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Jetting off somewhere? Have a good send off!

airport London escortsIt’s all about those airport London escorts today folks. We have long been providers of the best airport London escorts in and around the city, and we’re proud to say that all the girls offer this service.

It used to be the case than some of them didn’t go out to the airport hotels, but these days you’ll find they all do it. And what’s even better than this is that all the newest girls at Allstars Escorts have all agreed to shoot off to airport hotels at the last minute too. At the end of the day these girls want the work, so they don’t mind doing the miles

The beauty of airport London escorts

They’re all outcall specialists guys, so they’re incredibly talented at meeting you in your airport hotel. You could be staying around Heathrow, Gatwick and even Luton in some cases, and they’ll come to you. We won’t go into a massive great big long list of hotels here, but trust us when we say that these airport London escorts can get to you when you need them!

The airport London escort drivers

We’ve always had good drivers at Allstars and it pleases us greatly that during our expansion ad the large influx of new girls, we have found new and talented drivers to join the team. These drivers are just as good (some of them even better!)

If you’re interested in a job as a driver, we’re always happy to hear from you of course. We’ve got loads of girls, and the more drivers we have, the more girls we can transport around London and Greater London. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll have enough work to go around!

If you want to make a booking, call us and tell us who you’d like to see. We’ll make if happen for you, as we do for so many others, every time!

Book airport escorts for your holiday travels

airport escortsWe hope you had a lovely Christmas gentlemen! We’re looking forward to a very happy New Year too. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a great deal going for all you party guys out there. We have some new and exciting VIP packages to introduce you to. You can have a number of escorts at your place, with a bath full of champagne if you really want! Go and read more…

Travelling home after Christmas?

If you’re travelling home between Christmas and New Year, you may be using one of London’s airports. We are delighted to tell you that if you want airport escorts, we’re the agency for you! We know what it’s like. You’ve just had Christmas in London, probably with family or friends, and now you have a long flight home.

Perhaps you’re staying at a Heathrow hotel or something like that? Well, if you have at least one night before your flight when you can finally be alone, we recommend that you book one of our airport escorts. They will help you forget all about the stresses of travel, and indeed any job you may be returning to.

See the year out with airport escorts

If you want a truly fitting end to 2018, then you really need to see one of these airport escorts at your hotel before your flight. It may be the last chance you get to see a girl in London before you jet off to wherever you’re travelled in from. What better way to remember London? What better way to remember 2018?

We are open all over the holidays. Just when you’re all sitting back waiting for the New Year, and you’ve forgotten what day it is, the girls at Allstars Escorts are still working hard to make everyone happy. They love this time of year, mainly because they like to celebrate in style!

Our airport escorts will fit with your flight time!

airport escortsIf you are staying in any hotel, at any London airport, the chances are that our airport escorts have probably been there before at some point or other. We can also safely say that our girls will be able to get to you whenever you need them.

The beauty of being in an airport hotel is that you are probably on a schedule. Some agencies may find this a problem and expect you to be flexible, but you actually hold all the aces here. Because you’re on a schedule, booking airport escorts couldn’t be easier for you, and you’ll get them cheaper because if it.

How to get airport escorts cheaper

You see, because you are on this schedule, you will have to book your companions in advance. You will need to stick to particular times, so you know what time you will be checking into your hotel, and you know when you will be available in your room or for dinner etc. rather than it being a last minute decision you have to make.

And when you book your girls from Allstars in advance, you get to pay the lowest possible fee. Now we have changed the booking structure around for the agency, everyone who books in advance still gets the £100 outcall airport escorts fee. So you see, it’s perfect for you!

Last minute escorts

You can still get your escorts to your airport hotel last minute of course, but you may just have to be flexible, and you will have to pay more for the privilege of booking last minute. It’s just easier to book in advance. Easier for you, easier for the girls, and much easier for us. We want to keep delivering the best prices in London, but we can’t always do it if you call us up at three in the morning wanting company. The girls need more of an incentive to get back out of bed again! LOL!

Booking outcall Gatwick escorts

outcall Gatwick escortsThere really aren’t many incall Gatwick escorts to tell the truth! Most people who book girls around Gatwick are staying in hotels. So, the realisation is that they need outcall Gatwick escorts. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This is why Allstars escorts is one of the most popular choices for these types of clients. We only offer outcall services, so there’s always a girl available and we use drivers too, so she’ll get to you quickly and easily, with no problem at all.

Meeting your outcall Gatwick escorts

Meeting your outcall Gatwick escorts is very easy indeed. These girls are in and out of hotels all the time, so they are well used to meeting in hotel bars, lobbies, or just coming directly to your room if you wish. They’re incredibly confident and easy going. You needn’t worry about anyone being distracted by them either. Although they’re all clearly beautiful, they never over dress, if you know what we mean!

You could live near Gatwick

Of course, if you live near Gatwick, your chosen escort can come to your home, no trouble at all. These girls are well used to going to different residences all over London, it’s not just hotels. But if you could make sure that she’s made to feel very welcome, we would greatly appreciate it. Have a tidy around and offer her some refreshments etc. It’s only polite and you need to make your outcall Gatwick escorts as comfortable and relaxed as they’re likely to make you.

Call us as soon as you need us!

So, there you go. Whether you’re living near Gatwick, or staying in a hotel nearby, our outcall Gatwick escorts are at your disposal. When you call the agency, you can have a girl to your hotel room in less than an hour if you wish. It all depends where she’s located of course, but if you want one to get there fast, just ask us and we’ll recommend a girl that’s closer to you. We always want to help!

Check out the girls at Allstars Escorts now


Fly away with Gatwick escorts

Gatwick escortsWe don’t mean literally fly away with them of course, we mean let your imagination fly away with one of these gorgeous airport escorts. You might be able to fly away with them if you ask them nicely however, we don’t really know! Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. We’re writing to tell you, yet again, that we are among the top providers for Gatwick escorts in Greater London.

Outcall Gatwick escorts 24 hour a day

One of the best things about our Gatwick escorts is that they’re available 24 hours a day. Not all agencies that have airport escorts can actually boast this much. Most agencies, and indeed independent girls, stop taking bookings between 22.00-00.00. What we say is “what if your flight is in late, or you’re flying out late?”

Allstars Escorts will always be there

A true 24-hour escort agency will have Gatwick escorts available whenever you want them. So if you’ve only just landed in the early hours of the morning and you want some company in your Gatwick hotel, call us and we’ll send a girl around to see you within the hour. We are fortunate enough to have girls that live around that exact area, and those that don’t are more than happy to travel to your location. This is the reason they sign up with Allstars Escorts. They either prefer to do outcalls, or they simply can’t accommodate incalls.

Only the most professional Gatwick escorts

When you have girls all over Greater London that are only offering outcall services, it means that they’re very good at what they do. This means incredibly professional escorts, by virtue of experience more than anything else. Whilst we love getting new faces at the agency, there’s nothing like having very experienced outcall escorts at the end of the phone when you’re an agency with our reputation. We like being able to rely on our girls!

Speaking of which, if you are reading this and you’re thinking about becoming an escort, go and visit our recruitment page and get in touch.