You’ve all seen The Only Way is Essex right? Or as some people like to refer to it “TOWIE”. Goodness knows what everyone sees in it, or ever did, but it’s popular, and we get that. What about the girls on that show? Do you think they’re sexy, attractive in any way at all? We’re going to share with you our opinion. And allow us to tell you that we do know something about those girls. Considering we are one of the only London agencies that represents Essex escorts, we know what we’re talking about.

What bothers us most about those girls is their damn accents! Now we realise that we may be upsetting some of you Essex boys out there, but would we be correct in assuming that most of the accent on those TV show girls is heavily put on. You won’t get that with our Essex escorts though, mainly because they’re all predominantly European or Russian!

The sexy Russian Essex escorts

And we all love a nice Russian, husky accent in the UK don’t we? We’ve been brought up on James Bond movies where the the femme fatale was always a Russian or something like that. She would seduce James Bond, and have her way with him before trying to kill him!

Don’t worry though, when you book a Russian girl from us as one of our Essex escorts, you’re not going to have this problem. All she will want is your time and your money! And for you to treat her properly of course. These women are really hot, and they deserve the best of the best.

Call us now and find out which areas of Essex we cover at Allstars Escorts. We may surprise you. You can always browse our locations too on the main site, there are plenty to choose from!