The worst things to say to your girlfriend

London escortWe’ve all sat there after our girlfriend has stormed out of the room, thinking to ourselves “what the hell did I say.” Well, it’s time we gave you a little insight into what it could have been. We can’t possibly tell you all the things never to say to your girlfriend of course, but we can make a start!

Avoid all of the following

  • Don’t comment on her friends if she says they look nice. You may be tricked here if you’re not careful. When she says that one of her friends had on a sexy dress that made her look fabulous, don’t agree! For goodness sake don’t agree!
  • Never ask her to “calm down”. It’s arguably one of the worst things you could say, and it’s even worse if you say it during an argument you’re having with her!
  • Never comment on her eating habits! If she pigs out on a whole family size packet of crisps in front of the TV, don’t be tempted to make fun. You’re entering a world of pain!
  • Never comment on what she’s wearing. Even if she asks you, don’t be tempted to say anything other than “you look wonderful!”

We’ve only given you a few there, but it’s enough to keep you out of trouble. As a golden rule (and we’ve had this verified by a London escort or two also!) is to simply avoid as much communication with your girlfriend as possible; especially if she’s after an argument!

A London escort won’t be bothered!

Here’s the thing. If you’ve had enough of watching what you say, or you don’t already have a girlfriend of course, book a London escort. These girls don’t rely on you saying all the right things, and if you’re paying them and you’re a nice guy, you’re going to have her eating out of your hand, no matter what you say. Have your women, your way!

Don’t try to understand women

London escortIt’s a losing game gentlemen, and you’ll never win, no matter how hard you try. Even if you get the girl of your dreams to marry you and stay with you for the rest of your life, you’ll be paying for it on a daily basis. So you have to ask yourself: is it worth the trade off? Are you going to have more good times with your woman than you are bad times? Or perhaps you’re one of those traditional guys who want the good and the bad? Well, if you’re not and you’ve had enough of trying to understand women, book a London escort from time to time, and do away with the idea of a regular girlfriend or wife!

Female traits!

What are some of your least favourite female traits?

  • She nags about money
  • She’s expensive
  • She wants to know what you’re doing all the time
  • She doesn’t like your friends
  • She wants to redecorate your home
  • She wants to change the way you dress
  • She wants to have children
  • She wants to…

It goes on and on. Oh, and then it goes on and on some more. Had enough? So have many guys. This is the reason why people simply don’t stay together anymore and marriage is on the decline.

Have women on your own terms – A London escort

The only really certain way to have women on your own terms is to book them! Paying for your company enables you to have it when you want it, how you want it! It’s a lot easier than waiting for her to call, or waiting for her to forgive you, or even waiting for you to damn well find her! Having the most beautiful woman you’re ever likely to meet, is a simple website click and a £100 away! Go and look at the girls we have at Allstars Escorts now and celebrate the fact that you don’t ever have to try and understand them!

Autumn is upon you!

London escortsWindy, rainy, cold! That’s all you need after you’ve finished work right? It’s a dreary season, and it’s only going to get colder and colder. The only way you’re going to make yourself feel better in this S.A.D time is to book a London escort. One of our Allstars babes is sure to keep you warm, and she’ll certainly make you happy!

Happiness is a London escort

You can cure weeks and weeks of depression using just one night with a London escort. And then you don’t even have to book the whole night! Although, we really must say, with the prices at Allstars Escorts, you could probably afford to have her all night long! Our rates start from £100 an hour. And when you consider that you’ll be required to pay the taxi fare (depending on whereabouts you are in relation to your chosen girl), it might be just as well that you book for a few hours if you can afford it.

Don’t drown your sorrows

This weather we’re having at the moment really is enough to make you want to get a bottle out when you get home from work. Makes you want to switch on the TV, get wasted and go to bed. Well, if you’re not careful, you’ll be doing that throughout the whole of winter! Don’t fall prey to this behaviour gents, not when you can have so much, for so very little.

Allstars Escorts to the rescue

All it takes is a phone call and you’re set. You go and browse our gallery of London escorts, choose which one “floats your boat,” and call us. All the girls are professional outcall escorts, so they’re well used to getting in and out of hotels without any trouble at all, and they’re quite happy to come to your home too. What’s more is that they’ll travel anywhere Greater London!

Don’t waste any more time!

The cold nights are coming!

cheap London escortIt’s already autumn guys! What the hell happened to the summer? It’s gone before you knew it was even there. Such is life in the UK! Well, those cold nights are rolling in and you’re going to need some cheap London escort company to keep you warm, right?

A cheap London escort is cost effective

She’s a lot cheaper than your energy bill in many respects! We’re joking of course, but at only £100 for an hour with one of our beautiful escorts, most of you could see a couple of girls every week! We know you’re all loaded. You can have them come to your flat wherever you’re staying in Greater London and they’ll keep you company in ways that no other will.

