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The ultimate airport pick up (with a London escort!)

airport escortsEver been picked up at the airport before? It’s a common enough occurrence right? Well, how about being picked up by a London escort? Allstars Escorts specialise in outcall services to airport hotels, and we could be your ultimate fantasy!

Not us of course, our girls. Why not book one of the girls to meet you at the airport? We can arrange things like this, and then take the two of you back to your hotel nearby, where you can enjoy the rest of your day/evening together. The girls love doing things that are a little different, and they love making you happy, so we’re certain they’d be up for it.

Airport escorts for airport hotels

Airport escorts are very common indeed, so if you had any type of anxiety about booking one to pick you up, or one to come to your airport hotel nearby, don’t worry about it. Practically every solo male traveller books a girl for company in these hotels, it’s very common indeed. And why not? It’s all about making your visit to London as enjoyable as possible, and if this means booking one of our beautiful airport escorts, then so be it.

They’re all very talented at what they do. They’re also all very discreet and professional. Most of the time no-one would ever know that they are indeed airport escorts, unless perhaps they have been seen in the same hotel before. But then there are so many escorts operating in this way, that it would be very difficult to discern one from another in this way. Just another beautiful young girl going to her room.

Tolerant staff

All the staff in these hotel airports are extremely tolerant and accepting of this hobby, and they are never bothered about interfering with your activities as long as you pay your bill and don’t cause any trouble. Why would they care who you have in your room anyway? They have more important things to concern themselves with!

How do you get to Stansted, and have you ever booked a cheap Stansted escort?

cheap Stansted escortWe know hundreds of you fly from Stansted all the time, but how do you get there? We’re writing this out of interest more than anything really, and we also thought it might give you some ideas. Oh, and of course we’re also going to tell you where you can get a cheap Stansted escort.

Driving to Stansted

Driving to Stansted is always a good choice if you have to get to the airport really early in the morning. It’s a lot quieter first thing in the morning. However, you will still have to pay airport parking, depending on how long you’re away. And you’ll also be unable to book a cheap Stansted escort to come to your hotel the night before you travel. Unless of course you want to book one of our girls to come to your home, which is more than possible considering we have escorts all over the city!

Travelling by train

You can get the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street Station if you live in London. This is very useful indeed, and it’s a reasonably priced, reliable service. Of course, if you’re not in London, you have to get into the city first, so it might not be your best choice.

Shuttle companies

For those who live in the home counties, we think this is a pretty good service. Because they often pick up a number of people and they’re going to and from Stansted and the other airports all day long, you can get a good deal from a company to pick you up directly from your home. You’ll have to Google them though, because there are literally loads of them!

Stay overnight nearby and book a cheap Stansted escort

We like this last choice. Considering that there are some pretty reasonable hotels around the airport, you could afford to book a cheap Stansted escort as well as have a comfortable bed for the night before your flight. We send girls to airport hotels all the time, so it’s not going to be a problem at all!

Either way, make your cheap Stansted escort experience one from Allstars Escorts

The best London escorts Stansted has to offer

best London escorts StanstedWe have some great news! Now there’s even more choice for the best London escorts Stansted have to offer. Allstars are proud to announce that they have increased the number of girls “on the books,” so to speak, which means that you have more choice and a greater chance that they’ll get to you quicker.

Best London escorts Stansted

We are fast becoming one of the most popular agencies that serve Stansted airport and surrounding hotels. Getting to this standard is a hard earned achievement in many respects, and it’s taken the time and dedication of many people. Our agency has to generate business through the website using a team of specialists, we have to increase the number of drivers we use so that we can get girls where you want them quickly, and we have spent a lot of time choosing girls. We are aware that there are other agencies serving Stansted, but we know that your definition of the best London escorts Stansted have to offer is often about value for money. This is why Allstars Escorts still only charge £100 for the hour! We don’t mind telling you that it’s an incredible achievement being able to keep the fees this low in the face of all the competition.

Thanking you for your business

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our clients. Without you, all the best London escorts Stansted escorts have on offer would be useless. After all, you guys have to book them in order to make the business successful. We have some wonderful regular clients, and you know who you are gentlemen, so again, thank you so very much! And don’t stop booking them either. There are more and more new girls on the way in, and you can already see some new faces on the website. Keep your eye on the Twitter feed too, where you can stay updated about who is available and when.

Thanks for reading guys, have a great day!

Get your bookings in for Stansted escorts

Stansted escortsIf you can’t stand to be alone before your flight, book some company from our selection of Stansted escorts. You can count on our girls being incredibly relaxed and confident. They’ll have you eating out of their hands within minutes of you meeting them. What’s even better is that your Stansted escorts can be brought to your hotel near the airport, from anywhere in the city. London is a big place too gentlemen, but make no mistake, our drivers and our girls could be among the best Stansted escorts you could ever book.

