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Is the world going to hell? If so, live it to the max!

London escortWe live in a world where people are more willing to video an assault taking place, and post it on Facebook, than actually help stop it happening. We live in the “selfie” generation, whereby everyone is obsessed with their own appearance. There are riots in Paris, there are people getting all wound up in the UK about Brexit, and basically, the world is in decline. The time for common sense and reasoning seems to have left us completely. When we’re more interested in celebrity culture and our own narcissistic ways, and we’re prepared to pass those onto our own children, there can’t be much hope left.

So what should we do? There’s nothing left to do really. We just live in the moment and hope people find a way. Which is why our London escort business is doing so very well at the moment. In a world that’s more and more fractured, where people feel more and more isolated, despite the advent of “smart” phones etc. a London escort can provide you with the emotional nourishment you need.

You don’t have to talk to your escort

You don’t have to talk about your problems with a London escort, you can simply be with her. It’s as easy as that. Sometimes being around someone you barely know is enough to get some kind of respite from the chaos unfolding in the world today. And it can’t hurt that the person you are with is insanely hot can it? And the girls at Allstars certainly are that!

Have your London escort come to you

The best thing about our agency is that all the escorts we represent are outcall girls and they’ll come to wherever in London you are. They’ll even travel to the outskirts of Greater London and into some areas of the Home Counties! You can’t go wrong really can you? Not for the price these girls charge for goodness sake!

Spending all your money on hotels?

escortsDon’t! There’s a simple answer to this problem. If you’re the type of hobbyist that comes to town regularly to see the girls from Allstars Escorts (or anywhere else for that matter), you may well be forced to cut your visit short due to hotel prices.

Book early

It’s not like booking a flight. You can’t book a hotel at the last minute and hope to get an awesome deal. With a flight, they need to reduce the prices to get as much money as they can, in order to keep their overheads low (fuel and such). In the case of hotels, they know that they’ll more than likely be booked up most of the time; especially in London. And what they do is hike up the prices at the last minute. We know, it’s not really fair is it? But this is what they do. So if you book a hotel the day before, you can expect to find out that the price of your room was more than likely cheaper a week or so earlier.

Use a good website

Sometimes it pays to go directly to the hotel’s own website, but when you have sites like and etc. it’s also worth looking on there too. These booking sites offer significant reductions sometimes, leaving you more money to book escorts! You can also earn reward nights with some of them too, so that’s even better. If only you could earn extra escorts by booking as many as you can afford!

Don’t always go for the high end hotels

Shop around guys. We know that you want to invite escorts back to your room etc. and not all hotels appreciate this sort of thing, but we think you’ll find that most of them don’t really care, as long as you’re paying your bill!

So, there really is no need to book the expensive places. Choose some of the smaller, independent hotels that offer great prices. They’ll keep themselves to themselves we’re sure, and you don’t even have to see them again do you?

Greater London escorts – We cover more than you think!

Greater London escortsWhilst we get a hell of a lot of calls for bookings in Central London, literally all over, we’re getting more and more from the whole of Greater London. Mayfair in Central London, to Dagenham in the East End, we’ve got it pretty much covered. This isn’t as hard to believe as you think when you look at the extensive list of Greater London escorts we have now at Allstars. When was the last time you looked?

Harlingdon escorts, West Ham, Harrow on the Hill, Loxford, Barnet, Ponders End escorts and those in Primrose Hill, it doesn’t really matter where they are located. You see, the point is, our girls are all over Greater London, and mostly all of them have drivers who work with them, or they use our drivers to get them around. So you can count on them getting to where they need to go, and getting themselves there on time. If you want someone fast however, it would be a good idea to call us and allow us to recommend a girl who is actually in your area, or at least not too far from you.

Even further afield

We represent Greater London escorts in every region, and what’s even better than this is that we can sometimes get into the Home Counties areas too. Essex, Suffolk etc are not a problem for us, all you need to do is call and ask. We’ll soon tell you whether or not we can get a girl to you in time or not. If they’re located on the very outskirts of Greater London, and they’re available, chances are that it’s very likely indeed!

Why not go and browse all the ladies we have on offer and choose a few that you like, not just one. That way, when you call, you are much less likely to be disappointed.

Men need to reflect too!

London escortingIt’s all very well women talking about their feelings and needing time to “reflect” etc. but it’s important to realise that men do too. Being in the London escorting business, we’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to men and what they really need. It’s not just women, sex and beer you know. Well, of course you know, chance are that you’re actually a man! We suppose what we’re getting at is that you don’t need to feel bad about needing this time to yourself to think and reflect etc.

How to reflect

There is a more practical use for this article. Some of you may be thinking, “what the hell are they talking about?” and it’s perfectly understandable. However, this is more than likely because you simply haven’t ever done it before. But it’s surprising just how much can be gained from this pursuit. We’ll give you a little advice how to go about it.

Find your place

It’s important to find a place where you’re comfortable. We’re not talking about a place in your house or anything, we’re talking more about a location that could be your house, it could be the park, it could be the library, or it could be your favourite coffee shop. In fact it becomes important at this point to mention that you could already have been “reflecting” and not knowing it. Now imagine how much more useful it will be when you’re consciously aware of what you are doing.


