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Two heads with our duo London escorts

It’s a phrase! Before you start getting all excited and carried away, it’s a phrase for goodness sake! Do you remember “Two heads are better than one”? Yes? It usually refers to two people thinking about a problem is better than one of course, and not duo London escorts. We just thought it was quite a funny play on words there. And we all know the type of “head” you were thinking about. Don’t even go there gents, we’re not getting involved. Continue reading Two heads with our duo London escorts

Two “heads” are better than one!

duo London escortsWell, most of you will have heard that saying before we’re sure. You can also take it in whatever context you like… We’re saying nothing! But the fact of the matter is that duo London escorts are better than booking just one. And when you book with an agency like Allstars Escorts, you can actually afford them. Unlike so many of the other agencies in London at the moment, who are charging extortionate rates for two girls at the same time. Continue reading Two “heads” are better than one!

Ever had duo London escorts?

duo London escortsHave you ever booked duo London escorts before? If you have, it was probably from another agency, considering that we’ve only just started to offer the service to our clients. We’d be interested to talk to a few of you that have to be honest, but we know that this is just an impractical request sadly. However, we do have enough experience to know what you expect and what you don’t expect. Otherwise we wouldn’t offer the service would we? Continue reading Ever had duo London escorts?

The new duo London escort experience and what it can do for you

duo London escortIt may have come to your attention that we now offer duo London escort experiences at Allstars Escorts. For the same reason we now offer Elite London escorts, this has been done because there is indeed a demand for it. We wrote a while ago about why we now represent Elite girls, and we went to great lengths to explain that we do this because of demand. The demand for duos is the same. We wouldn’t represent them if we didn’t think that you guys wanted them. Continue reading The new duo London escort experience and what it can do for you

Want to do some duo London escort work?


duo London escortsAre you interested in the escort business? Do you think you have what it takes to become a London escort with our agency? Do you have a special friend who you’d like to work with? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, we would very much like to hear from you. We have created a brand new feature where our clients are able to book genuinely bisexual duo London escorts and we are looking for new, fresh and exciting girls to popular the gallery. Continue reading Want to do some duo London escort work?

Why have one when you can have two?

duo London escortsNow there’s a question you must have asked yourself from time to time. There are so many escorts in the city that it’s almost necessary to book two at once in order to see as many as possible! You can always book as many girls as you like from Allstars Escorts, but we can’t guarantee whether the ones you book will be genuinely bisexual or not. Continue reading Why have one when you can have two?