Are you a high end man?

high class London escortsWe’ve long been the agency of choice for those of you who enjoy your cheap London escorts, but we’ve changed our philosophy somewhat lately. Not that we don’t still offer the best value escorts in London of course. You can always find a value girl with Allstars Escorts. It’s just that we have moved into high class London escorts too!

High class London escorts from Allstars

There aren’t many of them in the gallery yet, but take a little look in our “elite escorts” gallery and you’ll see the ones there are really worth a look. We aren’t about to start adding just any girl to the ranks of our high class London escorts you see. We’re very select at Allstars, we always have been! So you can be sure that when you do book one of these high end angels, you’re going to know where the extra pennies have been spent!

Too used to the cheaper girls?

We realise that you may be well used to booking our girls from the cheaper end. There’s nothing wrong with this, and you’ll always get a outstanding service of course, but you’ll never know what the high class London escorts are like unless you upgrade at least once! Who knows, once you’ve upgraded, you may never go back to the cheaper girls again; unless you’re struggling for cash. Allstars Escorts like to think that we have you covered, no matter what your budget!

The price difference isn’t that much when you think about it. The girls have always historically been £100, and the high class London escorts aren’t that much more expensive to be honest. But you will know the difference when you meet them. In any case, if you’re going to book our cheaper girls during peak time and without notice, you could end up paying just as much as you would for a pre-booked high end girl.

Top tips for dating

London escortIt’s easy to get along on a date with a London escort of course, but we’re not here to help you with that. Well, we are here to help you with choosing and booking a London escort of course, but we also like to give you some more generic tips to help you make the most of your life outside of your escort hobby.

There are no rules

The first thing to remember is that there are no real rules when it comes to dating. Other than the obvious rules of course. Those that pertain to ordinary, decent human behaviour! You don’t dive in to snog your date when you’ve just met her etc. But you all should know that. The most important thing to remember is that if this woman is going to like you, she’s going to want to see you for who you are.

So, be yourself

The first tip is to be yourself. You don’t need to invent something to impress your date. This way will lead you to misery, simply because if it does lead anywhere, she’s going to find out you’re full of shit and it will end as quickly as it began. Besides, making things up and saying you’re someone you’re not is just plain weird, and borderline creepy. It shows you’re someone who is prepared to lie and manipulate your way into your date’s pants. Not an attractive quality.

Admit you’re nervous

The second tip is to tell your date that you are indeed a little nervous. This will appeal to her good side by showing that you are honest. On top of that, she’s going to be nervous too. Anyone who isn’t nervous on a first date, is probably a serial dater, or a psychopath! Of course you never have to be nervous on a date with a London escort, because you’re paying for it to go well!

Showing your woman you’re strong dependable

London escortsThis isn’t rocket science believe it or not, yet it’s surprising how few men actually demonstrate well just how dependable they can be. It comes down to just a few things. Showing your woman that you are a strong and dependable guy can mean the difference between keeping her and losing her. Most of what follows has been taken under advisement with our London escorts too, so you know it’s for real!

Stand beside her

This is a very good one to start with. If you care about this woman, and you don’t just want to get in her pants above all else, you will stand by her. We’re not talking about getting married or anything like that. What we mean is stand up for her convictions, even if you don’t agree with her. If she has opinions about things or she wants to take action to make her life and self better, you should always support her. Have her back, fight her corner, or whichever way you want to say it. This will speak volumes with her. If you have a very good reason to disagree with her, make sure you don’t do it in front of others in order to make her feel bad. Too many men do this and it’s not attractive at all!

Be strong with her as well as for her

This is a tricky one. You have to be strong for her in everything she does, but you do not want to be taken for a ride! It can happen too often with women who have a habit of abusing the strength in their men and their natural chivalry. It’s basically called “taking the piss,” and you don’t need that in your life. However, she may not know she’s doing it. We all make mistakes. What you need to do is show her that you are strong by not putting up with it. You don’t need to get angry or do anything rash, but if you disagree with the way you are being treated, be assertive and make it known to her. If she’s worth as much as you perhaps think she is, she’ll get the message and respect you all the more for telling her. Women do not generally want to be bitches, but much the same as men, left to their own devices they often can be.

