Why Do Men Like to Date London Escorts?

There is nothing more satisfying than spending time in the company of gorgeous-looking women. That is the reason escort agencies in London that have stunning ladies are always highly sought-after. It is so convenient and easy using an escort agency and you can be certain that you will always get access to sultry and stunning ladies, who are seductive and titillating. Continue reading Why Do Men Like to Date London Escorts?

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Elite Escorts in London

The bustling city of London has a lot to offer visitors. Whether it is history, culture, or nature, London never disappoints. You can enjoy high-end shopping at Regent Street, get awed by Buckingham Palace, or go on a Michelin-starred gastronomic adventure at Mayfair. This is also the city for elite and gorgeous escorts.

So, if you are looking for discreet sensual companionship, here are the top five tips to help you choose elite escorts in London.

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Escort Dating Ideas: Where to Take Escorts

You’ve just found an escort that suits your taste and are planning your first date. Now, you’ll need to answer one of the common questions in the world of escort dating: where can you take your escort on the first date?

Escort dating doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant. There are several things to do and places to go with your escort, which are enjoyable but won’t dent your wallet.

Let’s explore some places you can take your escort for a fun-filled and gratifying first date. Continue reading Escort Dating Ideas: Where to Take Escorts

Summer body, summer confidence

It’s summer guys. Now we know that doesn’t mean much in the UK, but you do have a few months of hot weather and sunshine to enjoy. And who knows, you may even be going away. But it’s not just about the nice weather on the way, it’s about feeling good. Whilst our London escorts can go some way to making you feel good, the sunshine is a wonderful thing.

Get some on your skin

We realise that too much sun is a bad thing, but we aren’t asking you to stay in it all day long. Did you know that UV rays are also good for you? We’re always hearing about how the sun is bad for you, but rarely are we told how good it is. our escorts (those who enjoy having a sun tan) are out in the sun as often as they can. As well as topping up their tan, they also top up their mood. We believe it’s vitamin D that’s supposed to do this, and you can absorb this directly from sunshine. Probably why lizards always look so happy.

It’s not all about that of course. Having a nice sin tan gives you a little confidence boost too and also makes you look healthier and more attractive. Yet another reason why our escorts like to indulge. If you can’t get any natural sunshine, pop along to your nearest tanning shop and get a little browner. You would be amazed at just how much confidence you will increase.

Your body

That has your sun tan sorted out, but what about your body? well to begin with, when you have a nice tan, you actually look better anyway. And the change in skin tone with highly any muscle tone you already have.

If you lack muscle tone, it’s never too late to join the gym and build a little. London escorts hit the gym often to keep themselves in shape, and we are sure that you appreciate the efforts they make. Now wouldn’t it be nice to make a little effort for them too? And they will notice. It’s not like they have a preference for muscular men of course, but all women can appreciate a hard body.

Start with a few push ups if you can. Walk a little further than you usually do and try to drop the excess weight. You’ll be amazed at just how much effect doing the smallest things has. And again, you will gain confidence.

The correct etiquette for an incall

black London escortsIncalls are incredibly common in the London escort industry. And now that we are offering this service at Allstars Escorts, we figured now might be the time to roll out those articles about incall bookings. This one is giving you a few ground rules about your incall bookings, and a little advice just in case you should need it.

Not all of you are veteran hobbyists, there are some that are new to this wonderful life that we call escorting. The pursuit of good times with beautiful and attentive young women will always be our business, and we will always facilitate it for our clients. So if you are new to escort bookings, an incall is basically where you go to the girl’s apartment to see her. We have girls all over London (both Central London and Greater London), and you will find them in discreet, comfortable, clean and tidy apartments that are easy to locate and access. You will be given your escort’s location when you have made your booking. This will be sent to you via a SMS text alert.

The basics of incall escort bookings

The basic rules of booking an incall escort are actually more like common sense. If you think about your booking as though you had been invited back to a girl’s house whom you have just met on a night out, you can’t go far wrong. That is if you’re a decent person who doesn’t take liberties of course.

