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You might think that it’s a bit of a lofty statement saying “Best London escort agency,” but we wouldn’t presume to tell you that we are indeed the best.  What we’d like to tell you here is what to expect from a good agency and we hope that we’re doing all we can to tick all the boxes too.

Key requirements for a good agency

A good agency depends on a number of things.  Obviously, not least important among them is the quality of the girls available, but there are other equally as important things to consider. 

  • A well-established agency is always preferable of course.  If you can find an agency that’s been around for a while and may even have some reviews here and there, then you know that you are likely to be booking from someone who knows what they’re doing.  Established agencies are usually highly reliable and depend on offering an excellent level of service in order to protect their reputation.
  • Availability is something that we try our very best to improve on a day-to-day basis.  We like to ensure there is always a girl for you, and even if the one you have chosen is busy or otherwise unavailable we like to be able to offer you another whom we think you will enjoy equally, if not on some occasions even more! 
  • Choice is something that all the best London escort agencies have a lot of; it’s imperative to their success among an increasing number of smaller, lesser-known agencies.
  • Price is also of enormous importance.  You may be under the impression that a high-class, quality agency, must have high prices.  In our mind, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  A good agency should have reasonable prices.  You would be correct in assuming that incredibly cheap escorts are not very high class, but when it comes to price we like to consider ourselves somewhere in the middle.  It’s important to get this right so that the girls are happy and you can afford their company.  If you’ve just forked out a fortune on a hotel room at The Dorchester, Egerton House Hotel, or any other equally as lovely places to stay in London, then you don’t want to pay an extortionate price for a bit of female company do you?

Girls who love what they do

We mentioned that we try to ensure our girls are happy.  This is of paramount importance when it comes to running a successful agency.  A good agency should ensure the happiness of their girls at all times and only really select girls to join the team if they are happy doing what they do.  There is little point in having even one girl at your agency who doesn’t really enjoy what she does because it casts a shadow over the whole thing and can soon lead to a bad reputation.  At All Stars Escorts, we meet all our girls personally and ensure that they have the aptitude for a career in escorting and that they are prepared to make a real effort whilst reaping the rewards of one of the most fulfilling career choices a young woman can make in the city of London.

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