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Jetting off somewhere? Have a good send off!

airport London escortsIt’s all about those airport London escorts today folks. We have long been providers of the best airport London escorts in and around the city, and we’re proud to say that all the girls offer this service.

It used to be the case than some of them didn’t go out to the airport hotels, but these days you’ll find they all do it. And what’s even better than this is that all the newest girls at Allstars Escorts have all agreed to shoot off to airport hotels at the last minute too. At the end of the day these girls want the work, so they don’t mind doing the miles

The beauty of airport London escorts

They’re all outcall specialists guys, so they’re incredibly talented at meeting you in your airport hotel. You could be staying around Heathrow, Gatwick and even Luton in some cases, and they’ll come to you. We won’t go into a massive great big long list of hotels here, but trust us when we say that these airport London escorts can get to you when you need them!

The airport London escort drivers

We’ve always had good drivers at Allstars and it pleases us greatly that during our expansion ad the large influx of new girls, we have found new and talented drivers to join the team. These drivers are just as good (some of them even better!)

If you’re interested in a job as a driver, we’re always happy to hear from you of course. We’ve got loads of girls, and the more drivers we have, the more girls we can transport around London and Greater London. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll have enough work to go around!

If you want to make a booking, call us and tell us who you’d like to see. We’ll make if happen for you, as we do for so many others, every time!

Get your girls for a fraction of the price

cheap London escortsEscorts don’t have to be expensive. Allstars have long been known for offering the very best cheap London escorts, and we’d like this reputation to continue. This in despite of the fact that we do have girls a little more expensive. However the girls who are “cheaper” are a little more expensive during “peek times”.

Cheap London escorts are still quality

Another myth that needs debunking constantly. In fact we get quite bored with telling people all the time that just because you book a cheaper girl, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a “cheap” service!

If our girls can offer the same service for different prices, at different times, then they can’t be offering a “cheap” service can they? They always offer a great service, it’s just that sometimes you get it at a discount rate; that’s all there is to it! Make sure you check the girls profiles for their prices and the times you should book them.

Book at the right time to get the best deals

Our cheap London escorts need to work, just the same as anyone else. So they will do bookings for less during their quiet times. We have “revamped” the fee structure at Allstars Escorts lately and we think it’s a much fairer system. And since we’ve also started to represent elite escorts, it has helped us to differentiate between the girls too.

We are always confident that you will have a wonderful time with our girls. The cheap London escorts will always have your interests at heart, and the elite escorts will always go the “extra mile” when you need them to. We have it all sorted out for you. All you have to do is choose which one you like the look of!

Book now with Allstars Escorts for the time of your life

We’re still cheap!

cheap London escorts psoingWith all the changes that have been occurring here at Allstars Escorts, some people have started to put two and two together and make five! In other words they have seen our new “Elite Escorts” gallery and immediately decided that we are no longer offering companionship services at the lower rate. We are here to tell you that this is of course nonsense and we will always be the home of cheap London escorts.

Can’t we do both

Because we’ve been in the business for so long, we have naturally evolved to cater to a wider client group. There are gentlemen out there who like to book the more expensive girls, for whatever reason, and who are we to deny these gents what they need? When we only concentrated on cheap London escorts we were often hounded by girls who wanted us to represent them, but we didn’t have these types of clients. We didn’t have them because we were specialising in the cheaper girls. So it has taken a while to do the transition. It meant that we couldn’t take on more expensive girls until we had enough requests from our clients to warrant the switch.

Changing things is hard work

We weren’t about to build a new page for any type of girl until we had enough demand, it takes a lot of work to do it. On top of this, you have to let people know about your new services via other marketing avenues, so it’s not just a case of “build it and they will come!” Now thankfully we have adapted and our clients can choose which type they want: elite escorts or cheap London escorts.

Still cheap

So you see, now it should be very clear to everyone that we are still the number one agency for cheap London escorts, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Even with our new amended rates, we’re still offering the girls at £100 an hour. See our new rates and pre-booking procedures for more information.

The cold nights are coming!

cheap London escortIt’s already autumn guys! What the hell happened to the summer? It’s gone before you knew it was even there. Such is life in the UK! Well, those cold nights are rolling in and you’re going to need some cheap London escort company to keep you warm, right?

A cheap London escort is cost effective

She’s a lot cheaper than your energy bill in many respects! We’re joking of course, but at only £100 for an hour with one of our beautiful escorts, most of you could see a couple of girls every week! We know you’re all loaded. You can have them come to your flat wherever you’re staying in Greater London and they’ll keep you company in ways that no other will.

The best thing about booking an outcall cheap London escort is that they have to come to you. You get to stay in your home or hotel room and wait for them in the warmth! Sounds a little selfish we know, but it’s one of the most popular reasons why men choose outcall escorts during the colder months.

