Look out for London independent escorts

independent London escortsWe are aware that we’ve probably mentioned this before at some point or other. But the thing is, we like to look after our clients and this is something we think that you need to be constantly reminded about. Not all escorts are good! We don’t like saying it, but it’s true. And they’re not all what they seem to be at first impression. We’re writing today with another warning about independent London escorts.

Independent London escorts

Now you all know the type of websites you’re going to find these girls on. Adultwork and Vivastreet and places like that are the most common. But you’ll also find them on the larger escort directories too like Adult Guide to London and London Escort Guide etc. Don’t be fooled because these directories look nice. They can’t possibly check out all the girls that advertise with them there, so you are as likely to get into difficulty with them as anywhere else.

Basically when you book independent London escorts you’re rolling the dice. They could be anybody, let’s face it. At least with an agency, they send in pictures, our drivers get to meet them and stuff actually happens before they turn up at your door. We wouldn’t let any girl who didn’t look like her pictures show up for a booking!

But this sometimes happens with independent girls. Some of them even have the audacity to steal photos of other girls, from agencies or elsewhere and use them as their own. They know that many clients won’t question too much because they’re nervous, or just plain horny! This is a problem in this business that we don’t like. Which is why we are appealing yet again to you to book from agencies if you can.

Don’t get ripped off

If you insist on booking independent London escorts, please do yourself a favour. Never enter into an incall apartment until the girl has shown her face from behind the door. It’s just not worth it guys. You could be victim of bait and switch, and once you’re inside, you may find her difficult to deal with if you want to refuse to pay her. Bait and switch by the way, is the process by which an escort uses a picture of another girl to “bait” you, and then she switches for herself when you meet.

Outcall massage escorts in London

massage escorts in LondonEver wanted a girl who can give you an awesome massage? Doesn’t every man want his girlfriend to do this for him occasionally? And we all know that once you get married, you can forget all about this sort of special attention! Well, did you know that you can actually book specialist massage escorts in London? We have a number of them working with us at Allstars Escorts too.

Massage escorts in London

The girls we have working with us who offer sensual massage services and tantric services, are actually too numerous to mention to be honest. But when you call to make a booking, tell us who you like, and then ask us if they do massage. We can quickly check with your chosen girl to find out if she does, and if so, which style of massages she does.

Beware about some girls

Not all massage escorts in London are actually specialists. To some of them (and we’re not referring to our girls), just having oil and being able to move their hands is enough! This isn’t enough for you if you’re looking for a mind-blowing sensual massage experience. And you certainly can’t do tantric massage if you’re just moving your hands around. There are very specific techniques that have to be taught and then practiced when it comes to this sort of massage service. Not everyone can provide tantric massage services in London, but we happen to think that we have some of the most talented outcall providers in the city.

Book your massage escorts in London

You can call or message us and we’ll sort you out with the girl of your dreams, whether she does massage or not. You can always count on them arriving on time, ready and happy to see you. On top of that, they’ll be dressed and presented perfectly, with anything you wanted them to bring with them in a bag, so that they can change if they have to. Please have a nice tidy bathroom for when they arrive!

Talk to people, it’s good for you!

London escortsToday we’re talking about London life in general. With the added London escort touch of course, we wouldn’t neglect that, it’s a part of everything we write on here you understand.

London is a stressful place. It’s an unfriendly place at best most of the time. People don’t want to take the time to get to know you, they don’t want to speak to each other, and they certainly don’t want to interact unless they really have to. It’s a shame, because it’s one of the most diverse and interesting places on the planet, that’s home to so many different people and cultures it’s truly fascinating. Our London escorts alone come from all over the world!

Loneliness among so many

The trouble with all this is that you can become very isolated, even though you’re among so many. It’s a haven for those who suffer with anxiety or depression because they are not challenged to interact with people. You can quite easily disappear from existence when you live and/or work in London. But we would like to change that. And you can do something to help.

We are appealing for you to talk to at least one person on the tube every day. You can pick the person you want to talk to, and it doesn’t have to be a discussion about anything important either. Small talk will do. Discuss the weather, or something like that. Admire their shoes, do something brave like that. We bet you it won’t be a problem.

Most people crave human interaction

We know this because we run London escorts! It’s obvious that everyone wants interaction and company, it’s just that not that many of them are brave enough to go ahead and take it. You would be surprised at what a good response you would get from the person you choose to talk to. Unless you get a nutter. No-one likes a nutter!

