How to date airport hotel escorts

airport hotel escortsThere is a little bit of an art to it you know. You’ll thank us for the advice once you’ve read our brief article. The first thing you need to remember is that airport hotel escorts are really the same as any other woman. Well, not entirely the same of course, you can hire these girls and you can get them whenever you want; 24 hours a day!

Airport hotel escorts

Just like any other girl in the world, airport hotel escorts are just the same. They like to feel special, they like to feel loved and appreciated. It really doesn’t matter to you (or indeed them) that they see a number of different men whilst pursuing their career. Let’s talk about the basics, and don’t complain, it never hurts to get a reminder or two! Three golden rules…

  • Always be the perfect gentlemen. Some men complain that it’s being false to be the perfect gentlemen, but what we say is that if you need to pretend, that makes it even more important! The perfect way to put a woman at ease is to be a gentleman. She will see immediately that you’re a nice person and that you don’t expect anything she isn’t prepared to offer.
  • Pay for everything. This should be second nature to a true gent of course. Hotel airport escorts are going to expect to be paid themselves of course, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also make sure that you pay for everything when you’re out (if you do go out of course).
  • Make sure she doesn’t want for anything. Following on from the last point, if you do go out, don’t leave her to ask you for another drink or whatever, make sure her glass is charged (if she wants it of course!) It all adds to the overall “dating” process.

Despite the fact that you’re booking hotel airport escorts, you can learn a lot from your dating experiences with these girls. After all, if you can impress an escort, then you seriously have to be onto a winner right? These girls are so beautiful that, not only when they’re with a client, they have to fight off male advances all the time! If she likes you, and she likes what you’re doing, keep doing it!

Simple tips, simple life, simply the best London escorts from Allstars Escorts

High class Stansted escorts are openly available to you

high class Stansted escortsThat old myth about all airport escorts not being very classy is an absolute load of rubbish. So too is the belief that all cheap airport escorts aren’t very good quality; but we’ve been over that before, as you are probably aware. We won’t even think about those people who subscribe to these ancient and ridiculous beliefs, it seems pointless. However, we will reassure you that high class Stansted escorts are very real, very available, and we have all the best ones!

Of course you’d expect us to say this, but it really is true. This is why we’re up on the first page when you Google Stansted escorts. We’re experts in getting girls to your airport hotel whenever you want them. And the best thing about our agency, and arguably why we’re the most popular, is that we can get high class Stansted escorts to your hotel 24 hours a day!

The rest certainly are not the best

There are loads of cheap agencies out there, but they’re not offering girls 24 hours a day. We won’t go as far as to say that their girls aren’t good, because in truth they really are. Whether they’re high class Stansted escorts is another questions of course, and this can only be judged by those who know what high class really means. Yes, there are those escort punters out there that would settle for anything! We know you’re not one of them of course! Of course, you might just want a standard escort, and there’s nothing wrong with this either. We have girls from all walks of life, girls who look different to one another, and girls who have highly individual personalities. But the ones we send to Stansted airport are always high class!

Call for high class Stansted escorts

You can call us anytime you like, we’re always open! It’s true, you will always find someone answering the phone at Allstars Escorts… We hate to keep anyone waiting too, so you can expect your chosen girl wherever you want her, airport or elsewhere, usually within the hour!

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Why are Luton airport escorts among the best?

Luton airport escortsThey’re the best because they’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you’re booking Luton airport escorts, you need them to be ready for you at the drop of a hat right? You need them to get themselves ready and to your door, or wherever, within the hour. Allstars Escorts have a very precise selection of girls who are chosen for their availability. We only ever take on Luton airport escorts who can be ready in under an hour. Now, if they’re across the other side of the city, it may well take them a little longer to get to you, but then that’s to be expected really isn’t it. What’s good about Allstars Escorts is that they’ll come to you wherever they are. These girls really don’t mind travelling!

The beauty of our Luton airport escorts

Allstars Escorts unique recruiting method is simply that we don’t recruit believe it or not! We don’t go out looking for girls, they come to us. And they come to us because they know that we get more clients than any other cheap London escort agency in the city. The Luton airport escorts that we get at Allstars are all very aware, and indeed very happy that, that we only charge £100 an hour. If they wanted to earn more than that for an hour of their time, they’ll go to another agency. We don’t pretend to be any other agency, we offer quality cheap Luton airport escorts, and indeed escorts of all types, all over the city; but we will never increase the price, since this loses us business.

