Booking a Christmas London escort

Christmas London escortThe first thing we want to talk to you about is your Christmas booking. If you have a particular girl in mind this Christmas, you will really need to get your bookings in as early as possible. We will of course have plenty of girls available to you this year, as with any other year, but we’re talking about that one special girl in particular you may have your eye on. You have to understand that it’s a holiday for your Christmas London escort too, and she may well want to go visit friends and family in another part of the world.

Buying gifts for your Christmas London escort

The first thing that springs to mind when people ask us about buying their London escorts at Christmas present is that it’s a very sweet and kind gesture indeed! It’s not obligatory to buy gifts for your escorts, but it really is kind. You’d be surprised actually, there are quite a lot of clients that buy presents for escorts. And it’s not just at Christmas time either.

The second thing we like to say to them is for goodness sake think about it, if you really are going to do it. Gifts are a very good idea, but do consider that you’re booking an outcall Christmas London escort and she has to get home. In other words, don’t buy her a 6’ teddy bear, or anything come to think of it, that could be deemed simply impractical to carry home. This is of course especially so if they’re travelling via cab very late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

What kind of Christmas gifts would be appreciated?

Firstly, it’s not that our outcall escorts wouldn’t appreciate the gesture of anything at all you understand? It’s important that we make it clear that these girls certainly are not ungrateful in any way at all! All you need to do is “use your loaf” a little and buy them gifts that they can carry inconspicuously from your home or hotel room, and gifts that they can keep. So, basically we’re talking about jewellery really, or perhaps some nice lingerie?

So, now you know!

Booking the best outcall cheap London escorts

outcall cheap London escortsYou want value for money, but you don’t want a poor experience right? Of course you don’t! This is why most people come to an agency like ours. There are larger, cheaper and flashier looking agencies out there online today, but you’re certainly not guaranteed the service that you’d get from booking outcall cheap London escorts from us.

Reliability is key

Even at Christmas time when the world seems to be going absolutely mental, you can count on us getting those outcall cheap London escorts to you when you want them, exactly where you want them. We have a very good track record for escorts and seem to get very lucky when representing the most reliable young women in the city. Our drivers are the best any agency in London could profess to have. When they are needed, they’re literally minutes away from the girls, so they can collect and drop off anywhere in the city in no time at all.

Obviously if the girl you have chosen is literally just around the corner, she won’t need a driver. But you can still count on our outcall cheap London escorts to get there on time, even if this is the case. Girls as young and beautiful as this, really don’t take long to get ready we’re sure you can imagine! So, when they literally have to just take a shower and get dressed into something pretty for you, you’re not going to be waiting long for them. Put it this way, it’s a lot less hassle than waiting around for your girlfriend to get ready before you go out!

Outcall cheap London escorts still know how to treat you

Just because they’re cheap it doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing! The reason they’re outcall cheap London escorts, and not incall, means that they have a lot more experience at visiting hotels an various homes than your standard type of escort. You can expect something very special indeed from these girls!

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We got Christmas covered with outcall London escorts

outcall London escortsOutcall London escorts are not as plentiful as you might think in the city you know. Not if you’re including the whole of Greater London. However, at Allstars Escorts we have you covered. Outcall London escorts are our speciality and they have been ever since we set up years ago.

Incall escorts are popular too

You see, there are plenty more escorts available, but there are quite a few of them that don’t like doing outcall bookings. It’s actually more popular for people to go along to an incall apartment these days. We’re talking about those who work in the city. These clients aren’t likely to be booking hotels etc. and they probably don’t live in London. Most commute from miles away.

Outcall London escorts are the commuters dream

Our outcall London escorts are indeed the commuters dream. Because we cover the whole of Greater London and even the Home Counties in some areas, clients are enabled to go home and book a girl on the way! Seriously, there’s nothing better than taking the train our to Essex or Kent and calling up the agency on the way to book a girl to come to your home to keep you company for a couple of hours!

Christmas is notoriously busy for the London escort industry

All the single gentlemen out there don’t want to be alone at Christmas. And why would they? Trouble is, Christmas is really busy for all London agencies (whether they’re good or bad). This is the time where there’s usually a shake up in the industry. People who have been using a particular agency realise that they can’t get the girls they want, when they want them during busy times etc. Thus they are forced to try someone new.

We are a pretty consistent outcall London escorts agency however. We very rarely let anyone down. Although having said that, it never hurts to get your bookings in as early as possible, just in case. We have no doubt that we will have a girl for you, whether she’ll be the one you want, when you want her, is another story at Christmas we’re afraid. Although we do have a pretty damn good record to be honest. Mostly we can get your outcall London escorts to you with just a slight time adjustment, but like we said, it’s best to book ahead when you can.

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It doesn’t always have to be the best with an outcall cheap London escort

We’re not saying this in order to disrespect our girls you understand. We just want to point out that a cheap London escort is more than satisfied with a regular dinner or lunch date. They’re not like those high class girls who want you to take them to the most expensive restaurants in the city. An outcall cheap London escort comes with just the same amount of talent as a high class girl, but with half the amount of expectations and pretensions!

