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How Busty London Escorts have evolved

busty London escortsAs we reflect upon our vast database of girls at Allstars Escorts, it has crossed our mind that there are an awful lot of busty London escorts out there to choose from! And we’re not just talking about our agency. What is this all about?

We have a theory. We think it’s all to do with evolution. We know, you might think it’s ridiculous, but here us out! For those who aren’t creationists etc. you may believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. It’s interesting whether you believe or not. Honestly speaking, considering the evidence, it’s pretty likely that the human race as we know it did indeed once drag it’s knuckles along the floor and beat it’s chest!

Busty London escorts have evolved

Now consider this. If we did evolve into what we are today, out of necessity, why on earth can’t it be said that busty London escorts have evolved too for the same reason. Men have more and more desire for girls with big boobs. We desire them more, they are obviously more practical for child rearing purposes, so it can be said that women have evolved to have bigger and more efficient boobs! In much the same way as it became necessary for apes to develop opposable thumbs and use tools in order to survive!

Enhanced or not enhanced?

Does anyone remember the evolution of the “boob job”? We know that’s not a natural evolution of course, it’s a different subject, but still, do you remember? Remember when the first few glamour models displayed their massive mammaries on page 3 of The Sun? Everyone used to be arguing whether or not they were real or not.

Then there was the feel test. Anyone who had ever felt fake boobs thought that they felt unnatural. These days, modern science has “evolved,” for want of a better word, and “fake” boobs have indeed become very nice to touch, and they’re practically the same in many respects. But the question remains. Are you an enhanced man or not?

Some of the girls we represent have enhanced boobs, why not go along to the gallery and see if you can spot them!

Booking kinky London escorts

kinky London escortsIt’s not hard to find kinky London escorts, these sorts of women go hand in hand with the escorting community! It takes a certain type of woman to have the confidence to become a professional companion.

Men have always desired women who like to do things a little differently sexually, or those who are prepared to indulge their various fetishes. Most couples are able to communicate their desires with their partners as they grow together, but sadly there are those who cannot. Sometimes it’s nice to be with someone who understands you, someone who enjoys the say sexual fetishes, or indeed “kinks” as you. This is why we have a whole host of kinky London escorts here at Allstars.

What type of kinky London escorts are there?

Well, there are a whole host of fetishes out there in the world really. If you can name it, there’s probably someone who finds it sexually attractive or otherwise provocative. But we will content ourselves by telling you about those that we have on our website: WS escorts, domination escorts and CIM escorts to begin with, but we are certain that most of the girls on this website have fetishes that they simply haven’t shared with us yet!

The most desirable quality of these escorts

By far the most desirable quality in these London escorts, and indeed the point we’re trying to make, is the fact that they’re all very liberated and confident young women. The fact that they’re interested in these various fetishes and kinks is evidence enough to suggest that they’re the perfect choice for a client who wants to spend time with a refreshing, uninhibited woman. However, just because she enjoys these things, it does not mean she enjoys doing them with her clients.!

No guarantees gentlemen!

Again, we feel as though we need to remind you that we are not selling a sexual service. Nor in fact are we selling anything at all really. We are representing independent London escorts on our website. We advertise their profiles as they instruct us to, but we are advertising their time and companionship only, nothing to do with sex or any sexual act or fetish as we’ve been writing about. What goes on between you and any kinky London escort you may book, is entirely between the two of you, and we have no control over the booking, nor do we wish to have.

Get your wife to book an escorts for couples

escorts for couplesWow! If we really knew the answer to this we’d be millionaires! However, whilst we don’t have a mind control device to make your wife book escorts for couples, we do have a few ideas for you. There are actually some potential clients out there that have yet to book a London escort. They feel like it would be cheating on their partner, even though they may not be getting what they want from their relationship. Rather than leave their partner, they want to make it work. One way to inject some life into a relationship is to introduce someone else that you can both interact with.

Approaching the question

In our opinion, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to relationships. If you are one of those guys who doesn’t want to cheat, yet wants to experience the thrill of booking an escort, with his partner, escorts for couples are your only option. But you have to approach your better half with the idea don’t you? Put it this way, you can always drop it into the conversation and then claim you were joking can’t you?

