Don’t use Adultwork!

AdultworkThis is a post for all of you guys who are even contemplating booking an escort from We have more than a little experience in this area. This is because we hear some of the horror stories and complaints from our girls. Not that they use Adultwork of course, they just hear the complaints from their clients who have used it, and then subsequently learned the error of their ways and chosen to book through us instead.

It’s  never easy for our girls when they hear complaints because they somehow feel as though they need to do an extra good job to compensate for these awful Adultwork girls! It’s not up to them really is it? It’s just that they are all so dedicated to their careers that they automatically want to make things better!

What happens through Adultwork?

We’re not saying that there aren’t a number of really good escort service providers on there, but if you are looking at the lower end, cheaper escorts, you may find that the service isn’t as you expect. Sometimes even the girl won’t be what you expect, and that’s never  a nice experience. We would just like to take a moment here to ensure you that all the girls we represent are indeed the girls you see in the pictures.

Service quality

We won’t go too far into this, mainly because we choose to not associate ourselves with exactly what our girls (or any others) do when they are on a date with a client. Suffice to say that some of the girls on Adultwork have basically been telling those who enquire that they do everything! And then when someone decides to book, based on what he has been told, they soon realise that it was a lie. Trouble with the escort business is that you can’t go and complain to anyone about it really. So the girls get away with it; that’s why they do it!

Our services

We’re not going to lower ourselves to begin listing “services” on each of our girls’ profiles. We’re above that, and we’ll tell you why. Why on earth would we pretend to know what any individual escort might be prepared to get up to with her client, or even want to do? Even is she told us the “services” she is happy to offer her clients, we’re not going to publish them. If we don’t publish, or even know about them, a client can’t go along expecting this and that and then come back to us to complain they didn’t get it. And to be honest with you, we’re happy with this arrangement.

If you choose not to use our agency because we don’t tell you this, then so be it, there are plenty of clients that will use us. At the end of the day, you pay your money and you take your chance, that’s the name of the game. All we can do is promise that the girl who you book is the girl in the pictures, and that she is professional, friendly and keen to please.

Don’t forget your toothbrush (for our London escorts!)

alexaToday’s post is for all you national and International travellers out there. Those of you who travel into London frequently, for business or pleasure, and like to book our escorts. We are appealing to your good nature in asking you to ensure that you are well groomed. In particular, make sure your oral hygiene is perfect!

Bad breath

Our escorts don’t expect you to have a set of teeth on you like a supermodel or anything like that, don’t worry. But they do expect them to be clean and your breath to be fresh at the very least. There is nothing worse than greeting someone with a kiss when they have very bad breath! and if this is the first thing a London escort notices about you, the rest of the booking is not likely to be looked forward to is it? You can hardly blame a girl for being less than enthusiastic if you smell like a sewer.


Yes, some escorts smoke, but certainly not all of them. and whether they do or not doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you should refrain from doing so before your booking. It’s only fair isn’t it? Give a girl a chance to enjoy your company as we’re sure you will enjoy hers. And we all know just how smoking makes your breath stink, as well as your clothes etc.

When you think about it, considering that you’re waiting for one of our escorts in a hotel room, or apartment, you really don’t have an excuse not to brush your teeth at least; so remember that toothbrush!

Splash on some of the good stuff!

And if you’ve got any, splash it on! You can bet your life that she’ll be smelling fantastic for you. Those girls really do make an effort for their clients (get that “date night feeling” when both parties have their perfume/aftershave on!)


On the subject of hygiene and making an impression, there is one more thing we’d like to add. We can safely assume that you have a shower at your place? Whether it’s a hotel or an apartment, you’re bound to have one. We’re asking for our escorts again here. Could you please ensure that you make these facilities available to your companion before she leaves if she wants them? She may well have somewhere else to go (not necessarily another booking either!) In addition, can you also make sure the shower is clean too, and not like a tramp has been sleeping in it? No-one wants to put their feet in a grimy shower! These are classy girls you know, ever if they are among the cheapest in London!

London escort driver jobs at Allstars Escorts

  • Can you work unsociable hours?
  • Do you want to earn good money and be your own boss?
  • Do you want to chauffeur beautiful women around?
  • Do you know your way around Greater London quite well?
  • Can you use satellite navigation effectively?

