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Viagra tips for men

ViagraWe say “for men” because apparently women use it too sometimes for something or other! We don’t profess to know a lot about this, but what we do know, we’ll pass it on to you.

Firstly we think that it’s important to mention that not everyone who takes Viagra has erectile dysfunction. This is a myth. Lots of men take it these days as a type of enhancement, party drug to give them a better sex life. It’s perfectly normal, and widely accepted.

Take your time

If you take Viagra, it’s important to know that you have to take it around an hour before you believe you’re going to have sex. If you take it and then immediately go to have sex, you’re not going to get the full benefit of the drug. It’s as simple as that!


Make sure you are stimulated

It’s not magic! Viagra only works when you are with a woman and you are being sexually stimulated. So, you’ll need to be with a hot girl who wants to have sex with you to start with. Kissing, stripping, touching etc. are all stimulating actions that will get the ball rolling.

Don’t take too much

Once you have taken some Viagra, if it doesn’t appear to be working, don’t just go ahead and take more. You’re only supposed to take it once a day too, so be careful, this stuff raises your blood pressure etc. so it’s not to be messed about with. if it’s not working, it’s more than likely because you haven’t got the right dosage, or you’re not stimulated, or you have been drinking or taking other drugs.

These are all good things to consider if you’re planning on partying with Viagra. Don’t take any drugs for granted fellas, it’s just not worth it you know.

Girls need a connection!


It’s true guys, whether you want to believe it or not. We know all most of you do is thirst after their bodies, but they demand more. Not escorts of course, escorts just want your company; and your cash of course!

If you want to woo a woman these days, in the conventional sense, and not with one of our girls on a dinner date, you’ll have to make that “connection” they always go on about.

How to make the connection

They’re not complicated creatures. Not nearly as complicated as some people would have you believe. They’re all looking for a potential partner if they’re single, and this is even if they just want to get laid. It’s in their nature to look for “boyfriend quality”. So you need to show them this! This is something you can get away with when you book escorts of course, they’re not looking for a boyfriend (even if you want to be their boyfriend!)

Listening to what they say is a good start. Girls love that sort of thing, and it shows them that they could spend a little longer than just one evening with them (even if you only want the one!) Secondly, you should take an interest in them. If they say something about themselves, ask them to tell you a little more if you can, or failing that, just ask them what they do, or what perfume they’re wearing or something. Make sure you give them a lot of attention, and stay away from those cheesy chat up lines; they just don’t work guys, and you should know that!

Book escorts

When all else fails, if you’re in need of some temporary company, just pick up the phone and call Allstars Escorts. We’ll always make sure there’s someone special to keep you company!

Staying in shape for younger women and escorts!

amberMen past the age of 40 often struggle to keep up with younger partners, or escorts. It’s sod’s law really when you think about it. Most men are attracted to younger women and most women are attracted to older men. So why is it that nature plays this cruel trick on us and makes unable to keep up with the sexual appetites of our younger women? Well there isn’t an easy answer for that questions, but it’s easier than you think to stay in shape past 40.

Lifestyle decisions

It’s all about making choices that are better for you in many respects. When you pass the age of 40 your metabolism slows down considerably. You can no longer eat what you want and expect to burn off the calories the next day. You may even do the same amount of exercise as you have always done, but it won’t make any difference as your metabolism slows.

There are two things that you can do without much effort at all. You can change the way you eat and you can boost your metabolism. Changing the way you eat is relatively simple really, but it does require a level of self-discipline. Eat smaller portions, eat less fried food and saturated fats, cut down or cut out bread completely, stop adding sugar to food and drinks. These are just a few things, but they’re all very helpful. How do you think London escorts stay in such great shape? They have pretty strict diets. Those escorts that look after their bodies are always the busiest!

The good thing is that if you have been relatively out of shape, even minor changes to your diet are going to be noticed quickly. You will lose a lot of body weight in initial fluids and bloating when you cut out things like bread etc. and the rest will happen over time.

Don’t skip meals!

This is very important and it’s something that our escorts will confirm too. They know something about discipline! If you skip meals your body will start storing fat. You need to keep your metabolism working by feeding your body regularly. Eat less, but eat more often.


This is one of things that our London escorts do a lot of. And they also notice clients that take care of themselves as they get older too. So you see, even if they don’t tell you directly, it’s not as though our escorts don’t appreciate the efforts some of you make to keep fit and look good.

Take a few extra steps each day. Skip the cab ride and walk if you can. Take walks at the weekend, or even begin cycling or another sport like swimming etc. There’s lots you can do. Google getting in shape and you will find a hell of a lot of help.

Good luck