The joys of being a cheap London escort

cheap London escortYou get to meet lots of new people when you pursue an escorting career. It’s an exciting and rewarding career in so many ways you wouldn’t believe it. The clients we have like to take you out to dinner or for drinks etc. as well as have you come to visit them in their homes and hotels where they make you feel comfortable and you are able to have lots of fun together. What’s even better is that you get paid for doing it!

Why is it good to be a cheap London escort?

Because you get plenty of work! It’s relatively simple when you think about it. You could be a high end escort if you want and charge £600 or more for an hour of your time, but you’re not likely to get many bookings. Plus the fact that you have to get yourself listed with a high end agency in order to get the clients with that sort of money. Some of those high end agencies are really choosy about who they take. We’re not saying you wouldn’t get in, but you’d probably have to get a load of professional photos and such done before they’d even consider it.

A cheaper escort gets a lot more work, you can trust us. We know what we’re talking about. If you’re charging £100 an hour you’ll get lots of work! This is the price that most guys are willing to pay. The evidence of this is in the fact that we are always busy at Allstars Escorts. Look at it this way, would you rather have one booking a week for £600 or would you rather have 10-20 bookings for nearly £2000? You could of course do more, it all depends on your availability.

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It’s Spring! Get some London escort action

London escortIt’s Springtime gentlemen! It’s time to get out of those long overcoats we all bustle about in on the streets of London and it’s time to allow our skin to be touch by the sun! It’s a truly marvellous feeling now that the lighter nights are here and we can enjoy that after work pint with friends outside in the pub garden. But that’s not all. A London escort also feels the joy of Springtime. They’re looking to you to book them and show them a good time. Are you man enough?

Take your London escort out and about

With the nice weather here, why not go out for dinner, or for a few drinks in town? It’s not unusual for one of our clients to book a London escort and go out for the evening. These girls are cheap enough for you to do that, we know this much! Hell, you’d spend a lot more on any other woman taking her out to impress her right? Well, the great thing about booking a London escort is that you don’t have to try and impress her. She does this for a career and she bloody loves it. Imagine that you got paid to go out to dinner with women!

Worried about being seen?

Sometimes people are worried about being seen with a London escort when they go out. To those people we say: who’s to tell she’s a London escort anyway? You will be very pleased to learn that all the girls we represent at Allstars Escorts are all fluent in English and they’re all very professional to say the very least. They all specialise in behaving just as though they are your date when they go out. They’ll be trying to impress you as much as you will be trying to impress them; and this is what a date is after all, right? Unless we have the whole idea of dating terribly confused!

Go to another part of town

If it’s still bothering you, simply go to another part of town with your London escort to enjoy yourself. London is a very big place and we have escorts practically everywhere in the city these days. You can even go along first, find yourself a nice hotel for the night, call us up on the phone and ask who you have nearby. Then we will send her around so that you can go out for a drink and retire to your room later for a more intimate encounter.

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Improve sex with a London escort

sex with a London escortWell, that sounds a little bit wrong doesn’t it? We’re not actually saying sex with a London escort. We’re saying that you can improve the way you have sex by booking London escorts. It’s not so bad, just a misunderstanding. What we are going to discuss today has a lot to do with your sexual confidence.

We are very aware that many people book London escorts because they are sexually unconfident and they don’t think that they can actually get a girlfriend etc. They enjoy the company of beautiful young women that can pay for instead. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, that’s what we do for a living for goodness sake, so we won’t argue with it!

Confidence improvement

But if you use your experiences with these girls, you can indeed improve sex with a London escort. There we go again! With “the help of a” London escort. Your will be more confident with other women and hopefully you’ll get to have sex with them. For this is the ultimate goal for virtually every heterosexual man on the planet is it not?

Being able to approach and talk to women is the first step, so if you book the company of a London escort you are going to pick up these tips very quickly indeed. If you can talk to your London escort and perhaps make her laugh etc. then you know that you’re not doomed to live the rest of your life on your own and never have sex with a woman again! Sounds drastic when you think of it like that doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for?

Sex with a London escort is not something we discuss

Going back to our misleading title for a moment, just to make things clear. We do not offer sexual services from London escorts. This is not what we do at all. We are an introduction agency that puts you in touch with some of the best value, most beautiful women in London today. What happens between the two of you when you get together is nothing to do with us. It’s purely a matter between to consenting adults!

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Always looking for good London escorts

good London escortsAllstars are always looking for good London escorts. It’s not that we need more girls, we just always need good ones! You see, the good ones always get more bookings and that’s our business of course! So you understand. So if you’re one of the good London escorts out there and you’re looking for a new agency, we would be a very good choice. We will explain.

Why choose Allstars Escorts?