And this came from our London escorts would you believe? That just goes to show how good these girls are. If they’re prepared to admit to their own faults and flaws, they’re alright with us!

Deal with problems, don’t buy them away

If you’re one of these men who spend a fortune on gifts and gestures when there is something wrong with your relationship, it’s never going to end well. You need to face them with your girlfriend and show her that you are indeed strong and dependable.

Let’s talk about Punternet

Punternet is one of the most widely respected independent escort review sites in the UK. It has been around for a long time and we’re very keen to get some reviews on there if at all possible! That’s why we’re writing this article. We want Punternet escort reviews from our clients. No, we’re not giving anything away, or putting on any kind of offers, we’re just appealing to your good side. And also, if you want your favourite London escort agency to continue to provide such a good service, it’s a good idea to get some reviews for us.

Punternet escort reviews are free is a free independent review site and you don’t have to even give them your real name or email address. All you have to do is be honest and report the facts of your escort meeting. If you book a girl from us and you have a wonderful time, you simply go onto Punternet escort reviews and leave your feedback, with the details: time, price paid, and your report of services.

The sign up process on Punternet is really easy and takes literally minutes to do. It also has a handy way of reminding you about your bookings and how much money you’ve spent on escorts. Not that we want to remind you of that of course, but it’s the habit of this Punternet escort reviews site to do so; and we think that from your point of view it could be useful.

Be brutally honest

We already have a very good reputation among the London escort community, so if you do go along to leave a review of our services, please be as honest as you can. We do not want anyone to lie about our services because they like our agency and they believe that they’ll be doing us a favour. It’s actually one of the worst things you can do. Leaving fake reviews makes us all look bad and it’s terrible for the industry as a whole.

Use Punternet escort reviews to help you

The reviews on there are very good. Whether you’re booking from us or another agency, it’s sure to help you with your choice. You’ll see all types of girls reviewed there, not just agency girls. There are sometimes independent girls from Adultwork, and other places too.

Take a look, and we’ll keep an eye out for our reviews

Two “heads” are better than one!

duo London escortsWell, most of you will have heard that saying before we’re sure. You can also take it in whatever context you like… We’re saying nothing! But the fact of the  matter is that duo London escorts are better than booking just one. And when you book with an agency like Allstars Escorts, you can actually afford them. Unlike so many of the other agencies in London at the moment, who are charging extortionate rates for two girls at the same time.

At Allstars Escorts you get the same excellent rates, whether you book one or two. You can obviously expect to pay more for two girls, but when the rate for one is already low, adding another girl only really brings it up to the level of a single girl booking at other agencies!

Getting genuinely bisexual duo London escorts

There’s another problem with some agencies in London, we’ve found. Sometimes they’ll just throw two girls together for duo London escorts when they’re not actually genuinely bisexual. Now, again we’re not suggesting anything that may or may not happen, but if you want duos, you want them to be into each other right? Of course you do!

It’s not about sex half the time, it’s about the chemistry of having two girls in your company who find each other, and yourself attractive. We don’t want to know where it may or may not lead, we just want to know that you’re happy. And we happen to know for a fact that you will certainly be happy with genuinely bisexual duo London escorts.

Browse our gallery

Our gallery of duos is pretty much the same girls as in the standard “available now” gallery to be honest. But don’t think for a moment that these girls have been “thrown together,” so to speak. We wouldn’t put a duo together like that. These girls have decided for themselves to go together should anyone want them, simply because they get on so well and they want to do duo bookings.

Have a duo experience!

Getting your morning bookings

London escortsIt’s all very well wanting an early morning booking, but there are some things you need to realise about our London escort before you attempt such a thing. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you can’t have an early morning booking, there are just a few things you need to do.

You see, London escorts by their very nature are nocturnal creatures. They do much of their work in the early hours of the morning and by the time they get to bed they’re very tired indeed. Obviously this means that they tend to sleep in during the morning. In most cases we’re lucky if we can get hold of a girl before midday. There are always exceptions to the rule of course. It also becomes very difficult to know precisely when some London escorts are working and what time. We don’t pester them with phonecalls every ten minutes until they get back to us, just to know their availability. We will usually contact them if and when they get a booking. It’s better this way because then when they do hear from us, they know it’s for a reason. Believe us when we tell you that the girls do not like to be pestered unnecessarily; and who could blame them? These are busy women!

