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Two heads with our duo London escorts

It’s a phrase! Before you start getting all excited and carried away, it’s a phrase for goodness sake! You remember “Two heads are better than one”? Yes? It usually refers to two people thinking about a problem is better than one of course, and not duo London escorts. We just thought it was quite a funny play on words there. And we all know the type of “head” you were thinking about. Don’t even go there gents, we’re not getting involved.

duo London escorts

Duo London escorts from Allstars

However, we will tell you about the duo London escorts we have available to you at Allstars. These young ladies haven’t just been randomly thrown together. These girls actually enjoy working with each other a lot. They like to interact mostly too when they’re with their clients, and it’s always a lot of fun. If you know which way to look of course! It can sometimes be quite difficult when you have two girls to contend with!

The way our duo London escort behave with one another will seem very natural to you. You will be very surprised that these girls can work so well together we’re quite sure. They’re flirtatious and fun, sexy and naughty at the same time. You really will have your hands full.

What about a blonde and a brunette? Or perhaps you are so mad on blonde escorts that you’d like your duo London escorts to both have blonde hair? It’s entirely possible at Allstars. W have London escorts duos of all shapes and sizes, all colours and races, and all nationalities. It’s really best to talk to us on the phone if you want to make a booking, we can easily let you know which girls would be best for you, depending on your location. And remember, we can get them to you anywhere!

Two “heads” are better than one!

duo London escortsWell, most of you will have heard that saying before we’re sure. You can also take it in whatever context you like… We’re saying nothing! But the fact of the matter is that duo London escorts are better than booking just one. And when you book with an agency like Allstars Escorts, you can actually afford them. Unlike so many of the other agencies in London at the moment, who are charging extortionate rates for two girls at the same time.

At Allstars Escorts you get the same excellent rates, whether you book one or two. You can obviously expect to pay more for two girls, but when the rate for one is already low, adding another girl only really brings it up to the level of a single girl booking at other agencies!

Getting genuinely bisexual duo London escorts

There’s another problem with some agencies in London, we’ve found. Sometimes they’ll just throw two girls together for duo London escorts when they’re not actually genuinely bisexual. Now, again we’re not suggesting anything that may or may not happen, but if you want duos, you want them to be into each other right? Of course you do!

It’s not about sex half the time, it’s about the chemistry of having two girls in your company who find each other, and yourself attractive. We don’t want to know where it may or may not lead, we just want to know that you’re happy. And we happen to know for a fact that you will certainly be happy with genuinely bisexual duo London escorts.

Browse our gallery

Our gallery of duos is pretty much the same girls as in the standard “available now” gallery to be honest. But don’t think for a moment that these girls have been “thrown together,” so to speak. We wouldn’t put a duo together like that. These girls have decided for themselves to go together should anyone want them, simply because they get on so well and they want to do duo bookings.

Have a duo experience!

Ever had duo London escorts?

duo London escortsHave you ever booked duo London escorts before? If you have, it was probably from another agency, considering that we’ve only just started to offer the service to our clients. We’d be interested to talk to a few of you that have to be honest, but we know that this is just an impractical request sadly. However, we do have enough experience to know what you expect and what you don’t expect. Otherwise we wouldn’t offer the service would we?

Your past experiences

Your past experiences with duo London escorts will no doubt inform what you expect your experience to be like with us. We sincerely hope that we don’t disappoint you, we have tried our very best to lay on a service that parallels most of the others in the city, and in most cases improves upon them. Not every London escort agency ensures the things that we do here at Allstars Escorts.

Real bisexual escorts

If you’re an experienced punter then you may well have experienced girls that are not really bisexual. And we know that, in our experience, there is nothing worse than booking duo London escorts that simply aren’t into each other. Many other agencies don’t really care about pairing up their heterosexual escorts in order to just get the extra commission from the bookings, but this isn’t us. We have a little more integrity than most agencies. And although we may well be a “no frills” agency, it doesn’t mean that we don’t value quality above all else. You should be very aware of agencies that have loads of duos on their website, made up from most of the girls in their gallery. Ask yourself this questions: can all those girls really be bi-sexual? The answer of course is no, and you don’t want to be the one who pays upwards of £300-400 to find out do you?

Try out a new agency for your duo London escorts

So if you’ve booked duo London escorts before, and now there’s a new agency on the scene offering this service, shouldn’t you at least try them? With your experience of this type of booking? Well, we’re not a new agency of course, but this is a new service and we’re keen to impress you all. Yes some of the girls may be in the main gallery, but we haven’t paired up anyone who isn’t genuinely bisexual. There’s only one way to find out if the girls really are or not anyway. No, it’s not what you’re thinking! You ask them at the end of the day, but you tell them that if they are proven not to be, you will no longer represent them as such. We have a reputation to keep after all!

