You’re not in love with your escort

escortDon’t worry, it’s not real. You might think you’re in love with your London escort, but you really aren’t. This is the idea of our service of course. We provide you with arguably the most stimulating company you’ve ever had in your life, and you believe that you are indeed in love with her.

The trouble comes when you can’t switch off that emotion. If you can maintain the game whilst she’s with you, and then forget all about your feelings, once she has gone, you’re onto a winner. However, if you simply can’t get her off your mind and you believe that there could be a chance for the two of you to make a future together, you are seriously deluded. You have to get a grip, because it’s just not happening.

Your escort is not interested in a relationship

Let’s make this clear. Very clear. She’s not interested in a relationship of ANY kind at all. She has an escort career, and the chances are that she’s doing it because she bloody loves it! Why would she give up meeting different men all the time, being wined and dined and spoiled rotten, just to make a life with you? We are truly sorry if you find that hard to swallow, but it’s true.

It’s really best to just not pursue anything with the girls. You’ll only embarrass yourself, and probably them too. It’s hard for an escort to let down a client, but in this respect, she’d have to we’re afraid. There’s no getting around it.


You can however use her as practice for when you do meet the love of your life, in a realistic setting. Try out your chat up lines on her, try to make her laugh and entertain her as though you were trying to impress her into agreeing to a second date. You would be very surprised how many guys get along better in the real dating world once they have booked an escort for “rehearsal!”

Is the world going to hell? If so, live it to the max!

London escortWe live in a world where people are more willing to video an assault taking place, and post it on Facebook, than actually help stop it happening. We live in the “selfie” generation, whereby everyone is obsessed with their own appearance. There are riots in Paris, there are people getting all wound up in the UK about Brexit, and basically, the world is in decline. The time for common sense and reasoning seems to have left us completely. When we’re more interested in celebrity culture and our own narcissistic ways, and we’re prepared to pass those onto our own children, there can’t be much hope left.

So what should we do? There’s nothing left to do really. We just live in the moment and hope people find a way. Which is why our London escort business is doing so very well at the moment. In a world that’s more and more fractured, where people feel more and more isolated, despite the advent of “smart” phones etc. a London escort can provide you with the emotional nourishment you need.

You don’t have to talk to your escort

You don’t have to talk about your problems with a London escort, you can simply be with her. It’s as easy as that. Sometimes being around someone you barely know is enough to get some kind of respite from the chaos unfolding in the world today. And it can’t hurt that the person you are with is insanely hot can it? And the girls at Allstars certainly are that!

Have your London escort come to you

The best thing about our agency is that all the escorts we represent are outcall girls and they’ll come to wherever in London you are. They’ll even travel to the outskirts of Greater London and into some areas of the Home Counties! You can’t go wrong really can you? Not for the price these girls charge for goodness sake!

Booking an escort for couples with your wife

escort for couplesToday we’re going to give you some advice about getting the other half to agree to booking an escort for couples. It’s never an easy subject to approach of course, but some of you have already done it and are very happy indeed. Let’s see if we can’t help out the rest of you!

We know that there are a number of you out there that have never booked with Allstars Escorts, even just for yourself, so it’s going to be hard work to book an escort for couples we know. You probably feel as though it’s cheating, wrong, immoral or something like that, yet here you are on our website! Might as well try yes?


How to go about it

We like this idea above all others. Have a night when you and the Mrs are having a bit of a drink, or you are perhaps on a night out. When she’s had a few, you can approach the subject of having another girl join you. You can even point out a woman or two whilst you’re out. Now this is very important. If she gets upset about it, you can just claim that you were joking and never talk about it again. The next day, if she remembers, you can just put her reaction down to drinking and reinforce the fact that you were joking.


The serious way

There’s always the serious way, but we’re not guaranteeing results here. You could just come straight out with it and ask what she thinks. Make sure that you tell her that this is the first time you’ve considered getting an escort for couples, and that you have never booked an escort before. Otherwise she’s going to believe all sorts of things. And remember that if you do book girls, and she didn’t go for this idea, you’re going to be on her radar. Be careful!

Planting the seed

Sometimes it’s just about planting the seed of thought in her mind you know. It can be a joke, or like we suggested on the night out etc. She may even come back to you about it, so always be patient. You never know, Christmas might come very early for you!

And when you’re looking for an escort for couples, don’t forget to give us a call!


Is language such a barrier with London escorts

London escortsWe know that there are plenty of you out there that like your London escorts to speak English, but is it really such a big deal? And you think it is, why do you think it is? There are those of you who don’t care either way of course. You surely have to ask yourself, how well do you want to communicate with your girl?

The vast majority of you guys book London escorts for an hour or two. Just how much are you going to learn about a young woman in that time anyway? You’re probably not going to approach a load of subjects with her during this time are you? And you’re going to be more than enamoured with the way she looks, a lot more than how well she can converse with you!

More fun with a broken accent

Not only is it really sexy most of the time, but it’s a lot of fun trying to get across what you mean to your escort. There are frustrations, but it’s mostly fun. Mainly because they laugh when they suddenly realise what you mean. These young ladies have an excellent sense of humour you know.

