Feeling insecure? Book London escorts!

London escortsYou’d be surprised at just how much this can help you. We know all about insecurities and the fact that some of you out there couldn’t possibly date women in a conventional sense, or even speak to them sometimes. It’s a lot to do with anxiety, but sometimes it’s just insecurity or lack of confidence. However, when you get into a habit of spending time with beautiful young women, the way you are with them does eventually rub off.

London escorts can tutor you

Not in the ways of righteousness or anything like that, but they can help you when it comes to talking to women. They can (and most probably will) tell you what you’re doing wrong, or how you can improve your charms etc. You know that you’ve scored when you book London escorts, so instantly the pressure is off you to try and dazzle them. But you can try a few moves and talk to your escort honestly about what she finds attractive in a man. What qualities does she look for etc.?

She’s not your therapist

No, she’s not your therapist, but London escorts can still point you in the right direction and this will subsequently improve your confidence. Just do us one favour. When you do get the confidence to go and talk to girls in bars and other places, once you get along well, don’t give her £100 in cash! There are some things you don’t take to regular dating from meeting with London escorts, if you know what we mean?

It could be cheaper in the long run

Although, saying that, it actually could be a lot cheaper when you think about it. You can spend a fortune on dating and getting it wrong. Why do that when you can score a guaranteed date for just £100? Dinner out with a girl and drinks etc. would cost you more than that, and you might still fall short of the final fence!


Sexy London escorts are on the way!

sexy London escortsAs the winter begins to fade and the springtime makes a brief, but very welcome appearance, sexy London escorts are beginning to update their wardrobes and get themselves ready to impress all they visit. Our outcall babes are always keen to get themselves dolled up for a nice meeting with you, no matter where it is, but what exactly to you like?

Dresses or lingerie?

Some men prefer the mystique of a gorgeous woman fully clothed. In a nice dress, perhaps with a little leg showing? It’s all very provocative and it allows you to guess what might be underneath. You can bet the with sexy London escort, what’s underneath is going to be just as special, if not better, than what appears on the surface!

Lingerie is another thing that our sexy London escorts like to go shopping for. Now that the weather is changing they’ll be out to get new knickers and stockings etc. to go with their new dresses. There’s nothing more appealing than getting a flash of a stocking top when a girl bends over to pick something up is there? Imagine if you could recreate this little fantasy for yourself any time you wanted. Oh, wait a minute, you can! You can book sexy London escorts to keep you company and tease you a little in the privacy of your own home or hotel!

Special requests for sexy London escorts

If you have any special requests for our sexy London escorts, do let us know in advance when you make your booking on the phone. We will be happy to pass along any requests you have to the girl you have chosen and we will let you know if there are any problems. The girls have usually got very accommodating wardrobes, so we don’t foresee a problem getting your sexy London escorts dressed as you like them!


You don’t need banter with our London escorts

London escortsDon’t worry if you couldn’t chat up a nice girl in a bar to save your life. This is the whole reason there are London escorts in the world! There’s really no need to go out searching for women ever again if you don’t want to. Simply browse our London escorts, choose one and girl us a quick call. We’ll have them at your front door in less than an hour in most cases!

London escorts don’t need chatting up

When your London escorts show up to your home or hotel room, you won’t have to feel pressured into chatting them up to impress them. You’re paying them to be impressed already. And you can bet your life that they will be more than happy to entertain you and keep you company. They actually want to spend time with nice guys too really, and that’s no word of a lie! When you book London escorts from Allstars Escorts you’re not just getting a professional companion for £100, you’re getting an insatiable, beautiful young woman who wants to be around men!

Let them take the lead

If the reason you can’t pick up girls in a bar is because you’re a little nervous or you have some form of anxiety issues etc. then just leave our London escorts to do all the work for you. We are certain that they’ll have you relaxed and eating out of their palm in no time at all. It’s all about getting relaxed gentlemen, no-one wants to be pressured.

All the Allstars Escorts are professional

They might be young, but they’re all very experienced and highly professional when it comes to keeping gentlemen company. They’re perfect for intimate nights in your hotel room, but they’re just as good to take out for dinner or for a few drinks to a local bar; or perhaps just the bar in your hotel. You will find them all excellent company, so just make sure you book for long enough. They especially like overnight and extended bookings!

Cheap escorts are not poor quality

cheap escortsIt’s time to have another pop at those out there who consider cheap escorts less qualified or less competent than any others. We have represented cheap escorts for a long time now and we have yet to come across one of them who could be considered as bad.

Cheap escorts are just as good at their job

Escorting is a career choice at the end of the day and if you choose a career you want to do well, right? What do you do for a living? You probably work in the city? Banking or some form of finance, or an equally important office job somewhere no doubt. Would you consider your career important? Of course you would. We’re also sure that you think you’re worth more than you’re paid. But that doesn’t mean you don’t do a good job, or that you don’t enjoy your job.

