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How to complain about your escort service

Sexy Russian escortThis is a very rare occurrence of course, but we thought that a brief article detailing exactly what you need do should you have a complaint would be helpful. There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to complaints and a very simple procedure.

The procedure when it comes to complaints about your escort, or your booking experience is to basically never complain to your escort. Complaining to your escort puts her in a difficult position. It may well be a justified complaint, and you may have things to say, but save it. You won’t get anywhere, and you may even become intimidating and frighten her. And there is absolutely no reason to intimidate a London escort, whether you’ve had a bad experience or not.

Complain to your agency

This is the same no matter which London escort agency you use really. The correct protocol is to complain to the agency. No matter what the complaint, you complain to the agency. We act as the escort’s agent, and as such an agent we are obliged to pass along any comments you may have about your experience and to take any appropriate action we feel is necessary. These girls are free agents. They do not work for us and we have no control over them and what they do. However, we can issue them warnings or refuse to have them on our website, because after all, it is our website. We are operating a business and if we believe that we should no longer be representing a girl because she is damaging the reputation of our website, we will have no hesitation in taking that action. We do not use this right to manipulate the girls in any way, this is illegal and that’s not the way we work.

Besides, it works both ways when you think about it. If we were to use this ability to manipulate the girls, they could just as easily decide for us to no longer represent them. No one is forcing these girls to list with any agency or appear on any website, they are aware of what it takes to get them bookings and they have agreed to our representation. All pictures and information is supplied to us by the girls themselves and we do not choose what to publish, we do as we’re told.

Your complaints resolved

Here at Allstars Escorts we take any complaints very seriously indeed. If you have reason to complain you can rest assured that we will indeed investigate, and we will reply to your complaint quickly and hopefully with an agreeable outcome. Do not assume that we will always agree with you however, we do not subscribe to the old phrase that the customer is always right. We will review all sides and make our own decisions based on our findings.

Not that we get many complaints of course, but those that we do, we always aim to make our resolutions fair to all parties.

Quiet night in with a London escort

Hot brunette escortmovie? Maybe a few beers? Well, you do know that you can do this with a London escort right? It’s not the most unusual request we’ve had, or any of the girls of course. They’ve heard some things in their time we don’t mind telling you, but sitting in with a movie, some beers and a pizza is not shocking in the least.

Most men feel the need to either get on with their booking straight away and get as much done as they can in the time they have booked, or they feel as though they have to make this massive effort to impress the hell out of the girl they’ve booked. Two mistakes here gentlemen. The first being that you’re only going to irritate your escort if you insist on rushing her and demanding this and that within the time constraints you have. The second, you don’t have to do anything at all to impress her either. Chances are she’s seen pretty much everything already. A fancy dinner, a bottle of expensive champagne are all commonplace things to a London escort.

Be yourself and do what you enjoy

If you can be yourself and continue to do the things you enjoy doing, only with a girl by your side, you’ll make her a very happy woman indeed. You see, these escorts like the girlfriend experience best of all, but they are encouraged and inspired more if you can actually play the boyfriend. And a boyfriend doesn’t feel the need to contrive any environment and certainly doesn’t boss his girlfriend around.

So why not go for it? We have long been the London escort agency you go to for outcall girls to your home. We cover all of Greater London after all. So order the pizza, buy the movie off SKY or wherever, and book your company. She doesn’t have to choose the movie, but the two of you can certainly enjoy it together. Book a longer experience and have some fun. It will be more money yes, but you will see a definite difference in the quality of your time together. It’s got to be worth it, even once right?

Summer is here, look after yourself

 RalucaYou want to be fit and healthy for all these London escorts you want to book don’t you? Today we;re going to inspire you, or at least attempt to. The summer is usually the time of year when everyone suddenly rushes to get in shape, but this rarely works. If you haven’t started by now it’s not too late to make a difference, but don’t expect to look like Zac Effron in a couple of weeks on the beach!

We find that when it comes to keeping in shape, it’s more about setting up habits that you can stick to. This way you are more likely to succeed. If you try to do too much you will irritate yourself into not doing anymore, or perhaps even injure yourself.

Learn from our escorts

They are actually really inspirational when you consider them. How do you think these lovely young ladies stay in such great shape when they are out partying all the time and living the high life with their clients? They dine out and feast with their clients, they drink champagne and cocktails and generally live quite unhealthy lifestyles. Were it not for the balance they create of course. It’s because they are disciplined and they know how to make their regime manageable.

No-one can hit the gym for hours on a daily basis. Well, not normal people anyway. Most of those that do this are obsessed with their fitness and this alone is no quality of life at all. Most of our London escorts manage about three days in the gym and when they are not going out on dates, they try to eat healthy most of the time. But they don’t beat themselves up about it if they happen to slip once in a while. And this is very important.

Find your own way

We won’t patronise you by telling you what to do. You really ought to know what is healthy and what isn’t. Just do what they do and get a balance going with everything. Do the things you enjoy and eat the food you like, just counteract it with healthy stuff. Walk more, join the gym and try to go as often as you can. You can do it. It will take time, but make it achievable.

