escortsWe have discovered what is arguably the best way of keeping an account of your escort booking habits. It’s actually good for you, it’s good for our girls and it’s good for us too! You really didn’t expect us to do a totally unselfish article today did you?

Reviewing is key

It’s all to do with the reviewing system online these days. You are familiar with Punternet, Captain 69, The Erotic Review and other independent escort review sites for London escorts and those Internationally available? If you’re not aware of them, you should try and make yourself aware, simply because they can really better inform your escort bookings decisions.

We’re going to refer to one in particular now: This site will actually give you a run down of your bookings, as well as provide you with an average spend etc. You can see the names, dates and agencies etc. and you can total up how much you have spent.

Think it’s time to slow down with your escorts?

It’s not like us to dissuade you from booking our girls, as you know, but this may really help some of you who may believe you have a problem with your spending. Yes, booking girls through a cheap London escort agency is always a good idea (that way you can book more often!) but still, if your spending outweighs your budget, you could be looking at a bigger problem than you think!

You can sign up to for free, and you don’t even have to use your real name or email address etc. It’s completely anonymous. There isn’t really a good reason not to when you think about it. Then the next time you fancy booking a girl, you can go along and see if there are any reviews for her first. Not to mention that if you become a member of this site, you can review our girls, which will bring us all more business!