Getting the right length London escort booking

London escort bookingIt’s not just about the girl, where you go and what you do when it comes to a London escort booking. It’s also about booking the right amount of time.

It’s a matter of time

Let’s start with an example. You book a beautiful young lady to join you in your home at 19.00. She turns up on time and all is well. But you instantly regret not booking longer with her because you just know that she’s going to be marvellous. And she is! Then you have to say goodbye at 20.00. Hardly seems right does it? You’ve only just met her.

If you make a longer booking, you can stretch out your date to savour your time together. Perhaps not feel rushed either? That’s always a good thing. Or you could perhaps cram even more into those two hours. It’s entirely up to you of course, provided that your chosen London escort is in agreement.

Girls get better the longer you book them

It’s a proven fact gentlemen. We’ve head it time and time again when it comes to our outcall escorts. One hour just isn’t enough for most people. we get it if you can only afford an hour, but it will always be over too quickly, we guarantee it!

Take our advice

It’s important when it comes to your London escort booking, that you get your selection right if you are planning to book for extra time. Some girls excel in this area, some do not. Some are perfect for overnights, and some aren’t. Some love dinner dates and converse very well, some do not. This is why you need to trust our judgement in this area sometimes. We very rarely get a recommendation wrong when we base it on your specific requirements.

Valentine’s Day escorts!

escortsAllow us to begin by asking you a question. Are you likely to get the girl of your dreams today? On Valentine’s Day? Now allow us to ask you another. Are you alone this Valentine’s Day?

If you answered no to the first questions and yes to the second, you need to book yourself one of our lovely escorts. There is absolutely no need to be alone on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year (well at least it is for the companies who try to sell you stuff anyway!)

Book from Allstars Escorts

Now the big day is finally here, you’ll need to book in advance as early as you can. We know that you like to book on the day, so don’t worry. As long as you contact us as early as you can to tell us which of our escorts you’d like to see later on, you should be fine. And even if the one you really want isn’t available, we’ll be able to advise you on the next best choice.

Speaking of choices, you don’t have any restrictions with an exclusively outcall escort agency. You can book any girl and it doesn’t matter where she is in London or Greater London, we’ll get her to your location in no time. So, when it comes to making a choice before you call, do yourself a favour and us, and choose more than one girl. This way we’ll have a better chance of getting you together with a girl we already know you like the look of.

You don’t need to buy her roses!

The beauty of booking one of our escorts for Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to buy her roses! Or anything come to think of it. You’re already paying her for her time, and she’ll be more than satisfied with that. Anything else on top of that is considered a tremendous bonus to the girls, always appreciated, but never expected.

Overnight escorts need to sleep too!

overnight escortsWe know you’re expecting them to entertain you literally all night, but we’re here with bad news for you gentlemen. Overnight escorts do need to sleep!

It’s a common misconception when someone makes an overnight booking. They actually believe that the girl they book will stay awake all night and entertain them. The reality of the situation is that both of you will be so tired that you’ll eventually fall asleep. That is unless you have taken something to keep you up all night. In which case, we would be quick to add that you should not under any circumstances convince your overnight escorts to do the same. They’re not likely to anyway, but we’re just making sure that you don’t impose your bad habits on them!

It’s not all sleeping with overnight escorts

Yes, they have agreed to spend the night with you. You want the experience of waking in the morning and having your beautiful escort there with you. It’s a wonderful thing, it really is, and something that everyone should have at least once or twice.

But you needn’t worry, they’re not going to have a cup of cocoa at nine o’clock, put their pyjamas on and get into bed to sleep. You can expect them to be fully alert and awake to your satisfaction in the evening. They will enjoy any and all of the activities you have planned (if you do that is). You can both go out for a drink, something to eat, or perhaps order in. Watch a movie and have a cuddle, it’s up to you both really. But we’re pretty sure they’ll need to sleep!

When they sleep

Be a gentlemen. If your escort is getting tired and wants to sleep, let her. It’s only good manners. And we can tell you something else. On a long booking such as this, the kinder and more attentive you are to your overnight escorts, the more likely they are going to be to make your experience one to remember.

And at the price of our overnight escorts, it isn’t as though you are losing any value for money really. They’re much cheaper than any other agency in London, and you can expect that they feel the same way about it as we do, and so too do their girls!

Escorts are not robots!

escortsIt pains us to have to write posts like this to be honest, but it always seems to be the case. It’s usually a small group of single-minded clients who cause this problem for our escorts, so you’ll have to forgive us if we’re not referring to you. We can’t really filter out the good and the bad in an article like this. But do read on anyway, it’s worth it.

Escorts are people, not robots

You would think this would be straightforward wouldn’t you? But apparently it’s not. There are still some misogynistic guys out there that believe just because they are paying a someone for their time, they can do whatever they want. They believe that the escorts they book are their own personal slaves that will do their bidding, whenever they tell them.