Talking about your feelings isn’t always easy

We know that talking about your feelings with your partner may not always be easy. You may just be that type of couple that don’t talk a lot. Remember, if you’re talking about spicing up your relationship, you don’t have to mention escorts for couples. You may want to approach the subject of seeing other people first and see how that goes. Some people warm to an open relationship, whereas others may find it shocking. Whilst your partner may find it shocking, it can’t fail to identify that there is a problem that needs addressing. Who knows, you may even end up getting what you want from your partner alone, without the need for escorts for couples!

Involving escorts for couples

However, some partners may even initiate the idea of involving someone else. This is especially so if the idea of seeing other people doesn’t appeal to them. If they don’t like the idea of this, then you can perhaps approach the idea of you both sharing the company on one other person who was interested in you both. You could say it’s a bit of fun, like an experiment and it needn’t mean a thing emotionally. If they warm to the idea, you can perhaps suggest hiring one of our escorts for couples.

We’ll leave it with you… Good luck!

Hang out with the celebrities (and young escorts)

young escortsWhere do those celebrities hang out? Well, it depends which celebrities you want to emulate. There are a lot of these people in London, and we’ve been having a little look to see where you can go to live life like a celeb! Don’t forget to take one of our young escorts with you!

Our young escorts love to go to these places too, it makes them feel very special indeed. As if you guys don’t make them feel special enough! If they can find a bar where Brad Pitt has been drinking, they’ll sit in there for days just waiting to see if he comes back! We’re kidding of course. But there is one thing you can safely say about hanging out in celebrity hotspots. These celebs don’t hang out just anywhere do they? It’s always the best!

Celebrity hangouts our young escorts enjoy

  • Quaglino’s – 16 Bury Street. This place is lovely inside. You’ll pay a pretty penny to hang out in here, sip cocktails and dine, but you will certainly spot a few celebs in the process. If you’re a little famous yourself, watch out for the paparazzi and you might want to be careful if you’re taking one of our young escorts along!
  • Purl – Blandford Street. Holly Willoughby still hangs out in this speakeasy type bar, but no is the answer to your next question. You probably won’t be able to buy her a drink and have a chat! Take an escort with you and she’ll probably notice you then!
  • Long Bar Sanderson Hotel – 50 Berners Street. You’ll be hanging out with the elite here, so you’d better be suited and booted! You’ll look fine with a beautiful companion on your arm however, and no-one will be looking at you. Great for celeb spotting, but don’t ask for “selfies”!

That’s just three places that are hot at the moment, there are literally hundreds more of course. This is mainly because there are hundreds of celebrities in London, and more come in and out all the time. So why not get yourself dressed up, go out, book a professional companion and have yourself a celebrity night in London? You really can do it. If you’ve got plenty of cash that is! Lucky for you that our stunning young escorts don’t cost that much!

Agency girls are best

escortsYes, we know that you’re going to accuse us of blatantly promoting our girls, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. But the fact remains that if you want a truly professional companion, you simply have to book one through an agency. Allow us to explain further.

You can book London escorts all over the place. You can find them in call boxes for goodness sake! Yes, we know, still! We thought all that had been banned to tell the truth. You can book them from, Vivastreet, Backpage etc. and probably many more places, but you can’t always count on them being professional. If they’re advertising anywhere other than an agency, they’re probably one or more of the following: independent or not good enough for an agency. What does this mean?

Independent escorts

Independent London escorts are alright if you know them well enough. However, too many clients suffer bad experiences with independent girls simply because they can get away with it. Using old pictures that don’t represent them well, changing their mind on the price, not showing up etc. All these things can be perpetrated by an independent escort. But like we said, if you get lucky, you can indeed find some really good ones.

The beauty of an agency is that girls wouldn’t be able to get away with this sort of nonsense. Not that an agency has any control over a girl of course, but if she messed a client around like this, we would simply stop representing them. So, you see, agency girls have a lot more to lose. They are unlikely to be unprofessional because they simply won’t get the bookings. We also have our own systems in place to let other agencies know about problematic girls!

Agency rejected girls

Some of the other girls you will find on those websites we mentioned earlier: Adultwork and Vivastreet etc. are simply not good enough to be represented by a good agency. Some have been rejected because they have caused problems elsewhere, some just don’t have what we think it takes, others are simply not located in the right areas. We could also turn a girl down because she can’t accommodate our clients too, or she is restricted on the amount of time she can dedicate to her career. We only want truly professional escorts at Allstars Escorts.

