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Do you want to work as a London escort?

To coincide with the latest changes at the agency and on the website, we’re putting out a fresh call for girls who would like to work as a London escort. Now is a really good time to be part of this rapidly expanding industry and we’re a pretty damn good agency to work for.

New rates

We’ve worked out a new rates scheme for our escorts and clients at Allstars and we think it’s a much better system, allowing our girls to get paid more during peak times and at times when they have to be ready quickly when clients haven’t been able to pre-book. It’s a much better system, and now that we have lower rates for those clients who pre-book, the girls are getting more work.

Work as a London escort

Working as a London escort can be anything you want it to be. You can work as much or as little as you like really. You just have to realise that if you’re only working a few hours here and there, you’ll be less likely to get bookings. We really appreciate escorts who make an extra effort to be ready when they’re requested, and we’ll always send more work their way. It makes sense to everyone involved, and we are trying to run a business and keep our clients happy. The last thing we want is to upset our regular clients.

Earning potential is very good for those who put in the work of course, as we’re sure you can imagine. And girls who are well liked will often get rebooked; especially at agencies like ours, where we have many regulars. This is because our rates are so very good. You could go and list with another agency and charge much more money, but you will have a lot more competition and you won’t get as many bookings. So it kind of makes sense to offer your services a little cheaper and get more bookings. Indeed, we have girls who have done it the other way, and now that they work as a London escort for Allstars, they make much more money!

Apply online or give us a call!

Urgently needed! New London escorts

London escortsAllstars are looking to expand and this means we have openings for new London escorts. We are taking applications now, so get yourselves over to our recruitment page and fill out the form. If you need any help with it, or you’re not sure what you have to do, just call us on 07858 198 529 and we’ll help you out. Alternatively you can email us at: [email protected]

Work with the best London agency around

Allstars are quickly becoming established as one of the best agencies to work with in London. You might not find a load of flashy features on the website and things like that, but this is because we spend an awful lot of time communicating with the girls we represent and our many London clients.

Our client list

Our client list is literally huge! This is one of the main reasons why we need more escorts to join the team. Sometimes there aren’t enough girls to go around and the demand is growing bigger and bigger all the time. This is clearly because we are one of the cheapest agencies around that still offer quality services.

Your earning potential

Don’t worry though, there’s still massive amounts of earning potential for you if you sign up. We don’t take a lot from you for your booking. We operate under the assumption that you’re going to get a lot of bookings anyway, so we’re confident we’ll make our share of money from the number of referrals we get you. The London escorts you see already on the website have been with us for quite a long time, so you will see that they are very satisfied with the amount of bookings they’re getting through us.

Looking for an escort?

If you’re looking for a London escort to keep you company tonight, please do not hesitate to browse our gallery, where you’ll find a large variety of young ladies all eager to meet with you. At the moment we offer an outcall only London escorts service. The girls will come to your home or hotel promptly and ready to entertain.

How to become a good London escort

There’s no real “trick” to it, so to speak, but there are a few common qualities that you’ll need to be a successful London escort. We say “successful” there, simply because anyone can become an escort. Whether you’re a success is entirely up to you however!

Be an available London escort

The most important quality from an agency perspective is that you are available. It might sound like a simple thing, but you would be surprised at how many young women decide they want to become an escort, they register and then they’re never available. Please understand that if we agree to represent you, we will then take time uploading your details and pics etc. onto our website and we will extend our representation to marketing on Twitter and other directories too. So you can appreciate that we do quite a lot of work to get you bookings. We certainly earn the small fee we get!

Be a well presented London escort

As well as being available, you need to make sure you’re well-presented too. Now, we’re not talking about your physical features here of course. No woman should think that she needs to have a boob job, or any kind of corrective surgery etc. to fit some kind of idealised standard that men go for. This is important to remember. In our experience, male clients go for a variety of different looking London escorts, so you don’t need to worry about that. As long as you are considered generally attractive by a large number of adult males, you’ll be fine.

No, what we mean is that you need to make sure that you look after yourself in terms of your hair, presentation and wardrobe etc. It’s no use turning up for a booking with tatty clothes and your hair a mess! This actually does happen in some places you know! If you take care of your appearance and you have some nice clothes etc. you’ll fit right in. Any young woman who has a sense of occasion would be welcome to apply to Allstars Escorts for representation.

Now looking good London escorts

Speaking of which, if you are indeed interested in becoming a London escort and you want to work with an agency that gets hundreds of calls every day, Allstars Escorts is a very good choice. We have an application form onsite where you can apply. It doesn’t take long and you will hear back from us as soon as possible. You could be taking bookings in less than 48 hours if you sign up today! Great earning potential is there for those who want to make the effort.