How to get your early morning escort booking with London escorts

So, what you need to do is not call us at 08:00 we’ll probably be asleep too! The best thing to do (in fact the only thing to do) is to call us the night before, so there can be at least a little preparation. By preparation we mean, we can let the girl know you’re coming (if she agrees). This means she can decline her last late night / early hours booking, in favour of a good night’s sleep. Despite what you may believe, the girls are not greedy and they don’t see as many clients as humanly possible. Most have a limit on how many people they see anyway, just so they can stay fresh and ready for each. There is nothing worse than an exhausted and disinterested London escort.


We will call her the night before with your booking request and let you know whether or not she accepts. They you will be required to give us a quick message in the morning to confirm you are still going. Please try and stick to your booking, and at the correct time. As we have outlined here, we go to some efforts to get you the booking you want, and both us and the escort you have chosen will be mightily put out if you simply don’t bother to let us know what’s going on. Having said that, we realise that sometimes things happen that are beyond anyone’s control, so all we ask is for you to let us know at your first opportunity if you need to cancel.

Book who you want, when you want with Allstars Escorts

Don’t keep your girl waiting

London escortsJust a quick blog to keep you on top of your game when it comes to the ladies. You know how we like to help as much as we can! It also translates very well to London escorts of course. You should never keep any woman waiting, it’s not the gentlemanly thing to do really is it?

The waiting game

You ever sit there waiting for someone to turn up? Even if it’s just your mates? You’ve had your pint, or your coffee,  or whatever, and you’re wondering whether or not to get another whilst you wait. It’s not a nice feeling is it? Well, it’s even worse for a woman. Particularly an attractive woman, because every man is probably looking at her and wondering if she’s going to stay alone. Probably perving at her too, or even contemplating making his move on her. You know men, you’re one of them, they can sometimes be rather predatory! Well, we know them quite well of course, we are a London escorts agency after all and it’s our line of work to know these things!

Do the right thing

Well, now that we have explained how you don’t like it, and how downright daunting it can be for a woman, you will perhaps think twice before doing it to anyone you care even the smallest bit about.

So if you book London escorts to join you somewhere and/or you’re not going to be there on time, or you want to cancel, do the decent thing. Call your agency (or the girl if she’s independent) and let them know what’s going on. You wouldn’t like it if one of our London escorts just decided not to turn up to your hotel after you’d booked her would you? Perhaps you’ve already been in this position with another agency, or an independent girl before? It can’t be pleasant we’re sure. Trust in the fact that Allstars Escorts will ensure that this never happens to you!

Have you been paying attention to the new London escorts?

new London escortsIn case you weren’t away, we have a number of new London escorts at Allstars. And these girls are sure to be real stars! We would like to take a moment to introduce them to you today, and indeed encourage you to book them. Make sure you pay particular attention to their rates. Since the rates system changed, some of you have been a little confused, but you really needn’t be. It’s all written there in black and white on every girl’s profile page. If you want the best deal, make sure you book these new London escorts at the right time, and book them as far in advance as you can!

The new London escorts

We won’t litter this blog article with pictures, there simply isn’t room, but if you click these names you’ll be taken straight to their the girl’s profile where you can see as many pictures as we have for her.

  1. dark haired Russian escortVivian is a Slovakian wild child that’s very keen to get going with Allstars. She’s a very sexy looking, black haired woman who looks surprisingly young for her age (she’s 32!) She is fit, charming and speaks English and Russian.
  2. Johanna is a German sweetheart, 24 years old, and every bit as experienced as you would expect a professional German escort to be! Now she’s in London, she’s hoping to spread some of her love and attention to all you English gents out there. One of our finest new London escorts.
  3. Anissa is a busty, mature London escort, originally from Latvia. She’s very experienced at the age of 35, but looks fantastic! She keeps herself very fit (pictured at the top of the page) She speaks fluent Russian, French and conversational English.
  4. Olga is a very fit and young, 20 year-old Russian. She has beautiful long black hair and a perfectly formed, slim body. Tall and very sensual (pictured above here!)
  5. Ivetta speaks English, French and Russian, all very well actually. This beautiful 25 year old stunner comes to us from Ukraine and she’s very happy to be here. Another of our fantastic new London escorts that we are sure will do very well indeed!