Meditation doesn’t have to be done in yoga pants! That’s for the girls working in the London escorting business who need to stay in shape! It doesn’t have to be done on the foothills of Tibet, or anywhere like this, it just has to be somewhere you can “reflect” as we said. When you are reflecting on things, your life, the universe etc. you are in effect actually meditating anyway. It just basically means focusing your thoughts, clearing your mind to allow what you need to think about to come forward. Like now for instance, you’re probably more than likely distracted by the thought of London escorts, or indeed the fact that you may be able to see a picture on one of them. So you see, you may already have been meditating. Isn’t there that place you go to where you can suddenly get clarity about things that have been troubling you? Is there a place where all the problems of the world seem unable to bother you, at least for the duration of your time there? Then if you have been going here and getting this clarity (albeit) by accident, this is your place!

Whoever said that the London escorting business couldn’t be useful in other ways?

New rates system at Allstars Escorts

escortsWe’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new system at the agency. We’ve changed the booking system to try our best to give the very best service to our escorts and to our clients. You can see more about it on our rates page.

The short version

The short version is that basically, you’re going to get a better deal if you pre-book with at least 2 hours notice. This is better for the girls and it’s easier for us so we can arrange the girls getting to you etc. and they know what their evening plans are. It’s better for you because you continue to enjoy the great rates at Allstars Escorts for yet another year, without having to pay extra!

The rates

The rates are dependent on the time of day or night you book too, as well as whether or not you have pre booked. But you will be glad to hear that even if you haven’t pre booked your escorts, you won’t be paying any extra charges any longer. It’s just a standard rate: 7am – 7pm will be charged at £200 (no extra charges) and between the hours of 7pm – 7am just £150 (no extra charges!). Still by far one of the cheapest outcall escorts experiences you’re ever likely to get in London!

Pre-booking gets you escorts for just £100!

The great news for our regulars is that you’re still going to get the best deals if you pre-book between 19.00-07.00. At this time, with a minimum of 2 hours notices, you’ll be getting your girls at £100 +travel; and remember, that’s an outcall service! You seriously won’t get it any better than that!

So call Allstars Escorts at your convenience and let us set you up with one of our stunning young escorts when it suits you. Remember that we can get them to you 24 hours a day!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

London escortsFrom everyone here at Allstars Escorts, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! We are confident that 2018 is going to be more exciting than 2017, if only because we expect to have even more London escorts for you to choose from.

A companion for everyone

At Allstars Escorts we are proud to say that we have a companion for everyone. Whether you like blonde escorts, brunettes, tall, slim, petite, busty, or whichever you fancy, we’ve got them all. We also have London escorts all over the city, and not just in Central London. We cover the whole of Greater London too! And even some border areas of the Home Counties. You just have to call to ask us who is available and where. It may well be perfectly feasible to get one of our girls to Essex, especially if she already lives on the borders.

What you can expect from us in 2018

The best service out there, basically! We’ve always given you the best service, the best girls and all at the cheapest prices in London. So, we expect to be able to continue this. We also expect to get many new girls joining up. There have been a number of girls coming into London from overseas and they’re all looking for London escort work. We’re happy to represent them here at Allstars, as long as they’re make the grade. We’re pretty choosy here at Allstars!

Call us for all your needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Central London, on the outskirts of Greater London, whether you want Luton escorts, Stansted escorts, Gatwick escorts or Heathrow escorts, we’ve got everywhere covered. What’s more is that we have these London escorts available throughout the New Year period. You can call the girls on New Year’s Eve if you like, they’ll be there for you just the same, as though it was any other night of the year!

Call us!


It doesn’t always have to be the best with an outcall cheap London escort

We’re not saying this in order to disrespect our girls you understand. We just want to point out that a cheap London escort is more than satisfied with a regular dinner or lunch date. They’re not like those high class girls who want you to take them to the most expensive restaurants in the city. An outcall cheap London escort comes with just the same amount of talent as a high class girl, but with half the amount of expectations and pretensions!

It’s more about the company of an outcall cheap London escort

outcall cheap London escortThis is why so many guys don’t go out to dinner strangely enough. They love the company of a cheap London escort so much that they actually don’t want to share her with anyone else! Sometimes we wish that we did incall bookings, because we swear we’d be inundated with calls. It’s too much hassle however, the logistics of setting this up would be a nightmare now anyway. Could you imagine trying to organise all those girls?

You get a much better service (and a cheaper one!) when you book an outcall cheap London escort. These girls are adept at visiting your home or hotel, they’re highly professional and they’ll always give you value for money. Hell, they only cost £100 anyway! You can’t go wrong really, can you?

Dinner with a outcall cheap London escort

So when you decide you want to take one of these girls to dinner, it really doesn’t have to be anywhere extravagant. We’re not talking about going to Burger King of course, but you don’t have to dine in one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. As long as you get to share a drink and take her home with you, there really isn’t a problem. They love going out anywhere within reason!

