Booking outcall Gatwick escorts

outcall Gatwick escortsThere really aren’t many incall Gatwick escorts to tell the truth! Most people who book girls around Gatwick are staying in hotels. So, the realisation is that they need outcall Gatwick escorts. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This is why Allstars escorts is one of the most popular choices for these types of clients. We only offer outcall services, so there’s always a girl available and we use drivers too, so she’ll get to you quickly and easily, with no problem at all.

Meeting your outcall Gatwick escorts

Meeting your outcall Gatwick escorts is very easy indeed. These girls are in and out of hotels all the time, so they are well used to meeting in hotel bars, lobbies, or just coming directly to your room if you wish. They’re incredibly confident and easy going. You needn’t worry about anyone being distracted by them either. Although they’re all clearly beautiful, they never over dress, if you know what we mean!

You could live near Gatwick

Of course, if you live near Gatwick, your chosen escort can come to your home, no trouble at all. These girls are well used to going to different residences all over London, it’s not just hotels. But if you could make sure that she’s made to feel very welcome, we would greatly appreciate it. Have a tidy around and offer her some refreshments etc. It’s only polite and you need to make your outcall Gatwick escorts as comfortable and relaxed as they’re likely to make you.

Call us as soon as you need us!

So, there you go. Whether you’re living near Gatwick, or staying in a hotel nearby, our outcall Gatwick escorts are at your disposal. When you call the agency, you can have a girl to your hotel room in less than an hour if you wish. It all depends where she’s located of course, but if you want one to get there fast, just ask us and we’ll recommend a girl that’s closer to you. We always want to help!

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Leave your boxsets alone, book cheap London escorts

cheap London escortsCheap London escorts are the answer gents, not Game of Thrones, or The Sopranos, or any other of those Sky box set offers that you can get. Why spend your time watching sexy young women on the TV screen when you can have them in your home, all to yourself? And for as little as £100 an hour, they’re nearly as cheap as Sky!

Invite cheap London escorts into your home

Hell, you could even get them to watch something with you if you’re so hooked on catching up with the latest episodes of this and that! Doing what you want with your escort is the way to true happiness. Within reason of course. We’re talking mainly about having a young escort come to your home to entertain you. You are likely to feel more relaxed and ready to entertain a woman, when you’re in the comfort of your own home.

There’s a certain amount of pleasure that can be derived from making a young woman happy. Our cheap London escorts will certainly give you plenty of opportunities to do that! They love to be pampered and entertained as much as you do. They’re only human after all, and they are female! We all know how much women like to be treated like princesses. It’s easy really, right?

Get a bottle or two in

If you really want to push the boat out when your cheap London escorts arrive, make sure you have a couple of bottles in the fridge chilling for their arrival. It’s always nice to open a cool bottle of wine or champagne to lighten the mood. Everyone’s tongue gets a little looser and their inhibitions vanish when they’ve had a drink. Just don’t drink too much ok?

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True happiness comes from outcall London escorts

outcall London escortsOn top of that, a cheap outcall London escort! Clients are enjoying Allstars services all over the city and they’re coming back time and time again for the same treatment. Having outcall London escorts come to your hotel or private residence is the way forward. It’s not surprising that it’s so popular when you consider the hassle connected to incall bookings.

Incall London escort bookings

Clients are unable to book incall services from Allstars, but this is not something we regret. When you have incall services all manner of things can go wrong. Clients can turn up late, making the escort late for her next booking or appointment. Some girls don’t keep a very tidy apartment too, and this is something that an escort agency has no control over. There is nothing worse than turning up to an unclean apartment, or taking a shower and not having a fresh, clean towel.

The client is responsible

Forgive us for saying, but we are quite pleased that our clients are responsible for the state of their own home or hotel room. Outcall London escorts only have to turn up and entertain their client, then leave, so it’s much easier for them too of course! It allows them to concentrate more on their client’s needs!

A client is more relaxed with a outcall London escorts

It’s true that clients are also much more relaxed in their own home, or at least their own hotel rooms. There’s nothing like being able to wait for your outcall London escort to arrive whilst you have a shower and slip into a nice comfy robe, put on some music and pour some champagne. And when a client is more relaxed, it’s often the case that the visiting escort is also more relaxed. Nerves get in the way gentlemen, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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Boost your testosterone with London escorts

London escortsThat’s what everyone is talking about these days isn’t it? Testosterone? As if we’ve ever had a problem with it in the past! Well, actually, this modern age in which we live has contributed a little to a loss in testosterone. But you can get some back without taking supplement medication etc. you can just book London escorts!

When you think about what a man used to do and what he used to be like, there’s no wonder that he didn’t need to boost his testosterone. Basically, this is the “man” hormone isn’t it? It’s what makes you manlier really. Men get boosts to their testosterone when they are the alpha male in the room, or they are in control sexually with their partner etc. and if they have done something particularly “manly” when it comes to looking after the home or getting money for the family etc. It’s the basic “hunter gatherer” philosophy. So it will come as no surprise to you that modern man, who is now required to raise children and do domestic, household chores, has lost more than a little of this testosterone.