They are very wrong indeed. In fact they couldn’t be more wrong. An escort is a professional (in most cases anyway). In much the same way as you have any professional. And let’s look at that word for a moment. How do you classify a “professional”? It’s basically someone who gets paid for what they do. For example: professional driver, professional tutor, professional musician. So escorts are no different. They provide elite companionship to their clients for money.

They know how it works

And a professional knows their job inside out. This is why they get paid. And a London escort who gets paid, really knows what she’s doing. If you think you can tell her what to do, you are in the minority, because 99% of her clients will not do this to her. And this means that she is more used to them, than your demands.

You may well be able to shout at your dog to do what you say, but if you so much as raise your voice to any of our escorts and expect them to “obey,” you may well find yourself with a kick in the balls and them leaving swiftly out of the door. On top of this, you’ll more than likely get your number black booked with every agency in the city.

Games you can play

Of course there are scenarios where you may well be able to tell your escorts what to do. We’re not stupid and we realise that sometimes there are roleplaying games going on with our escorts and their clients. But these need to be agreed before your date begins, and you both need to know what you’re doing and where the boundaries are!


Don’t get possessive over your London escorts

London escortsTo begin with, they’re not your escorts! LOL! They’re not ours either of course, they’re human beings and they are their own bosses. Believe us, we’re always battling with them about bookings and availability and if you wanted to control these girls, you’d have a hell of a job on your hands, because they’ll only ever do what they want!

What we’re talking about today is a very small, but not totally non-existent problem that appears from time to time. It’s when a client gets a little too “close” to a London escort. Not in an weird or otherwise threatening way of course.

These London escorts see other guys!

This is something that a few of you need to hear. Our London escorts are in this job because they like it for one thing. Another thing is that it involves seeing a number of different men. So if you have a problem spending time with a girl who has perhaps already spent time with one or more men before you on that day, you’d probably be better off trying to get yourself a girlfriend.

It’s no good getting fussy with the escort about who she has seen and when. She’s not likely to tell you anyway, and if you get awkward with her about it, she’ll just leave. Life is too short and these girls don’t need negativity like this in their lives. It can be stressful enough as it is sometimes!

They don’t want a boyfriend

London escorts certainly don’t want a boyfriend, or any kind of would be protector. They are strong independent women who do not wish to be tied down to anyone or anything. We know there are some guys out there who think that because they have an nice car, an apartment and a bit of cash, that they can have any woman they want. But let’s face it guys, you can’t keep them when you’re like this can you? It’s people like this that just end up trying to control their girlfriends, and this is never going to end well.

So, if you’re going to book London escorts, make sure you realise that it’s their job, and you are just another client. You are not a special case.

Gifts for London escorts: should you or not?

sexy blonde London escortsIt’s the same answer we’ve been giving for decades really. The short version is yes, if you want to. But you should never feel obligated to do so. London escorts are highly professional women, and they realise that they get paid very handsomely indeed for what they do anyway. They don’t need extras, but they are always welcome.

Ask yourself what you can afford with London escorts

Whilst we (and the girls) are happy for you to spend all your money on London escorts, we don’t want you bankrupt yourself or your family! If you are considering buying a gift for one of our girls, no doubt you will have realised that it can’t be any old junk. So you need to ask yourself can you you really afford it, or do you want the extra expense when you’re paying for her company anyway.

Don’t feel obligated

Just because the escort you book is particularly high class (perhaps from our elite London escorts gallery), it doesn’t mean you should feel obliged to buy her a gift. If you’re booking a VIP escort, you’ll already be paying a greater price than usual on Allstars, so you need to think about that. This and the fact that she doesn’t expect anything anyway!

If it makes you happy

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad can it? Regardless of what it costs. The object of a booking with one of our London escorts is that you have a good time. It’s not about them, even though they enjoy their career anyway. They will go off and see more clients, so it’s not as though the experience will be as memorable to them, as it is to you. So, if getting a gift and experiencing your London escort’s appreciation is important to you, go ahead and indulge!

Competition in the London escort business

blonde escort with teddyThere’s a lot of competition in this business of ours. But the good thing about Allstars Escorts is that we don’t run up against too much of it. We generally don’t like having to battle it out with other agencies anyway, and we’re more than happy to have our work and our girls do the talking for us. We are happy with the way things are, and here’s why.

Where the others fight!

London escort agencies are constantly fighting over their position in the search engines like Google. If you type in “London escorts” they all want to be on top. This is understandable of course. But these agencies that fight for this are usually the ones in Central London only, and those that offer incall and outcall services.

Most of them have the same girls, so it makes no difference from a client point of view, which agency he books from. Obviously the agencies are fighting for the commission. The girl is laughing anyway, since she is registered with all the agencies! It’s a win win for her and her clients.