We are leaders in the escorting community for three main reasons: we cover a vast area, we operate 24 hours a day and we’re cheap! So you can probably see where we’re going with this. The fact is that we get a lot of bookings because of these three important factors. This makes us very popular for escorts, because despite the low price, good London escorts would rather have more bookings at this rate than only a few at a higher rate. They actually make a lot more money. So if you are looking to switch your agency, or just get started in the business, here’s what we look for in good London escorts.

The good London escorts

Good London escorts are always:

  • Cheerful
  • Polite
  • Keen to please
  • Punctual
  • Well presented

If you fit all of these then you’re clearly one of the good ones. These are the type we choose to represent. Sometimes it takes us a while to work out whether a girl fits these criteria or not, but nine times out of ten we can work it out when we meet them and we can always ask at other agencies and check online reviews for any particular girl etc. If for any reason we get complaints about a girl (which is very rare indeed), if they are genuine, we simply stop representing her. We do not want to be associated with bad escorts who get more complaints than we would care to deal with. There are always more girls who want to be listed.

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Book escorts, there are no curtains twitching in London!

escortsThe beauty of London is that there’s never anyone around to bother you. And that in itself sounds ridiculous when you consider just how much of a busy place it is! But you can often find greater anonymity in London than you can anywhere else in the UK, simply because it’s so big and has such a vast amount of people coming and going. If you don’t live in London, booking escorts to come and visit you will never be an issue because no-one knows you!

The ultimate privacy

So, most of our bookings go to hotels in London and greater London. The beauty of this is that nine times out of ten the London escort you book will be able to go straight to your room (depending on where you’re staying). On the rare occasion that she can’t you may have to meet her in the lobby, or get someone to bring her up to you. This is the ultimate privacy. Since you never have to leave your room to book escorts, no-one ever sees you. Since you are in a hotel, no-one other than perhaps a couple of random staff members (if they have to help) will know who the escort is visiting.

Escorts coming to your home

Again, if you’re in the Greater London area, most of the time, no-one knows each other, so there’s no “curtain twitching”. And besides, no-one really cares what you do as long as it doesn’t bother them! Escorts are usually booked at night, quite late too in our experience, so it’s pretty rare that anyone sees anything. You can always count on our escorts to be highly discreet too, there’s never any problem here. If they struggle to locate you or get in, we will call you back and make sure that all the necessary arrangements are made to ensure her arrival and that your booking goes without a hitch!

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Feeling insecure? Book London escorts!

London escortsYou’d be surprised at just how much this can help you. We know all about insecurities and the fact that some of you out there couldn’t possibly date women in a conventional sense, or even speak to them sometimes. It’s a lot to do with anxiety, but sometimes it’s just insecurity or lack of confidence. However, when you get into a habit of spending time with beautiful young women, the way you are with them does eventually rub off.

London escorts can tutor you

Not in the ways of righteousness or anything like that, but they can help you when it comes to talking to women. They can (and most probably will) tell you what you’re doing wrong, or how you can improve your charms etc. You know that you’ve scored when you book London escorts, so instantly the pressure is off you to try and dazzle them. But you can try a few moves and talk to your escort honestly about what she finds attractive in a man. What qualities does she look for etc.?

She’s not your therapist

No, she’s not your therapist, but London escorts can still point you in the right direction and this will subsequently improve your confidence. Just do us one favour. When you do get the confidence to go and talk to girls in bars and other places, once you get along well, don’t give her £100 in cash! There are some things you don’t take to regular dating from meeting with London escorts, if you know what we mean?

It could be cheaper in the long run

Although, saying that, it actually could be a lot cheaper when you think about it. You can spend a fortune on dating and getting it wrong. Why do that when you can score a guaranteed date for just £100? Dinner out with a girl and drinks etc. would cost you more than that, and you might still fall short of the final fence!


Sexy London escorts are on the way!

sexy London escortsAs the winter begins to fade and the springtime makes a brief, but very welcome appearance, sexy London escorts are beginning to update their wardrobes and get themselves ready to impress all they visit. Our outcall babes are always keen to get themselves dolled up for a nice meeting with you, no matter where it is, but what exactly to you like?

Dresses or lingerie?

Some men prefer the mystique of a gorgeous woman fully clothed. In a nice dress, perhaps with a little leg showing? It’s all very provocative and it allows you to guess what might be underneath. You can bet the with sexy London escort, what’s underneath is going to be just as special, if not better, than what appears on the surface!

Lingerie is another thing that our sexy London escorts like to go shopping for. Now that the weather is changing they’ll be out to get new knickers and stockings etc. to go with their new dresses. There’s nothing more appealing than getting a flash of a stocking top when a girl bends over to pick something up is there? Imagine if you could recreate this little fantasy for yourself any time you wanted. Oh, wait a minute, you can! You can book sexy London escorts to keep you company and tease you a little in the privacy of your own home or hotel!

