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Escort Drivers wanted for 2019!

Are you a good driver? Do you live in and around London? Well, actually, you don’t have to live in and around London really, you just need to know London and be a good driver. And when we say “know” London and be a “good” driver, we really mean it. We’re not in the habit of employing anything less than the best when it comes to escort drivers!

Our girls are very important to us, and they’re very important to our clients. So, it goes without saying that we need escort drivers who will also ensure that the girls are as important to them too. If you can be reliable and pick up a girl when you need to, and be then when she needs to leave, we would like to hear from you.

escort drivers

There are no “perks” for our escort drivers!

Some guys get into driving for the London escort industry because they believe that they will get favours from our girls, or they will get reduced rates on the girls’ services. This simply isn’t the case, and if you’re thinking like this, you have literally too much testosterone running through your body. Take a cold shower and rethink your options.

The girls are not interested in pursuing any type of friendship or relationship with you, other than escort – driver. That’s it. Yes, you will get to know the girls quite well because you’ll be working a lot! But we don’t need any Casanovas who think they’re going to fall in love and whisk the girls off their feet!

Keep your head down, do your job!

If you can get on with it, be there when we need you and get the job done without any hassle, you will get more work than you can handle. You wouldn’t believe some of the escort drivers we’ve had in the past and some of the excuses we’ve heard about why they can’t be here or there when they’re needed.

If you think you have what it takes, visit our employment page!

Escort drivers wanted this Christmas!

Oh, we know it’s going to be busy gentlemen! Very busy! So we’re going to need people to drive our girls to their bookings and back again. So we are writing a little blog post to put out the call to any talented and reliable drivers to work with us. You don’t have to be chauffeur trained or anything, you just need to be a good driver!

Well, it goes a little more than that of course. You do need to have a few things, and others that are very desirable.

  • A well maintained, road legal car
  • A clean and tidy car (the girls like to travel in a certain amount of style if at all possible!)
  • A sound knowledge of London (or better than average)
  • Excellent satellite navigation skills and effective equipment
  • A willingness to work unsociable hours
  • Be reliable, trustworthy and honest
  • Be friendly and highly respectful with the girls

Successful Agency

Allstars Escorts have been using escort drivers for long time, and we have been one of the only exclusively outcall agencies in the city. The other agencies book outcalls for their girls, but then expect them to find their way there by booking ubers and such. We would much rather guarantee them getting there, help them get their on time and then ensure they get safely to their home or next destination.

So you see, if you worked with us as one of our escort drivers, you would be required to dedicate yourself to this work, as well as have the practical skills and qualifications you need to drive your car. You can expect to be kept busy if you make yourself available to us, in much the same way as the girls we represent. You would be a valued member of the team!

If you want to send us your credentials, contact us today!


London escort driver jobs at Allstars Escorts

  • Can you work unsociable hours?
  • Do you want to earn good money and be your own boss?
  • Do you want to chauffeur beautiful women around?
  • Do you know your way around Greater London quite well?
  • Can you use satellite navigation effectively?

London escort driver jobsIf you have answered yes to all of the above questions, you could have just found yourself one of the most perfect London escort driver jobs in the city. We are now recruiting motivated and reliable drivers who wish to chauffeur our beautiful young ladies all over London and Greater London.

Your qualities

Your qualities should stand out if you are to be successful. Our London escort driver jobs are not just given to anyone who applies. You need to make sure you can really fulfil all of the responsibilities we have outlined. It’s not enough to simply have a nice car and to enjoy driving!

You car should certainly be in good working order and capable of getting around London effectively. It should be comfortable too, so that the girls feel happy being transported in it. You will need to be road legal too, meaning that you need to ensure it’s taxed and tested and insured.


Whilst we are satisfied to have part time applicants looking for London escort driver jobs, it’s important that you don’t do too much during the day, or when you are required to be on call for us. We do not want a driver who is likely to sleep at the wheel in the middle of the night because they’ve been working all day too!

London escort driver jobs at Allstars

If you are ready to apply for a position at Allstars, please see our dedicated page for London escort driver jobs and apply there. If you are successful you’ll be notified as soon as possible. We will not be contacting you if you are unsuccessful.

Escort drivers wanted at Allstars

Are you a Londoner? Do you have your own car? Do you actually know your way around? You could be just what we’re looking for at Allstars Escorts. We are currently actively recruiting London escort drivers to help our expansion and enable us to get the girls to more places, quicker and easier.

escort drivers

Not all the girls need the assistance of our drivers of course, and some of them are quite literally just around the corner from your location, depending on where our clients are staying, so the girls are not averse to hopping on the tube or into a cab for a quick journey. However, sometimes they’re required to go places that aren’t so easy to get to, or they’re considerably further away. It’s for this reason that they require a driver.

Escort drivers can expect some good earning potential

As with anything else in this life, if you make yourself available then you’re likely to make more money. Allstars Escorts are a 24 hour escort agency, so that means we need drivers that can be available in the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning. We totally understand that you can’t stay awake 24 hours a day however, no-one can! But if you tell us your availability, you would be best advised to stick to it really. This way you will get the calls more often to do pick ups and drop offs.

Be ready

When you are available we require you to be professional at all times. This means that we don’t want to hear that you’ve been drinking or that you are high when you’re driving the girls to their bookings. You might find it odd to say that, but some escort drivers believe they can get away with pretty much anything. You will need to have a full UK driving licence, be insured and have a car that’s in road worthy condition and taxed etc.

No bonuses!

Some people believe that if there were to become escort drivers, that they will somehow get “special rates” or favours with our London escorts. This is most certainly not the case. We have never heard of any of the girls doing anything untoward with our drivers and we wouldn’t expect to hear anything. Not that it’s any of our business what they get up to, or you for that matter, but we do value a level of professionalism in this business in order for it to run smoothly. A driver needs to be equally as professional as an escort in an expanding business such as ours.

If you are interested in becoming one of our escort drivers, visit our contact page and get in touch!

Wanted: London escort driver

We’re not talking about anything special here gents, we’re talking about a man who has a car, and a man who can drive safely and competently around London and Greater London. We need to get our girls to their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do you fit the profile?

Being a London escort driver

Our London escorts may be cheap, but you can bet your life that they deserve a good driver, and they need to do their job. A career in escorting needs to be as stress free as humanly possible, and the driver is a very important part of this. Being a London escort driver, you will be responsible for when our girls show up at their clients’ hotels and private residences.

Your equipment is very important

Obviously you’re going to need a car. That kind of goes without saying. But it’s going to need to be a car that’s in good working order. It also needs to be taxed, insured and with a valid MOT certificate. We can’t have our girls being ferried around London in a car that doesn’t meet these absolute minimum requirements.

Your personal details

There are a number of things you need to have to be an effective London escort driver. You must be able to speak Fluent English, and any other languages would be a bonus of course! You must have a full, clean and valid driving licence. You must also be legally eligible to work in the UK. They are the bare minimum standards. As a bonus, it would be helpful for you to be very friendly, personable, and be able to look out for the girls to a certain degree; not that there is ever a problem of course. But just in case one of them falls ill, or can’t for some reason make their appointment, it would be kind and gracious of you to get them home. Mere good manners for a London escort driver you understand!

Anyway, if you’re interested, email or call us: