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There’s something about Marta

elite escortMarta is one of those girls who just leap out the screen at you when you see her. Isn’t she just? Tall, blonde, model-like, almost like a doll that’s waiting to be bought in the toy store! You’re sure going to have a lot of fun with this toy, we don’t mind telling you.

Marta is new to London and has traveled here all the way from the Czech Republic. We know that most of the girls over there are gorgeous anyway, there’s something in the water! But we had no idea they were hiding away such fine specimens as this! She’s an elite escort that you’re going to fall in love with as soon as you meet, and you’re going to re-book again and again. You won’t make her fall in love with you though guys, no matter how hard you try. Marta is an elite escort that loves her job too much for anything like that!

Elite escort traits

She has it all going on in the looks department. Look at her profile for more information and more pictures if you like, but you should be able to tell that from just this one on the page. On top of the gorgeous look, she has style and grace. She has a sophistication that is rarely found in the cheaper girls at Allstars or anywhere else for that matter. You get the impression when you first meet that this girl is going to be something very special before you go anywhere or do anything with her!

In her spare time, Marta loves to shop in the boutiques. She likes picking out new and exciting dinner date clothes for her special bookings, and she always pays special attention to her lingerie too. She has more shoes than she knows what to do with now, but she is by her own admission “a collector” of designer labels and can’t help herself.

Take Marta out and show her a good time, we know that you’re going to have a lot of fun!

VIP London escorts from Allstars

VIP London escortsAre you a VIP? Perhaps you’re not but you think you are! LOL! Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. As we say, live your life to the full, the way you want to and stop treating yourself as an afterthought. You are very important to us of course, which is why we would like to tell you about our VIP London escorts.

These girls are more expensive than the usual cheap escorts we represent. This doesn’t mean the cheap girls aren’t good of course. What it does mean is that the VIP London escorts you book from us will be at the very top of their game and suitable for the most discerning among you. If you want the best of the best, then you choose one of the VIP girls. And if you’re choosing one of these girls, you more than likely can afford it!

Treating your VIP London escorts

Of course, as you could probably imagine, VIP London escorts require a certain level of treatment. They’re like looking after a very special, very particular type of exotic pet in many respects. You have to get the right things in for them, make sure they’re comfortable and do everything in your power to ensure they are happy. The beauty of this is that all your work will not go to waste on one of these girls. You see, VIP London escorts know how to reciprocate your attentions. And they’re not called “VIP” for no reason at all. They don’t charge this extra money for no reason at all either. Think about it for a moment. You treat them nice, they treat you even better. This is the way it goes with all escorts anyway, so just imagine what it would be like for VIP London escorts! Book one of these beautiful creatures now and find out for yourself!

Gifts for London escorts: should you or not?

sexy blonde London escortsIt’s the same answer we’ve been giving for decades really. The short version is yes, if you want to. But you should never feel obligated to do so. London escorts are highly professional women, and they realise that they get paid very handsomely indeed for what they do anyway. They don’t need extras, but they are always welcome.

Ask yourself what you can afford with London escorts

Whilst we (and the girls) are happy for you to spend all your money on London escorts, we don’t want you bankrupt yourself or your family! If you are considering buying a gift for one of our girls, no doubt you will have realised that it can’t be any old junk. So you need to ask yourself can you you really afford it, or do you want the extra expense when you’re paying for her company anyway.

Don’t feel obligated

Just because the escort you book is particularly high class (perhaps from our elite London escorts gallery), it doesn’t mean you should feel obliged to buy her a gift. If you’re booking a VIP escort, you’ll already be paying a greater price than usual on Allstars, so you need to think about that. This and the fact that she doesn’t expect anything anyway!

If it makes you happy

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad can it? Regardless of what it costs. The object of a booking with one of our London escorts is that you have a good time. It’s not about them, even though they enjoy their career anyway. They will go off and see more clients, so it’s not as though the experience will be as memorable to them, as it is to you. So, if getting a gift and experiencing your London escort’s appreciation is important to you, go ahead and indulge!

Make Friday 13th Lucky with an escort experience in London

escort experienceFed up with all the hype about Friday 13th? It’s not as though a mass murderer is going to rise from an ancient lake and kill everyone is it? Did you know that there are some people who won’t even go outside today? That’s pretty crazy if you ask us! Besides, there’s so much you can do to make Friday 13th better. You can start by booking yourself an escort experience from Allstars!

Allstars escort experience

An Allstars experience is a little different to many agencies. We only offer outcall girls of course, and this is a problem to some people. It really shouldn’t be though, because our outcall service is widely considered to be the best in the city if you ask our regular clients. We don’t just offer cheap escorts you see (like we used to). Now we offer an elite outcall escort experience too. And this is what’s making the headlines with our clients at the moment. You’d be amazed at how many of our regulars from old have “upgraded,” so to speak, for our elite packages!

Turn your Friday 13th lucky with an elite escort experience

They’re not as expensive as you might think you know. You should go along to the elite escort gallery and take a look at the girls and their fees. You may be very pleasantly surprised with what you find. Simone (pictured above) for example, only charges £300 an hour! And this is for an “elite” experience gents, so you can make of that what you will. What you should take away from this is that you won’t get any other elite escorts in London offering their services at this price! Especially for an outcall booking (and we do nothing but outcalls!)

So go ahead and make your day the luckiest day ever with Allstars Escorts. You’ll never regret a moment of your escort experience!