Ever reviewed your escort experience?

blonde escortIt’s becoming more and more common as the escort business grows, for people to accept it and even review their experiences. Some wouldn’t agree with it, but we happen to think that this is a service just like any other, so why not review it? If you can help other clients make the right decisions about who to book, and also do the girls a favour by getting them more bookings, then it’s got to be a good thing.

When you buy a washing machine, or hire a plumber, you’re always keen to find out what experiences the previous customer or client had right? This way you know whether you’re going to be satisfied. So there’s no difference in an escort review. We really would like to ask you a big favour here. If you see one of our girls, we would politely request that you leave her a review on one of the independent escort review websites.

The independent escort review sites

If the website on which you read the review for one of our girls is independent, you would be much more likely to take it seriously right? It just makes sense, that’s all. If someone has taken the time to go to an independent site (whether they’re members or not) then it means that they must have something to say. And if the review is on the agency’s own website (ours or anyone else’s) you’re not as likely to believe it.

The main ones to go for are, Captain 69 and The Erotic Review. All of the sites, with the exception of Captain 69, are all free to join. They are all totally anonymous too, so no-one else will know who you are if you leave any reviews. Captain 69 asks you to pay a £10 a month membership fee, but we don’t mind telling you that it’s really worth it if you book escorts often. You’ll never make a wrong move if you book after reading real reviews. So this should give you even more reason to leave your own reviews on these sites. And do tell us if you do and we’ll remember your efforts.

What an incall escort experience is like

black escortFor those of you who have yet to book an incall escort experience, we’re going to go into some detail about this. You may be one of our clients from old who have always used our service for your outcall bookings. This is great, and we’re glad to have had you with us. But now, if you’re in Central London at any time, you don’t have to wait until you get home and have the girls come to you. Or you don’t have to book a hotel room anywhere, you can just go and visit their apartments. You will find them all over the place!

Incall escort apartments

The girls’ apartments are all located near tube stations, most of the time. But you don’t need to worry about them being conspicuous because they’re simply not. They’ll be down side streets and people are coming and going all the time in Central London. No-one ever concerns themselves with what anyone else is doing in London!

The apartments are safe and secure too. You’ll never be bothered by anyone whilst you’re with your chosen girl. These young ladies are professional above all else, and they know how to entertain a man in their apartment. They do it all the time. Once you get inside you’ll find them to be thoroughly entertaining, engaging, and of course very sexy. Their apartments will be clean and tidy, and you’ll find all the facilities you’re likely to need. Showers, towels, refreshments etc. Oh, and a hot girl waiting to make you happy!

It really is a very simple process and one that we do all the time. Our receptionist are here to help you if you have any other questions, so you don’t need to worry about asking. We’ve heard it all before and we’re sure we’ll here it time and time again! Get in touch with Allstars Escorts if you want to experience the best incall London escort services.

Incalls mean even more girls

Hot escortNow that we’re offering incall services you will probably have noticed that we have a shed load of new talent at the agency. Things are on the up and up gentlemen, this much cannot be denied. We spent so long as an exclusively outcall only escort agency, and built Allstars into what it is today. Now we cover everything, everywhere! Escorts in Central London offering both incall and outcall services, and escorts in Greater London and the Home Counties offering outcalls only.

Browse our London escorts

They’re all in there, all you need to do is go and have yourself a browse. We are confident that you will find a young lady you want to spend some time with. It’s made us very happy to finally invite some of the girls who have been applying to the agency, now that we have incall escorts. You have no idea how many times we’ve had requests for incall bookings. Now all that has come into fruition.

All over Central London

We have incall escorts in all the major, popular areas of London. You’ll find them in: Earls Court, Bayswater, South Kensington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Baker Street, Marble Arch and many more places. And what’s great about all these places is that they’re not that far apart. If you’re in South Kensington, you can soon get to Gloucester Road and Earls Court, or even Knightsbridge if you see a girl there that you like.

Look out on the profiles

You have to look out for the sign that says “incall” on the profiles when you browse the gallery, and then you’ll see all the girls you can go and visit. The girls you see on offering this service are all very capable and they all have their own places, so you don’t have to worry.

Incall London escorts available now!

incall London escortsIt’s been a long time in the making, but we can finally announce that we are now offering incall London escorts from Allstars. Some of you may be saying to yourself “well we knew that already,” but we wanted to wait a while to announce it. This is because we didn’t have what we felt to be a significant number of incall London escorts to make a big fuss about. Now we have plenty to show off, we’re happy to announce it.

We’re almost sad to see the back of our outcall only days, but don’t worry, we still put just as much effort into this as we always have. Having incall London escorts just makes our job much easier really. We can simply send you the girl’s address and leave you to make your own way there. Just like all the other escort agencies in London do really. We’re not different.

