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We only offer outcall escorts

outcall escortsWe thought we’d give you this information once more. We only offer outcall escorts. It’s amazing just how many times we get asked whether we have incall girls available. We realise that all of the girls we represent are indeed tantalising beautiful and you’d love to go knocking on their doors, but the fact is, they don’t want you to!

How come they’re only outcall?

We only represent outcall escorts because these girls either can’t or won’t offer incalls. If they can’t, it’s usually because they don’t live in a central area or in an appropriate apartment to accept incall visitors. They could live with family members or friends who don’t know about their escorting career. Some of the girls simply want to keep their location secret and would rather keep as much distance between their escort career and their everyday life as possible. There are girls with regular jobs at certain times during the day and/or night.

Someone has to represent the outcall escorts

You see, there aren’t that many agencies in London that actually will represent girls who only offer outcall services. So we decided long ago to be one of the only agencies that represent only outcall escorts. Now practically every girl in London who doesn’t want to or can’t offer incalls, is listed with Allstars Escorts! And this makes us very happy indeed! We are proud to be doing what we do.

All our girls are professionals, and because they only offer outcalls, this makes them very good at it indeed. You can always expect your chosen girl on time, looking perfect and ready to entertain. We wouldn’t have our girls any other way. Many of them use drivers too, so you can count on them being there on time. It all depends on where you want them to get to of course. These young ladies can get to you anywhere in Central or Greater London!

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True happiness comes from outcall London escorts

outcall London escortsOn top of that, a cheap outcall London escort! Clients are enjoying Allstars services all over the city and they’re coming back time and time again for the same treatment. Having outcall London escorts come to your hotel or private residence is the way forward. It’s not surprising that it’s so popular when you consider the hassle connected to incall bookings.

Incall London escort bookings

Clients are unable to book incall services from Allstars, but this is not something we regret. When you have incall services all manner of things can go wrong. Clients can turn up late, making the escort late for her next booking or appointment. Some girls don’t keep a very tidy apartment too, and this is something that an escort agency has no control over. There is nothing worse than turning up to an unclean apartment, or taking a shower and not having a fresh, clean towel.

The client is responsible

Forgive us for saying, but we are quite pleased that our clients are responsible for the state of their own home or hotel room. Outcall London escorts only have to turn up and entertain their client, then leave, so it’s much easier for them too of course! It allows them to concentrate more on their client’s needs!

A client is more relaxed with a outcall London escorts

It’s true that clients are also much more relaxed in their own home, or at least their own hotel rooms. There’s nothing like being able to wait for your outcall London escort to arrive whilst you have a shower and slip into a nice comfy robe, put on some music and pour some champagne. And when a client is more relaxed, it’s often the case that the visiting escort is also more relaxed. Nerves get in the way gentlemen, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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Outcall escorts all over London

outcall escortsWe have a great relationship with our clients. We are very proud of this. This hasn’t been easily earned however, and we figured now would be a good idea to tell you about it. One of our main “selling points,” so to speak is that we have the very best record for outcall escorts in the city today. It’s not so much to do with availability as it is to coverage however.

Agencies that offer outcall escorts

Whilst many agencies in London offer outcall escorts, not all of them cover the whole of Greater London. Most of them have lovely girls too, just like us, but their girls are unwilling to move out of the West End or Central London, and to be honest with you, we don’t think that they’re really taking their careers very seriously if they won’t travel a little further. This is why we always make sure that the girls we have available are willing to move around for their bookings. This is why we often use drivers, in order to help the girls with their bookings etc.

This is a good point to make. If you are booking outcall escorts from any other agency, make sure they’ll go where you want them to avoid disappointment. It’s actually worth giving the agency a quick call before you even look at the girls on the website. There’s nothing worse than seeing outcall escorts you’d love to spend time with, only to discover that they won’t be able to travel to your location!

Don’t take the risk

So why even bother? Why not just take a good look at the outcall escorts in our gallery and choose one from there? At least this way you’ll know that they’re going to come and see you. In the vast majority of cases they’ll be with you in under an hour too! This is dependent on your location and the time of day/night you book of course! Our escorts don’t have teleporters!

London outcall escorts from Allstars

London outcall escortsWe are the leading agency for London outcall escorts in the city today. This makes us very happy indeed of course. We’re the leaders at the moment because we’re the cheapest and most reliable agency in London. There are loads of agencies in the city at the moment, but they’re not all as well established as Allstars. We’ve been going for years, and we intend to be going for many more! It’s all about the client base really and we’re very happy to report that our clients are among the best too!

Why we love our clients

We love our clients because they’re regulars basically. Virtually every gent who has called to book London outcall escorts from us has called back again another time. Some call ever week, some more than once a week, some once a month, but they always call back. We believe the reason for this is because we have such a great selection of London outcall escorts. There are some clients who choose the same girls over and over again of course, but not too many.

Where our London outcall escorts go

They’ll travel practically anywhere in Greater London and sometimes, depending on their location, they’ll even travel into the Home Counties! We’re not one of those London outcall escort agencies that restrict themselves to Central London because the girls can’t be bothered to travel too far. The girls we represent are prepared to take the time to earn their money and they don’t mind travelling at all. Of course, some of this expense is passed onto you, depending on where they’re coming from. This extra fee is for the driver or taxi to get them to you and then get them safely home.

So, if you’re looking to book London outcall escorts anywhere in Greater London and beyond, Allstars Escorts is the agency for you. What’s even better than that is the fact that we are still one of the cheapest providers in the city! You seriously can’t beat service like that!

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Outcall escorts from Allstars

outcall escortsThere’s a reason we specialise in outcall escorts here at Allstars. The main reason is that we can represent a hell of a lot more girls if we only offer outcall services. And this in turn means that we can get anywhere in London and Greater London. When you represent incall escorts it opens a can of worms when it comes to selecting the girls.

What’s wrong with incalls?

If you’re a good escort agency and you represent incall girls, you need to check on where they are located. You can’t have your clients going all over London in all the terrible parts of the city where their car might get stolen or damaged, or something worse happening of course. Outcall escorts are a lot safer and a lot easier to represent.

Why outcall escorts?

As we said, we can represent more girls if they’re outcall escorts. The girls are also given the luxury of being able to live wherever they want in London and still pursue their career. You see, not all escorts can afford to live in the expensive places. London is a tough place to live these days financially. That’s not to say that all our outcall escorts don’t live in the best places, some of them do. But all of them prefer to do only outcalls because it gives them a certain anonymity that they value above all else.

The outcall escorts we represent also love to visit hotels in London and private residences all over. It’s exciting for them and they always find that their clients are much more relaxed in their own homes or hotel rooms. This is especially so for those outcall escorts who have offered incalls in the past; they know the difference.

Sit back and relax

Being able to sit there in your chair, watching a little TV or perhaps listening to some music and having a quick drink is wonderful. You can sit there whilst you wait for your outcall escort to arrive. What could be better than waiting in the comfort of your own place, no worries about finding an escort’s location, no going out and getting cold, all you have to do is wait. Then you get the knock on the door. You open the door and there she stands, looking fabulous! Outcall escorts from Allstars will always look fabulous and they’ll always be there on time!