Two heads with our duo London escorts

It’s a phrase! Before you start getting all excited and carried away, it’s a phrase for goodness sake! You remember “Two heads are better than one”? Yes? It usually refers to two people thinking about a problem is better than one of course, and not duo London escorts. We just thought it was quite a funny play on words there. And we all know the type of “head” you were thinking about. Don’t even go there gents, we’re not getting involved.

duo London escorts

Duo London escorts from Allstars

However, we will tell you about the duo London escorts we have available to you at Allstars. These young ladies haven’t just been randomly thrown together. These girls actually enjoy working with each other a lot. They like to interact mostly too when they’re with their clients, and it’s always a lot of fun. If you know which way to look of course! It can sometimes be quite difficult when you have two girls to contend with!

The way our duo London escort behave with one another will seem very natural to you. You will be very surprised that these girls can work so well together we’re quite sure. They’re flirtatious and fun, sexy and naughty at the same time. You really will have your hands full.

What about a blonde and a brunette? Or perhaps you are so mad on blonde escorts that you’d like your duo London escorts to both have blonde hair? It’s entirely possible at Allstars. W have London escorts duos of all shapes and sizes, all colours and races, and all nationalities. It’s really best to talk to us on the phone if you want to make a booking, we can easily let you know which girls would be best for you, depending on your location. And remember, we can get them to you anywhere!

London escort jobs for the right girls

London escorts jobsIt’s another recruitment drive girls. Well, we’re hoping that the girls will read this. We realise that not all of you have a great grasp of English, but some do. In fact we would probably prefer to get the girls who have a better grasp of English. When it comes to offering London escort jobs, we’re always going to prefer to represent those escorts that can speak a little English. It’s not that we discriminate of course (and we usually take most applications), it’s just that our clients like their girls to speak some English, because most of them are English themselves (or speak it well).

Have you got what it takes for one of our London escort jobs?

The London escort jobs at Allstars are not just handed out to anyone. Even when you are successfully represented by us, we’re not just going to give you jobs all the time if you are unreliable. We require the best and most versatile girls in the business.

  • You must be aged over 18 years
  • You must be physically attractive
  • You must be pleasant company
  • You must have a good personality (funny, charming, attentive etc)
  • You must enjoy the company of a variety of different men
  • You must be available at short notice
  • You must be able to work unsociable hours

If you can tick all those boxes, then you just might be able to snag one of the London escort jobs we have going at the moment. We’re always looking for good girls to keep the old gallery updated. Some of the girls on there actually don’t work that often to be honest, they’re just there to make it look like more than there is. We want fresh young talent to join the team!

Make sure you fill out our application on the website. We’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience when we have reviewed your application.

Is an escort lifestyle a glamorous one?

It’s an interesting question, and one that gets asked frequently surprisingly enough. There are a number of you out there that try to take an active interest in the business and the girls. However, although an escort is happy to talk to you during your booking, she is not always keen to talk about the finer points of her life, where she came from and what she’s doing in the escort business. So if you are asked to not ask any questions, please respect out girls’ choices and stop. We are certain there are plenty of other things to talk about!

Glamour or no glamour?

Well, the life of an escort, as far as we see it, isn’t always glamorous. However, it does have it’s splashes of extreme glamour. When you think about it, it pays pretty well doesn’t it? Yes, they have to pay a percentage in commission to the agency who get them the booking, but depending on how many bookings they get done, they can still make a pretty penny from this career. So when it comes to having money to spend on the glamorous things in life, they do have enough.

They enjoy the shopping trips and getting together with friends in restaurants and bars for lunch etc. in Central London. So we suppose that side of things is pretty glamorous. Not to mention the dates they go on sometimes. They get to go to places that they wouldn’t usually go unless they were with a client. These escorts really do appreciate the experiences they get at Allstars.

Not so glamorous

It’s not all glamour of course. There are those nights when they really are so tired that they would rather stay in bed because they’ve been up partying all night the previous night. Dressing up and wearing a smile when you’re tired isn’t always easy. And then there are always those clients who are rude or otherwise unlikable!

The only way is with Essex escorts

You’ve all seen The Only Way is Essex right? Or as some people like to refer to it “TOWIE”. Goodness knows what everyone sees in it, or ever did, but it’s popular, and we get that. What about the girls on that show? Do you think they’re sexy, attractive in any way at all? We’re going to share with you our opinion. And allow us to tell you that we do know something about those girls. Considering we are one of the only London agencies that represents Essex escorts, we know what we’re talking about.

What bothers us most about those girls is their damn accents! Now we realise that we may be upsetting some of you Essex boys out there, but would we be correct in assuming that most of the accent on those TV show girls is heavily put on. You won’t get that with our Essex escorts though, mainly because they’re all predominantly European or Russian!

