Tell the world about your escort experience!

London escortNo, we don’t mean shout it from the rooftops, tell your wife or your next door neighbour! We’re talking about sharing your experience with those among us who understand more than anything. A London escort hobby is a very private thing we realise, and there is a very select group of us who indulge in this wonderful service. But we do have communities that help hobbyists, agencies and of course the girls greatly.

Reviewing your London escort experience

It’s all about the reviews you see. At the end of the day, when anyone buys anything these days, they read half a dozen reviews if they can before committing to purchase. The same can be said for London escorts. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s an outcall booking or an incall booking either. We obviously only offer outcall bookings, but there are people out there that only want this service, so your review will be very useful.

You don’t have to give your name, or any details about yourself at all. You can even register with these websites using a different email address etc. What’s important is that your review is honest and as detailed as you can make it. Those paying for an escort experience really like to know what they might expect.

The sites

The sites are as follows, and you can find them easy enough: Captain 69, The Erotic Review,, Punterchat. There are probably loads more, but these ones are by far the most influential so we’ve come to believe. If you go over to one or all of these and submit your London escort we would be very grateful indeed. We don’t offer you any incentive, other than the fact you will be doing yourself and the rest of the community a lot of good. Imagine if you will, a world without escorts? This is one of the main reasons we want to keep the reviews going!

Beware of hotel breakfasts in the cheap places!

outcall London escortsWe happen to have first hand experience of this! You know the type of places we’re talking about perhaps? When you come to London and you get a hotel on a budget, ready to invite some outcall London escorts to party with you? Well, if you’re staying for more than one night, just be careful of the breakfasts, that’s what we’re saying. If you want enough energy and endurance to stay more than one night that is.

Cheap often means cheap!

Not in the case of cheap London escorts of course, you get where we’re coming from we’re sure. But cheap breakfasts are very different indeed. They usually consist of croissants that will never go out of date, plastic pots of jam, muesli that looks like the scrapings from a birdcage and a thimbleful of juice from concentrate. It’s not the best is it?

But it’s not the worst you can get. The worst of all is if you get those horrible slices of cheese and ham. Never touch these, whatever you do. Take it from us, we know what we’re talking about. At least with the other stuff they have enough preservatives in them to keep them relatively safe for years (not tasty, just safe!), but with “fresh” meat and cheese, you have no way of knowing just how old it is. On top of that, if it’s just laying out there on the table for everyone to sneeze and cough all over, and generally handle in any way they like, it’s not fit for human consumption.


You will undoubtedly end up ill, with sickness and possibly diarrhoea. And these are not the prime characteristics that our outcall London escorts look for in their dates! We don’t know of a single girl who enjoys spending the evening in a hotel room, whilst her date is throwing up in the toilet. Not exactly romantic.

So, a word to the wise. Just don’t eat it. It’s not tasty, and it could make you very ill. London is full of great cafes and restaurants, take our London escorts word for it, and they’re practically all open in the morning. Just get dressed and go out for breakfast. Easy right?

You’re not in love!

escortsWe are of course writing to all those of you who may think you’re falling in love with a London escort. The short answer to this is that you’re not. Well, at least the chances are that you’re not. We suppose once in a lifetime things do happen, but none that we’re aware of in this business. No, it’s purely infatuation gentlemen, that’s all it is.

Why not love?

It’s infatuation because you’re just getting all the good things about the relationship you probably already have, or have at least had at some point in your life. You get to spend quality time with your escort, and you do nice things. You go out to dinner, you have fun over drinks, you dance the night away, you do whatever the two of you feel like doing. There are no bills to worry about, you don’t need to worry about meeting her parents, or her brother liking you etc. None of that exists with escorts.

So, you really have to put it in context here guys. If you were indeed in love with an escort and you wanted the whole nine-yards with her, you wouldn’t be signing up for anything more than you’ve already had, or already have. Not that our girls aren’t fantastic of course, don’t get us wrong, but they are actually temporary fixes aren’t they?