The same can be said for cheap escorts in London. You can bet that they too believe that they are worth more than the money they earn, but this is no different to anyone else in reality. But they get on with it none the less. And do you know why? Because they like it and they’re good at it! They’ve made a conscious decision to take up escorting as a full time career.

Cheap escorts choose to be cheap

They really do. They could go and get themselves represented easily with another London escort agency at double the price if they want, but they don’t. Why is this? This is because those other agencies won’t get them half the amount of bookings that we do! It’s all very well being listed at double the price, but when you get next to no bookings at all, it’s a little soul destroying. Besides, all the escorts in London seem to be flocking to those other agencies; they won’t get a lot of work though. It’s a terrible shame. Listing with a cheap escorts agency allows these girls to earn more money than listing with another at the end of the day. Plus they get to have more fun. And that’s what we all want right?

When to book your cheap London escorts

cheap London escortsYou can book your cheap London escorts whenever you want really, but there remains a mystery as to when the right time actually is for the individual. Often it’s after work when you’re in the city, or if you’re visiting the city on business. But you can really book them whenever it suits you – 24 hours a day!

We are aware that some guys like to book their cheap London escorts when there is no likelihood of being spotted by anyone, but we would ask you whether or not people in general – disregarding those you know already – would be any the wiser that you’re with one of our cheap London escorts. Why put off the opportunity of having a night out with a beautiful young woman just because you’re afraid.

How would anyone know you’re with cheap London escorts?

It’s a fear so many guys have when they decide to take an escort out for dinner or drinks or something, yet none of them ever stop to realise that no-one could tell. And on top of that, no-one really cares to be perfectly honest, they’re all too busy with their own lives to care too much about anyone else. Who is really to say whether you could get a girl like that or not? And all of the cheap London escorts we represent are very professional, natural and friendly.

Yes, you’ll turn heads

But this is very different than someone actually knowing that you’re with an escort. They’ll see that you’re with a gorgeous woman, and they’ll probably be annoyed that they’re not, but they won’t instantly make the connection that you’re with an escort. People really do, genuinely like to keep themselves to themselves.

So stop your fretting and enjoy your life while you have it. Cheap London escorts are there for a reason, and that reason is to make you happy. They want to do it and they want you to be happy. That way they get paid. Everyone is quite literally a winner in this situation!

Top three things to request from London escorts

London escortsThere are plenty of things you can request from your London escort, but we won’t list them all here. However, we will tell you about the top three things you could get from an escort if you were to only ask. Trouble is that there are so many men that feel awkward about asking for things. They believe that when you have a London escort visit you, you’re just supposed to have the escort do exactly what she wants and you have no say in the matter.

This is not true of course. In fact you’re likely to find that most London escorts we know are happy to hear your suggestions. They also like a man who knows what he wants and they like to know what to plan in advance when possible. It’s always better to know what to expect than to sit there wondering what to do!

Ask for a London escorts massage

You would be amazed at just how talented these young London escorts really are you know. Most of them are very good at giving massages and they actually love to do it to. They may even let you massage them too if you’re lucky. Keep your fingers crossed and warm up your hands!

Request London escorts to wear an outfit

Not many men realise that you can actually request your London escort to wear something in particular if you wish. This is particularly important if you are indeed taking your escort out to dinner, or for drinks etc. somewhere in town. However, it’s not just restricted to that. If she’s coming to your hotel or home, you might also like her to wear something particularly sexy! Just ask when you call.


All of our London escorts are happy to indulge you in a little roleplaying should you wish it. We won’t go into too many details here, since there are so many options where this is concerned, but you can talk to our friendly receptionists at any time you like!

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Your London escort won’t fall in love with you!

London escortEven if you fall in love with her! It’s a common problem in today’s industry sadly, but one we feel we can clear up for you today in this brief article. An escort isn’t someone who you want to fall in love with anyway really. Think about it for a moment. Would you really be ok with her seeing loads of different men all the time for her career?

And it wouldn’t really be fair for you to date an escort and demand that she stops doing what she’s doing now would it? Every single one of the London escorts we represent loves their job and they do it for much more than simply money. Being a London escort can indeed be a profitable profession, but being around men and being taken out and spoiled is another huge reason they love doing it.

Could you make up for all that with a London escort?

Unless you have an endless supply of cash and you can be with them all the time, providing new and exciting experiences constantly, we sincerely doubt that you’ll be able to pin one of our London escorts down to a conventional relationship. So you see, it’s much better if you just don’t try. They don’t want you to do try, and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

Why tie yourself down anyway?