Allstars Escorts professional companion

If you want a professional companion then you need to book through a reputable agency with a good track record for recruiting quality girls. We have always represented the best outcall girls at Allstars and we always have our client needs in mind when sorting out a booking.


Your initial meeting with an escort

escortThere are plenty of different reactions when it comes to meeting your escort for the first time, and believe us when we tell you that we’ve heard about them all. Our girls are well used to every reaction imaginable. They’ve had men nearly passing out before. Whether it’s with shock, or whether it’s with desire, we can’t say of course! We do know that none of these reactions ever bother the girls. As long as eventually you sort yourself out and behave respectfully etc. it doesn’t really matter what your initial reaction is.


You can always trust our girls to be very discreet, that goes without saying. You may want to have a story or something at the ready. We’re talking about if you happen to bump into anyone you know, or you get into an unexpected conversation with someone. Our girls are always very professional in these circumstances and know when to keep their mouths shut! More importantly they know when to go along with a story. If you introduce them as a colleague from work, a friend, or even a girlfriend, they will be sure to go along with it without a problem. These are bright and intelligent young women who know how to handle themselves.

Your behaviour

We put a lot of trust in our client’s behaviour. We never have any complaints from the girls anyway, so it can’t be all bad. Either that, or they’re incredibly tolerant! People who use the London escort industry are generally very polite and well behaved anyway. They’re just men, like yourself, who want some female company and would much rather have it on their terms, when they want it. Nothing wrong with that in our opinion; which is why we run an escort agency of course!

If for any reason you’re not happy with the girl you have chosen to be with, instead of trying to articulate your dissatisfaction with her, and perhaps becoming frustrated because you may not agree, we would rather you contact us. It’s best in the long run for you to politely decline your chosen girl’s service and allow her to leave. Do this as soon as you realise you’re not happy with her however, and not when you’ve had half an hour together! You’re not likely to get a good response from us if you do this.

Taking your date to the next level

London escortSome of you still don’t consider your London escort as an actual “date,” but she really is. And we’d like to tell you that once you consider her as a normal date, you’re going to have much nicer time. On top of that, once you begin to view it like this, you’ll be able to do so much more each time you book a girl.

Why it’s a date

The only thing missing from the conventional “date” experience is the fact that you haven’t asked her out. You haven’t spotted her in a club, pub, or in the cereal aisle. The only difference is that you’ve skipped this step and gone straight to calling her on the phone. Well, alright, you’ve called and her friend has picked up (our agency!) and you have asked to meet her at a particular place, at a particular time. So you see, it’s not hard to consider it as a real date is it? We suppose the next thing would be the payment situation, but that can be handled quickly and easily can’t it now?

Getting used to dating again

If you’ve been single for a while, dating a London escort is the perfect way to get yourself back into the habit of it again. So, should you wish to find a girl in the conventional sense, you can. Then you only need to do the date. This is why you need to get onto this with your London escort and take things to the next level.

It’s all very well having one of our girls come to meet you in your hotel room, but once you’ve been doing this for a while, you really should move forward. As we said, it’s great practice, and you don’t really have a conventional “date” in a hotel room do you? Well, certainly not a first date anyway! Take them to dinner. Obviously, your escort can come and meet you in your hotel (or you may even decide to dine in your hotel!) Either way, you’re having a dinner date. And it really doesn’t have to be too amazing either. Our girls are prepared to dine in most places, as long as they’re not too cheap of course! These are classy girls.

So get the most out of your experience and take your date to the next level – It’s good practice!

Men really can shop for women

London escortsWe’re here to empower you today gentlemen! There are those sceptical people out there that would claim you are unable to shop for women. You may have failed in the past with girlfriends, wives etc. but we know you’ve got it in you. We know a number of London escorts who have been very pleased with many of the gifts that gentlemen have bought them over the years; some of them are still treasured to this very day. It’s not all about chocolates and flowers either!

What you can get away with

You can get away with buying practically anything you like of course, but it’s all about personal taste really. It’s a good idea to know what she likes first of course. It may be a woman you’ve been dating for a while, it may be one that you see only once in a while, or it may even be one of our London escorts. Either way, it’s time you stopped taking the easy way out with the old flowers and chocolates idea. There’s more to life than this; even if some women would strongly disagree with you!

