It’s true guys, whether you want to believe it or not. We know all most of you do is thirst after your bodies, but they demand more. Not escorts, of course, escorts just want your company; and your cash of course!

If you want to woo a woman these days, in the conventional sense, and not with one of our girls on a dinner date, you’ll have to make that “connection” they always go on about.

How to make the connection

They’ve not complicated creatures. Not nearly as complicated as some people would have you believe. They’re all looking for a potential partner if they’re single, and this is even if they just want to get laid. It’s in their nature to look for “boyfriend quality”. So you need to show them this! This is something you can get away with when you book escorts, of course, they’re not looking for a boyfriend (even if you want to be their boyfriend!)

Listening to what they say is a good start. Girls love that sort of thing, and it shows them that they could spend a little longer than just one evening with them (even if you only want one!) Secondly, you should take an interest in them. If they say something about themselves, ask them to tell you a little more if you can, or failing that, just ask them what they do, or what perfume they’re wearing or something. Make sure you give them a lot of attention, and stay away from those cheesy chat-up lines; they just don’t work guys, and you should know that!

Book escorts

When all else fails, if you’re in need of some temporary company, just pick up the phone and call Allstars Escorts. We’ll always make sure there’s someone special to keep you company!