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Are you a high end man?

high class London escortsWe’ve long been the agency of choice for those of you who enjoy your cheap London escorts, but we’ve changed our philosophy somewhat lately. Not that we don’t still offer the best value escorts in London of course. You can always find a value girl with Allstars Escorts. It’s just that we have moved into high class London escorts too!

High class London escorts from Allstars

There aren’t many of them in the gallery yet, but take a little look in our “elite escorts” gallery and you’ll see the ones there are really worth a look. We aren’t about to start adding just any girl to the ranks of our high class London escorts you see. We’re very select at Allstars, we always have been! So you can be sure that when you do book one of these high end angels, you’re going to know where the extra pennies have been spent!

Too used to the cheaper girls?

We realise that you may be well used to booking our girls from the cheaper end. There’s nothing wrong with this, and you’ll always get a outstanding service of course, but you’ll never know what the high class London escorts are like unless you upgrade at least once! Who knows, once you’ve upgraded, you may never go back to the cheaper girls again; unless you’re struggling for cash. Allstars Escorts like to think that we have you covered, no matter what your budget!

The price difference isn’t that much when you think about it. The girls have always historically been £100, and the high class London escorts aren’t that much more expensive to be honest. But you will know the difference when you meet them. In any case, if you’re going to book our cheaper girls during peak time and without notice, you could end up paying just as much as you would for a pre-booked high end girl.

Book your high class escorts from Allstars!

high class escortsWe’re betting you never thought you’d be able to get high class escorts from Allstars? Well, to be more accurate, we prefer the name “elite” escorts. This is a little better, since it doesn’t give you the impression that our escorts are “stuck up” in any way at all. Because this is something you need to know about these high class escorts. They’re not. They may be better than the rest and ready for anything, but they’re still the same, highly intelligent and accommodating young women as ever. Versatile and ready to entertain.

What’s the difference between high class and the other girls

Well, our “elite” (we keep forgetting!) escorts are far more available and we’re told they offer a much more inclusive service. We don’t know too much about their services, but we know they’re much more experienced and open-minded! You can expect to pay anywhere upwards from £300 for an hour. But you can count on these girls being worth every penny of that fee. You can also book exclusive dinner dates that include two hours of private time with your chosen girl. Take a look at our page on our elite escort experience for much more information.

Ask anything you like

During this transitional phase, we welcome you to call us on the phone and ask us any questions should you be confused by anything. We will be happy to explain everything. We will be adding many more elite girls to our high class escorts list in the very near future, so keep an eye on the blog and also on our Twitter feed for more information.

Take a look at the girls and see what you think, then you’ll need to book one of them to see the difference of course, but we’re confident that you will love them. Nothing like trying something new is there?