The best thing about booking an outcall cheap London escort is that they have to come to you. You get to stay in your home or hotel room and wait for them in the warmth! Sounds a little selfish we know, but it’s one of the most popular reasons why men choose outcall escorts during the colder months.

They’re quite used to it

You needn’t worry about the girls however, they’re well used to it. They are outcall escorts after all, they simply don’t offer incall services, so they do this all the time. And don’t worry about them getting cold in their skimpy little dresses etc. they’ll turn up quite discreet and relatively conservative with coats etc. and they’ll bring anything extra they need with them to get ready at your home or hotel. These are professional escorts we’re talking about here!

Book your outcall cheap London escort

You can have it all your way when you book your companion through Allstars Escorts. You call and tell us where you are and what time you want her there by, and we do the rest. You can rest assured that she’ll be there when you want her, ready and waiting for you. It’s a little like Hungry House or Just Eat isn’t it? Perhaps we should make an app!

You loved her? So what!

London escortWe know the story, you’re sad and you grew accustomed to her ways and all that, but now it’s over. Life is a short thing gentlemen, and sometimes you need a little tough love to get you through. Well here’s some advice from a London escort agency, get the hell over yourself, and get back in the game. When you’ve had a knock to the old confidence, it does you the power of good to get “back in the saddle,” so to speak.

Find a girl

We’re not saying book a London escort even (and you’d expect that we would, right?) What we’re saying is find yourself a girl, any girl. It doesn’t matter. The next one that smiles at you, ask her out. Might seem desperate, but life is for living and we all like to have fun don’t we? Even if nothing comes of your proposition, you’ll make yourself feel really good about yourself for simply having the courage to ask. And let’s face it, even if nothing results from the date you have (if she accepts), you’ve had a good night out with a woman.

Improving your confidence

You see, when a relationship ends, both sides are lacking in confidence. It doesn’t matter whether or not either side went off with someone else either. If she has someone else, it’s all still new and she won’t be at her best until she finds her confidence. All the more reason for you to get back in the game. And if you can’t find yourself a woman, book a London escort.

A London escort can help in the short term

A date or two with a London escort can keep you fresh and ready for the dating game. Sweet talking a London escort is a lot of fun, especially since you know she’s not going to go anywhere because you’re paying her! And you can have the choice of any really stunning woman you want. There are loads on the website right now. Check the gallery!

Switch off with a London escort

London escortCan’t switch off after work? Can’t switch off at the weekend? Can’t switch off at all? Then you seriously need to relax. We realise that there are many workaholics out there, but we also realise just how bad for your health this is. You can have a tendency to lie to people about it because you are self-conscious too, but it’s time to control and sort yourself out.

Modern world, real problems

In today’s modern world we are enabled to basically work wherever we want, when we want. This isn’t a good idea. On top of this, we’re often called to complete jobs and other tasks in a certain amount of time, with often unrealistic deadlines. It’s simply not healthy to carry on in this way. That is unless you have a very effective way of switching off. Some people have the gym, some people have hobbies that see them collecting things, and some people book escorts!

A London escort will help

Now imagine one of those extra-long days at work when you’ve simply had enough of everything and you’re more stressed than you’ve ever been. Imagine going home and calling Allstars Escorts and having a beautiful young woman over to visit. Stunning to look at, smelling perfect and dressing equally as wonderful, you’re going to be captivated right? Well, you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t. And what’s more is that she’s there just for you. These young women are professionals and they know just which buttons to press to make you relaxed.

Book your London escort wherever and whenever you want

The beauty of booking with Allstars Escorts is that you can have it completely your own way. You can even book yourself a little weekend break to the city if you’re not from London, and then have our girls come and visit your hotel. If you’re local to London, have them come to your apartment or house if you prefer. They’re not fussy, as long as you’re a nice guy!

Affection for escorts works in both directions

escortsBooking London escorts is an increasingly popular pastime for many men living in and around London. As a predominately outcall agency that focuses on London in its entirety, we get to see just how far this pastime spreads and how popular it really is. We get calls from all over the whole of Greater London and our girls go to hotels and private residences every night of the week, into the early hours. That’s a lot of lonely people right?

Don’t be afraid to show affection to escorts

Are you one of those lonely people? Well, you’ll understand just how important it is to show affection to others. In this case London escorts. Escorts are incredibly affectionate young women, but they also appreciate affection. It works both ways. Whilst they’re not exactly lonely people, they do love to be with a man who can be affectionate and caring towards them. There’s nothing worse for an escort than going to visit a pompous arse of a man, or one that fails to treat them with respect.

You’re not going to be judged by your companion for showing affection towards her. Taking care of your date and being affectionate is all part of the dating culture, so it would be unusual not to. Besides, all our escorts are sure to make you feel fantastic if you do the same for them. Again… It works both ways.

Treating them mean will not “keep them keen!”