The new London escorts at Allstars

new London escortsWe would like to introduce a few new faces at Allstars Escorts. We always love it when we get new London escorts, they always cause quite a stir among our regular clients. Our new London escorts are all gorgeous European girls, and they’re very keen to meet a whole new set of clients now they’ve joined with our winning team.

The new London escorts

Let’s take a little look at those new London escorts then, and learn a little more about them.

  • Renata. A stunning addition to our new London escorts. This Italian beautify is really into meeting new guys and have fun encounters. She loves to take care of her body (although it doesn’t look as though it needs much work!) and she loves to dress up nice. When we say “dress up”, this is one of those new London escorts who pays attention to every detail, including her sexy underwear; of which she has a plentiful supply!
  • Kassandra. Kassandra is another European angel, and she joins the ranks of our new London escorts with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm. She’s desperate to show off and take you to places you’ve never dreamed before. Her favourite asset is her cute ass, and she loves to make it wobble for her clients. You should see it all wrapped up in a delightful, tight evening dress. If you’re lucky, she might show you her underwear too! Who knows?

Escort drivers wanted

Due to our ever increasing portfolio of girls, we are in need of new drivers to get them where they need to go. You can learn more about the role on our recruitment page, where you will be invited to apply if you match our criteria. We look forward to hearing from you.

Receptionists wanted

We also need some receptionists for the agency. So if you or someone you know has a lovely telephone manner and can work flexible hours (remember we are a 24-hour escort agency!) then do get in touch with us as soon as you can, and we can take it from there.

Many thanks guys!

Not everything is expensive: Not our west London cheap escorts!

west London cheap escortsWell, not our west London cheap escorts anyway! You can get some of the cheapest girls from Allstars escorts, and we have plenty on offer for you…

You’re right in your assumption though, about pretty much everything in west London being ridiculously expensive. And when it comes to the London escorts from this area, most are above £300 for an hour of their time, and they go upwards from there to literally in the thousands! Is an hour of any woman’s time really worth that much? We ask you, when you can get one of our west London cheap escorts for £100, why would you want any other girl to get exactly the same service? Because that’s really about the size of it you know! There really isn’t much that a more expensive woman could provide you with, other than perhaps a more expensive dress; and we’re sure that although it will interest you, there are other things that are more pressing on your mind!

What does that money buy you?

No matter what you pay for the services of an escort, you’re only paying for their time anyway, and nothing else. So you are paying for the company of a woman. That much is true. So really, how much you pay for that is up to you, and who you get is a matter of chance in many respects. Each man likes a different type of woman. Some like tall women, some like short women, some like busty women, some like black women. You may find cheap west London escorts on our site that you find indescribably beautiful for £100, or you may find one in particular on a high end agency site that costs £1000. It all depends on what floats your boat!

Can you get what you need from west London cheap escorts?

Sure as hell you can! Absolutely everything you can get from an escort for £600, you can get from an west London cheap escort for £100. It’s not like going to the pound shop when you’ve been in Waitrose you know! She’s not likely to break half way through your date, or just fail to operate like a normal human being. These young women are women after all. Human beings that have thoughts, feelings and aspirations the same as everyone else. And the same as any other escort you could book in London!

So why not try one of our west London cheap escorts now…

Why are Luton airport escorts among the best?

Luton airport escortsThey’re the best because they’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you’re booking Luton airport escorts, you need them to be ready for you at the drop of a hat right? You need them to get themselves ready and to your door, or wherever, within the hour. Allstars Escorts have a very precise selection of girls who are chosen for their availability. We only ever take on Luton airport escorts who can be ready in under an hour. Now, if they’re across the other side of the city, it may well take them a little longer to get to you, but then that’s to be expected really isn’t it. What’s good about Allstars Escorts is that they’ll come to you wherever they are. These girls really don’t mind travelling!

The beauty of our Luton airport escorts

Allstars Escorts unique recruiting method is simply that we don’t recruit believe it or not! We don’t go out looking for girls, they come to us. And they come to us because they know that we get more clients than any other cheap London escort agency in the city. The Luton airport escorts that we get at Allstars are all very aware, and indeed very happy that, that we only charge £100 an hour. If they wanted to earn more than that for an hour of their time, they’ll go to another agency. We don’t pretend to be any other agency, we offer quality cheap Luton airport escorts, and indeed escorts of all types, all over the city; but we will never increase the price, since this loses us business.

The girls know each other too you understand, escorting in London is a lot closer than you think in terms of community. So these girls know where the good agencies are, they know who the best clients are, and they know what prices they should be going for. If you think about it, they could easily charge £500 an hour, but they’re not going to get many bookings for that money these days! When you charge only £100, you get more bookings and actually end up earning more than some of the so called high class agency girls that won’t get out of bed for less than £5-600 an hour. It’s not good business sense to outprice yourself, especially if you’re an airport escort. There are a lot of Luton airport escorts, so competition is fierce most of the time.

Book your quality Luton airport escorts now from Allstars Escorts