airport escortsWell the obvious remark to make here would be that airport escorts cover the airports! Well, of course they do, but which ones? We’re going to give you an idea to what extent Allstars escorts has covered in and around London…

To begin with we’ll start by saying that we have literally all of them covered:

  • Stansted airport
  • Luton airport
  • Gatwick airport
  • Heathrow airport
  • London City airport

The only real exception to the London airports, and indeed our airport escorts, is London Southend. But then, we’re really struggling to understand just why they call it “London” Southend, since it’s so bloody far away from London it’s ridiculous! So, we’re sorry to say we won’t be getting our airport escorts, or any other escorts, all the way to Southend.

Now, as for all the others, we have them covered. Our girls can travel from anywhere in the city to get to you, no matter which airport you’re flying from. We know that you’re probably doing an overnight stay before your morning flight, so book some airport escorts to keep you company.

Airport escorts – local hotel recommendations

Because our airport escorts have been to a great number of hotels to visit clients, all over the city, we have a few recommendations for you based on their experiences.

All of the above have been very good places to meet with airport escorts, with tolerant, easy going, and very helpful staff. Facilities are consistently good, and more importantly, our escort girls would gladly spend time in them again. We would also like to add that the basic hotels like Travelodge and Holiday Inn, are also generally pretty good when it comes to quality; and always good with price of course!

Overnight airport escorts

Just remember that our girls also do overnight bookings if you really don’t want to be alone the night before you fly. We can’t think of anything better to keep your mind off wherever you’re going to! Allow Allstars Escorts to put you in touch with a young woman who will melt your cares and worries away in no time at all. All this for just £100? You’d be mad not to book.

Go and look at the girls now…