London escortsTo begin with, they’re not your escorts! LOL! They’re not ours either of course, they’re human beings and they are their own bosses. Believe us, we’re always battling with them about bookings and availability and if you wanted to control these girls, you’d have a hell of a job on your hands, because they’ll only ever do what they want!

What we’re talking about today is a very small, but not totally non-existent problem that appears from time to time. It’s when a client gets a little too “close” to a London escort. Not in an weird or otherwise threatening way of course.

These London escorts see other guys!

This is something that a few of you need to hear. Our London escorts are in this job because they like it for one thing. Another thing is that it involves seeing a number of different men. So if you have a problem spending time with a girl who has perhaps already spent time with one or more men before you on that day, you’d probably be better off trying to get yourself a girlfriend.

It’s no good getting fussy with the escort about who she has seen and when. She’s not likely to tell you anyway, and if you get awkward with her about it, she’ll just leave. Life is too short and these girls don’t need negativity like this in their lives. It can be stressful enough as it is sometimes!

They don’t want a boyfriend

London escorts certainly don’t want a boyfriend, or any kind of would be protector. They are strong independent women who do not wish to be tied down to anyone or anything. We know there are some guys out there who think that because they have an nice car, an apartment and a bit of cash, that they can have any woman they want. But let’s face it guys, you can’t keep them when you’re like this can you? It’s people like this that just end up trying to control their girlfriends, and this is never going to end well.

So, if you’re going to book London escorts, make sure you realise that it’s their job, and you are just another client. You are not a special case.