putting a call out for young women in and around London who want to become outcall escorts. In many respects we’re looking for those who can only be outcall escorts.

Don’t have an apartment? No problem!

If you don’t have an apartment where you can invite your clients along, you need to be an outcall only escort. And by far the best way to get bookings when you’re only offering an outcall escort service, is to list with an outcall only agency! Simple we know. If you register with an agency that offers incalls too, you’re not likely to get any bookings. Our agency attracts clients looking for outcall services, because they know that’s all we do!

Have you got what it takes to become an outcall escort?

If you tick any (preferably all) of the following, we would very much like to hear from you:

  • Aged between 18-40
  • Considered attractive
  • Friendly
  • Have good taste in clothes and plenty of them
  • Have good availability
  • Like spending time with many different types of men
  • Able to travel freely around London

All you need to do to become part of the agency is fill out the form on our website. If you are having any problems, or you just want to talk to someone instead, call us on the phone and we’ll do our best to help. It’s important that you realise that we offer our services to our clients for £100 an hour. Obviously your travel expenses will be paid for by your client, but you will be liable for a commission fee to the agency for getting you the booking.

Let’s work together to get you the income you desire.

Escorting in London is a lot of fun and you could be doing it right now!

Looking for a new career? We are recruiting gorgeous girls!

If you’re a gorgeous young woman, aged over 18, and you want to earn some seriously good money, we want to hear from you. Escorting is the new super job that can earn you bags of cash without having to do much at all, except look pretty and take care of your client. It’s a job that really suits women who are good with people. When we say “good with people” we mean those able to really go the extra mile to please the man they are with. It’s not just as simple as turning up when you’re a London escort, it’s a little more complex than that.

London escorts

Genuine women only please

We really want naturally confident young women to apply. Those who can relate to anyone, put their own needs aside for the duration of their booking, and make the dreams of their clients come true. Some of these men really just want some beautiful company. They want someone to hang on their every word, someone to be impressed by them and make them feel special. Being alone with a genuinely happy, gorgeous young woman, whilst she listens to you and wants to impress you, is a sure way to make a man feel “special”!

Excellent rates of pay for London escorts

Your rate of pay at Allstars Escorts will depend entirely on how many bookings you do. Our standard rate to clients is £100 an hour, but this does not include travelling costs etc. So they’ll usually pay more. We take a percentage of your booking, because we found you the client and the job (and you’d be amazed at how much effort we put into marketing your services!) and then of course you get the rest. It’s possible to earn thousands in a week if you’re good at your job. And that’s not to mention tips. London escorts get a lot of tips!


Another bonus to becoming an escort at Allstars is that we’re an outcall only agency. This means that it doesn’t matter where you live, you are never expected to invite clients to your home or anywhere else. You go to their homes and hotels. You’ll often get to go out for dinner too, so this is another added bonus. You don’t pay by the way!

Fill out our recruitment form if a career in London escorting interests you