  • Respect her home. Not all of the girls you see listed on our website actually live at the premises where you will be enjoying your incall escort booking, but most do. You must always be respectful. Do not be untidy, pick up after yourself, ask if you should remove your shoes when you enter etc.
  • Be respectful of her neighbours. If you are coming to see her at a late hour, please remember to be quiet and respectful. Even if you’re not arriving at a late hour, it’s always a good idea to keep the noise down. Sometimes these escorts occupy the same buildings as families with children, or the elderly who do not wish to be woken in the middle of the night by a drunken man seeking the company of a young lady.
  • Always take the shower. When your escort offers you a shower, take it. Don’t come up with a load of excuses why you don’t have to. Take the shower. It doesn’t matter if you’ve literally just had one before you left your home or hotel, it will make her feel better and then you can both relax with one another.
  • Don’t be pushy and do as you are asked. Listen to your escort. Agree the conditions of your meeting at the beginning and never, ever try to get her to do things she does not want to do. London escorts are not robots there to do your bidding whenever you want them to, they are human beings offering their companionship services of their own free will, and they command your respect.

The escort is always right

Contrary to popular belief, in the escort business the customer is not always right. It is a privilege for you to be able to spend time with these girls. And whilst you are paying for that privilege, should your escort decide at any time that your booking is over, you must always honour her wishes and leave if and when you are asked. If you really must complain to anyone, complain to us, we will follow it up. Never put your escort in an uncomfortable situation.

How to complain about your escort service

Sexy Russian escortThis is a very rare occurrence of course, but we thought that a brief article detailing exactly what you need do should you have a complaint would be helpful. There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to complaints and a very simple procedure.

The procedure when it comes to complaints about your escort, or your booking experience is to basically never complain to your escort. Complaining to your escort puts her in a difficult position. It may well be a justified complaint, and you may have things to say, but save it. You won’t get anywhere, and you may even become intimidating and frighten her. And there is absolutely no reason to intimidate a London escort, whether you’ve had a bad experience or not.

Complain to your agency

This is the same no matter which London escort agency you use really. The correct protocol is to complain to the agency. No matter what the complaint, you complain to the agency. We act as the escort’s agent, and as such an agent we are obliged to pass along any comments you may have about your experience and to take any appropriate action we feel is necessary. These girls are free agents. They do not work for us and we have no control over them and what they do. However, we can issue them warnings or refuse to have them on our website, because after all, it is our website. We are operating a business and if we believe that we should no longer be representing a girl because she is damaging the reputation of our website, we will have no hesitation in taking that action. We do not use this right to manipulate the girls in any way, this is illegal and that’s not the way we work.

Besides, it works both ways when you think about it. If we were to use this ability to manipulate the girls, they could just as easily decide for us to no longer represent them. No one is forcing these girls to list with any agency or appear on any website, they are aware of what it takes to get them bookings and they have agreed to our representation. All pictures and information is supplied to us by the girls themselves and we do not choose what to publish, we do as we’re told.

Your complaints resolved

Here at Allstars Escorts we take any complaints very seriously indeed. If you have reason to complain you can rest assured that we will indeed investigate, and we will reply to your complaint quickly and hopefully with an agreeable outcome. Do not assume that we will always agree with you however, we do not subscribe to the old phrase that the customer is always right. We will review all sides and make our own decisions based on our findings.

Not that we get many complaints of course, but those that we do, we always aim to make our resolutions fair to all parties.

Incall services change nothing

Nice ass escortWe are aware that since we have been offering incall London escort services, some of you believe that our outcall services may have suffered. We are writing this brief post today to reassure you that our outcall escort service is as good as it has always been. We continue to serve the whole of central and Great London, and even some of the surrounding areas in the Home Counties.

We still have the same number of professional drivers working around the clock to deliver your wonderful outcall escorts to your door. The girls have remained the same, and even increased in number. They work the same long hours – into the early hours – and love their jobs as much as they ever have. The beauty of incall escorts is that they do not offer effect the availability of our drivers. If anything, because we have the same number of drivers, and some of you will now prefer incall bookings, the drivers are more available than they’ve ever been.

