Don’t tell your girlfriend about Romanian London escorts!

Romanian London escortsIn fact, don’t tell her about any of our London escorts, unless you want to breakup with her. But even then, we think there would be much kinder ways to tell your girlfriend you don’t want to be with her anymore. Back to fundamentals for a moment. Today we’re going to tell you about Romanian London escorts and the impact they’re having on the escort community at the moment.

Romanian London escorts are the next big thing

It used to be that the only really good experience to have with an escort, was to book a high-class escort. The trouble with this is that high class London escorts tend to cost a packet! And let’s face it, we’re not all big shot bankers right? £600 an hour is a little too much for most of us, which is why we have Romanian London escorts for £100!

They’re not all Romanian London escorts of course, we have girls from all over the world. We’re just talking about Romanian girls because they are really making an impression at the moment. They’re making an impression because they will provide the same service as a high class London escort, for £100!

Why so cheap?

You might well ask how a London escort can do the same service for much less money. It’s basically because they’re not out to make a fortune in the UK. Most Romanian London escorts who have come over here with the express intention of pursuing a career in this industry, send money home to families etc. The cost of living in Romanian is significantly cheaper than over here in the UK, and even cheaper of course than in London! All the girl needs over here is someone nice to stay, and to afford herself some luxuries in life (most of which she couldn’t get back in Romania anyway!)

Most Romanian London escorts are here temporarily to make some money, and they have a jolly good time whilst they do it. Some are here as students of course, and some have decided to make London their permanent home for the foreseeable future. Whatever the reason for their stay in London, we are just happy that they have chosen Allstars Escorts to represent them!

A London cheap escort will be there for you

London cheap escortLet’s face it, if you are looking for emotional support or someone to make your dinner every night, you’re not going to want a London cheap escort! But if it’s someone you need to be there when you have companion crisis for dinner, or you’re simply lonely and need someone to hold you and be your temporary girlfriend, a London cheap escort will always be there for you. Especially from Allstars Escorts; since we have so many of them!

Physical contact with a woman

Sometimes all we need is to hold someone else. To feel the touch of a woman’s skin beneath our fingers is something that calms us in a very natural way, that’s pretty ineffable to tell the truth. We’re not talking about sex by the way; we’re talking about the power of touch. A London cheap escort from Allstars has to be worth it for just £100 right? Even if you did nothing but give her a hug. Imagine how they would feel.

Where to get the best London cheap escort

Well, obviously we’re going to tell you to book from Allstars Escorts, otherwise what would be the point in writing this blog post. However, you can get cheap escorts from all over the city these days. We won’t mention other agency names, but there are some good ones out there, which leaves you a lot of choice when it comes to finding your perfect London cheap escort. One that suits your taste just fine.

Be careful when searching

We would however tell you that you need to be careful booking cheap escorts for less that £100. Anything less than £100 isn’t likely to be very good at all, and it’s borderline exploitation in our honest opinion. When agencies, such as our own, take a certain percentage of the booking fee from the London cheap escort you choose, she’s not likely to make a lot of money if the price is lower than £100!

Take a look at Allstars Escorts now

Got no charm? Don’t worry about it with European cheap escorts!

European cheap escortsNot everyone has what it takes to chat up women. Do you have the charisma of a dead cat? Do you struggle to concentrate when it comes to beautiful women? Well, you’re not going to be able to say a word to our European cheap escorts if that’s the case.

Your friends can chat that girl up at the bar, they can buy her a drink, and they can probably take her home with them. But you can’t. It’s not a big deal, really it’s not. There are more people like yourself than you could imagine. European cheap escorts, as opposed to any other type, are perfect for you guys, since some of them don’t speak English that well anyway!

Communication breakdown could be your blessing

It’s very true. What else are you going to do with your European cheap escorts if you can’t converse at any great length? Well, it kind of advances the evening doesn’t it? So whilst your friend may well have exhausted every line in his pickup book, and still not got anywhere, you could sit back, enjoy your drink and call Allstars when you get home!

So there’s no real problem at all. In fact, you might want to keep it to yourself, since as soon as your buddies get to find out just how good looking the escorts we have are, they’re going to book them all! No, seriously, have you even looked at the gallery yet? You’ll soon see that there are plenty to go around!

You might just learn something from our European cheap escorts!

When you’re booking escorts, you really might just pick up a few things from our girls. Remember that they see men all the time, so they know where you are going to rank on their scale. If they tell you that you’re alright, and you generally get them going, then you’re clearly getting better. Who knows? One day you might be able to turn on the charm in a bar! Try out your lines on the escorts you book from us, they’ll put you in the right direction. And failing that, they’ll make sure you get a bloody good time anyway!


How do you get to Stansted, and have you ever booked a cheap Stansted escort?

cheap Stansted escortWe know hundreds of you fly from Stansted all the time, but how do you get there? We’re writing this out of interest more than anything really, and we also thought it might give you some ideas. Oh, and of course we’re also going to tell you where you can get a cheap Stansted escort.

