escort agenciesNow there aren’t that many escort agencies that can say that are there? With Allstars Escorts you can have whatever girl you want, wherever you want, and more importantly, whenever you want! This is why we enjoy running a 24 hour agency. We’re always busy, and we’re always able to give our clients what they want. Other escort agencies struggle sometimes because they’re not open when their clients need them, and this ultimately leads to them becoming much less popular.

Wherever you want

Now, it’s all very well and good being open 24 hours a day, but there is actually competition from other escort agencies when it comes to this. However, these agencies are all in Central London, and they simply don’t go out any further. This is mainly because they rely on their girls to make their own way to their bookings etc.

This can be problematic for new girls to London, who perhaps don’t have great language skills yet either. They have to negotiate the cabs and explain where they want to go, and then they have to get back. Well, probably ubers if we were thinking about it. Their escort agencies don’t help them get to where they want to go. We do!

Our drivers

Our drivers are ready and prepared to take our girls anywhere they want to go, and in plenty of time too. This makes us very popular indeed. Mostly because at Allstars we cover the whole of Great London, not just Central! We go out as far as the Home Counties sometimes if we have girls on the outskirts of Greater London, ready for bookings. There’s not telling where the hand of Allstars Escorts can reach! You can find out of course by simply calling us to make an enquiry about a specific girl you may be interested in. We’ll be sure to tell you whether she can get to you in the time you want her there. We have to be practical however, and if she’s all the way across town, we may have to recommend someone a little closer for our drivers to collect.

Book from Allstars Escorts and have it your way!