Take advantage of the Christmas Spirit

escortsWe don’t usually encourage our readers to manipulate women, but it is Christmas and we do happen to know a lot about them (our clients and our escorts!) And at Christmas there’s something you need to understand about so many women. They are hopelessly festive! This encompasses a lot. Festive in this sense means that they’re feeling happy, and if they’re single, they’re more than likely much more open to the advances of a man.

No-one likes to be alone at Christmas

We know you guys don’t like to be alone at Christmas, you book our escorts, we know because we have the stats! Christmas time is quite a busy period for Allstars. This is probably because we’re one of the cheapest agencies in London and we’ve been around for a long time. A good reputation goes a long way when it comes to this business.

But you’re not on your own with this loneliness. Women get very lonely at this time of year and it’s proven that they are much easier to hit on. All you have to do is give them the feintest hint that they may have found “a keeper!” Don’t go telling them a load of lies or anything, that’s not cool. Although we have said manipulate the situation, we’re more about taking advantage of the festive mood, rather than try to contrive one.

Go out!

More single women go out and about for drinks etc. as it gets nearer to Christmas. So get your ass out of the house and go to the pub. Organise a few weekend sessions with your mates and start to hit on those girls at the bar. We are pretty confident that you will find them much more receptive to your advances. Remember gentlemen, we know women. And more to the point, we know escorts.

Speaking of which!

If you luck out with chatting up the local talent, there’s always Allstars! We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. This includes Christmas Day gents! We can’t guarantee that we’ll have a huge selection of girls available to you on Christmas Day, but we’ll certainly have enough!

Keep an eye on our Twitter Feed and our blog for updates as Christmas approaches!

Never mind Game of Thrones! Have some real fun!

London escortYes, we know you’re all into the sexy women and the fighting in Game of Thrones, but is that all you want to do with your life? Stay in and watch boxsets? It’s a nice thing to do when there’s literally nothing else to do, or when you have no money, but seriously? If you’ve got some cash, book a London escort to keep you occupied. You may only spend an hour with her, but you can be damn sure that you’ll spend the rest of your evening thinking about the experience you’ve just had! Now that’s entertainment!

You want a hot woman or a London escort?

A London escort would knock spots off those women in Game of Thrones. The Targaryen girl in Game of Thrones is pretty hot, we grant you, and some of those whores are even better, but they won’t top a London escort from Allstars! It’s as simple as that. However, if any of you have actually seen the show, that Targaryen girl doesn’t look so hot when she’s eating that bloody, raw heart! You need to go and check out the gallery of our girls now, and you’ll see just how many of those belong on the Allstars books!

Have them come to you anywhere

You won’t get a TV show celebrity coming to your home or hotel room anyway, so you’d better book a London escort. These girls are available to go almost anywhere in London and Greater London. They always arrive in a timely fashion, dressed to thrill and eager to please. We’ve never had any complaints anyway, put it that way. And we don’t expect to get any in the future. You can always book with confidence when you call Allstars Escorts. We never fail to deliver on time, every time!

Have lots of fun!


Eat well, but don’t go crazy this Christmas!

London escortsYou don’t want to get into the New Year and be one of those guys who has to make a resolution to lose weight or cut down on drinking etc. do you? This is what usually happens when people indulge at Christmas. The only things you should be over indulging in this year are London escorts!

Little and often

Not London escorts of course, you should book them as often as humanly possible (you only live once!) We’re talking about the rich food and the booze. It’s no good having an “only live once” philosophy when it comes to these things, because if you do, you actually won’t be living too long! In all seriousness, take it all in moderation guys.

Don’t get anxious about it

When you think about it, you all probably indulge in a pint or two already. You all enjoy a takeaway and those snacks now and then don’t you? Well, all you have to do is not go too mad just because it’s Christmas. Simple. Carry on as though it’s the same. Unless of course you already eat and drink too much!

A little exercise never hurt

Ask our London escorts, they’ll tell you. Getting a little more exercise won’t hurt you. You can choose to walk the distances you usually use a cab or tube for. You can even start doing some press-ups or sit-ups if you’re feeling ambitious. Just don’t go too mad. Remember that if you over indulge, you can always counteract it with some exercise. Look after yourselves boys, we care about and so do the girls.

Speaking of which, have you see the new faces in the Gallery? There’s a number of new girls dotted here and there, and some of the girls have new pictures etc. Check out Marta (picture above), she’s decided to get festive already, as you can see!

Have fun, be careful, but have fun!

Booking London escorts to get over Christmas!

London escortsSo you want to get away from it all? Already? Blimey, that didn’t take long! Perhaps you already have relatives around for Christmas, or your wife is making you do all the Christmas shopping early? Whatever the reason, you’re likely to fancy a break!

Booking London escorts

Booking London escorts is arguably one of the best things you could do to escape the monotony of all this Christmas madness. It’s arrived early, we know, but then it arrives earlier every year doesn’t it? We’re betting that it’ll start at the end of summer next year! As soon as the Halloween stuff is out of the shops, the Christmas stuff is piling up!

