cheap London escortThere is indeed an etiquette when booking a cheap London escort. It’s pretty much the same as when you book any escort come to think of it. The only difference is that you’re not paying as much basically! But we realise there are those among you who sometimes need a little reminder when it comes to etiquette, so we’re refreshing your memory today. It’s not all about how to treat a cheap London escort, you should already know how to do this, it’s mostly about the booking etc.

Booking your cheap London escort

The first thing you need to realise is that there’s a way of booking your cheap London escort. You are free to browse the website and choose a girl you want, but we would ask that you do the following:

  • Choose more than one girl. Should the cheap London escort you choose be busy, you’re going to need a second and maybe even a third and fourth choice. It will make your time and ours much easier.
  • Have all your details ready. We are going to need your location and the time you want to see your cheap London escort. You need to be as precise as possible in order for everything to go smoothly. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have this ready!
  • Don’t ask a million questions. At the end of the day, we know what we need to know about your cheap London escort. We don’t know everything about her. Keep your questions pertinent and don’t expect us to engage in any dirty phone chat, we’re not interested.

Before your cheap London escort arrives

It may surprise some of you, but there are some things you should do before your cheap London escorts arrives.

  • Have a shower! Very important to get yourself clean and smelling nice. It’s just nice isn’t it? You can count on the fact that she will be.
  • Have the money ready for her. Whether you choose to put it in an envelope in the traditional way, or simply in your pocket, makes no difference at all. Don’t let those old-fashioned people dictate to you. The point here is to ensure you have the correct money and have it ready.
  • Tidy up. It’s only polite to have a tidy hotel room or home, isn’t it?

When your cheap London escort arrives

When your cheap London escort finally arrives, she is likely to be initially anxious. She has never met you before and hasn’t had the luxury of seeing your pictures on a website etc. so she has no idea what to expect.

  • Pay her! Your cheap London escort will be thinking about this as soon as she arrives. Once you have paid her, she’ll know you are happy with her and that you wish to proceed. It will go a long way to making her feel relaxed.
  • Give her time to adjust. Don’t pounce on her and expect miracles as soon as she arrives, be nice and make sure she can familiarise her with your environment.
  • Be careful when locking the door. If you’re in a room where you can lock the door with a key, make sure you leave the key in the door and don’t take it out and put it somewhere. A cheap London escort needs to know she can get out if she wants to.
  • Never take liberties! Always make sure your visitor is comfortable with what you’d like to do, before you proceed to do it. You are with another human being, not a robot.
  • When your time is up, your time is up! Surely we needn’t explain this?

So there you go, now there’s no excuse why you can’t be an cheap London escort master is there? If you follow these steps you’ll enjoy many years of happy punting without a problem. When a client has a problem with an escort it’s usually because he isn’t doing what he should. It’s rarely down to the girl!

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