They’re quite used to it

You needn’t worry about the girls however, they’re well used to it. They are outcall escorts after all, they simply don’t offer incall services, so they do this all the time. And don’t worry about them getting cold in their skimpy little dresses etc. they’ll turn up quite discreet and relatively conservative with coats etc. and they’ll bring anything extra they need with them to get ready at your home or hotel. These are professional escorts we’re talking about here!

Book your outcall cheap London escort

You can have it all your way when you book your companion through Allstars Escorts. You call and tell us where you are and what time you want her there by, and we do the rest. You can rest assured that she’ll be there when you want her, ready and waiting for you. It’s a little like Hungry House or Just Eat isn’t it? Perhaps we should make an app!

Allstars Strip Club Review

discount London escortsIf you live or work in London, you have more than likely visited a strip club at some point or other. There are loads of them dotted around, but we’re going to introduce you to a few that might interest you. Considering you are looking on a discount London escorts website, you will more than likely be interested in the cheaper end of the strip club circuit.

Discount strip clubs

Shoreditch High Street is the place to go if you’re around that area. It’s close to Liverpool Street Station and you can literally walk down the road and hit three or more strip “pubs”. We like these places because they don’t try to be pretentious in any way. The girls will wander among the clientele with a glass, asking for a pound, before they go on the stage. It’s a bargain really. If you stay in there for an hour, you could well spend a bit, but you’re actually getting to see a number of girls, completely naked. Some of them are pretty good too. Try The Rainbow Sports Bar. This is one of our favourites. Private dances are around £20, or they were the last time we went along!

High end strip clubs

We’re talking about Platinum Lace, Spearmint Rhino and these type of places here. In one of these joints you are likely pay double what you would for an actual escort service, and this will be only for a lap dance! Avoid these places like the plague. They’ll fleece you for everything you have and you will feel literally robbed!

Discount London escorts

Now, if you’ve seen enough teasing and you want to spend a little alone time with a beautiful young woman, book discount London escorts. Rather than watch her dancing on a stage along with every other guy in the place, it’s much nicer to have some more quality time. Our London escorts are all priced at £100! And that is an absolute bargain, we’re sure you’ll agree. And if you don’t, you’re not likely to find them cheaper elsewhere anyway, so you’d better get used to it.

Have one of our discount London escorts come to your home or hotel now!

Buy your own birthday present!

cheap escortWhy not? People do it all the time. Granted, it’s not going to be what we’re about to say, but when a pair of shoes costs over a £100 these days, what could possibly be wrong with booking a cheap escort for £100? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about of course. You would actually be very surprised at how many men book girls for their birthday.

Have a VERY happy birthday with a cheap escort

How much better could your birthday be? You book a cheap escort and she’s there for you 100% for the duration of your booking. She looks fabulous, she listens to your every word, she shares your champagne and she flirts with you. Isn’t that a dream come true? These girls we represent are professionals and very good at making their clients feel like the only person in the universe. If you have yet to book one, try a cheap escort from Allstars. We guarantee you that you’ll book again in the future.

Our girls love birthday celebrations

They all have a definite sense of occasion too gents. As long as you’re not lying (and they’ll know) when you tell them it’s your birthday, you can be sure that they’ll make it extra special. As far as we go, we can’t do much more than make the booking. But if you should want anything in particular, like a special outfit or dress etc. for your birthday celebration, do call us and we will be happy to pass along your preferences to the girl you’re choosing to book.

Avoid disappointment

Considering it’s your birthday celebration, it’s really best to do all you can to avoid disappointment; and we’ll do the same of course. This would mean that when you call to make your booking, have a backup girl or two in mind. At least this way, if your first choice isn’t available, you don’t have to go without your cheap escort experience. We are also happy to recommend girls to you based on your preferences!

Take a look at the girls now

Tired of those typical girls?

cheap London escortsAren’t we all! It seems that girls today seem to want literally everything. We’re not just saying this to appeal to your good side, it’s actually a fact. If any of you have ever been in a relationship that your partner refuses to define, you’ll know what we mean.

You know the type we’re talking about. Your so called “girlfriend” wants you all to herself, you do everything that couples do, and you’re not allowed to see anyone else, but you’re not allowed to say that she’s your girlfriend. Oh, and to top it all off, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants! Sound familiar? Yes, we know. It’s one of those situations that guys find themselves in more and more these days. You never get that with cheap London escorts, trust us!

Cheap London escorts are the answer

Then they wonder why you simply lose interest and end up moving on? This is the problem with today’s society of people who think there’s always something better around the corner. People won’t commit because of this, they’re simply afraid. So whilst everyone else is alone and failing at relationships because they feel as though they’re missing out, why be one of them? In the meantime, until you find one that isn’t like this, book cheap London escorts, don’t spend too much and have some fun. The girls at Allstars Escorts are there all the time, 24 hours a day, and you don’t have to do anything other than pay them for their time. No commitments, not hassle! Perfect!

