overnight escortsWe know you’re expecting them to entertain you literally all night, but we’re here with bad news for you gentlemen. Overnight escorts do need to sleep!

It’s a common misconception when someone makes an overnight booking. They actually believe that the girl they book will stay awake all night and entertain them. The reality of the situation is that both of you will be so tired that you’ll eventually fall asleep. That is unless you have taken something to keep you up all night. In which case, we would be quick to add that you should not under any circumstances convince your overnight escorts to do the same. They’re not likely to anyway, but we’re just making sure that you don’t impose your bad habits on them!

It’s not all sleeping with overnight escorts

Yes, they have agreed to spend the night with you. You want the experience of waking in the morning and having your beautiful escort there with you. It’s a wonderful thing, it really is, and something that everyone should have at least once or twice.

But you needn’t worry, they’re not going to have a cup of cocoa at nine o’clock, put their pyjamas on and get into bed to sleep. You can expect them to be fully alert and awake to your satisfaction in the evening. They will enjoy any and all of the activities you have planned (if you do that is). You can both go out for a drink, something to eat, or perhaps order in. Watch a movie and have a cuddle, it’s up to you both really. But we’re pretty sure they’ll need to sleep!

When they sleep

Be a gentlemen. If your escort is getting tired and wants to sleep, let her. It’s only good manners. And we can tell you something else. On a long booking such as this, the kinder and more attentive you are to your overnight escorts, the more likely they are going to be to make your experience one to remember.

And at the price of our overnight escorts, it isn’t as though you are losing any value for money really. They’re much cheaper than any other agency in London, and you can expect that they feel the same way about it as we do, and so too do their girls!