The new duo London escort experience and what it can do for you

duo London escortIt may have come to your attention that we now offer duo London escort experiences at Allstars Escorts. For the same reason we now offer Elite London escorts, this has been done because there is indeed a demand for it. We wrote a while ago about why we now represent Elite girls, and we went to great lengths to explain that we do this because of demand. The demand for duos is the same. We wouldn’t represent them if we didn’t think that you guys wanted them.

What a duo London escort can do for you

A duo London escort experience is what every man dreams about basically. However, it’s not what every man will treat himself to. There is no real good reason for this, and it’s something that you have to get over yourself if you’re one of these men. You can’t spend your life telling yourself that you don’t deserve to have this type of fun in your world. This is a short life and it’s made for living. What’s that old expression/aphorism? Something about skidding and sliding into your coffin rather than being laid to rest gently. A well lived life is worth it gents, so don’t deny yourself the things that you really want to do.

Improve your confidence

Booking to spend time with two (or even more) London escorts at the same time can be extremely liberating. If you’re usually quite an underconfident man, then learning to keep two girls happy is one thing that is sure to boost your self-confidence. And you needn’t worry too much, they’ll certainly show you how you can keep them happy. And before you rush off assuming this and that, it’s not all about sex you know! You should know by now that keeping a woman happy isn’t always about pleasing her in the bedroom. In actual fact, the vast majority of ordinary women are not overly impressed in the bedroom alone. If you can keep them happy whilst sharing a few drinks, or going out dancing and telling a few jokes etc. then you’re onto a winner for sure.

Don’t get freaked out

Just because you’ve probably never spent any length of time with two women in this type of situation before, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a problem you know. The girls who offer the duo London escort experiences at Allstars are very good at making you feel comfortable and relaxed and nothing is ever demand from you. All they request is that you’re a nice person and you treat them with the utmost respect at all times. In fact, make no mistake, the more you relax, the better time you’re going to have.

Genuinely bisexual London escorts

Another very important thing to realise about the girls who offer this service at Allstars Escorts is that they are all genuinely bisexual. A duo experience is heightened all the more by having two girls who are genuinely into each other. It changes the dynamic you know? If the girls aren’t into each other (no matter what happens) the chemistry just isn’t going to be there and you won’t have as much of a good time.

Make your first duo London escort experience an Allstars Escorts experience

Want to do some duo London escort work?


duo London escortsAre you interested in the escort business? Do you think you have what it takes to become a London escort with our agency? Do you have a special friend who you’d like to work with? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, we would very much like to hear from you. We have created a brand new feature where our clients are able to book genuinely bisexual duo London escorts and we are looking for new, fresh and exciting girls to popular the gallery.

What’s required

We require the usual things obviously. You need to be young and lovely to look at. Attentive, affectionate and intelligent etc. But more importantly you need to be genuinely bisexual if you’re going to operate as a duo. If you and your friend are going on a duo escort booking, your client will have booked you because he believes you to be this way. He expects a certain chemistry between the two of you; and that is understandable, considering the way we have marketed you.

A man who books an escort duo doesn’t expect to get two girls who are practically strangers. There must be nothing worse than inviting two girls you find very attractive to your hotel, who don’t even know each other. Believe us when we say that this actually does happen in some places!

What you can expect from your career

In return for your genuine and attractive nature, you can expect to get regular bookings., should you choose to except them. You can expect to be paid very well for your troubles too. Our new rates system ensures that if you make particular effort to be ready at short notice, your booking fee is greater. Those who book in advance will get a preferred rate. Either way, according to our research and experience, duo London escorts are very popular; so your potential is great!

Go over and visit our recruitment page, or alternatively give the agency a call if you have any questions.

Why have one when you can have two?

duo London escortsNow there’s a question you must have asked yourself from time to time. There are so many escorts in the city that it’s almost necessary to book two at once in order to see as many as possible! You can always book as many girls as you like from Allstars Escorts, but we can’t guarantee whether the ones you book will be genuinely bisexual or not.

Escorts duos

However, we do have yet another new feature for you. We are proud to introduce our new duo London escorts gallery where you can now book real, genuinely bisexual London escorts together. You will perhaps notice that this gallery has a number of the girls from the regular gallery. They’re very happy that we have this new page for them because it gives them a platform from which to promote their services to the full, as genuine bi-sexual London escorts.

Advance duo bookings

It’s always going to be better for you to price wise to book your escorts in advance, but it’s actually quite necessary to do this with the duos. Obviously the girls are going to have to co-ordinate themselves and be ready together at the time you have booked them. So, try to book in advance when you can.

Try something new

So if you’re never tested your endurance with two girls before, try it at least once. After all, you’re only here once aren’t you? Unless you know something we don’t of course. You don’t have to do anything particularly special with your girls, or go to extra lengths to please them. They’re there for your entertainment after all, and we are certain that they will do everything in their power to ensure that your London escort experience is one you’ll remember forever, and one you’re likely to want to repeat!

Check out the new duo London escorts gallery now!