Where we differ

Where we differ is that we’re not competing for that spot. Well, it would be nice to be on top for “London escort” searches, but it’s not essential for our business to run successfully. We get our work because we are outcall only, and we offer these services to the whole of London and Greater London, and the Home Counties. So you see, our searches are much more focused. When people search for girls to come to a specific location in Great London, they are more than likely going to find us, and this makes us very happy indeed.

So, we’re quite happy to let those Central and West End agencies fight away for the top spot, and spend a fortune on marketing etc. we’ll have everyone else!

Get your Essex escorts from Allstars

Essex escortsIt’s not a popular search for us we grant you, but we do actually get some people who desire Essex escorts. There are always other agencies around that can deal with these enquiries. And there are always plenty of independent girls available in Essex, but even these are full of problems.

The problem with Essex escorts

The problem with Essex escorts 90% of the time is that they’re from Essex! Yes, there you go, we said it. Arguably the worst Essex escorts are the British girls funnily enough. You wouldn’t think so, but they are. Most of the British girls in this industry are quite superior and feel a lot more entitled than girls from other countries and cultures.

They are much less likely to treat you in the way that some of the Russian escorts do, or the European escorts. These girls have a solid work ethic and enjoy what they do.

Independent Essex escorts

The other problem is that they’re usually independent – whether they’re British or otherwise. This causes a problem because they can’t be properly accountable for their services, like they are with an agency.

Even the agency girls tend to be a bit less than perfect really. When you think about, when you’re as close to London as Essex is, why work in Essex? It could be expense, yes. But you should always remember that it could be that the girl just isn’t good enough.

Book your Essex escort from London!

The only solution to avoid all of this is to book your Essex escorts from London. And you need a good outcall London escort agency for this. This is where we come in handy! We cover the whole of London and Greater London, yes. But did you know that we also cover some areas on the edge of Essex too?

If you’re in Essex, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can get one of our girls to you. You never know, she might be located in Greater London, close to the borders and it won’t be a problem for her.


Keep your eyes on Allstars Escorts

Allstars EscortsIt’s well past time we started to sing our own praises! Yes, we’re always telling you about new services we’re offering etc. and ideas about dating girls and our Allstars Escorts among other things, but it’s not often that we sit back and simply marvel at our own progress. Today is that day!

New Allstars Escorts

You may have noticed that we have a lot of new girls joining the agency. This is due to two main reasons: we have become even more popular as an agency, and we have changed our rate to reflect the industry as a whole.

The new girls that have joined us can be found at a number of other Central London agencies. The trouble with these agencies however, is that they just weren’t getting the girls the jobs they wanted. And they have subsequently decided to sign up with Allstars Escorts basically because we have the clients! If you have the clients, the girls will come!

Also, we have changed our rate to better reflect these other agencies, so the girls now see that they don’t have to take a drop in their earning potential if they sign with us too! This is because we have decided to take the extra out of our end and still make the prices reasonable. Thus, you’re not having to pay that much more at all!

New and exciting services from Allstars Escorts

We have introduced new VIP Elite Allstars Escorts where you can get those very special girls that usually only represent with high end agencies. Again, they’re with us now because we can get them the work!

We are also offering some pretty awesome VIP packages too. You can have a whole group of girls, and champagne thrown into your deal if you choose one of our packages. On top of this, we can arrange boat trips, limos, and even helicopters!

Same great value

But throughout all of these changes at the agency, we have maintained that we should always stay well known for our excellent rates. So you will still find that if you book in advance, you’re not paying any more than you used to years ago. Our prices are all inclusive if travel expenses too. Take a look and find out on each of the girls’ individual profiles.

Escort Drivers wanted for 2019!

Are you a good driver? Do you live in and around London? Well, actually, you don’t have to live in and around London really, you just need to know London and be a good driver. And when we say “know” London and be a “good” driver, we really mean it. We’re not in the habit of employing anything less than the best when it comes to escort drivers!

Our girls are very important to us, and they’re very important to our clients. So, it goes without saying that we need escort drivers who will also ensure that the girls are as important to them too. If you can be reliable and pick up a girl when you need to, and be then when she needs to leave, we would like to hear from you.

escort drivers

There are no “perks” for our escort drivers!

Some guys get into driving for the London escort industry because they believe that they will get favours from our girls, or they will get reduced rates on the girls’ services. This simply isn’t the case, and if you’re thinking like this, you have literally too much testosterone running through your body. Take a cold shower and rethink your options.

The girls are not interested in pursuing any type of friendship or relationship with you, other than escort – driver. That’s it. Yes, you will get to know the girls quite well because you’ll be working a lot! But we don’t need any Casanovas who think they’re going to fall in love and whisk the girls off their feet!

Keep your head down, do your job!

If you can get on with it, be there when we need you and get the job done without any hassle, you will get more work than you can handle. You wouldn’t believe some of the escort drivers we’ve had in the past and some of the excuses we’ve heard about why they can’t be here or there when they’re needed.

If you think you have what it takes, visit our employment page!