Are you going to dinner?

Do you really ever go to dinner with your escorts? There aren’t many who do really. These are the times when you probably want to chat with your girl a little more. She ceases to be just a pretty young thing with a hot body when you take her out to dinner!

Talk to us about your London escorts

If language is a problem for you, or you do actually plan to go out and spend a few hours or more with your chosen girl, then do ask for one with good English skills. We can’t really be held responsible for any bookings you don’t enjoy if you don’t make your requirements known to us when you call. We can always make recommendations based on what you want.



Give her some options

outcall escortThe following could quite easily apply whether you’re spending time with an escort, or any type of woman to tell the truth. Whilst we do like to keep the topic of our blog about escorts and the escorting world in general, there are bound to be some crossovers where you can apply our hints and tips to your regular, more conventional life. Today’s article is about making your outcall escort feel more comfortable when she’s in your company. But as we just said, you can apply these to any woman and dating situation (in fact you should!)


Music is “the food of love” apparently, so you can certainly use it to nurture your date. However, whilst it’s a nice idea to have some music quietly playing in the background when your date arrives, it’s also very polite and helpful to ask her to choose what she would like to hear. She may like jazz or blues, or a specific type of classical music (these are cultured European women, most of them!) They are also plenty confident enough to tell you if they would like a change too, but it’s nice to ask. If they say what you are playing is fine, trust them, they won’t be lying to you.

If you have ever booked an incall escort before you will surely able to relate to this. You must have heard some dreadful European pop music that you wished you could change. This should be enough to encourage you to give your outcall escort some options. It doesn’t stop there of course, there are many other ways you can make them more comfortable.


Obviously it’s important to offer literally any guest you have some refreshment when they come to call, but when you have an outcall escort coming visit, it’s a special occasion. This means top notch wine or champagne, some different types of snacks etc. As long as they’re happy, you’re going to be happy too.


Finally, make sure you ask your companion if they are comfortable in your room/apartment. Make sure you show the where everything they may need is, and offer them to use your place freely as though it were their own. Make sure to ask her if she’s warm enough, or too warm. Check the lighting too, and fluff up the cushions on the coach etc. Make the room comfortable, then you can both relax.

What is it like to be an outcall London escort?

London escortWell, considering that we aren’t escorts, it’s a little difficult to say really. But we do have a little more experience and knowledge on the subject than most, so allow us to impart a little of our knowledge.

An outcall London escort doesn’t have a highly unusual life. It’s an interesting one, but not unusual. In much the same way as any of you go to work, so does she. In the same way as you come home, eat and go to sleep, so does she. An outcall London escort may do a very different job, and keep very different hours, but she works hard, enjoys her work, and gets paid very handsomely for it. How many of us can say that we get paid well for a job we love?

Typical day of an outcall London escort

The typical day of an escort can’t really start in the morning to begin with. Her day will start when she wakes up, which will more than likely be in the early afternoon. There aren’t many clients who book girls in the morning, and when they do, we usually recommend those girls who were not up too late the night before, and those who have already made it very clear to us that they enjoy morning bookings.

So she gets up after lunch mostly and she sticks around until she gets a booking. Then she gets herself all ready etc. and off she goes. These girls are very good at eating on the go and in between. Basically, unless they are going out for dinner, they eat as and when they are hungry.

She will usually take a break if she’s had a couple of bookings (if there is time), and she’ll go to the gym or do some form of exercise or something for herself. Some of the girls simply hit the shops and that’s enough exercise for them anyway. Home again and ready for the late night bookings.

They stay in a lot!

Anyone who thinks that these girls are always out having a great time are wrong. It’s a waiting game being a London escort. If they’re out and doing something else, they can’t be ready in time for a booking when the agency calls, so they elect to stay in and wait for the phone to ring. When they don’t want to work, most of them just switch off their phones!

Allstars Needs You! Wanted – New Escorts

escortsWe were just imagining Kitchener then, with his finger pointing to you in the picture, with “Your clients need you!” written in it! Could you imagine?! Anyway, back to fundamentals. We’re looking for new London escorts again. We know what you’re thinking: “Don’t you already have enough escorts on your website?” Well, the answer to that is a clear and resounding “yes,” of course, but you can never have too much of a good thing can you?

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for bright and entertaining young ladies, from anywhere in the world. They must really be able to speak at least a conversational level of English and enjoy conversing in that language. Those that speak very good English are sure to be very popular because we have a lot of British clients that like to chat with their escorts.

They obviously have to be very good looking. They have to be relatively young, or at least still look good if they’re a bit older (we don’t mind older women, if they look dynamite basically!) It’s a very important factor to consider.

The girls need to be able to dress up to impress our clients. And they need to have a sufficient amount of classy and elegant clothes in their wardrobe, that are likely to impress. As well as plenty of regular clothes too of course. They need to be able to get ready quickly and efficiently, without being late.


Which brings us on rather neatly to the next point. If you apply to be an escort with Allstars, you’re going to need to be reliable. For example, if we call you with a booking, you need to get to that booking on time. It’s very simple. And if you let us and our client down, we will no longer want to represent you, so it’s well worth your time and effort to get to your date on time.