Escorts are not interested

And the other truth of the matter is that none of the girls are interested in having any form of relationship with anyone, and they very rarely ever believe that they are in love. They may seem very keen when they are with you. They may well be attentive and affectionate, but that is their professional skill set coming into play. Plus they genuinely love to be close to their clients; but they don’t love you.

Just book more girls

If you think you’re in love with a particular escort, do yourself a big favour before you think any more about it. Book another girl as soon as you can. If you find yourself falling in love with her, or perhaps the one after her, it’s you. You just have a problem falling in love with every girl you interact with. It’s not a massive problem, but at least you can always get rid of the feeling by meeting another girl!

And who doesn’t like to be in love all the time?!

Being respectful to girls

escortIt’a actually more about being respectful to people at the end of the day. If you are the type of person who can’t be respectful, no matter who you are addressing, then there is little that an article like this can offer you.

The demon drink!

But the chances are that you’re not, if only because you’re  booking through Allstars Escorts. We are generally, genuinely happy with the clients we have and have very few problems in this area. However, if there ever is a problem, it’s usually to do with disrespecting girls. But this too has it’s source.

Not many people actually plan to be rude and/or disrespectful to their chosen escorts. It’s usually that old devil booze that’s to blame. And we’ve all been there we’re sure. Either disrespecting someone because alcohol has lowered our inhibitions so much, or of course being disrespected by someone suffering the same problem. Either way it’s not very pleasant at all is it?

Your escort’s right of refusal

It’s unhelpful to go through a list of how you could be disrespectful to a London escort, and to be honest, you really ought to know anyway. But what you should know is that your chosen girl has an absolute to leave your home or hotel room. As we said, we can’t define every way in which you could possibly piss one of these girls off, but we are certain that they will let you know what you are doing wrong!

You will get a warning first, unless you’re just being intolerable, and then you will asked to leave. There will be no refunds or credit, or anything else like that. And what’s even worse is that you will not be able to book again through Allstars and possibly other agencies. This is because we will share your number with them. When you begin to disrespect girls, you lose the right to your privacy and discretion. So, we believe that this is a very fair warning to anyone who may sometimes border on being disrespectful. Just be careful!

Don’t worry, you won’t want to be anything but nice to our girls!

Our airport escorts will fit with your flight time!

airport escortsIf you are staying in any hotel, at any London airport, the chances are that our airport escorts have probably been there before at some point or other. We can also safely say that our girls will be able to get to you whenever you need them.

The beauty of being in an airport hotel is that you are probably on a schedule. Some agencies may find this a problem and expect you to be flexible, but you actually hold all the aces here. Because you’re on a schedule, booking airport escorts couldn’t be easier for you, and you’ll get them cheaper because if it.

How to get airport escorts cheaper

You see, because you are on this schedule, you will have to book your companions in advance. You will need to stick to particular times, so you know what time you will be checking into your hotel, and you know when you will be available in your room or for dinner etc. rather than it being a last minute decision you have to make.

And when you book your girls from Allstars in advance, you get to pay the lowest possible fee. Now we have changed the booking structure around for the agency, everyone who books in advance still gets the £100 outcall airport escorts fee. So you see, it’s perfect for you!

Last minute escorts

You can still get your escorts to your airport hotel last minute of course, but you may just have to be flexible, and you will have to pay more for the privilege of booking last minute. It’s just easier to book in advance. Easier for you, easier for the girls, and much easier for us. We want to keep delivering the best prices in London, but we can’t always do it if you call us up at three in the morning wanting company. The girls need more of an incentive to get back out of bed again! LOL!

Keep account of your spending with escorts

escortsWe have discovered what is arguably the best way of keeping an account of your escort booking habits. It’s actually good for you, it’s good for our girls and it’s good for us too! You really didn’t expect us to do a totally unselfish article today did you?