London escort driver jobsIf you have answered yes to all of the above questions, you could have just found yourself one of the most perfect London escort driver jobs in the city. We are now recruiting motivated and reliable drivers who wish to chauffeur our beautiful young ladies all over London and Greater London.

Your qualities

Your qualities should stand out if you are to be successful. Our London escort driver jobs are not just given to anyone who applies. You need to make sure you can really fulfil all of the responsibilities we have outlined. It’s not enough to simply have a nice car and to enjoy driving!

You car should certainly be in good working order and capable of getting around London effectively. It should be comfortable too, so that the girls feel happy being transported in it. You will need to be road legal too, meaning that you need to ensure it’s taxed and tested and insured.


Whilst we are satisfied to have part time applicants looking for London escort driver jobs, it’s important that you don’t do too much during the day, or when you are required to be on call for us. We do not want a driver who is likely to sleep at the wheel in the middle of the night because they’ve been working all day too!

London escort driver jobs at Allstars

If you are ready to apply for a position at Allstars, please see our dedicated page for London escort driver jobs and apply there. If you are successful you’ll be notified as soon as possible. We will not be contacting you if you are unsuccessful.

Looking for escort jobs in London

escort jobs in LondonIt’s never hard to find escort jobs in London if you’re prepared to travel. You see Allstars are always looking for new girls. We want the most beautiful young women from all over the world. We want them to not only be attractive, but we need them to be charming, with excellent conversational skills and able to entertain a variety of different men, from all over the world.

Allstars has no time for girls who can’t work late, or don’t like a certain type of man, or won’t travel to this place or that. You need to be a versatile woman to work with us. We have some of the best escort jobs in London, but only for the right girls!

Escort jobs in London – Outcall only

The thing you need to understand first about the escort jobs in London that we have to offer, is the fact that they are all outcall. We don’t really care whether or not you have a nice apartment and you want to entertain there, that’s not what we do.

If you work with us at Allstars you need to be prepared to travel all over Greater London, not just Central London. You will have the use of a driver in most cases, depending on where you are going, so you’ll never have any trouble getting to your client. We have a reputation to uphold, so if you can’t commit to visiting clients in their homes or hotels, all over London and Greater London, it’s best that you simply don’t apply in the first place.

Where to apply for escort jobs in London

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a professional London escort, you need to contact us via our employment page. We review all of our applications and notify those who are successful directly. If you don’t get a reply from us, you can assume that you were not successful!

New escorts at Allstars!

new escortsIt may have escaped your attention if you have a favourite few girls and you just call us on the phone to book them, but we do have some new faces. Since we’ve been changing things at the agency we have attracted a number of new escorts.

We’ve changed the rates system, as you know, introduced a VIP range, and added many more duo London escorts too. This has caught the attention of clients and escorts alike, and they’re flocking into the site because they’ve heard just how good we are!

New escorts

There really is something about booking one of the new escorts, it doesn’t matter where you’re booking them from. It just feels so much more exciting than booking a girl you’ve seen on the website for a long time. The thought that they’re new to escorting in general is forever present, but there’s something even better than that!

New escorts are always very eager to please, and this is the main reason they get booked so often when they arrive. You’d better be quick if you want to get a booking in with the new girls, and we do so recommend advance booking whenever you can. They get busy quickly. But don’t worry about the novelty of starting with a new agency wearing off the girls, it won’t. They’re always keen to see the type of clients their new agency has, and they can’t wait to meet you.

And as you already know, we only ever represent the very best girls. You can’t be the finest outcall only, cheap London escort agency in the whole of Greater London, without having high standards. Try out the new girls now. We are confident that you’ll have a great experience.

Review our new escorts

By the way, if you really want to help the new ladies catch a break and give them a good launch to their career, leave them a review. Leave one on if you don’t want to register as a member anywhere. If you want to post sites that are taken really seriously, purely by members only, visit The Erotic Review or Captain 69.

Get an apartment to book outcall girls

outcall London escortsIf you’re one of those guys who has a problem with booking girls to come to his hotel room, why not get an apartment. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Especially if you get one of those apartments where the front desk clears off at a certain time and you can access the building and your apartment freely without scrutiny.