The sexy Russian Essex escorts

And we all love a nice Russian, husky accent in the UK don’t we? We’ve been brought up on James Bond movies where the the femme fatale was always a Russian or something like that. She would seduce James Bond, and have her way with him before trying to kill him!

Don’t worry though, when you book a Russian girl from us as one of our Essex escorts, you’re not going to have this problem. All she will want is your time and your money! And for you to treat her properly of course. These women are really hot, and they deserve the best of the best.

Call us now and find out which areas of Essex we cover at Allstars Escorts. We may surprise you. You can always browse our locations too on the main site, there are plenty to choose from!

Keep a tidy bathroom for your escort

cheap outcall escortsIf any of you have ever had an incall escort booking, anywhere in London or beyond, you’ll know what it’s like wondering what the bathroom will be like. Some of those girls don’t keep a very tidy bathroom, so that when you go in there to freshen up, you come out feeling more dirty than you went in! Our outcall escorts are not like this however, and when they come to your home or hotel, they don’t expect to use a bathroom that’s not up to scratch.

Cheap outcall escorts still require class!

You should never make the assumption that a cheaper London escort doesn’t need things a little more classy. These girls are stylish, sexy and very classy indeed. They make more money than you too perhaps, and they work really hard for it. They work late hours, unsociable hours and they sometimes have to work with absolute idiots! They command your respect, so they deserve the very best whenever they can get it. Be sure to show it to them.

It doesn’t take long

You can quickly pick up all the rubbish off the floor. You can take away your dirty pants and socks. You can give the sink a quick rinse out if you need to right? Of course you can. Your cheap outcall escort is also going to want to use the toilet, so make sure that’s clean too. And if you’re like so many men out there, you probably ran out of toilet roll yesterday! Replace it for her please. Make it a date she’s going to remember as well as you and you’ll have a great time we’re sure!

Always book through Allstars Escorts for the very best cheap outcall escorts in London. We only ever supply the best, to the most discerning in the city.

Getting the right length London escort booking

London escort bookingIt’s not just about the girl, where you go and what you do when it comes to a London escort booking. It’s also about booking the right amount of time.

It’s a matter of time

Let’s start with an example. You book a beautiful young lady to join you in your home at 19.00. She turns up on time and all is well. But you instantly regret not booking longer with her because you just know that she’s going to be marvellous. And she is! Then you have to say goodbye at 20.00. Hardly seems right does it? You’ve only just met her.

If you make a longer booking, you can stretch out your date to savour your time together. Perhaps not feel rushed either? That’s always a good thing. Or you could perhaps cram even more into those two hours. It’s entirely up to you of course, provided that your chosen London escort is in agreement.

Girls get better the longer you book them

It’s a proven fact gentlemen. We’ve head it time and time again when it comes to our outcall escorts. One hour just isn’t enough for most people. we get it if you can only afford an hour, but it will always be over too quickly, we guarantee it!

Take our advice

It’s important when it comes to your London escort booking, that you get your selection right if you are planning to book for extra time. Some girls excel in this area, some do not. Some are perfect for overnights, and some aren’t. Some love dinner dates and converse very well, some do not. This is why you need to trust our judgement in this area sometimes. We very rarely get a recommendation wrong when we base it on your specific requirements.

Valentine’s Day escorts!

escortsAllow us to begin by asking you a question. Are you likely to get the girl of your dreams today? On Valentine’s Day? Now allow us to ask you another. Are you alone this Valentine’s Day?

If you answered no to the first questions and yes to the second, you need to book yourself one of our lovely escorts. There is absolutely no need to be alone on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year (well at least it is for the companies who try to sell you stuff anyway!)

Book from Allstars Escorts

Now the big day is finally here, you’ll need to book in advance as early as you can. We know that you like to book on the day, so don’t worry. As long as you contact us as early as you can to tell us which of our escorts you’d like to see later on, you should be fine. And even if the one you really want isn’t available, we’ll be able to advise you on the next best choice.

Speaking of choices, you don’t have any restrictions with an exclusively outcall escort agency. You can book any girl and it doesn’t matter where she is in London or Greater London, we’ll get her to your location in no time. So, when it comes to making a choice before you call, do yourself a favour and us, and choose more than one girl. This way we’ll have a better chance of getting you together with a girl we already know you like the look of.

You don’t need to buy her roses!

The beauty of booking one of our escorts for Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to buy her roses! Or anything come to think of it. You’re already paying her for her time, and she’ll be more than satisfied with that. Anything else on top of that is considered a tremendous bonus to the girls, always appreciated, but never expected.