Reviewing is key

It’s all to do with the reviewing system online these days. You are familiar with Punternet, Captain 69, The Erotic Review and other independent escort review sites for London escorts and those Internationally available? If you’re not aware of them, you should try and make yourself aware, simply because they can really better inform your escort bookings decisions.

We’re going to refer to one in particular now: This site will actually give you a run down of your bookings, as well as provide you with an average spend etc. You can see the names, dates and agencies etc. and you can total up how much you have spent.

Think it’s time to slow down with your escorts?

It’s not like us to dissuade you from booking our girls, as you know, but this may really help some of you who may believe you have a problem with your spending. Yes, booking girls through a cheap London escort agency is always a good idea (that way you can book more often!) but still, if your spending outweighs your budget, you could be looking at a bigger problem than you think!

You can sign up to for free, and you don’t even have to use your real name or email address etc. It’s completely anonymous. There isn’t really a good reason not to when you think about it. Then the next time you fancy booking a girl, you can go along and see if there are any reviews for her first. Not to mention that if you become a member of this site, you can review our girls, which will bring us all more business!

Don’t use Adultwork!

AdultworkThis is a post for all of you guys who are even contemplating booking an escort from We have more than a little experience in this area. This is because we hear some of the horror stories and complaints from our girls. Not that they use Adultwork of course, they just hear the complaints from their clients who have used it, and then subsequently learned the error of their ways and chosen to book through us instead.

It’s  never easy for our girls when they hear complaints because they somehow feel as though they need to do an extra good job to compensate for these awful Adultwork girls! It’s not up to them really is it? It’s just that they are all so dedicated to their careers that they automatically want to make things better!

What happens through Adultwork?

We’re not saying that there aren’t a number of really good escort service providers on there, but if you are looking at the lower end, cheaper escorts, you may find that the service isn’t as you expect. Sometimes even the girl won’t be what you expect, and that’s never  a nice experience. We would just like to take a moment here to ensure you that all the girls we represent are indeed the girls you see in the pictures.

Service quality

We won’t go too far into this, mainly because we choose to not associate ourselves with exactly what our girls (or any others) do when they are on a date with a client. Suffice to say that some of the girls on Adultwork have basically been telling those who enquire that they do everything! And then when someone decides to book, based on what he has been told, they soon realise that it was a lie. Trouble with the escort business is that you can’t go and complain to anyone about it really. So the girls get away with it; that’s why they do it!

Our services

We’re not going to lower ourselves to begin listing “services” on each of our girls’ profiles. We’re above that, and we’ll tell you why. Why on earth would we pretend to know what any individual escort might be prepared to get up to with her client, or even want to do? Even is she told us the “services” she is happy to offer her clients, we’re not going to publish them. If we don’t publish, or even know about them, a client can’t go along expecting this and that and then come back to us to complain they didn’t get it. And to be honest with you, we’re happy with this arrangement.

If you choose not to use our agency because we don’t tell you this, then so be it, there are plenty of clients that will use us. At the end of the day, you pay your money and you take your chance, that’s the name of the game. All we can do is promise that the girl who you book is the girl in the pictures, and that she is professional, friendly and keen to please.

Don’t forget your toothbrush (for our London escorts!)

alexaToday’s post is for all you national and International travellers out there. Those of you who travel into London frequently, for business or pleasure, and like to book our escorts. We are appealing to your good nature in asking you to ensure that you are well groomed. In particular, make sure your oral hygiene is perfect!

Bad breath

Our escorts don’t expect you to have a set of teeth on you like a supermodel or anything like that, don’t worry. But they do expect them to be clean and your breath to be fresh at the very least. There is nothing worse than greeting someone with a kiss when they have very bad breath! and if this is the first thing a London escort notices about you, the rest of the booking is not likely to be looked forward to is it? You can hardly blame a girl for being less than enthusiastic if you smell like a sewer.