No-one else is going to be bothered about who you have coming to your room. In fact, no-one really knows whether or not that person they see with you wasn’t already staying with you do they? Outcall London escorts at Allstars are very professional and they don’t draw too much attention to themselves anyway. They always appear very natural and not “overdone” so to speak. If they require any special attire for your date, they’ll bring it with them.

Where to book

The best thing to do is to look on places like and where you can specify what you want. You will be able to see for yourself just how it all works when you get there. But the great news is that you can get apartments as cheap as £50 a night in some of the nicest places in the city. There’s one on Draycott Street we know of to begin with, right in the heart of South Kensington! You couldn’t get more central than that really could you? Not if you want to be in the West End anyway. And you can bet your life that we have plenty of escorts available in that area of London.

That’s just one area of course, the maps on and are really useful for finding great locations, and what’s even better is that if you sign up with those sites, you can even gain reward points for your stay! Doesn’t get better than that does it? Rewarded to stay in London and see outcall London escorts!

Have it your way, wherever and whenever you want

escort agenciesNow there aren’t that many escort agencies that can say that are there? With Allstars Escorts you can have whatever girl you want, wherever you want, and more importantly, whenever you want! This is why we enjoy running a 24 hour agency. We’re always busy, and we’re always able to give our clients what they want. Other escort agencies struggle sometimes because they’re not open when their clients need them, and this ultimately leads to them becoming much less popular.

Wherever you want

Now, it’s all very well and good being open 24 hours a day, but there is actually competition from other escort agencies when it comes to this. However, these agencies are all in Central London, and they simply don’t go out any further. This is mainly because they rely on their girls to make their own way to their bookings etc.

This can be problematic for new girls to London, who perhaps don’t have great language skills yet either. They have to negotiate the cabs and explain where they want to go, and then they have to get back. Well, probably ubers if we were thinking about it. Their escort agencies don’t help them get to where they want to go. We do!

Our drivers

Our drivers are ready and prepared to take our girls anywhere they want to go, and in plenty of time too. This makes us very popular indeed. Mostly because at Allstars we cover the whole of Great London, not just Central! We go out as far as the Home Counties sometimes if we have girls on the outskirts of Greater London, ready for bookings. There’s not telling where the hand of Allstars Escorts can reach! You can find out of course by simply calling us to make an enquiry about a specific girl you may be interested in. We’ll be sure to tell you whether she can get to you in the time you want her there. We have to be practical however, and if she’s all the way across town, we may have to recommend someone a little closer for our drivers to collect.

Book from Allstars Escorts and have it your way!

Movie night on your own again? Not with Allstars!

It might sound a little ridiculous to some of you, but we know our escort clients very well, and so do our girls. The girls know the type of things that you all love doing. They know what you like to see them wearing, they know where you like to go and what you like to get up to etc. but they also know a number of things that you may not have mentioned or even done. We’re talking about the subtext here. For those who aren’t sure what that means, we’re talking about what doesn’t get said, but can be reasonably worked out. Our escort clients really would appreciate some of the simpler things in life.

So why do you book escorts?

To spend time with a beautiful young woman yes, we know, you’ve said it before, and will continue to say it as long as you book girls. But it’s also a lot about loneliness isn’t it? Not wanting to spend too much time on your own. To alleviate the boredom, the sadness even. So, why can’t you ever just book a girl to do the “normal” and banal in life? It’s not unusual to book a girl to simply have dinner with you, as you already know, so why not book her to watch a movie with you.

You must all miss curling up on the sofa and cuddling a girlfriend whilst you watch the latest Avengers movie, or whatever you’re into, right? Well, you don’t have to. We know that the girls aren’t that cheap, but to be honest, what price can you escort clients put on that feeling that you get out of doing something simply like this with one of our girls.

Beats finding a girlfriend

Doesn’t it? You could spend a lot of time and money going out to find a girl to spend those lonely nights with. But isn’t it better to do away with the inevitable problems that will occur after you’ve been together for a while? And isn’t it better to be able to have a different girl each time? We think it is. And that’s why you should try it out. Live your life the way you want to, you only get one!

Gentlemen’s entertainment in London City!