It’s more about the company of an outcall cheap London escort

outcall cheap London escortThis is why so many guys don’t go out to dinner strangely enough. They love the company of a cheap London escort so much that they actually don’t want to share her with anyone else! Sometimes we wish that we did incall bookings, because we swear we’d be inundated with calls. It’s too much hassle however, the logistics of setting this up would be a nightmare now anyway. Could you imagine trying to organise all those girls?

You get a much better service (and a cheaper one!) when you book an outcall cheap London escort. These girls are adept at visiting your home or hotel, they’re highly professional and they’ll always give you value for money. Hell, they only cost £100 anyway! You can’t go wrong really, can you?

Dinner with a outcall cheap London escort

So when you decide you want to take one of these girls to dinner, it really doesn’t have to be anywhere extravagant. We’re not talking about going to Burger King of course, but you don’t have to dine in one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. As long as you get to share a drink and take her home with you, there really isn’t a problem. They love going out anywhere within reason!

Improve your confidence with London escorts

London escortsHaving confidence is incredibly important in today’s modern world. If you’re not confident you’re just not going to succeed at anything. This is especially so in London, they’ll eat you alive in this city! So when we say that London escorts can actually help you improve your confidence, we’re not kidding. We’re also not just referring to your confidence with women.

Improvement all round

Improved confidence with London escorts is in actual fact improved confidence all round. If you stop and think for a moment just how much of a boost your self-esteem gets after a successful date with a London escort, then you can easily transfer that to your everyday lifestyle. You can walk tall into work and take on that new project, simply because you impressed a young woman the night before and you both left each other’s company smiling!

Worried about impressing a London escort?

There’s no need to worry about this for a moment. Yes, they see a number of different clients, but they’re very versatile and they can see the charms in everyone they see quite easily. So, if you think you have zero charm, think again! Our London escorts will find it and they’ll momentarily fall in love with it! Once you have successfully impressed them, you will feel marvellous. It really is that simple.

Use your London escort confidence with other women

That’s the endgame right? You probably want to be able to impress regular women too. Well, once you have this newfound confidence, you’re much more likely to ask a girl out on a date. You’re much more likely to do well on that date too. Women see confidence quickly and easily and it drives them wild with desire. And you should remember that London escorts aren’t immune to this desire, they’re only human after all, so if you’ve got it, you’re going to drive them wild too!

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Blessed with the best escorts in London

We just thought we’d take a moment to tell you all just how blessed we feel to have some of the best escorts in London at the agency. When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you begin to see a certain type of girl glowing out from the thousands that appear in the city all the time.

We have reached an enviable position that many agencies hope to achieve. We can honestly say that every single girl we represent comes in the category we’ve just mentioned. You see, the best escorts in London don’t always have to be the most expensive, they just have to be the best. You can have cheaper escorts doing a better in their career than those that charge up to £600 for an hour of their time. Personally, in our experience we find some of these high priced girls don’t actually offer nearly as good a service as the girls from Allstars Escorts.

They just keep applying

We don’t really have to advertise anywhere these days to get new girls, and to be honest, we’re never really desperate for new girls. This is because we have all the best escorts in London of course; were you not reading the intro, that’s what we’re saying! Seriously though, we don’t need new girls, but if one or two crop up that are particularly interesting, or offer something exquisite, then we’ll gladly represent them.

Thinking of applying to be among the best escorts in London?

If you’re a girl thinking about finding a good agency, you couldn’t do much better than Allstars Escorts in terms of bookings. And let’s face it girls, it’s all about revenue and expenses right? If you can do outcall bookings and make money, rather than have to pay extortionate rates on an apartment and not get to keep a lot of your money, it’s got to be worth it.

Allstars Escorts have been going for a long time and we get a lot of bookings! We have a regular client list, and this is mainly because we’ve always been such good value. If you want to apply to the agency, visit our recruitment page and fill it out. If you’re having any problems, call us on the phone and we’ll sort you out!

The best escorts in London will always be the ones that offer value for money, not the ones with the most expensive dresses!

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Cheap London escorts help you mend a broken heart

cheap London escorts“Help me mend my broken heart, and let me live again.” Are those song lyrics familiar to you? We’ve all listened to songs like this when we’ve had our hearts broken, but we all get over these awful periods in our lives differently. What’s wrong with booking cheap London escorts? Nothing as far as we’re concerned!

There are more ways of course

You could go out and get hammered with your mates. However, all that’s going to get you is a headache, a beer gut and a significantly lighter wallet! You could can cut right to the chase with a cheap London escort, and get into the arms of a wonderfully passionate and beautiful young woman without all the bollocks that goes with “chatting up” women.

You can sink into the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels in the privacy of your own home, with pizza for dinner every night. You can sit in your pants and feel sorry for yourself as you begin to smell how awful your armpits are becoming, or you can have a shower, a shave and pick up the phone. Allstars Escorts are here, ready for you 24 hours a day! We will take your calls and have a beautiful companion at your door within the hour in most cases.