The girls know each other too you understand, escorting in London is a lot closer than you think in terms of community. So these girls know where the good agencies are, they know who the best clients are, and they know what prices they should be going for. If you think about it, they could easily charge £500 an hour, but they’re not going to get many bookings for that money these days! When you charge only £100, you get more bookings and actually end up earning more than some of the so called high class agency girls that won’t get out of bed for less than £5-600 an hour. It’s not good business sense to outprice yourself, especially if you’re an airport escort. There are a lot of Luton airport escorts, so competition is fierce most of the time.

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Cheap Luton escorts for your early morning flights

cheap Luton escortsWe’re approaching summer fast gentlemen, and you’re likely to be jetting off somewhere either for pleasure or for work. Or hopefully both, yes? This is where cheap Luton escorts can help you out. This is more than likely going to mean early morning flights, and when you have an early morning flight, you really need to stay over in a hotel the night before. But who wants to spend the night alone in one of those places?

If you’re going away for work, it’s not likely to be something you want to think about all night is it? Even if you’re going away for pleasure, and you’re excited, why not enhance the experience? You can actually start your break away from home the night before your flight. Have the break of your life with cheap Luton escorts. They’re not going to cost you much – only £100 – and you’ll be amazed at just what they can do for you!

Dinner and drinks with cheap Luton escorts?

Why not book yourself into a Luton hotel that has a nice restaurant, or perhaps has one nearby, and you can arrange to meet your escort there? At only £100 per hour, you can afford to book a couple of hours or more perhaps. This way you can get to know your cheap Luton escorts a little better. If there’s anything that the girls like most, it’s getting to know their clients. Crack a few jokes, have a few drinks, share a meal and do a bit of naughty flirting. All the things that go together to make the perfect date!

You can count on the girls to be looking their very best of course, if there’s anything they love it’s a dinner date. You know it’s perfectly common right? Some people think that booking escorts to go to dinner is a bit weird, and they don’t actually believe it happens, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a load of rubbish. Dinner dates are very common with Allstars Escorts, and we’re betting it’s because our cheap Luton escorts are only £100 an hour.

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Brand new cheap London escort Maryanne

new cheap London escortYou’ve probably noticed that we’re getting a number of black London escorts at Allstars. We’re actually becoming one of the best agencies for black girls in the city. Maryanne is our latest, new cheap London escort addition, and you’ll be pleased to hear that she’s available practically every day, 24 hours a day! Oh… and did we say, 365 days a year?! Now, that’s escort dedication!

About our new cheap London escort Maryanne

Maryanne is one of the sexiest, sassiest new cheap London escorts we’ve ever had join the team. She’s got a body that will blow your mind, and a personality that’s going to make you want more and more of her. You’re likely to want to book her up on a weekly basis for the next few months once you’ve seen her. The black London escorts we represent do tend to have a regular client base. We think this is probably because they’re aren’t nearly as many black girls escorting in London as there are white girls.

Take a look at that picture for goodness sake. If you want a black woman with a real black woman’s ass, you need to look no further than Maryanne! You should see her shaking that ass! Hell, you might if you’re really lucky! You’ll have to talk nicely to her of course. However, we should tell you that we have no idea about what goes on between Maryanne and her clients, all we do is make the introductions!

Other black London escorts

As we mentioned earlier, we’re one of the best black London escort agencies in the city. Here’s a little list of some of our other black girls available for booking. Each and every one of them is only £100! Now, practically all of you can afford that right? We’ve never met anyone who grumbles at paying £100 for a cheap London escort. After all, they don’t get better value than that do they? And it’s even better when it’s a new cheap London escort.

Go and take a look at Maryanne now. We are confident that you’ll want to book her… That’s right we said “book!”

Don’t go on dating sites! Book sexy London escorts!

ValentineWhat we’re telling you is the truth gents! Plain and simple. You can go on a hundred dating websites, but you’ll never meet the type of girls you’re going to meet by booking sexy London escorts. It’s a fact!