Isn’t it time that you lot who work in The City had some fun for a change? Today we’re going to tell you all about another of our favourite places for adult entertainment in London. Not only is it one of our favourite places, it’s also a very affordable place to get your adult entertainment, in much the same way as our very own London escorts. We have some of the cheapest girls, and the most elite in London. Since our expansion into the higher end of the business, we’ve managed to attract a hell of a lot of new girls to the agency. Go and take a look at our gallery and see for yourself. You should find the perfect escort.

Browns strip pub

Browns has been a London institution for many years. Located along Shoreditch high street, on the crossroads, it’s clear to see and has become somewhat of a local landmark! They seem to retain the name “strip pub” rather than “club” because it manages to keep that pub feel about it. The first person you will be greeted by when you go and see it for yourself will be the security guy on the door, who is usually as British as a bulldog, and very friendly. He’ll tell you that there’s “no touch” and “no photography” etc. and then you’re in.

Inside you’ll find Browns to be very spacious indeed. The décor is nicely done and tasteful, furniture is sparse, but nice, and the drink prices are in line with most other London pubs. They have TVs on the wall showing football games and such, but we’re not entirely sure why they’re there! Not when there are loads of beautiful girls dancing and working the crowd, so to speak.

Working the crowd

This is a place where the girls will work the crowd. What we mean by this is that in much the same way as an escort will make you feel good about yourself by being attentive and affectionate, these girls will do the same. The difference of course is that they’ll only really be this tactile and affectionate with you until such a time as you tell her you do want a private dance, or you don’t want one. We suggest you string it out as long as you can, because they really are nice company.

Of course the main reason they “work the crowd” is to gather their money. The girl who is about to go on the stage and strut her stuff, will be walking among the clientele asking them for a pound to contribute to the dance. If the place is busy, then there will be a lot of money in her glass before she goes on and she’ll be very happy. This is mostly how the girls make their money. They get the rest from the private dances, but we expect that they will have to pay the pub a certain amount each time they’re at work too; but we couldn’t comment on that really.

The dances

The dances are very good quality indeed. We believe that Browns must really check the girls’ ability before they hire them to work the pub. Each and every one of them has clearly been dancing for a while, or they have some form of formal training in that area. It’s not a simple case of them leaning against the pole and bending over etc. without their knickers on. These girls really get up on the pole and show you what they can do. It’s worth noting that you may get an escort at Allstars who has extensive experience in dance.


Overall a great place to go and meet some wonderfully beautiful young women. You won’t get to take them home however! That’s where we come in handy. If you’re having an evening out at Browns, make sure you call us before you get home or at your earliest convenience, and we’ll have a beautiful, reasonably priced London escort to your door in no time at all!

Better to get an outcall than a dodgy incall!

incall London escortsIt’s time we told it like it was. There are loads of London escort agencies in our capital, but they’re not all they say they are. It’s all very well having an agency that can offer incall and outcall services, but if those services are substandard then it doesn’t make any difference does it? You can have all these features and options, but they’ve all got to be good.

Incall London escorts

There are incall girls out there that really shouldn’t be offering incall services to be honest. This is because they’re in dodgy areas if we’re telling the truth. Not Central London of course, there aren’t many dodgy areas here (well less at least). But when you start looking for incall London escorts in the Greater London area, you may find yourself turning up to some pretty rough looking apartments in areas where you may not feel safe parking your car

No-one wants to feel unsafe or even go to apartments that aren’t as classy as they’d like. Better to get an outcall!

Better to get an outcall

It is indeed better to get an outcall when it’s like this. Like we said, it’s not all as bad as this, but isn’t it better to get an outcall when you’re in the relative safety of your own home or hotel? This is the reason we only offer outcall services. The girls we have outside of Central London, do not have great apartments for incalls. They’re not too bad for sure, but we wouldn’t send our most discerning clients there for a booking. Until such a time as our girls have appropriate locations for incalls, we will never offer them. It’s as simple as that.

And we don’t want to go and recruit a load more different girls, simply because we have gotten very used to the girls we already have and we love working with them. And we know you love being with them.

So forget all about incall London escorts and get yourself an outcall from the most professional outcall agency in the city!