Incall London escorts

Our Incall London escorts all offer outcall services too of course, but they are happy to be offering incalls too. This has enabled us to offer even more girls to you! You will always find your incall escort’s apartment to be safe, secure, clean and tidy and ready to entertain guests. We wouldn’t represent girls who didn’t look after their place, it’s not our style. You will also find them as well presented as they would be were you to book them for an outcall to your hotel room. They may well be “dressed down” a little more, but they will have spent just the same amount of effort to impress you. Make sure you tell them how pretty they look when you arrive!

Be respectful

Because we are still a 24 hour London escort agency, we would like to politely request that when you go and visit our incall London escorts, that you behave in a discreet way and don’t draw attention to yourself. We don’t want neighbours complaining to our girls and then getting them evicted from their homes now do we? That would be an awful result for the girls, for us and all the other clients that might want to book them (including you!)

There’s something about Marta

elite escortMarta is one of those girls who just leap out the screen at you when you see her. Isn’t she just? Tall, blonde, model-like, almost like a doll that’s waiting to be bought in the toy store! You’re sure going to have a lot of fun with this toy, we don’t mind telling you.

Marta is new to London and has traveled here all the way from the Czech Republic. We know that most of the girls over there are gorgeous anyway, there’s something in the water! But we had no idea they were hiding away such fine specimens as this! She’s an elite escort that you’re going to fall in love with as soon as you meet, and you’re going to re-book again and again. You won’t make her fall in love with you though guys, no matter how hard you try. Marta is an elite escort that loves her job too much for anything like that!

Elite escort traits

She has it all going on in the looks department. Look at her profile for more information and more pictures if you like, but you should be able to tell that from just this one on the page. On top of the gorgeous look, she has style and grace. She has a sophistication that is rarely found in the cheaper girls at Allstars or anywhere else for that matter. You get the impression when you first meet that this girl is going to be something very special before you go anywhere or do anything with her!

In her spare time, Marta loves to shop in the boutiques. She likes picking out new and exciting dinner date clothes for her special bookings, and she always pays special attention to her lingerie too. She has more shoes than she knows what to do with now, but she is by her own admission “a collector” of designer labels and can’t help herself.

Take Marta out and show her a good time, we know that you’re going to have a lot of fun!

VIP London escorts from Allstars

VIP London escortsAre you a VIP? Perhaps you’re not but you think you are! LOL! Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. As we say, live your life to the full, the way you want to and stop treating yourself as an afterthought. You are very important to us of course, which is why we would like to tell you about our VIP London escorts.

These girls are more expensive than the usual cheap escorts we represent. This doesn’t mean the cheap girls aren’t good of course. What it does mean is that the VIP London escorts you book from us will be at the very top of their game and suitable for the most discerning among you. If you want the best of the best, then you choose one of the VIP girls. And if you’re choosing one of these girls, you more than likely can afford it!

Treating your VIP London escorts

Of course, as you could probably imagine, VIP London escorts require a certain level of treatment. They’re like looking after a very special, very particular type of exotic pet in many respects. You have to get the right things in for them, make sure they’re comfortable and do everything in your power to ensure they are happy. The beauty of this is that all your work will not go to waste on one of these girls. You see, VIP London escorts know how to reciprocate your attentions. And they’re not called “VIP” for no reason at all. They don’t charge this extra money for no reason at all either. Think about it for a moment. You treat them nice, they treat you even better. This is the way it goes with all escorts anyway, so just imagine what it would be like for VIP London escorts! Book one of these beautiful creatures now and find out for yourself!

Bring on the Russian London escorts

Russian London escortsWe are very pleased to have a few new additions to the agency lately. Among these are a very special breed of ladies that you may already be familiar with. We are of course talking about Russian London escorts. These type of girls are incredibly popular simply for the fact that they are Russian! And for anyone who knows about Russian London escorts, they’ll already know why. It’s hard to put your finger on, but Russian girls are always busy and always booked.

Seriously, if you want to see one of our Russian London escorts you will need to be fast, and you will need to book as far ahead as you and we can allow. In fact, if you book in advance you’re likely to get your Russian girl a lot cheaper. Like all of our other escorts, these Russians like to keep their diaries full. They would much rather have bookings in than sit and wait for the phone to ring.

What about Russian London escorts?

We said it was hard to put your finger on, but we’ll have a go. Russian women are incredibly sensual women. This is a fact, whether they are escorts or not. Anyone who has ever been to Russia and had any kind of encounter with one will tell you the same. They are highly sexual creatures too. Russia is a very liberated place sexually, and much is tolerated over there. Sex isn’t such a big deal, it’s just part of life, but they do like to enjoy it! They actually find the British to be quite prudish about sex would you believe? Not you of course, you’re not!

A Russian London escort will always be very pleased to see you, and she will greet you like a lover. This will come naturally to her. They’re not shy, they’re confident and they’re also very confident in their appearance too. They choose to look good most of the time and dress accordingly. A Russian woman will always take care of her body and she will always look her very best for her man. If you want a truly genuine girlfriend type experience, it should be with one of our Russian London escorts. They will blow you away with their attentive and affectionate nature.