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Incall services change nothing

Nice ass escortWe are aware that since we have been offering incall London escort services, some of you believe that our outcall services may have suffered. We are writing this brief post today to reassure you that our outcall escort service is as good as it has always been. We continue to serve the whole of central and Great London, and even some of the surrounding areas in the Home Counties.

We still have the same number of professional drivers working around the clock to deliver your wonderful outcall escorts to your door. The girls have remained the same, and even increased in number. They work the same long hours – into the early hours – and love their jobs as much as they ever have. The beauty of incall escorts is that they do not offer effect the availability of our drivers. If anything, because we have the same number of drivers, and some of you will now prefer incall bookings, the drivers are more available than they’ve ever been.

Girl availability

We know what you are thinking. When a girl starts to offer incall services, she is no longer available for outcalls. This is not the case. She doesn’t suddenly decide to stop doing outcall bookings. Whilst this may be true to a certain extent, you have to appreciate that if she’s going to be booked, she’s going to be booked. Chances are that the girl is popular anyway and would have been booked, so basically if she’s not available, she’s not available. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing an incall or an outcall.

If you are wanting to book a girl that’s already busy, it’s actually in your best interests (whether you want incall or outcall services) that she’s doing an incall. At least this way she doesn’t have to factor in her travel time from location to location, and you don’t have to wait as long for her to become available.

In short – nothing has changed

So, in short, we would like to summarise by telling you that our services remain the same. The girls are still available, it’s just that many of them have made life a lot easier for some of you guys. If you haven’t tried one of our incall London escorts, now might be the time to give them a whirl. Or book your usual favourite as an incall, rather than an outcall and see where and how she lives. If you’ve never had an incall escort service before, it’s a real eye opener and we’re sure you’re going to be very impressed.

Incall London escorts available now!

incall London escortsIt’s been a long time in the making, but we can finally announce that we are now offering incall London escorts from Allstars. Some of you may be saying to yourself “well we knew that already,” but we wanted to wait a while to announce it. This is because we didn’t have what we felt to be a significant number of incall London escorts to make a big fuss about. Now we have plenty to show off, we’re happy to announce it.

We’re almost sad to see the back of our outcall only days, but don’t worry, we still put just as much effort into this as we always have. Having incall London escorts just makes our job much easier really. We can simply send you the girl’s address and leave you to make your own way there. Just like all the other escort agencies in London do really. We’re not different.

Incall London escorts

Our Incall London escorts all offer outcall services too of course, but they are happy to be offering incalls too. This has enabled us to offer even more girls to you! You will always find your incall escort’s apartment to be safe, secure, clean and tidy and ready to entertain guests. We wouldn’t represent girls who didn’t look after their place, it’s not our style. You will also find them as well presented as they would be were you to book them for an outcall to your hotel room. They may well be “dressed down” a little more, but they will have spent just the same amount of effort to impress you. Make sure you tell them how pretty they look when you arrive!

Be respectful

Because we are still a 24 hour London escort agency, we would like to politely request that when you go and visit our incall London escorts, that you behave in a discreet way and don’t draw attention to yourself. We don’t want neighbours complaining to our girls and then getting them evicted from their homes now do we? That would be an awful result for the girls, for us and all the other clients that might want to book them (including you!)