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outcall escortThe following could quite easily apply whether you’re spending time with an escort, or any type of woman to tell the truth. Whilst we do like to keep the topic of our blog about escorts and the escorting world in general, there are bound to be some crossovers where you can apply our hints and tips to your regular, more conventional life. Today’s article is about making your outcall escort feel more comfortable when she’s in your company. But as we just said, you can apply these to any woman and dating situation (in fact you should!)


Music is “the food of love” apparently, so you can certainly use it to nurture your date. However, whilst it’s a nice idea to have some music quietly playing in the background when your date arrives, it’s also very polite and helpful to ask her to choose what she would like to hear. She may like jazz or blues, or a specific type of classical music (these are cultured European women, most of them!) They are also plenty confident enough to tell you if they would like a change too, but it’s nice to ask. If they say what you are playing is fine, trust them, they won’t be lying to you.

If you have ever booked an incall escort before you will surely able to relate to this. You must have heard some dreadful European pop music that you wished you could change. This should be enough to encourage you to give your outcall escort some options. It doesn’t stop there of course, there are many other ways you can make them more comfortable.


Obviously it’s important to offer literally any guest you have some refreshment when they come to call, but when you have an outcall escort coming visit, it’s a special occasion. This means top notch wine or champagne, some different types of snacks etc. As long as they’re happy, you’re going to be happy too.


Finally, make sure you ask your companion if they are comfortable in your room/apartment. Make sure you show the where everything they may need is, and offer them to use your place freely as though it were their own. Make sure to ask her if she’s warm enough, or too warm. Check the lighting too, and fluff up the cushions on the coach etc. Make the room comfortable, then you can both relax.