Yes, some escorts smoke, but certainly not all of them. and whether they do or not doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you should refrain from doing so before your booking. It’s only fair isn’t it? Give a girl a chance to enjoy your company as we’re sure you will enjoy hers. And we all know just how smoking makes your breath stink, as well as your clothes etc.

When you think about it, considering that you’re waiting for one of our escorts in a hotel room, or apartment, you really don’t have an excuse not to brush your teeth at least; so remember that toothbrush!

Splash on some of the good stuff!

And if you’ve got any, splash it on! You can bet your life that she’ll be smelling fantastic for you. Those girls really do make an effort for their clients (get that “date night feeling” when both parties have their perfume/aftershave on!)


On the subject of hygiene and making an impression, there is one more thing we’d like to add. We can safely assume that you have a shower at your place? Whether it’s a hotel or an apartment, you’re bound to have one. We’re asking for our escorts again here. Could you please ensure that you make these facilities available to your companion before she leaves if she wants them? She may well have somewhere else to go (not necessarily another booking either!) In addition, can you also make sure the shower is clean too, and not like a tramp has been sleeping in it? No-one wants to put their feet in a grimy shower! These are classy girls you know, ever if they are among the cheapest in London!

London escort driver jobs at Allstars Escorts

  • Can you work unsociable hours?
  • Do you want to earn good money and be your own boss?
  • Do you want to chauffeur beautiful women around?
  • Do you know your way around Greater London quite well?
  • Can you use satellite navigation effectively?

London escort driver jobsIf you have answered yes to all of the above questions, you could have just found yourself one of the most perfect London escort driver jobs in the city. We are now recruiting motivated and reliable drivers who wish to chauffeur our beautiful young ladies all over London and Greater London.

Your qualities

Your qualities should stand out if you are to be successful. Our London escort driver jobs are not just given to anyone who applies. You need to make sure you can really fulfil all of the responsibilities we have outlined. It’s not enough to simply have a nice car and to enjoy driving!

You car should certainly be in good working order and capable of getting around London effectively. It should be comfortable too, so that the girls feel happy being transported in it. You will need to be road legal too, meaning that you need to ensure it’s taxed and tested and insured.


Whilst we are satisfied to have part time applicants looking for London escort driver jobs, it’s important that you don’t do too much during the day, or when you are required to be on call for us. We do not want a driver who is likely to sleep at the wheel in the middle of the night because they’ve been working all day too!

London escort driver jobs at Allstars

If you are ready to apply for a position at Allstars, please see our dedicated page for London escort driver jobs and apply there. If you are successful you’ll be notified as soon as possible. We will not be contacting you if you are unsuccessful.

Looking for escort jobs in London

escort jobs in LondonIt’s never hard to find escort jobs in London if you’re prepared to travel. You see Allstars are always looking for new girls. We want the most beautiful young women from all over the world. We want them to not only be attractive, but we need them to be charming, with excellent conversational skills and able to entertain a variety of different men, from all over the world.

Allstars has no time for girls who can’t work late, or don’t like a certain type of man, or won’t travel to this place or that. You need to be a versatile woman to work with us. We have some of the best escort jobs in London, but only for the right girls!

Escort jobs in London – Outcall only

The thing you need to understand first about the escort jobs in London that we have to offer, is the fact that they are all outcall. We don’t really care whether or not you have a nice apartment and you want to entertain there, that’s not what we do.

If you work with us at Allstars you need to be prepared to travel all over Greater London, not just Central London. You will have the use of a driver in most cases, depending on where you are going, so you’ll never have any trouble getting to your client. We have a reputation to uphold, so if you can’t commit to visiting clients in their homes or hotels, all over London and Greater London, it’s best that you simply don’t apply in the first place.

Where to apply for escort jobs in London

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a professional London escort, you need to contact us via our employment page. We review all of our applications and notify those who are successful directly. If you don’t get a reply from us, you can assume that you were not successful!