Firstly, the type of escorts you’re going to meet in London are unlike any that you’ll meet elsewhere in the UK. These sexy London escorts are cultured, highly intelligent and everything you’d expect a young woman who lives in a cosmopolitan city to be. They get to go all over the city and meet gentlemen from all over the world, not just London. This makes them very “well-rounded,” if you like. In our opinion, this is a very important factor. Sexiness goes a lot further than physical appearance! And our sexy London escorts have everything you could possibly need. They are of course incredibly good looking, and they all have bodies that look as though they were certainly created by a divine being of some sort; one with impeccable taste!

Why sexy London escorts? Why not dating?

You may think that if you go dating you’re more likely to find someone to “settle down with”. Whilst this may be true, take a look at yourself for a moment. You’re on a sexy London escorts blog, reading this article. You’re actually looking for a reason to book one, so if we’ve convinced you at this point in the proceedings, go and check out the Allstars Escorts girls now!

If you’re still here, we’ll tell you a thing or two about why you shouldn’t bother with dating sites:

  • It’ll end up costing you the earth to get somewhere you could be with a sexy London escort in less than an hour! We’re not just counting the expenses on the date either here. If you register with one of those big boy sites like, you’re going to be coughing up for membership fees too!
  • The women might not be who they seem to be. This is another very good point. At least if you’re booking escorts from a reputable website, you’re going to get what you’ve seen online. It’s not worth the agency’s reputation to post false pictures for one thing! You’d be surprised at the amount of women (and men come to think of it) who post old photos of themselves onsite in order to attract men.
  • You might get the nutters! This is our final point, but one that’s well made. Think for a moment why they’re on a dating site in the first place. That’s right, they’re often desperate, and this can signal the fact that they are indeed nutters that have been kicked to the kerb by someone else and need fixing before they’re datable. Expect to find your pet rabbit in a saucepan on the stove!

So if we’ve sufficiently put you off online dating forever (which of course was our main objective!) go and book yourself some really good company. Namely, one of our sexy London escorts!

Cheapest west London escorts for flirty fun!

cheapest west London escortsThere’s nothing more fun than getting flirty with a London escort, but it’s even better when she’s one of the cheapest west London escorts. Why? Well, cheap is always good of course! Why west London? Here’s where you’ll find some of the classiest young women in the world, not just London! And not just escorts of course.

Anyone who is anyone seems to reside or hang out in west London. It’s where all the money is, it’s where all the best restaurants and bars are, and it’s just… well, it’s just bloody lovely. Throw into that equation some of the cheapest west London escorts you’re ever likely to meet, and you’ve just found yourself the most wonderful place on earth!

Those West End girls!

Those West End girls really know how to have a good time, and they have a lot of escorting experience with a very diverse client group. They are arguably one of the most versatile groups of escort you’ll find, no matter which agency you use to book them. It’s simply because they spend time with locals, businessmen and tourists. The West End attracts virtually everyone at some point or other, so if you want company when you’re here, it’s really best to book some of the cheapest west London escorts you’ll likely to find from Allstars Escorts. You know we’ll do you proud!

Booking the cheapest west London escorts

Allstars Escorts have some of the cheapest women in the city, and we made sure we had enough girls ensure we stay the go to agency for the cheapest west London escorts. The West End gets really busy, so we knew that we’d need enough escorts to cover it on a busy a night. You can count on us to get the girls to you as soon as possible. We have an excellent reputation where this is concerned and sincerely doubt you’ll be disappointed. However, it’s always a good idea to give us as much notice as you can when you book. Sometimes we’ll have to fetch an escort from the other side of the city, and this may take a little longer of course.

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Cheap north London escorts leading the way

cheap north London escortsIt used to be all about those escorts in West London, but at the moment it seems that cheap north London escorts are getting booked even more! Not quite sure what’s happened to be perfectly honest, but we thought it prudent to jump on the “band wagon” so to speak, and let everyone know that we are a leading provider of North London escorts. And what’s even better is that we’re the cheapest escort agency out there for these girls at the moment!

Staying in north London?

Perhaps a load of really rich people have moved in north London and we’re not entirely aware of them yet? We don’t know to be perfectly honest, but if you want to get in on the cheap north London escorts action, perhaps you should come and stay nearby. Here’s a list of hotels that our girls have visited in the past, and are of course more than happy to return to:

There’s a little variation on prices in these four hotels, but we’ve taken into account that you’re probably a gentleman who likes value for money. Considering you’re reading an article on cheap north London escorts, we think that it would be an educated guess anyway! Remember that just because the escorts are cheap, it’s doesn’t mean you’re getting poor quality. Our girls are among the best in the city, and we’re not just saying that because it’s our agency; ask around!