Special requests for sexy London escorts

If you have any special requests for our sexy London escorts, do let us know in advance when you make your booking on the phone. We will be happy to pass along any requests you have to the girl you have chosen and we will let you know if there are any problems. The girls have usually got very accommodating wardrobes, so we don’t foresee a problem getting your sexy London escorts dressed as you like them!


You don’t need banter with our London escorts

London escortsDon’t worry if you couldn’t chat up a nice girl in a bar to save your life. This is the whole reason there are London escorts in the world! There’s really no need to go out searching for women ever again if you don’t want to. Simply browse our London escorts, choose one and girl us a quick call. We’ll have them at your front door in less than an hour in most cases!

London escorts don’t need chatting up

When your London escorts show up to your home or hotel room, you won’t have to feel pressured into chatting them up to impress them. You’re paying them to be impressed already. And you can bet your life that they will be more than happy to entertain you and keep you company. They actually want to spend time with nice guys too really, and that’s no word of a lie! When you book London escorts from Allstars Escorts you’re not just getting a professional companion for £100, you’re getting an insatiable, beautiful young woman who wants to be around men!

Let them take the lead

If the reason you can’t pick up girls in a bar is because you’re a little nervous or you have some form of anxiety issues etc. then just leave our London escorts to do all the work for you. We are certain that they’ll have you relaxed and eating out of their palm in no time at all. It’s all about getting relaxed gentlemen, no-one wants to be pressured.

All the Allstars Escorts are professional

They might be young, but they’re all very experienced and highly professional when it comes to keeping gentlemen company. They’re perfect for intimate nights in your hotel room, but they’re just as good to take out for dinner or for a few drinks to a local bar; or perhaps just the bar in your hotel. You will find them all excellent company, so just make sure you book for long enough. They especially like overnight and extended bookings!

Cheap escorts are not poor quality

cheap escortsIt’s time to have another pop at those out there who consider cheap escorts less qualified or less competent than any others. We have represented cheap escorts for a long time now and we have yet to come across one of them who could be considered as bad.

Cheap escorts are just as good at their job

Escorting is a career choice at the end of the day and if you choose a career you want to do well, right? What do you do for a living? You probably work in the city? Banking or some form of finance, or an equally important office job somewhere no doubt. Would you consider your career important? Of course you would. We’re also sure that you think you’re worth more than you’re paid. But that doesn’t mean you don’t do a good job, or that you don’t enjoy your job.

The same can be said for cheap escorts in London. You can bet that they too believe that they are worth more than the money they earn, but this is no different to anyone else in reality. But they get on with it none the less. And do you know why? Because they like it and they’re good at it! They’ve made a conscious decision to take up escorting as a full time career.

Cheap escorts choose to be cheap

They really do. They could go and get themselves represented easily with another London escort agency at double the price if they want, but they don’t. Why is this? This is because those other agencies won’t get them half the amount of bookings that we do! It’s all very well being listed at double the price, but when you get next to no bookings at all, it’s a little soul destroying. Besides, all the escorts in London seem to be flocking to those other agencies; they won’t get a lot of work though. It’s a terrible shame. Listing with a cheap escorts agency allows these girls to earn more money than listing with another at the end of the day. Plus they get to have more fun. And that’s what we all want right?

When to book your cheap London escorts

cheap London escortsYou can book your cheap London escorts whenever you want really, but there remains a mystery as to when the right time actually is for the individual. Often it’s after work when you’re in the city, or if you’re visiting the city on business. But you can really book them whenever it suits you – 24 hours a day!

We are aware that some guys like to book their cheap London escorts when there is no likelihood of being spotted by anyone, but we would ask you whether or not people in general – disregarding those you know already – would be any the wiser that you’re with one of our cheap London escorts. Why put off the opportunity of having a night out with a beautiful young woman just because you’re afraid.

How would anyone know you’re with cheap London escorts?

It’s a fear so many guys have when they decide to take an escort out for dinner or drinks or something, yet none of them ever stop to realise that no-one could tell. And on top of that, no-one really cares to be perfectly honest, they’re all too busy with their own lives to care too much about anyone else. Who is really to say whether you could get a girl like that or not? And all of the cheap London escorts we represent are very professional, natural and friendly.

Yes, you’ll turn heads

But this is very different than someone actually knowing that you’re with an escort. They’ll see that you’re with a gorgeous woman, and they’ll probably be annoyed that they’re not, but they won’t instantly make the connection that you’re with an escort. People really do, genuinely like to keep themselves to themselves.

So stop your fretting and enjoy your life while you have it. Cheap London escorts are there for a reason, and that reason is to make you happy. They want to do it and they want you to be happy. That way they get paid. Everyone is quite literally a winner in this situation!