West London escortsYou know we try to keep you updated as much as possible right? Well, it does become difficult at times when the escorts join our ranks so quickly! But when it comes to West London escorts we’re very proud to announce that the very lovely Pippa has joined Allstars!

Take a look at her picture and tell us what you think. We’re pretty positive that you’re going to agree she’s one of the best West London escorts to have joined the team. Not that the other girls aren’t great of course… Wouldn’t want to upset them, would we?

Pippa is a gorgeous 26-year-old blonde, originally from Europe (Italy to be exact). She speaks English and Italian, and she’s really great company. We already have it on very good authority that she is to be heartily recommended to our most discerning clients. In our humble opinion, Pippa’s best features are her legs and her gorgeous slim figure. You won’t get West London escorts (or any escorts come to think of it) looking this good in a pair of hold-up stockings! The ones that come up the thigh of course; proper length (with the lace tops – but that’s just a personal preference!)

West London escortsDoes just West London escort?

No, not in your life! We say West London escorts here because we know some of you search specifically for girls located in this area. Although Pippa is actually located in this area, she’s very happy indeed to travel anywhere in the city, including Greater London. Here at Allstars Escorts, we’re fortunate enough to have some very dedicated and extremely talented drivers, who will get the girls from their residence to your door quicker than you can imagine (traffic permitting of course!)

A word or two from Pippa

When we told this lovely young woman we’d be announcing her arrival on the blog, she insisted on adding a few words of her own. So here goes…

I know everyone says it, but I really do love to meet new people. I am very excited to be in London, I love the shopping and the nightlife. My favourite type of man is one who spends a lot of his time and money on his girl. A man who likes to dress in a smart suit and smells nice is also very good for me! I hope to see some of you very soon, call me now and we can meet anywhere want!

Well, there you have it. “Straight from the horse’s mouth” as the saying goes. Or in this case, from the mouth of one who promises to be among the best West London escorts in the city!

Check out Pippa’s profile now…