Booking cheap north London escorts

Booking these girls couldn’t be easier. You simply: call us, tell us the girl you want, where you are, your name and a contact number. Easy peasy right? Of course it is, a monkey could do it! If you have any questions about the service or any of the North London escorts you’re thinking about booking, simply ask us when you call. If we can’t answer you immediately (which is very uncommon), we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Cheap escorts can still dine in expensive places!

cheap escortsJust because the girls we represent are reasonably priced doesn’t mean they don’t have the required finesse to dine out in style! We say “reasonably priced” there because sadly some people still thing that the phrase “cheap London escorts” connotes poor quality. Any of our regular clients would soon have a word or two to say about that we’re certain. In today’s brief article we’re going to tell you about a couple of places that our so called cheap London escorts have actually dined at; and incidentally, got along just fine!

Alain Ducasse – The Dorchester Hotel, Piccadilly

Being in the escorts business, we’ve come to learn a little more about London than most people out there, and we know a good restaurant when we visit. We have actually had the pleasure of dining here ourselves, and a number of our cheap escorts have done so too. Alain Ducasse is arguably the only place to dine in London for authentic French cuisine with a hefty dose of imagination and talent. There are many restaurants in the city that claim to offer good French cuisine, but none of them can touch this. The menus are changing all the time with the season, and you’ll always find everything as fresh and as locally sourced as possible. You wouldn’t expect anything less from The Dorchester anyway, would you? The restaurant is now under the fine guidance of Executive chef Christophe Moret, and we really must say that he’s doing a wonderful job. A fine place to take one of our cheap escorts, just so you can see how classy these girls really are!

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – Chelsea

Well, at least you’ll find that our cheap escorts swear a lot less than Gordon Ramsay! Not that you’ll find him here of course, he has far more important things to do, but we have no doubt he pops his head in every now and then to shout at his staff (wouldn’t be Ramsay otherwise would it?) A number of our escorts have had the pleasure of dining here. You will find it a delightfully playful, yet sophisticated environment, and it’s perfect for a romantic dinner for two! You and your chosen companion will have a wonderful time choosing from the highly impressive menu. Let us know how it goes!

So let our cheap escorts prove you wrong!

If you’re one of those who believes that cheap escorts have no place in restaurants like this, then take the challenge. We dare you to! These girls aren’t just able to conduct themselves using the perfect etiquette in places like this, they’ll also look a million dollars for you. They all have wonderful wardrobes of designer/evening wear and take great pleasure in dressing up for a night out!

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London Gatwick escorts to keep you company

London Gatwick escortsThere are airport escorts, and then there are London Gatwick escorts. The London Gatwick escorts you get through Allstars Escorts will be the best you could possibly book. There are a number of reasons for this, but chiefly among them is the fact that these girls are highly experienced. This is because they get to cover literally all the London airports. When you book escorts who have seen clients at a number of different airports, you’re going to get girls who can handle themselves in any situation, and girls who know how to be discreet. Whether you’re meeting them in your hotel bar, or having them come directly to your room, the London Gatwick escorts we have working with us, will always leave you breathless!

London Gatwick escorts to your hotel

The only things we need to know when you call Allstars Escorts to make a booking are your name, your number, and obviously your hotel or home address. In the interests of this article, we’re going to take a look at a few London Gatwick hotels. It’s always helpful to stay in a hotel the night before your flight in order to avoid the traffic etc. Here’s a list of hotels that our London Gatwick escorts have visited in the past, and would be more than happy to visit again.

[note: All prices accurate via Google at time of publication]

At those prices, why wouldn’t you want to stay the night before your flight and have some fun with our London Gatwick escorts? If you’re only paying £100 for one of our cheap London Gatwick escorts then you can have an awesome night of fun in a hotel for less than £200 if you book through Allstars Escorts. Hell, with some escort agencies in and around London, you’d pay over £200 for the girl alone, never mind the hotel price on top of that. It really is easy to have a stress free flight when you’ve had a wonderful, passionate evening with a London Gatwick escort professional such as those you’ll find on our website.

Go and take a look a look at some of the London Gatwick escorts we have available right now!