London escortsWe’re here to empower you today gentlemen! There are those sceptical people out there that would claim you are unable to shop for women. You may have failed in the past with girlfriends, wives, etc. but we know you’ve got it in you. We know a number of London escorts who have been very pleased with many of the gifts that gentlemen have bought them over the years; some of them are still treasured to this very day. It’s not all about chocolates and flowers either!

What you can get away with

You can get away with buying practically anything you like of course, but it’s all about personal taste really. It’s a good idea to know what she likes first of course. It may be a woman you’ve been dating for a while, it may be one that you see only once in a while, or it may even be one of our London escorts. Either way, it’s time you stopped taking the easy way out with the old flowers and chocolate idea. There’s more to life than this; even if some women would strongly disagree with you!

The new ideas

So how about clothes? Let’s talk about this first because it’s probably one of the most popular things that women do actually complain about when it comes to men shopping for them. There are what we like to call “safe zones” in this area. You’re always pretty safe with accessories, nightwear, and lingerie. These things go without saying. If you’re buying for one of our London escorts you can pretty much safely say that they’re all sized between 6-10, and you can find this out by calling the agency and asking. We have all that information to hand. But when you think about it, if you have this information, why don’t you just go for it from time to time and buy a dress? If you get one that’s quite clingy and/or stretchy, you’ll be a winner.

Imagine turning up to your booking with a nice little back from Harrods under your arm. And you can guarantee that if it’s from Harrods, she’s going to like it! Even if she doesn’t wear the damn thing, she’ll be able to sell it! Buying clothes is one of the ultimate gestures when it comes to gifts for escorts. If you can get it right, you’ll probably get it right all the time. Even if you don’t, it just means you need more practice, that’s all!


We weren’t so sure what to title this one, to be honest. But if you’re the creative, quirky type of guy, you might want to buy something like this for the woman in your life, or one of our London escorts. This works very well if you already know the girl in question because you’ll know what kind of thing she likes. There are always gifts that pertain to people’s interests and it’s relatively easy to choose something by Googling around. We can’t really give you a good example, but perhaps she reminds you of something or someone in particular, or you have a cute nickname for her? Try getting something like that. There’s nothing like being surprised when you get a gift, and women really do appreciate it.

When it comes to buying for women, we know you can do it. Sometimes it’s just a case of going for it and trying things out!