outcall London escortsNo-one is perfect gentlemen, we all make mistakes (some more than others!) And what we would like to talk about today is the specific mistakes that can happen when you book outcall London escorts. We have been running an exclusively outcall only agency for many years now, so we have been afforded plenty of experience in this area. But because we do arguably more outcalls than any other agency in London, we have experienced more mistakes.

The usual suspects

Being late is one mistake that can happen when you’re an outcall escort. It’s not a common occurrence however, so don’t be over concerned that this will happen; it’s quite rare. Now it’s important that you realise that mistakes can happen and not to lose your mind too much over them if they do. And it’s not always appropriate to complain to your escort when she arrives either! She could have been ready in plenty of time, but her driver could have been late to collect her. So there is no point in banging on about it, your time will not be affected in any way. If you want to complain to someone, call the agency and speak to them. We won’t go into a huge list of reasons why outcall London escorts could be late, simply because there are so many: heavy traffic, flat tyre, wrong address etc.

The wrong address

Speaking of wrong addresses, this does happen sometimes too. But again, we would be quick to add that it’s definitely very rare. And again, if this happens, please remember that it’s very rare. We operate an outcall escort service, and we have for a very long time. We wouldn’t have been in business this long if we consistently let our clients down. We have an excellent record, and when it comes to going to the wrong address, this is rare and we are struggling to remember the last time something like this actually happened. We would always double check with you if we were even a little uncertain. And do remember to ensure you have given us all the right details, including the correct apartment number if you live in a building with a number of other apartments. Whenever there has been a problem in the past it’s usually because of incorrect information.

They may not remember your name

A small thing we realise, and really only a very trifling matter, but still a “mistake” none the less. You must understand that the outcall London escorts see a lot of different men, so they should be forgiven for not remembering the name of the person they are going to see. After all, let’s be fair about this, are you going to remember hers? We doubt it, especially if you’re a regular escort hobbyist. Besides, she’s more than likely to have a different name at a number of different agencies across London.

We suppose what we’re saying is: be a little more forgiving if there ever is a mistake, because they do happen sometimes; but not often!!