We hope you enjoy browsing our girls, and we hope you make your booking soon! We are always happy to help with any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to call us!

What are rules anyway?!

London escortWe heard a very quotable line in one of our favourite TV shows the other day, and we thought we’d share it with you. We’re sharing it because it’s quite pertinent to our business. It goes like this:

…the world we live in is so often too complicated for the rules we make to keep it orderley…

Now, how it’s pertinent to our business is quite simple really. Let’s think about the London escort community in general. No, actually, let’s talk about escorting in a global scale. Agencies such as our are actually illegal in places like France would you believe? Funny when you consider that international agencies represent escorts in cities like Paris we know! But do you see where we’re going with this? It’s like the laws on prostitution really too. It’s so hard to keep up. Prostitution is legal, but control of said industry is not. Makes sense to us. But in some places in the world it’s legal to be a prostitute, but it’s illegal for a man to pay a prostitute! Makes no sense at all.

The world we live in

So this statement that we mentioned earlier made us think, because the world we live in really is too complicated to have a “catch all” simplistic set of rules. The way the world is to each individual is highly subjective and it’s not really fair to impose these rules on those who don’t necessarily agree with them. There are some that would see the London escort business destroyed and banned, but then these are not the ones enjoying themselves indulging in it, or working within it.


What is orderly anyway? It’s just an idea surely? Whenever order is established in any one area (including the London escort industry), there are those that get around that “order” by bending the rules. And so many people are doing it that it becomes impossible to police anyway. Take the French escorting community for a prime example. It’s there, larger than life, and it’s notoriously difficult to do anything about it. It’s the same with prostitution all over the world too. Women will always seek this employment option because it’s something they can do easily, enjoy and make lots of money doing also.

Don’t worry about the London escort business

You needn’t worry about the London escort industry however, it’s alive and well and perfectly legal. Agencies such as ours are only offering to arrange meetings with these girls anyway, and we don’t really care to know what you get up to, only whether you are happy with our service or not really.

Take some time and browse our our London escort gallery

Ever had duo London escorts?

duo London escortsHave you ever booked duo London escorts before? If you have, it was probably from another agency, considering that we’ve only just started to offer the service to our clients. We’d be interested to talk to a few of you that have to be honest, but we know that this is just an impractical request sadly. However, we do have enough experience to know what you expect and what you don’t expect. Otherwise we wouldn’t offer the service would we?

Your past experiences

Your past experiences with duo London escorts will no doubt inform what you expect your experience to be like with us. We sincerely hope that we don’t disappoint you, we have tried our very best to lay on a service that parallels most of the others in the city, and in most cases improves upon them. Not every London escort agency ensures the things that we do here at Allstars Escorts.

Real bisexual escorts

If you’re an experienced punter then you may well have experienced girls that are not really bisexual. And we know that, in our experience, there is nothing worse than booking duo London escorts that simply aren’t into each other. Many other agencies don’t really care about pairing up their heterosexual escorts in order to just get the extra commission from the bookings, but this isn’t us. We have a little more integrity than most agencies. And although we may well be a “no frills” agency, it doesn’t mean that we don’t value quality above all else. You should be very aware of agencies that have loads of duos on their website, made up from most of the girls in their gallery. Ask yourself this questions: can all those girls really be bi-sexual? The answer of course is no, and you don’t want to be the one who pays upwards of £300-400 to find out do you?

Try out a new agency for your duo London escorts

So if you’ve booked duo London escorts before, and now there’s a new agency on the scene offering this service, shouldn’t you at least try them? With your experience of this type of booking? Well, we’re not a new agency of course, but this is a new service and we’re keen to impress you all. Yes some of the girls may be in the main gallery, but we haven’t paired up anyone who isn’t genuinely bisexual. There’s only one way to find out if the girls really are or not anyway. No, it’s not what you’re thinking! You ask them at the end of the day, but you tell them that if they are proven not to be, you will no longer represent them as such. We have a reputation to keep after all!