What is it with muscle anyway?

The modern-day fascination with testosterone is born from the modern-day fascination with muscles, without a doubt. We’re all becoming more and more obsessed with appearances to be honest and it’s getting a little out of control. Cosmetic surgery, selfies, fat burning techniques, exercises etc. these are all we seem to see online and on the TV these days. Even our London escorts are finding it a little ridiculous and difficult to compete and they’re in their teens and early twenties and rely on their looks to make a living!

It’s true that testosterone helps in the production of building your muscles, but so do a lot of things, like various acids, working out in the most effective way, getting plenty of rest and eating a good diet. So before you get too hung up about taking supplements, you might want to read up about testosterone.

Get back the “manly” hormone with London escorts

So, referring back to what we said earlier, it’s not hard to work out why a man’s testosterone will increase when he’s with an escort. London escorts will give you that boost to your testosterone, not only because you’re with a beautiful woman, but also because she’s there just for you. You are in control over who you choose and when she arrives etc.

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Help our cheap London escorts combat the heat!

cheap London escortsIt’s an appeal gentlemen! It’s an appeal for you to book our cheap London escorts and get them out of the heat! How? Well, we know you’re all in those fancy air conditioned hotels around London, so all they’re asking is that you invite them along to your room for a few hours to help cool down. Well, we’re sure they’ll be happy to do other things with you when they arrive, but the main thing is that they keep cool. We have to look after them you know!

Our cheap London escorts don’t all have great apartments

They come from all over London and Greater London you see, and they’re not all living in the luxury that you get to experience when you book a Central London hotel. So they won’t have air conditioning! This is why most of them work with us at Allstars Escorts, because we’re an outcall only agency. It’s very handy to list with an agency like ours when you don’t have an apartment you can really entertain clients in (for whatever reason). Besides, most of the girls prefer doing only outcall bookings.

The best hotel rooms get the best results!

We won’t lie to you, when you book cheap London escorts from us, if you’re staying in a nice room, she’s going to be happier when she arrives isn’t she? It’s sort of logical when you think about it! Who wouldn’t be happy with air conditioning, nice big king size beds and marble bathrooms?! In fact, you may struggle to get them out of your room when your time is up to be honest. We kid you of course, these girls are all very highly professional.

Get your cheap London escort to you in no time at all

Because we have cheap London escorts all over the city and beyond, you can be sure that when you call, you will have a girl at your door, mostly in under an hour. That’s pretty good going, we’re sure you will agree! There aren’t too many agencies that can make that claim, and those that do, don’t always deliver upon it.

Give Allstars Escorts a try, and for the love of God, please help keep the girls cool! LOL!

Your favourite London escort features

London escortThe results are in guys! We’ve been asking around, among those who are in the know (namely a few close punters who we know very well) and we’ve come up with a top three list for your favourite London escort features. Just let us say at the beginning here that we’re more than happy to hear your views too of course, simply leave a comment in the box below and we’ll see it. We might not reply to it, or even like it, but we will see it!

Your London escort feature list


It was bound to be here wasn’t it? One of the most popular features on a London escort is her bottom. Apparently the perter, tighter and overall smaller the better. We wondered about that, because we’re very well aware that there are a many men who like a nice big round ass on a woman. It adds to that shapely, classic look when they’re wearing a dress. However, we do appreciate that a nice small butt looks great in leggings or a pair of jeans!


This one surprised us, coming from a group of guys primarily obsessed with the physical characteristics of women! Eyes are the window to the soul apparently, or so the well known aphorism goes. Blue eyes are top of the list apparently. We have to agree on a certain level here though, nice eyes are very appealing. Particularly those alluring eyes that can almost smile at you. The eyes of a London escort can communicate so much to you that it’s almost impossible to describe, you’d have to book one to find out!


Legs are the third on the list. Yes, we prefer it when our London escort has a pair of legs! We kid you of course, this is mainly about the length and the shape of a woman’s legs. Our clients prefer nice, long, smooth and slender legs. We don’t know a man that doesn’t to be perfectly honest. And although we realise there are men out there that do like short, fat and dumpy legs, there aren’t that many of them, and you won’t find them on Allstars Escorts!

There you have your top three London escort features. Now you can tell us if you think we’re wrong!

Not all cheap London escorts speak good English

cheap London escortsThis is something we must stress to a number of you gentlemen out there. Some people expect that their Eastern European is going to know fluent English. Let us ask you this: can you speak Polish, Latvian etc? We’re guessing that you can’t. What about Russian? Can you speak Russian? No, we didn’t think that either. So why on earth would you expect a Russian or Eastern European girl to speak fluent English?

