escortsOur escorts are always very happy to come to your home if you live in London or Greater London, or even some areas of the Home Counties. However, we understand that some guys have trouble getting their escorts booked when they live with a friend or friends. There are ways to get around this however.

Know your housemate’s schedule

If you know when your housemate is going to be at work, book your escorts then. If you both work similar hours, book some time off work and make a mini holiday of it. Take the whole day, go out and get some lunch and then book your escort to come and see you in the afternoon before your roommate comes home.

You could wait until your housemate goes out in the evening when they have plans etc. but this isnt’ always a great idea, since they could come home at any time. If you want to risk it you could. After all, you could always take your escort to your room and stay in there. It’s more intimate in your room anyway right?

Book a cheap hotel for your escorts

You wouldn’t be the first man to book a hotel room just to see an escort you know, and you certainly won’t be the last! You can even book day hotels if you like. A simple Google search will reveal some great deals. Besides, a daytime liaison with one of our girls can be a lot of fun. You might want to book the night before if you want a booking in the day, to ensure that you get the girl you want.

Come clean about it

You could just tell your house mate if you trust them. You’d be surprised about people these days anyway, they’re really much more liberated than they used to be. This of course you’ll have to decide for yourself. Maybe bring the subject of escorts up in a conversation with your friend and see how they react to the whole idea before you tell them.

Our escorts are not a ready made party for your friends!

Our escorts do not appreciate surprises when they arrive at your home or hotel. If you have booked an escort to spend time with, but feel as though you’d like to share that company with your house mates, just don’t bother booking. There’s nothing worse for an escort than walking into her destination and finding more people than she knew were going to be there. Chances are that she’ll just walk straight back out the door and you will be liable to pay her anyway.

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