duo London escortsWell, most of you will have heard that saying before we’re sure. You can also take it in whatever context you like… We’re saying nothing! But the fact of the matter is that duo London escorts are better than booking just one. And when you book with an agency like Allstars Escorts, you can actually afford them. Unlike so many of the other agencies in London at the moment, who are charging extortionate rates for two girls at the same time.

At Allstars Escorts you get the same excellent rates, whether you book one or two. You can obviously expect to pay more for two girls, but when the rate for one is already low, adding another girl only really brings it up to the level of a single girl booking at other agencies!

Getting genuinely bisexual duo London escorts

There’s another problem with some agencies in London, we’ve found. Sometimes they’ll just throw two girls together for duo London escorts when they’re not actually genuinely bisexual. Now, again we’re not suggesting anything that may or may not happen, but if you want duos, you want them to be into each other right? Of course you do!

It’s not about sex half the time, it’s about the chemistry of having two girls in your company who find each other, and yourself attractive. We don’t want to know where it may or may not lead, we just want to know that you’re happy. And we happen to know for a fact that you will certainly be happy with genuinely bisexual duo London escorts.

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Our gallery of duos is pretty much the same girls as in the standard “available now” gallery to be honest. But don’t think for a moment that these girls have been “thrown together,” so to speak. We wouldn’t put a duo together like that. These girls have decided for themselves to go together should anyone want them, simply because they get on so well and they want to do duo bookings.

Have a duo experience!