Well, we haven’t restocked our London escorts, it’s the same group of lovelies available, with a few new girls added here and there. You should check the gallery and find the girls in their Christmas outfits! Everyone loves a girl in a Santa suit don’t they? Perhaps one of the girls would be happy to dress up in an outfit like this when she comes to see you? All you have to do is ask you know. And don’t worry, she won’t be turning up to your hotel room or your flat dressed like this, she’ll change when she arrives we’re sure!

Give Christmas an early start

Give yourself an early Christmas present and book one of the girls. Believe us when we tell you that you’ll be much better prepared to deal with whatever everyone decides to throw at you. This includes all that shopping and organising too. And you’ll be able to tolerate the extended family visits that always seem to happen at this time of year! Let our girls make you happy, it’s what they do best of all.

Choose from our extensive list of outcall London escorts now

Coffee Shop Chronicles: Picking up girls

London escortsThere’s a price to pay if you’re planning on picking up girls in a coffee shop. And we’re not talking about the cost of a latte in Cafe Nero or Costa Coffee! The price of coffee is ridiculous to say the very least, we’re sure you’ll agree!

No, the cost comes from your self-esteem. Doing this sort of thing in a coffee shop can bring you a lot of knock backs. This can turn an ordinarily confident man into a mouse, or practically destroy a man with no confidence at all!

Take some tips from London escorts

It’s worth pointing out that London escorts get hit on all the time. Some would have you believe that they never go out, and that they simply sit in their apartments all day waiting for the phone to ring. It’s actually better for an outcall London escort (like the ones we represent) to be out and about already, when you think about it. This is particularly so if we’re talking about a well organised escort. Meaning those that have all the necessaries with them most of the time of course! And most of the time they’ll be hanging around in Central London, where their calls are likely to be anyway!


So what advice would they give you? Other than “forget it and book a London escort!” They would tell you to go for it. In our experience, it’s times like this that are actually perfect for approaching women; especially if they’re alone. And that’s not meant in a predatory sense, we hope you understand. No, it’s about them being calm, receptive and perhaps even subconsciously inviting attention from men. Now, how to go about it?

Good openers

If you use some of the following openers, you’ll at least get an instant idea about whether or not she’s into you or not, and whether she is going to mind too much if you bother her morning coffee. If she doesn’t sound too responsive, apologise for intruding and leave with some dignity.

  • “That looks interesting.” Use this is she has books and papers all over the table etc.
  • “What are you reading?” Obviously if she is indeed reading!
  • “It’s quiet/busy today.”
  • “You’re a new face, I haven’t seen you here before.”
  • “Do you know where the toilets are?” Obviously not if you can clearly see them.
  • “I like your coat/hat/gloves/shoes.” This one is a bit tricky. Try not to come across like some kind of fetishist!


Whilst you try these things out, make sure you smile as much as you can. Not in a crazy way! You’ll appear much less intimidating and more inviting if you look genuinely happy.

Go home and book London escorts

If all else fails, go home and try again another day. But there’s no reason to go without the female contact you crave, and indeed need! Book one of our lovely London escorts to come around to your place and keep you company. You can even try out some of those lines on her and see if she likes them!


Time to kick her into touch!

London escortsYou’ve probably read numerous articles online about how to find out whether or not your girlfriend is cheating on you etc. What are the signs? How do you know? If you’re reading this then we sympathise with you, because it has probably happened to you. We have some advice for you from our lovely bunch of outcall London escorts. Kick her into touch! Meaning of course – dump her!

You’d think this was the normal reaction, right?

Sadly it isn’t. There are men out there with such low self-esteem that they will continue to take their girlfriends back time and time again when they cheat. This is because they don’t believe that they’re worth any better. Well, you are gents! You really are, and you need to realise it. No-one deserves to be cheated on, especially continually. There is one exception to this rule of course. We would say that if the partner is an absolute arse, then all those morals go out the window. Our London escorts agree with us here. If a man or a woman is being such an intolerable arse, then they deserve to be cheated on.

But you’re not we assume? If you’re really not, all you need to do is find your own self worth and realise that you don’t deserve to be treated like that. Your first move should be to cheat on her right back. Book some London escorts and have some fun! Go out and party with the girls, get drunk and behave inappropriately when she thinks you’re supposed to be home. If she’s done it before and you’ve let her back in, she’s probably expecting you to do it all over again. Don’t. Shock the shit out of her and don’t be there for her when she wants you back.

Be strong

She’ll want you more than ever if you’re not available to her, so keep booking London escorts to get the female contact you need to survive the break-up. Our girls don’t mind, they’re well used to being there for guys in these situations! You can do it! You can do better!


Don’t cry yourself a river! Book an escort

It’s normal to have those down days gentlemen, but don’t let them become the focal point of your existence. Don’t go to work thinking that you’re going to spend the evening alone and be miserable, it’s just not worth it, and it can leave you very unhappy at this time of year. As the winter nights draw in and it’s cold outside, you need a little heat beside you. What better way to get that than to book an escort to keep you warm?