Since when has this ever been the case anyway? We’re not sure where that old saying derived from, but we’re guessing that it came from couples that were not really very healthy! The type of woman who puts up with being treated any less than wonderfully, has no self-respect at all. The girls at Allstars Escorts are certainly not like this. They’ll take no nonsense at all, so be warned. If you treat these girls mean, they’ll leave and probably kick you in the balls before they leave!

Allstars Strip Club Review

discount London escortsIf you live or work in London, you have more than likely visited a strip club at some point or other. There are loads of them dotted around, but we’re going to introduce you to a few that might interest you. Considering you are looking on a discount London escorts website, you will more than likely be interested in the cheaper end of the strip club circuit.

Discount strip clubs

Shoreditch High Street is the place to go if you’re around that area. It’s close to Liverpool Street Station and you can literally walk down the road and hit three or more strip “pubs”. We like these places because they don’t try to be pretentious in any way. The girls will wander among the clientele with a glass, asking for a pound, before they go on the stage. It’s a bargain really. If you stay in there for an hour, you could well spend a bit, but you’re actually getting to see a number of girls, completely naked. Some of them are pretty good too. Try The Rainbow Sports Bar. This is one of our favourites. Private dances are around £20, or they were the last time we went along!

High end strip clubs

We’re talking about Platinum Lace, Spearmint Rhino and these type of places here. In one of these joints you are likely pay double what you would for an actual escort service, and this will be only for a lap dance! Avoid these places like the plague. They’ll fleece you for everything you have and you will feel literally robbed!

Discount London escorts

Now, if you’ve seen enough teasing and you want to spend a little alone time with a beautiful young woman, book discount London escorts. Rather than watch her dancing on a stage along with every other guy in the place, it’s much nicer to have some more quality time. Our London escorts are all priced at £100! And that is an absolute bargain, we’re sure you’ll agree. And if you don’t, you’re not likely to find them cheaper elsewhere anyway, so you’d better get used to it.

Have one of our discount London escorts come to your home or hotel now!

£100 for an outcall! Take them out then!

escortsIf you’re only paying £100 for an outcall escort service, you may as well make the most of it. In most cases, other agencies charge around double and much more for an outcall. So if you get a girl charging just £!00, why not take her out and spend the extra £100 on a real good time?

Out to dinner with escorts

You don’t have to go anywhere overly fabulous with your escort. All you need to do is make sure you have fun. You could pay over £100 if you want, but if you go to a nice restaurant that’s not too expensive, you should be able to do dinner for two for a ton! She’ll be impressed anyway, we’re sure. You will get that feeling that you used to get when you used to date too, and isn’t that a marvellous feeling. You feel almost benevolent buying your date dinner and drinks. After dinner it’s back to your place for a more private time!

Even if you don’t go out for dinner, you could certainly stretch to a few drinks at a nice local bar. These girls love their cocktails you know, and they like to sip them in good company. You will always be in good company when you book one of these escorts.

Book extra long

There is an alternative to this of course. If you see that girls are double on another website, you would also have a really good time if you booked from Allstars for two hours. This way you’ll be paying the same as you would for just one hour from another agency. It’s well worth it, we’re sure you’ll agree! Twice the amount of fun, for the same price elsewhere!

Book now with absolute confidence from Allstars Escorts – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year!

Improving your confidence for young escorts

young escortsWe recently wrote a short article about getting older and keeping up with younger women. Not necessarily London escorts you understand, just women in general. Low self-esteem is also an issue as we get older and it’s something that often gets in the way when a male client wants to book a London escort.

What causes low self-esteem in men?

The main causes of low self-esteem are age related. Most women think that men have it easy getting older. This is predominantly because the vast majority of them are attracted to older men. This doesn’t help men however, they don’t like getting older in much the same way as women. With older men comes a whole new set of anxieties. Our young escorts have often commented about how under confident some of their clients have been when they met and how they really didn’t have much to worry about either.

Is it in the mind?

Most of what makes a man anxious about getting older is all in his mind. This doesn’t make it any easier for him though. Looking in the mirror and seeing that you have less hair and more wrinkles is never an easy discovery, whether our young escorts like it or not. Being unable to do the things you once did is another thing that troubles men. It makes them feel less of a man and sadly this can actually lead to a greater loss of testosterone. Testosterone production is greatly reduced as men get older anyway, so keeping your confidence level up is really rather important.

Increasing self-esteem with young escorts

If a man can have a really good time with a significantly younger woman, he is very likely to feel good about himself. If you can go out with a woman half your age and make her laugh and show her a good time, you know you still have it. This is enormously empowering. This is the way older women feel when they get hit on by young men, even if they don’t intend to pursue the flirtations.

So the best way to boost your self-esteem is to actually book young escorts. They are all professional and they’re not expecting anything fantastic from you anyway. They will ensure you are happy and content. And it’s when a man is at his most relaxed that he can be his true self and allow his self-esteem to increase. There is no longer any room for self-depreciation.

Book your London escort now