Do you still need convincing?

You shouldn’t really need convincing of course. What else are you going to do? After all, following a breakup, you really need to try your best to get back in the saddle at some point right? If you don’t, it really isn’t like riding a bike. You’re going to forget how to be around women, and it’ll happen sooner than you think.

So book cheap London escorts now. They don’t cost much and they could make you very happy indeed!

Never mind your bloody box sets!

London escortsHow much does a box set cost you to watch on Sky or whichever you watch your TV shows on? It’s not a rhetorical question either, we actually have no idea. This is because we do other things with our life, and we’re here to convince you to do the same. And no, we’re not just going to tell you to book London escorts!


You know, whether you’re a loner, or you have loads of friends, you can still go for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with going to dinner on your own, many of us here have done it before and had a really nice, relaxing time. A number of London escorts we know like to dine out alone occasionally too!

Besides, you’ve probably got plenty of friends right? Meet up after work and go for a curry for goodness sake! There really is no need at all to sit indoors watching that damn television, or playing on your PS4! You can have just as much fun if you split the bill at a restaurant with a bunch of mates.


Take yourself to see a movie. There are loads of places you can go, and there’s always something great on these days. You’ll be getting out and about, and you can even ask a friend to go with you if you like. Don’t take a girl to the cinema though, it’s hardly the place for a date! And it would be a waste of money to take London escorts to the pictures now wouldn’t it?


Just a walk is really good for you! You know this of course, but you just choose not to do anything about it. Switch off the TV and go out. There are loads of parks in London you can enjoy, some fabulous gardens etc. and who knows who you might meet. Hell, you could even book yourself some London escorts for when you get home. Besides, it’s exercise, and exercise is always good. Makes you feel good about yourself, and when you feel good about yourself, you reflect that on others!

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Don’t tell your girlfriend about Romanian London escorts!

Romanian London escortsIn fact, don’t tell her about any of our London escorts, unless you want to breakup with her. But even then, we think there would be much kinder ways to tell your girlfriend you don’t want to be with her anymore. Back to fundamentals for a moment. Today we’re going to tell you about Romanian London escorts and the impact they’re having on the escort community at the moment.

Romanian London escorts are the next big thing

It used to be that the only really good experience to have with an escort, was to book a high-class escort. The trouble with this is that high class London escorts tend to cost a packet! And let’s face it, we’re not all big shot bankers right? £600 an hour is a little too much for most of us, which is why we have Romanian London escorts for £100!

They’re not all Romanian London escorts of course, we have girls from all over the world. We’re just talking about Romanian girls because they are really making an impression at the moment. They’re making an impression because they will provide the same service as a high class London escort, for £100!

Why so cheap?

You might well ask how a London escort can do the same service for much less money. It’s basically because they’re not out to make a fortune in the UK. Most Romanian London escorts who have come over here with the express intention of pursuing a career in this industry, send money home to families etc. The cost of living in Romanian is significantly cheaper than over here in the UK, and even cheaper of course than in London! All the girl needs over here is someone nice to stay, and to afford herself some luxuries in life (most of which she couldn’t get back in Romania anyway!)

Most Romanian London escorts are here temporarily to make some money, and they have a jolly good time whilst they do it. Some are here as students of course, and some have decided to make London their permanent home for the foreseeable future. Whatever the reason for their stay in London, we are just happy that they have chosen Allstars Escorts to represent them!

A London cheap escort will be there for you

London cheap escortLet’s face it, if you are looking for emotional support or someone to make your dinner every night, you’re not going to want a London cheap escort! But if it’s someone you need to be there when you have companion crisis for dinner, or you’re simply lonely and need someone to hold you and be your temporary girlfriend, a London cheap escort will always be there for you. Especially from Allstars Escorts; since we have so many of them!

Physical contact with a woman

Sometimes all we need is to hold someone else. To feel the touch of a woman’s skin beneath our fingers is something that calms us in a very natural way, that’s pretty ineffable to tell the truth. We’re not talking about sex by the way; we’re talking about the power of touch. A London cheap escort from Allstars has to be worth it for just £100 right? Even if you did nothing but give her a hug. Imagine how they would feel.

Where to get the best London cheap escort

Well, obviously we’re going to tell you to book from Allstars Escorts, otherwise what would be the point in writing this blog post. However, you can get cheap escorts from all over the city these days. We won’t mention other agency names, but there are some good ones out there, which leaves you a lot of choice when it comes to finding your perfect London cheap escort. One that suits your taste just fine.

Be careful when searching

We would however tell you that you need to be careful booking cheap escorts for less that £100. Anything less than £100 isn’t likely to be very good at all, and it’s borderline exploitation in our honest opinion. When agencies, such as our own, take a certain percentage of the booking fee from the London cheap escort you choose, she’s not likely to make a lot of money if the price is lower than £100!

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