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cheap escortsJust because the girls we represent are reasonably priced doesn’t mean they don’t have the required finesse to dine out in style! We say “reasonably priced” there because sadly some people still think that the phrase “cheap London escorts” connotes poor quality. Any of our regular clients would soon have a word or two to say about that we’re certain. In today’s brief article we’re going to tell you about a couple of places that our so-called cheap London escorts have actually dined at; and incidentally, got along just fine!

Alain Ducasse – The Dorchester Hotel, Piccadilly

Being in the escorts business, we’ve come to learn a little more about London than most people out there, and we know a good restaurant when we visit. We have actually had the pleasure of dining here ourselves, and a number of our cheap escorts have done so too. Alain Ducasse is arguably the only place to dine in London for authentic French cuisine with a hefty dose of imagination and talent. There are many restaurants in the city that claim to offer good French cuisine, but none of them can touch this. The menus are changing all the time with the season, and you’ll always find everything as fresh and as locally sourced as possible. You wouldn’t expect anything less from The Dorchester anyway, would you? The restaurant is now under the fine guidance of Executive chef Christophe Moret, and we really must say that he’s doing a wonderful job. A fine place to take one of our cheap escorts, just so you can see how classy these girls really are!

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – Chelsea

Well, at least you’ll find that our cheap escorts swear a lot less than Gordon Ramsay! Not that you’ll find him here, of course, he has far more important things to do, but we have no doubt he pops his head in every now and then to shout at his staff (wouldn’t be Ramsay otherwise would it?) A number of our escorts have had the pleasure of dining here. You will find it a delightfully playful, yet sophisticated environment, and it’s perfect for a romantic dinner for two! You and your chosen companion will have a wonderful time choosing from the highly impressive menu. Let us know how it goes!

So let our cheap escorts prove you wrong!

If you’re one of those who believe that cheap escorts have no place in restaurants like this, then take the challenge. We dare you to! These girls aren’t just able to conduct themselves using the perfect etiquette in places like this, they’ll also look a million dollars for you. They all have wonderful wardrobes of designer/evening wear and take great pleasure in dressing up for a night out!

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