However, the scales are tipped in your favour somewhat, since all the cheap London escorts we represent actually do speak English. Just not all of them speak it fluently, that’s all. So aren’t you lucky? We believe that English is more or less taught over there as standard. Something the English over here could learn from of course, but considering English is the dominant language on the planet, we have become rather lazy in learning others.

How important is the language with cheap London escorts anyway?

To most clients, having good English language skills isn’t the most important thing anyway, it’s just a select number of you that like to have long conversations when you go out to dinner etc. This is perfectly acceptable of course, but not always very possible. The vast majority of clients are only booking one or two hours in the company of our cheap London escorts and they don’t require long converstations!

Call Allstars to find out more

You can call us on the phone to discuss your requirements should you wish. If you actually do want your cheap London escorts to speak reasonably good English, just ask us and we’ll make sure that we send you a girl who can. There’s nothing worse than not getting what you want, we know, even when you’re not paying that much. You should still have it your way!

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Escorts for first timers

escortsThere are a number of you out there who have yet to book escorts. Hell, there are those of you out there who are actually yet to be with a woman alone! This isn’t anything to be worried or ashamed of you understand? It’s something all men have to approach sooner or later. We are social creatures and we desire the company of women, it’s as simple as that! So, the question has to be, if you’re wanting to spend time with a woman, do you want to waste time going out to bars and clubs, or do you want to simply book a girl to come to your place?

Most first timers who have booked through Allstars Escorts would certainly recommend anyone else doing the same. For all of them it has also been a refreshing and interesting introduction into an active escort hobby. Many of those clients work their way through all the girls in our gallery!

Our girls love first timers

Every single one of our escorts love to have first time bookings. They find that those first timers are always so respectful and gentle, and to be honest, their shyness and inexperience is kind of a turn on for most girls in this business. So you see, if you are a first timer, you’re going to make your escort as happy as we know that she’s going to make you!

Outcall escorts are a perfect choice

Outcall escorts are the very best choice for first timers. This is because you can stay in the comfort of your own home or hotel, rather than step out onto the streets of London to visit a location you’re not familiar with. Our escorts always say that their clients are more relaxed in their own homes. This comes from those girls who have done incalls before by the way, so they know what they’re talking about.

Getting to know Heathrow escorts

Heathrow escortsIt’s not hard to get to know an escort, all you have to do is book them and spend time with them. Heathrow escorts are the same as any other escort of course, but the thing with these girls is that you can book them the moment you step off the plane! Or you can book them any time you want, 24 hours a day, before you travel. Plenty of our clients book their hotels the night before and book Heathrow escorts to keep them company the night before they fly out. Nothing like leaving on a high is there?

Extended time with Heathrow escorts

Of course, the best way to get to know Heathrow escorts is to book them for a longer time. Girls like this specialise in overnights of course, but you can just book extra hours if you like. A dinner date is also a good idea for Heathrow escorts. It’s one of those things that clients like to do if they want a proper date experience before they fly off to the other side of the world. It offers an enormous sense of wellbeing and satisfaction to have a “send off,” by a beautiful woman, so to speak.

Overnight Heathrow escorts

Virtually all the girls at Allstars offer overnight bookings. They love them as much as we know you will to be honest. It means they get paid more of course, but it also makes it a lot easier for them too. They get to know you a lot better and they can enjoy your company even more if they spend the night with you. Dinner, drinks, maybe even dancing, who knows? They all go together to make a perfect evening. Add to that the fact that our Heathrow escorts will come to you whenever you want them and they’re all stunningly beautiful, fit and intelligent with excellent English language skills, and you have a date that you’re never going to forget!

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Outcall escorts all over London

outcall escortsWe have a great relationship with our clients. We are very proud of this. This hasn’t been easily earned however, and we figured now would be a good idea to tell you about it. One of our main “selling points,” so to speak is that we have the very best record for outcall escorts in the city today. It’s not so much to do with availability as it is to coverage however.

Agencies that offer outcall escorts

Whilst many agencies in London offer outcall escorts, not all of them cover the whole of Greater London. Most of them have lovely girls too, just like us, but their girls are unwilling to move out of the West End or Central London, and to be honest with you, we don’t think that they’re really taking their careers very seriously if they won’t travel a little further. This is why we always make sure that the girls we have available are willing to move around for their bookings. This is why we often use drivers, in order to help the girls with their bookings etc.

This is a good point to make. If you are booking outcall escorts from any other agency, make sure they’ll go where you want them to avoid disappointment. It’s actually worth giving the agency a quick call before you even look at the girls on the website. There’s nothing worse than seeing outcall escorts you’d love to spend time with, only to discover that they won’t be able to travel to your location!

Don’t take the risk

So why even bother? Why not just take a good look at the outcall escorts in our gallery and choose one from there? At least this way you’ll know that they’re going to come and see you. In the vast majority of cases they’ll be with you in under an hour too! This is dependent on your location and the time of day/night you book of course! Our escorts don’t have teleporters!