It shouldn’t make any difference where your chosen escort is from really, but in the interests of this article, we’re going to tell you a few places in the south of London where you might want to take her out. When you’re only paying £100 for a cheap south London escort, it’s well worth the extra cash to splash on dinner when you can have such a nicer time.

So you’re south of the river and you want some company. No problem at all! That’s what we specialise in. You’re looking for a cheap south London escort to have dinner with because you’re tired of eating alone? We don’t blame you at all. But have you considered where you’re going to eat? You see, the girl is no problem at all, you just call us and we’ll sort that. But choosing somewhere to eat can be. Here are a few recommendations for you, based on places our girls have been before:

  • Skylon – Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road
  • Roast – The Floral Hall, Stoney Street
  • Estrela – 113 S Lambeth Road
  • Goodman – 3 South Quay Square

Does she have to be a cheap south London escort?

No she doesn’t at all. Only one thing stays the same all the time, and that’s the fact that she’s always going to be cheap, no matter where she comes from. If you’re in south London and you need a dinner date, or just someone to keep you company in your home or hotel, you can call one of the Allstars Escorts from anywhere in the city, both inner city London and Greater London and beyond. We’ll get her to you whenever you want, and then she will become that cheap south London escort you wanted in the first place!

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