Other than that, there isn’t much more you need to have, except a desire to make plenty of money and meet plenty of men. But then that’s not too hard is it?

Apply now to be an escort online at Allstars Escorts

You don’t have to use your own name

Allstars EscortsWhen you book a girl from Allstars Escorts, you have to remember that you’re not obliged to tell her your real name at all. We do all operate in an industry that seems to insist upon aliases. You can’t think for one moment that the girls at Allstars Escorts all have their real names on their profile! They have the same worries as you perhaps. What they do needs to be private, and what you do needs to be private. It’s a choice you both make.

When you need your real name

There is of course a rather obvious time when you do need to give your real name to the agency. This is when you have invited a girl to your room and she needs to enquire about you at the reception desk. If you want to avoid this too, you can always meet her in the lobby, or bar, or even outside if you insist. There are plenty of options. Of course, not all hotels insist on your “real” name anyway! Depends where you’re staying.

Chatting to your escort

If your escort clearly has a made up name like “Desire” or “Love” or something like that, please don’t make a fool of yourself by asking her for her real name all the time. It’s blatantly obvious that she doesn’t want anyone to know, so even if she did tell you another one, it’s likely to be fake too!

We are not interested in who you are

Don’t take that the wrong way of course, we care about you guys a lot. But we’re not interested in the slightest in who you are, or anything about you, so you needn’t worry about giving your name etc. We are hardly going to add you on Facebook! Your business is your business, and as long as you keep coming back to book your girls from Allstars Escorts, we couldn’t be happier.

Blonde escorts – brunette escorts

blonde London escortsWhich do you prefer? Blondes or brunettes? Of course the best clients are those of you who don’t really have a preference. We like those that choose both types of escorts really, and somewhat at random. That shows a man who just loves women!


It’s surprising just how much research has been done in this area. There was one not long ago in the paper where a young girl tried out Tinder as a blonde, and then she tried it out again as a brunette. Interesting we know. We have our very own stats on blonde escorts and brunette escorts too


The results of that girl’s test, and the results of our own data revealed that the blondes are actually doing better. Blonde escorts get booked more often than brunettes. We are certain that a lot of women decided to dye their hair after that experiment! Our girls always get booked anyway, so they’re not bothered about this sort of thing. Luckily there are enough of you to get them all bookings, it’s just that the blondes are a little busier!


Marketing escorts

We suppose the logical thing for us to do as an agency would be to get as many of the brunettes to change the colour of their hair, thus making them blonde London escorts. This way we’d get much more business clearly. But when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you know that to try and get the girls to do anything you think would help them get bookings, is actually a futile endeavour!

What about brunette escorts?

Well, here at Allstars Escorts, we’re very big fans of our brunette angels too of course. We wouldn’t dream of not representing as many brunette escorts, just because of this little social experiment. We know that lots of choice means that the client will always be happy, so we’re happy to leave the girls alone and let them do whatever the hell they want with their hair!


Check out the blonde and brunette London escorts we have online now!

Common outcall mistakes

outcall London escortsNo-one is perfect gentlemen, we all make mistakes (some more than others!) And what we would like to talk about today is the specific mistakes that can happen when you book outcall London escorts. We have been running an exclusively outcall only agency for many years now, so we have been afforded plenty of experience in this area. But because we do arguably more outcalls than any other agency in London, we have experienced more mistakes.

The usual suspects

Being late is one mistake that can happen when you’re an outcall escort. It’s not a common occurrence however, so don’t be over concerned that this will happen; it’s quite rare. Now it’s important that you realise that mistakes can happen and not to lose your mind too much over them if they do. And it’s not always appropriate to complain to your escort when she arrives either! She could have been ready in plenty of time, but her driver could have been late to collect her. So there is no point in banging on about it, your time will not be affected in any way. If you want to complain to someone, call the agency and speak to them. We won’t go into a huge list of reasons why outcall London escorts could be late, simply because there are so many: heavy traffic, flat tyre, wrong address etc.

The wrong address

Speaking of wrong addresses, this does happen sometimes too. But again, we would be quick to add that it’s definitely very rare. And again, if this happens, please remember that it’s very rare. We operate an outcall escort service, and we have for a very long time. We wouldn’t have been in business this long if we consistently let our clients down. We have an excellent record, and when it comes to going to the wrong address, this is rare and we are struggling to remember the last time something like this actually happened. We would always double check with you if we were even a little uncertain. And do remember to ensure you have given us all the right details, including the correct apartment number if you live in a building with a number of other apartments. Whenever there has been a problem in the past it’s usually because of incorrect information.

They may not remember your name

A small thing we realise, and really only a very trifling matter, but still a “mistake” none the less. You must understand that the outcall London escorts see a lot of different men, so they should be forgiven for not remembering the name of the person they are going to see. After all, let’s be fair about this, are you going to remember hers? We doubt it, especially if you’re a regular escort hobbyist. Besides, she’s more than likely to have a different name at a number of different agencies across London.

We suppose what we’re saying is: be a little more forgiving if there ever is a mistake, because they do happen sometimes; but not often!!