Make them feel at home

Even though they’ll be as relaxed and ready as you could hope, it’s always nice to “lay out the red carpet,” so to speak right? Have a nice shower, get yourself spruced up a bit, order in some room service if you can, or get yourself out to buy a bottle or two of wine. Hell, if you’re feeling even more gentlemanly, why not organise a dinner date for yourself and one of our Stansted escorts? You know they’d love to join you. Eating out is one of their favourite things to do!

Stansted escorts booking procedure

There really is nothing to it. All you need to do is call the agency and tell us who you’d like to see, and where you would like them to come. You can call us 24 hours a day, there will always be someone there to answer your call and get the Stansted escort you want to your door as quickly as humanly possible! Remember that it may take a little longer, depending on where in London they are at the time. But you can rest assured that all our Stansted escorts (indeed, all our escorts from anywhere), are all highly professional and really don’t need long to get ready!

Check the girls out at Allstars Escorts now…

Find a Stansted escort for your overnight stay

Stansted escortOvernights are a nightmare we know! Well, they’re only a nightmare when you really have to stay over. If you’re going on holiday then it’s not so bad, you’ve actually got something to look forward to! But if it’s work, it’s a drag right? Well, it needn’t be a drag if you don’t want it to be. An early morning flight can be something very special indeed if it’s preceded by a booking with a Stansted escort the night before!

How can a Stansted escort can take the edge off?

Well, we’re sure you can use your imagination to a certain extent here. But whether you have a fear of flying, or you simply don’t want to go on this damn business trip to wherever, you can guarantee that the Stansted escort you book from Allstars will take your mind completely off what’s ahead.

As far as what they can do to take the edge off your journey? Well, why not meet them earlier in the evening when you’ve checked in and you want to get some dinner. You’re going to spend money on dinner anyway, and you’ve already resigned yourself to the fact that you have to stay overnight, so you might as well make it a good night! You’ll find that each Stansted escort you book from us, incredibly intelligent, charming and witty, and well capable of conversing with you on a number of different subjects over dinner.

Perhaps you’d just like to share a couple of drinks with your chosen Stansted escort in the evening, before retiring to your hotel room for some private time together? This is perfectly fine too of course. Our girls are very versatile and they’re here for you no matter what you have planned. They love to unwind, in much the same way as any London escorts; or indeed any other human being!

Any one of our girls could be a Stansted escort

As we like to keep reminding you on our blog, our girls come from all over Greater London, basically to anywhere else in Greater London. They don’t have to reside around Stansted airport to become Stansted escorts, they could come from anywhere in the city. This is the beauty of Allstars Escorts. We can cover the whole of London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Call us now, and don’t be alone…

How to date airport hotel escorts

airport hotel escortsThere is a little bit of an art to it you know. You’ll thank us for the advice once you’ve read our brief article. The first thing you need to remember is that airport hotel escorts are really the same as any other woman. Well, not entirely the same of course, you can hire these girls and you can get them whenever you want; 24 hours a day!

Airport hotel escorts

Just like any other girl in the world, airport hotel escorts are just the same. They like to feel special, they like to feel loved and appreciated. It really doesn’t matter to you (or indeed them) that they see a number of different men whilst pursuing their career. Let’s talk about the basics, and don’t complain, it never hurts to get a reminder or two! Three golden rules…

  • Always be the perfect gentlemen. Some men complain that it’s being false to be the perfect gentlemen, but what we say is that if you need to pretend, that makes it even more important! The perfect way to put a woman at ease is to be a gentleman. She will see immediately that you’re a nice person and that you don’t expect anything she isn’t prepared to offer.
  • Pay for everything. This should be second nature to a true gent of course. Hotel airport escorts are going to expect to be paid themselves of course, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also make sure that you pay for everything when you’re out (if you do go out of course).
  • Make sure she doesn’t want for anything. Following on from the last point, if you do go out, don’t leave her to ask you for another drink or whatever, make sure her glass is charged (if she wants it of course!) It all adds to the overall “dating” process.

Despite the fact that you’re booking hotel airport escorts, you can learn a lot from your dating experiences with these girls. After all, if you can impress an escort, then you seriously have to be onto a winner right? These girls are so beautiful that, not only when they’re with a client, they have to fight off male advances all the time! If she likes you, and she likes what you’re doing, keep doing it!

Simple tips, simple life, simply the best London escorts from Allstars Escorts