Besides, with all the cheap London escorts available in today’s escorting community, why would you want to be with just one of them? Especially if you’re still relatively young and have so much of your life to live. You never know where you might be in a few years. This is one of the main reasons people book London escorts; they don’t want to commit, and we don’t blame them quite frankly!

So go ahead and browse our gallery of London escorts now and pick one that will make your pulse race that little bit faster!

To hell with work! Get over it with sexy London escorts

sexy London escortsWe’re all upset that 2017 started the same as 2016 ended, so don’t get your panties in too much of a bunch! But there are always sexy London escorts to take the pain away, and we have a hell of a selection for you, for a really good price! £100 for an hour!

£100 an hour for sexy London escorts

So you’ve worked hard all day? You want something for all your efforts and this is perfectly reasonable. Go home, have a shower and call Allstars and we’ll have sexy London escorts tapping at your front door within the hour. It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. To hell with work and that boss that’s been giving you grief all week. They’re probably just annoyed because they’re not getting any attention, but you certainly will be! And it’s the very best type of attention, you can count on it for sure!

Where do they travel?

Our sexy London escorts will travel practically anywhere in London to be with you. And what’s more, they’ll travel anywhere in Greater London and to some areas of the Home Counties too! Now that’s an agency for you, right? Where else are you going to get girls of this quality, able to reach you no matter where you are? It just doesn’t happen.

Be aware of the other adverts

You need to be aware of cheap escorts advertising all over the place these days. They may be cheap (in some cases even cheap than our sexy London escorts!) but they’re not represented by an agency and therefore you cannot trust them. Agency girls have been “vetted” so to speak, by the agency, so they know where the girls are from, how competent they are and whether or not they’ll be suitable for their clients.

So screw work! Book sexy London escorts

Cheap London escorts don’t like haggling!

cheap London escortsIt doesn’t matter actually, whether they’re expensive or cheap London escorts, these girls simply won’t have it! And who could blame them really? When you go to a restaurant and you order the steak at £20, you don’t ask the waiter if he’ll take a tenner for it do you? You don’t argue with the barber about how much your haircut is, you simply pay. That’s how you should be with cheap London escorts. It really is that simple.

Why are we telling you this?

We’re telling you this because you’d be amazed at just how many people still continue to haggle. Sometimes they’ll do it on the phone to a receptionist, sometimes in person when they meet their chosen girl. But you know, it really doesn’t matter when it happens, the answer will always be the same: “No!”

Thankfully the vast majority of our cheap London escorts clientele don’t do this. But you should hear some of the lines we’ve heard.

  • “I’ve only been half an hour, can I have £50 back?”
  • “I won’t need long, what can I get for £20?”
  • “It wasn’t what I expected, can I have my money back?”
  • “Would you mind knocking a little off before we start, because I have to go soon?”
  • “But I was 20 minutes in the shower!”

They really don’t get funnier than that do they? We thought you’d enjoy a little laugh to cheer you all up, the weather isn’t exactly wonderful is it?

Get the best cheap London escorts from Allstars

It’s the same as it’s always been here at Allstars: £100 for the hour. No more no less! And we have delivered a consistently good escort service for many years. We hope to be doing it for many more.

Want to be a London escort?

If you’d be interested in becoming a London escort, simply visit our recruitment page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And don’t worry, those things you just read, they don’t happen often!

Urgently needed! New London escorts

London escortsAllstars are looking to expand and this means we have openings for new London escorts. We are taking applications now, so get yourselves over to our recruitment page and fill out the form. If you need any help with it, or you’re not sure what you have to do, just call us on 07858 198 529 and we’ll help you out. Alternatively you can email us at: [email protected]

Work with the best London agency around

Allstars are quickly becoming established as one of the best agencies to work with in London. You might not find a load of flashy features on the website and things like that, but this is because we spend an awful lot of time communicating with the girls we represent and our many London clients.

Our client list

Our client list is literally huge! This is one of the main reasons why we need more escorts to join the team. Sometimes there aren’t enough girls to go around and the demand is growing bigger and bigger all the time. This is clearly because we are one of the cheapest agencies around that still offer quality services.

Your earning potential

Don’t worry though, there’s still massive amounts of earning potential for you if you sign up. We don’t take a lot from you for your booking. We operate under the assumption that you’re going to get a lot of bookings anyway, so we’re confident we’ll make our share of money from the number of referrals we get you. The London escorts you see already on the website have been with us for quite a long time, so you will see that they are very satisfied with the amount of bookings they’re getting through us.

Looking for an escort?

If you’re looking for a London escort to keep you company tonight, please do not hesitate to browse our gallery, where you’ll find a large variety of young ladies all eager to meet with you. At the moment we offer an outcall only London escorts service. The girls will come to your home or hotel promptly and ready to entertain.