Driving to Stansted

Driving to Stansted is always a good choice if you have to get to the airport really early in the morning. It’s a lot quieter first thing in the morning. However, you will still have to pay airport parking, depending on how long you’re away. And you’ll also be unable to book a cheap Stansted escort to come to your hotel the night before you travel. Unless of course you want to book one of our girls to come to your home, which is more than possible considering we have escorts all over the city!

Travelling by train

You can get the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street Station if you live in London. This is very useful indeed, and it’s a reasonably priced, reliable service. Of course, if you’re not in London, you have to get into the city first, so it might not be your best choice.

Shuttle companies

For those who live in the home counties, we think this is a pretty good service. Because they often pick up a number of people and they’re going to and from Stansted and the other airports all day long, you can get a good deal from a company to pick you up directly from your home. You’ll have to Google them though, because there are literally loads of them!

Stay overnight nearby and book a cheap Stansted escort

We like this last choice. Considering that there are some pretty reasonable hotels around the airport, you could afford to book a cheap Stansted escort as well as have a comfortable bed for the night before your flight. We send girls to airport hotels all the time, so it’s not going to be a problem at all!

Either way, make your cheap Stansted escort experience one from Allstars Escorts

Escorts in Heathrow and when to book them

escorts in HeathrowAllstars have a very large number of escorts in Heathrow, and they’re always ready to entertain you. As you know, we’re an outcall only escorts agency, so we don’t really have any incall locations you can visit. And it’s for this reason we’re writing this blog posts today. It’s in order to let you know when to book your escorts in Heathrow.

Notice is something that helps everyone

It’s a wise idea to provide us with as much notice as humanly possible when you want to book one of our outcall escorts. Yes, we’re available 24 hours a day, and this means that our girls are always ready to get up and go, but notice does help. Besides which, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to right?

So we would ask you to book as far in advance as possible when booking escorts in Heathrow, not least importantly because it gets very busy around there. We have some very talented escort drivers that can get the girls to you in no time at all, but it really does depend on the time of day or night that you want them.

Knowing your flight times

If you know your flight times, then it should really make it a lot easier to book your Heathrow escort for exactly when you want her. In actual fact, take the plunge. If you know you’re flying out of Heathrow first thing on a particular date, book the hotel nearby for the night before. Once you’ve booked the hotel, call us and book your escorts in Heathrow. That way we all get plenty of notice to get there exactly on time, and everyone has something to look forward to as well.

Escorts in Heathrow like time to get ready

They don’t need an exceptional amount of time of course, they’re all very professional, but it is nice to have a little extra time. You know women right? They spend hours in front of the mirror sometimes. Our escorts don’t need that amount of time, but the longer you give them, the more you’re going to enjoy their appearance right? And my goodness, do they look fine!

Book your escorts in Heathrow from Allstars escorts


What’s new for escorts in East London?

escorts in east LondonYou know we’re one of the biggest agencies for escorts in East London right? Well, it’s because of this that we know so much about what’s going on in East London, and we have some really good recommendations for our clients. Our recommendations come directly from our own experience, and the experience of our escorts in East London. After all, they live and operate in the area, so they’re likely to know more than anyone who doesn’t reside there.

Work in East London?

If you work in East London, you’re likely to go to the same places all the time. This is due to where you and your colleagues go for lunch, for drinks after work etc. Sometimes you simply never learn anymore about where you spend all your time, other than a handful of places. So, feast your eyes on these suggestions. If you’ve been before then you’ll already know how good they are of course. Our escorts in east London love them:

  • Oriole Bar – Smithfield Markets, East Poultry Avenue. Great little underground bar with some very tasty cocktails. A brilliant place to spend some time with our escorts in East London.
  • East London Liquor Company – Unit GF1, 221 Grove Road. Nice romantic night out to be had here. The cocktails are superbly imagined, and mixed by true professionals. We spend far too much time here!
  • Floripa – Great Eastern Street. Where can you find the beach bar you miss so much since you returned from holiday? At Floripa in east London! The theme really works to be honest, beach bar décor, lovely atmosphere and great food and cocktails!

Booking escorts in East London

You’ll get a great choice of girls from Allstars Escorts, and there are a hell of a lot of them residing in east London. Not that it really matters with our agency of course. Since it doesn’t matter where you are in London, or greater London, we’ll be able to get them to you no matter what!

Cheaper London escorts are a much better choice

cheaper London escortsWe are absolutely tired of people slating cheaper London escorts. We’ve heard it all. We’ve heard that they’re not very good at what they do, they’re not very pretty, they don’t turn up on time, they leave early etc. It’s all load of nonsense by the way, and it’s usually published by those agencies that tend to charge too much for their own girls.

Getting cheaper London escorts when you want them

We realise that just taking our word for it may not be enough to convince you, so what we would suggest is for you to book one of them. After all, they’re a lot cheaper than any other escort you’ll get in London today right? What do you have to lose? Even if they’re not to your satisfaction (which would indeed be unusual!) then you haven’t wasted much money in order to find out have you? We know that we’d rather spend £100 than £600 finding out!

