east London escortWe suppose it depends on where you are and what you’re doing really. If you’re in a hotel you might want your East London escort for an hour or two. If you’re in your home, you might want her all night…

Well, to tell the truth, we’re pretty sure that you’d want any of our girls all night, it just depends what you can afford. But at £100 for an hour of their time, these London escorts are hardly going to break the bank are they? We are very proud of our girls and the rates they charge. You understand of course that we don’t set the rates, but we do only choose to represent an east London escort (or any escort) if she charges £100. If she’s likely to want to charge more, she’ll have to find another agency. Our clients have become very used to the value they get from Allstars Escorts and we’re sure they’re not prepared to change now!

Brexit deals with a cheap east London escort

You see, with all the Brexit panic that’s been floating around, it’s just as well we’re an agency that doesn’t charge much. Those worried about what’s going to happen to Britain now we’ve voted to leave the EU, need not worry about their female company. And for those who aren’t worried about it, they can book an east London escort for a lot longer, simply because she’s so cheap!

Lengthy bookings

They’re only £100 an hour right? Do you get that? Some London escorts are actually £500 an hour! Can you believe that you could have an east London escort for 5 hours for that price? Or of course, a different girl each night of the week, with the weekend off! It’s important that you know you can book your girl from Allstars for as long as you like, including overnight.

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