Isn’t it time that you lot who work in The City had some fun for a change? Today we’re going to tell you all about another of our favourite places for adult entertainment in London. Not only is it one of our favourite places, it’s also a very affordable place to get your adult entertainment, in much the same way as our very own London escorts. We have some of the cheapest girls, and the most elite in London. Since our expansion into the higher end of the business, we’ve managed to attract a hell of a lot of new girls to the agency. Go and take a look at our gallery and see for yourself. You should find the perfect escort.

Browns strip pub

Browns has been a London institution for many years. Located along Shoreditch high street, on the crossroads, it’s clear to see and has become somewhat of a local landmark! They seem to retain the name “strip pub” rather than “club” because it manages to keep that pub feel about it. The first person you will be greeted by when you go and see it for yourself will be the security guy on the door, who is usually as British as a bulldog, and very friendly. He’ll tell you that there’s “no touch” and “no photography” etc. and then you’re in.

Inside you’ll find Browns to be very spacious indeed. The décor is nicely done and tasteful, furniture is sparse, but nice, and the drink prices are in line with most other London pubs. They have TVs on the wall showing football games and such, but we’re not entirely sure why they’re there! Not when there are loads of beautiful girls dancing and working the crowd, so to speak.

Working the crowd

This is a place where the girls will work the crowd. What we mean by this is that in much the same way as an escort will make you feel good about yourself by being attentive and affectionate, these girls will do the same. The difference of course is that they’ll only really be this tactile and affectionate with you until such a time as you tell her you do want a private dance, or you don’t want one. We suggest you string it out as long as you can, because they really are nice company.

Of course the main reason they “work the crowd” is to gather their money. The girl who is about to go on the stage and strut her stuff, will be walking among the clientele asking them for a pound to contribute to the dance. If the place is busy, then there will be a lot of money in her glass before she goes on and she’ll be very happy. This is mostly how the girls make their money. They get the rest from the private dances, but we expect that they will have to pay the pub a certain amount each time they’re at work too; but we couldn’t comment on that really.

The dances

The dances are very good quality indeed. We believe that Browns must really check the girls’ ability before they hire them to work the pub. Each and every one of them has clearly been dancing for a while, or they have some form of formal training in that area. It’s not a simple case of them leaning against the pole and bending over etc. without their knickers on. These girls really get up on the pole and show you what they can do. It’s worth noting that you may get an escort at Allstars who has extensive experience in dance.


Overall a great place to go and meet some wonderfully beautiful young women. You won’t get to take them home however! That’s where we come in handy. If you’re having an evening out at Browns, make sure you call us before you get home or at your earliest convenience, and we’ll have a beautiful, reasonably priced London escort to your door in no time at all!