As for finding the girl of your dreams, who doesn’t make you feel like this, it’s never going to be an easy task we know, but we wish you lots of luck. The one thing you can count on is that it will happen when you’re not looking. Isn’t that always the case? And what better way to distract you than booking our cheap London escorts?

Ciao X

Bargain hunter’s paradise: Finding the cheapest London escorts

cheapest London escortsWe’re all obsessed with getting things cheap these days. It seems to have become quite a problem in our opinion. If we walk into a shop and see what we need and it’s a reasonable price, we’ll still see if we can get it cheaper online or in the “Pound Shop”! It’s a good thing that we still have the cheapest London escorts available!

Don’t waste time comparing

Isn’t it easier to just get that thing you want in the first shop? You may well only save a couple of pounds by going elsewhere. If you want it get it! That’s what we say. How many of you have wasted hours and hours shopping around online, only to have saved the a few quid? A lot we’re betting.

The same can be said when you’re looking for the cheapest London escorts. You can go online and trawl through pages and pages of agencies on Google, but you’re not going to find them much cheaper than Allstars Escorts. If you do find them a lot cheaper, they’re probably not to be trusted! We know this much.

The cheapest London escorts

That’s actually a good point. You may find agencies that claim to be the cheapest London escorts. They will more than likely be £80 an hour or something like that. So the question is, do you want to save £20 and book one of those girls? You could, but you might also find that you’ll get stung for travel expenses that will make it the same price as you would pay at Allstars anyway. Consider this before booking.

Get the service you want

Another thing to ask that agency is whether or not you’re booking a girl who is likely to charge you a lot extra for the service you would expect to get anyway. This is a popular technique with independent and agency escorts alike. And it’s at this point that the cheapest London escorts cease being that!

You’ll always get a straight answer and a straight price from us

Leave your boxsets alone, book cheap London escorts

cheap London escortsCheap London escorts are the answer gents, not Game of Thrones, or The Sopranos, or any other of those Sky box set offers that you can get. Why spend your time watching sexy young women on the TV screen when you can have them in your home, all to yourself? And for as little as £100 an hour, they’re nearly as cheap as Sky!

Invite cheap London escorts into your home

Hell, you could even get them to watch something with you if you’re so hooked on catching up with the latest episodes of this and that! Doing what you want with your escort is the way to true happiness. Within reason of course. We’re talking mainly about having a young escort come to your home to entertain you. You are likely to feel more relaxed and ready to entertain a woman, when you’re in the comfort of your own home.

There’s a certain amount of pleasure that can be derived from making a young woman happy. Our cheap London escorts will certainly give you plenty of opportunities to do that! They love to be pampered and entertained as much as you do. They’re only human after all, and they are female! We all know how much women like to be treated like princesses. It’s easy really, right?

Get a bottle or two in

If you really want to push the boat out when your cheap London escorts arrive, make sure you have a couple of bottles in the fridge chilling for their arrival. It’s always nice to open a cool bottle of wine or champagne to lighten the mood. Everyone’s tongue gets a little looser and their inhibitions vanish when they’ve had a drink. Just don’t drink too much ok?

Choose one of the delightful cheap London escorts at Allstars now

Help our cheap London escorts combat the heat!

cheap London escortsIt’s an appeal gentlemen! It’s an appeal for you to book our cheap London escorts and get them out of the heat! How? Well, we know you’re all in those fancy air conditioned hotels around London, so all they’re asking is that you invite them along to your room for a few hours to help cool down. Well, we’re sure they’ll be happy to do other things with you when they arrive, but the main thing is that they keep cool. We have to look after them you know!

Our cheap London escorts don’t all have great apartments

They come from all over London and Greater London you see, and they’re not all living in the luxury that you get to experience when you book a Central London hotel. So they won’t have air conditioning! This is why most of them work with us at Allstars Escorts, because we’re an outcall only agency. It’s very handy to list with an agency like ours when you don’t have an apartment you can really entertain clients in (for whatever reason). Besides, most of the girls prefer doing only outcall bookings.

The best hotel rooms get the best results!

We won’t lie to you, when you book cheap London escorts from us, if you’re staying in a nice room, she’s going to be happier when she arrives isn’t she? It’s sort of logical when you think about it! Who wouldn’t be happy with air conditioning, nice big king size beds and marble bathrooms?! In fact, you may struggle to get them out of your room when your time is up to be honest. We kid you of course, these girls are all very highly professional.

Get your cheap London escort to you in no time at all

Because we have cheap London escorts all over the city and beyond, you can be sure that when you call, you will have a girl at your door, mostly in under an hour. That’s pretty good going, we’re sure you will agree! There aren’t too many agencies that can make that claim, and those that do, don’t always deliver upon it.

Give Allstars Escorts a try, and for the love of God, please help keep the girls cool! LOL!