You can have more with cheaper London escorts

It’s makes sense to book the cheaper London escorts because you can book them more often. Especially if you end up agreeing with us when we tell you that they’re every bit as good as any other girl you could book. The average escort hobbyist out there has to save up for a while for a good escort experience. They probably get to spend time with a beautiful girl once a month, or something like that. Let’s say that escort costs him £300, which is average for most other agencies. That’s just one girl though! How about having three different girls each month? You can get this with cheaper London escorts.

Just think about what you want from your companion, and then have a little think about how much you’re willing to pay for that, and how often you want it. We think you’ll opt for one of our girls easily!

Check out all the Allstars Escorts now!

Book a real London escort, not some wannabee!

kylie1This is an important thing to note. Sadly, there actually are a number of girls out there who are not real London escorts. When we say that, we’re not saying that they’re not offering companionship services and everything else that goes with an escorts job description. What we’re saying is that they’re more than likely very new to it, and merely just playing around with the idea.

Girls like money, it’s a fact! And you will often find that some girls in London and Greater London, think that the very best (and easiest for some reason) way to make money is to become an escort. What they don’t realise is that to become a real London escort, it takes a little time and certainly the right attitude. Even some older women who have contemplated working as an escort, haven’t really thought the whole thing through.

Yes, a real London escort can make a lot of money, but she has to be good. Not only that, she has to be available and dedicated. Talking in terms of service quality here, if you book one of these wannabees, then you could risk them backing out, not turning up, or simply being bad at their job. And there are other ramifications to consider too!

Don’t get into trouble – some are too young!

This is very important gentlemen. If you’re going to book escorts, you really need to be careful where you book them. Some classified listings have a habit of letting young girls post themselves, and there are still some agencies that use these places to advertise too. Not only will you not get a real London escort, you’ll probably get an illegal escort. So you see, it really is best to book your escorts through an agency. At least with an agency you’ll have someone to be made accountable, and an agency isn’t likely to represent a girl who they haven’t verified is of legal age and eligible to work in the UK.

So, think on gents! If you think you’re getting a really good deal just because she’s cheap, you may well not be. The only truly reliable cheap London escort you are likely to get will be from Allstars Escorts. Fact!

Wanted: London escort driver

We’re not talking about anything special here gents, we’re talking about a man who has a car, and a man who can drive safely and competently around London and Greater London. We need to get our girls to their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do you fit the profile?

Being a London escort driver

Our London escorts may be cheap, but you can bet your life that they deserve a good driver, and they need to do their job. A career in escorting needs to be as stress free as humanly possible, and the driver is a very important part of this. Being a London escort driver, you will be responsible for when our girls show up at their clients’ hotels and private residences.

Your equipment is very important

Obviously you’re going to need a car. That kind of goes without saying. But it’s going to need to be a car that’s in good working order. It also needs to be taxed, insured and with a valid MOT certificate. We can’t have our girls being ferried around London in a car that doesn’t meet these absolute minimum requirements.

Your personal details

There are a number of things you need to have to be an effective London escort driver. You must be able to speak Fluent English, and any other languages would be a bonus of course! You must have a full, clean and valid driving licence. You must also be legally eligible to work in the UK. They are the bare minimum standards. As a bonus, it would be helpful for you to be very friendly, personable, and be able to look out for the girls to a certain degree; not that there is ever a problem of course. But just in case one of them falls ill, or can’t for some reason make their appointment, it would be kind and gracious of you to get them home. Mere good manners for a London escort driver you understand!

Anyway, if you’re interested, email or call us:

The new London escorts at Allstars

new London escortsWe would like to introduce a few new faces at Allstars Escorts. We always love it when we get new London escorts, they always cause quite a stir among our regular clients. Our new London escorts are all gorgeous European girls, and they’re very keen to meet a whole new set of clients now they’ve joined with our winning team.

The new London escorts

Let’s take a little look at those new London escorts then, and learn a little more about them.

  • Renata. A stunning addition to our new London escorts. This Italian beautify is really into meeting new guys and have fun encounters. She loves to take care of her body (although it doesn’t look as though it needs much work!) and she loves to dress up nice. When we say “dress up”, this is one of those new London escorts who pays attention to every detail, including her sexy underwear; of which she has a plentiful supply!
  • Kassandra. Kassandra is another European angel, and she joins the ranks of our new London escorts with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm. She’s desperate to show off and take you to places you’ve never dreamed before. Her favourite asset is her cute ass, and she loves to make it wobble for her clients. You should see it all wrapped up in a delightful, tight evening dress. If you’re lucky, she might show you her underwear too! Who knows?

Escort drivers wanted

Due to our ever increasing portfolio of girls, we are in need of new drivers to get them where they need to go. You can learn more about the role on our recruitment page, where you will be invited to apply if you match our criteria. We look forward to hearing from you.

Receptionists wanted

We also need some receptionists for the agency. So if you or someone you know has a lovely telephone manner and can work flexible hours (remember we are a 24-hour escort agency!) then do get in touch with us as soon as you can, and we can take it from there.

Many thanks guys!