Switch off the sad music and book an escort

You probably recognise what we did in the title there? “Cry me a River” is an old love song that’s sure to get the tear flowing from anyone who is on a bit of a downer. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s a version we like by Diana Krall

Lovely isn’t it? But what’s that? You’re not crying are you? Stop it right now and call an escort. Well, call Allstar Escorts and we’ll send one around to turn that frown upside down. Youc an guarantee that the girls you see on our website will make even the most miserable man positively gleeful!

Never be alone again

And don’t worry about going out to find a new girlfriend this winter if you don’t feel like it. It’s going to be too bloody cold to mess around i the pubs and clubs, spending a fortune. Book an escort when you need to be with a woman. You can do that for just £100 and you don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your own home. Our girls will have their driver drop them right outside your door. Simply have yourself a nice relaxing shower, slip into something comfortable, put on some nice music (not miserable) and await the arrival of your chosen girl.

Book now with Allstars Escorts

Now recruiting new London escorts – outcall only

outcall escortA while ago we wrote an article explaining why we only represent outcall escorts. This time we’re writing an article to attract more of those type of girls to the agency. We are putting a call out for young women in and around London who want to become outcall escorts. In many respects we’re looking for those who can only be outcall escorts.

Don’t have an apartment? No problem!

If you don’t have an apartment where you can invite your clients along, you need to be an outcall only escort. And by far the best way to get bookings when you’re only offering an outcall escort service, is to list with an outcall only agency! Simple we know. If you register with an agency that offers incalls too, you’re not likely to get any bookings. Our agency attracts clients looking for outcall services, because they know that’s all we do!

Have you got what it takes to become an outcall escort?

If you tick any (preferably all) of the following, we would very much like to hear from you:

  • Aged between 18-40
  • Considered attractive
  • Friendly
  • Have good taste in clothes and plenty of them
  • Have good availability
  • Like spending time with many different types of men
  • Able to travel freely around London

All you need to do to become part of the agency is fill out the form on our website. If you are having any problems, or you just want to talk to someone instead, call us on the phone and we’ll do our best to help. It’s important that you realise that we offer our services to our clients for £100 an hour. Obviously your travel expenses will be paid for by your client, but you will be liable for a commission fee to the agency for getting you the booking.

Let’s work together to get you the income you desire.

Escorting in London is a lot of fun and you could be doing it right now!

We only offer outcall escorts

outcall escortsWe thought we’d give you this information once more. We only offer outcall escorts. It’s amazing just how many times we get asked whether we have incall girls available. We realise that all of the girls we represent are indeed tantalising beautiful and you’d love to go knocking on their doors, but the fact is, they don’t want you to!

How come they’re only outcall?

We only represent outcall escorts because these girls either can’t or won’t offer incalls. If they can’t, it’s usually because they don’t live in a central area or in an appropriate apartment to accept incall visitors. They could live with family members or friends who don’t know about their escorting career. Some of the girls simply want to keep their location secret and would rather keep as much distance between their escort career and their everyday life as possible. There are girls with regular jobs at certain times during the day and/or night.

Someone has to represent the outcall escorts

You see, there aren’t that many agencies in London that actually will represent girls who only offer outcall services. So we decided long ago to be one of the only agencies that represent only outcall escorts. Now practically every girl in London who doesn’t want to or can’t offer incalls, is listed with Allstars Escorts! And this makes us very happy indeed! We are proud to be doing what we do.

All our girls are professionals, and because they only offer outcalls, this makes them very good at it indeed. You can always expect your chosen girl on time, looking perfect and ready to entertain. We wouldn’t have our girls any other way. Many of them use drivers too, so you can count on them being there on time. It all depends on where you want them to get to of course. These young ladies can get to you anywhere in Central or Greater London!

Check the gallery of London escorts now

The worst things to say to your girlfriend

London escortWe’ve all sat there after our girlfriend has stormed out of the room, thinking to ourselves “what the hell did I say.” Well, it’s time we gave you a little insight into what it could have been. We can’t possibly tell you all the things never to say to your girlfriend of course, but we can make a start!

Avoid all of the following

  • Don’t comment on her friends if she says they look nice. You may be tricked here if you’re not careful. When she says that one of her friends had on a sexy dress that made her look fabulous, don’t agree! For goodness sake don’t agree!
  • Never ask her to “calm down”. It’s arguably one of the worst things you could say, and it’s even worse if you say it during an argument you’re having with her!
  • Never comment on her eating habits! If she pigs out on a whole family size packet of crisps in front of the TV, don’t be tempted to make fun. You’re entering a world of pain!
  • Never comment on what she’s wearing. Even if she asks you, don’t be tempted to say anything other than “you look wonderful!”

We’ve only given you a few there, but it’s enough to keep you out of trouble. As a golden rule (and we’ve had this verified by a London escort or two also!) is to simply avoid as much communication with your girlfriend as possible; especially if she’s after an argument!

A London escort won’t be bothered!

Here’s the thing. If you’ve had enough of watching what you say, or you don’t already have a girlfriend of course, book a London escort. These girls don’t rely on you saying all the right things, and if you’re paying them and you’re a nice guy, you’re going to have her eating out of your hand, no matter what you say. Have your women, your way!