The new ideas

So how about clothes? Let’s talk about this first because it’s probably one of the most popular things that women do actually complain about when it comes to men shopping for them. There are what we like to call “safe zones” in this area. You’re always pretty safe with accessories, nightwear and lingerie. These things go without saying. If you’re buying for one of our London escorts you can pretty much safely say that they’re all sized between 6-10, and you can find this out by calling the agency and asking. We have all that information to hand. But when you think about it, if you have this information, why don’t you just go for it from time to time and buy a dress? If you get one that’s quite clingy and/or stretchy, you’ll be onto a winner.

Imagine turning up to your booking with a nice little back from Harrods under your arm. And you can guarantee that if it’s from Harrods, she’s going to like it! Even if she doesn’t wear the damn thing, she’ll be able to sell it! Buying clothes is one of the ultimate gestures when it comes to gifts for escorts. If you can get it right, you’ll probably get it right all the time. Even if you don’t, it just means you need more practice, that’s all!


We weren’t so sure what to title this one to be honest. But if you’re the creative, quirky type of guy, you might want to buy something like this for the woman in your life, or one of our London escorts. This works very well if you already know the girl in question, because you’ll know what kind of thing she likes. There are always gifts that pertain to people’s interests and it’s relatively easy to choose something by Googling around. We can’t really give you a good example, but perhaps she reminds you of something or someone in particular, or you have a cute nickname for her? Try getting something like that. There’s nothing like being surprised when you get a gift, and women really do appreciate it.

When it comes to buying for women, we know you can do it. Sometimes it’s just a case of going for it and trying things out!

Don’t believe in love?

escortsDon’t believe in love? Join the club! You’re not on your own with, and it’s at times like this that your true beliefs come creeping to the surface. February 14th is just another day, dreamed up and made even more popular by marketing companies, to sell stuff to you that you don’t really need. The truly discerning among you will be able to see through the nonsense of course!

What is love?

There are those that strongly believe that love is merely a temporary lapse of reason and better judgement. That is exists to trick our species into procreating. Our more rational minds probably wouldn’t entertain the thought of “love” half as much were this not the case. “Love” is simply a way for people to feel less alone, and a reason to have children. When they are with a partner for any length of time, it’s loneliness, or the fear of loneliness, that keeps them together and not this artificial construct we call love.

Hell, if we only concentrated on our baser instincts, we would only get together occasionally to alleviate this loneliness or to have sex. After all, we are the only species on the face of the planet earth that actually has sex for the purpose of pleasure as well as procreation! And this too has been connected to “love” mostly to sell stuff!

Alleviate your need for “love” with escorts

If you have trouble with the “love” bug, don’t take it too seriously. And remember that you can always alleviate the symptoms by booking escorts. We have girls available to you 24 hours a day, all over London and Greater London. There’s never any reason to be lonely. Have the girl of your dreams on your terms, when and where you want her!

Book with confidence every time with Allstars Escorts

To Hell with Valentine’s Day

escortsTo hell with Valentine’s Day! That’s what we say, and we’re pretty damn sure a number of you will agree with us. Hell, why else would you be here on Valentine’s Day? You’ve got the right idea though, you really have. Book yourself a girl and to hell with all the ritual leading up to it. Have the girl of your dreams when you want her, where you want her, for as long as you want her!

A Valentine Date

You can make it a special “Valentine” date if you like, but it’s not essential by any means. Your chosen escort won’t really be concerned about this day, although she might be made up with a little gift or an extra special bottle of champagne perhaps. But then you can do this almost any day can’t you?

Your perfect date

So, let’s dispense with the word “Valentine” and just call it a date shall we? What’s your perfect date night? We know that it involves a stunning woman of course, and that you can get from us. Our escorts have a habit of making the dates they go on, very enjoyable indeed! Most of you would opt for a dinner date we’re sure. But there is so much more to do in London, you should perhaps use your imagination a little. If you want a classic “date” experience, meet her in a bar somewhere and have a drink together, before going on elsewhere. How about a gallery or a museum? Somewhere you can actually talk and get to know them? No, it doesn’t really matter because you’ll probably never meet again, but it’s worth it for the experience.

With these prices, why not?

When you book London escorts for £100, or thereabouts, you can afford to make things a little more special really. You can book two hours with one of our girls for the same price as one escort would cost you from another agency. It’s just a case of you believing in how good it can be. If you can take the gamble and trust us, we’re quietly confident that you will find the first “getting to know you” hour will greatly enhance the second hour. Got to be worth it right?

Check them out now!