Girl availability

We know what you are thinking. When a girl starts to offer incall services, she is no longer available for outcalls. This is not the case. She doesn’t suddenly decide to stop doing outcall bookings. Whilst this may be true to a certain extent, you have to appreciate that if she’s going to be booked, she’s going to be booked. Chances are that the girl is popular anyway and would have been booked, so basically if she’s not available, she’s not available. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing an incall or an outcall.

If you are wanting to book a girl that’s already busy, it’s actually in your best interests (whether you want incall or outcall services) that she’s doing an incall. At least this way she doesn’t have to factor in her travel time from location to location, and you don’t have to wait as long for her to become available.

In short – nothing has changed

So, in short, we would like to summarise by telling you that our services remain the same. The girls are still available, it’s just that many of them have made life a lot easier for some of you guys. If you haven’t tried one of our incall London escorts, now might be the time to give them a whirl. Or book your usual favourite as an incall, rather than an outcall and see where and how she lives. If you’ve never had an incall escort service before, it’s a real eye opener and we’re sure you’re going to be very impressed.

Quiet night in with a London escort

Hot brunette escortmovie? Maybe a few beers? Well, you do know that you can do this with a London escort right? It’s not the most unusual request we’ve had, or any of the girls of course. They’ve heard some things in their time we don’t mind telling you, but sitting in with a movie, some beers and a pizza is not shocking in the least.

Most men feel the need to either get on with their booking straight away and get as much done as they can in the time they have booked, or they feel as though they have to make this massive effort to impress the hell out of the girl they’ve booked. Two mistakes here gentlemen. The first being that you’re only going to irritate your escort if you insist on rushing her and demanding this and that within the time constraints you have. The second, you don’t have to do anything at all to impress her either. Chances are she’s seen pretty much everything already. A fancy dinner, a bottle of expensive champagne are all commonplace things to a London escort.

Be yourself and do what you enjoy

If you can be yourself and continue to do the things you enjoy doing, only with a girl by your side, you’ll make her a very happy woman indeed. You see, these escorts like the girlfriend experience best of all, but they are encouraged and inspired more if you can actually play the boyfriend. And a boyfriend doesn’t feel the need to contrive any environment and certainly doesn’t boss his girlfriend around.

So why not go for it? We have long been the London escort agency you go to for outcall girls to your home. We cover all of Greater London after all. So order the pizza, buy the movie off SKY or wherever, and book your company. She doesn’t have to choose the movie, but the two of you can certainly enjoy it together. Book a longer experience and have some fun. It will be more money yes, but you will see a definite difference in the quality of your time together. It’s got to be worth it, even once right?

Our incalls are not all over London

blonde London escortsIn the past we only ever offered outcall London escort services. This much should be pretty clear to anyone who has visited the website. This has been a great time for us and we have enjoyed great success. Primarily because we have offered this service all over Central and Greater London! Our dedicated team of drivers have delivered beautiful escorts to your door from anywhere in the city, to anywhere in the city.

Confusion over incalls

However, since we have started to offer incall London escort services too, there has been a little confusion when it comes to choosing the girls, so we would like to clarify a few things. Our incall services do not cover the whole of Greater London. Whilst we are sure that there are incall London escorts in practically all areas in Central and Greater London, we can’t possibly have a girl in every area. Again, we can get you a girl in any part of the city, but if you want incall services, you may have to travel a little.

Need some help?

We are more than happy to help you out with your choice of course. If you let us know where you are, we can tell you where your nearest incall escort is located. And if we can’t find anyone suitable for your location, you can always have an outcall service. We are certain that we will recruit more and more incall girls as more escorts realise the services we now offer and that we are a great agency to work with., Not to mention we have lots of clients too!

Out incall London escorts

They’re not so far removed from the outcall escorts we have always represented in many ways. The main difference of course is that these girls have an apartment to invite their clients. It’s not that our outcall escorts don’t have any place to live of course, it’s just that they are probably unable to have visitors, or at certain hours etc. It may well be the case that some of our outcall escorts will eventually move somewhere they are able to entertain incall bookings. Especially if they see everyone else is doing it.

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