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Cheap London eats for cheap escort fans

cheap escortWe are keen to give you value for money at Allstars Escorts, as you know, so we realised that it would be a good idea to present you with some other ideas when it comes to saving money. You’re probably not only a cheap escort fan, but more than likely a fan of cheap restaurants that offer quality food too. It’s with this in mind that we present you with our current list of favourite value for money restaurants in London.

  • E Pellicci. A lovely little Italian place in Bethnal Green with great pasta at reasonable prices. It’s a small café style place, with really quaint art deco appearance. The emphasis is on food and friendliness here.
  • Café Loren. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine is the order of the day at this café. It has a great all day menu, the chefs are truly remarkable for such a small, relatively cheap restaurant, and you don’t usually have to book in advance. It’s one of London’s better kept secrets. Quite a nice place to take a cheap escort too!
  • Bailey’s Fish and Chips. Classic British fish and chips! What’s wrong with fish and chips? Some people think that it’s a bit cheap and a bit common, but sometimes it’s the best meal you could buy. Even a cheap escort would appreciate having lunch at Bailey’s though gents. It’s a lovely place to eat and there’s a little more than the conventional fish and chips on the menu; even though we would strongly advise you to try them.

You don’t have to book a cheap escort to have dinner with

So there you have it. We like to keep you up to date with the best value in London when we can, and this is what we’re feeling at the moment. We’re sure they’ll be other favourites as our girls get out and about and report back to us etc. but for now, try a couple out. You don’t have to take a cheap escort with you of course, you could simply pop along on your own or with friends.

Never say we don’t keep you informed!

Take your cheap west London escort to dinner

cheap west London escortWhy wouldn’t you take her out to dinner when she’s only costing you £100 for an hour of her time? We can personally vouch for the value you’ll receive when you take a cheap west London escort from us out to dinner; you can count on it!

There are loads of places to eat in west London of course, it’s mostly tourist orientated, so you’ll always find somewhere to go; just make sure you don’t get ripped off! We’ve thought about this, and considering that you’re planning to book a cheap west London escort from us for the evening, we thought it only fair to give you a few of our personal recommendations.

How much is dinner with a cheap west London escort?

A dinner date with each of our girls at Allstars Escorts will cost you as much as you choose it to, based upon however many hours you book really. If you want to spend some alone time with your chosen cheap west London escort, then you might want to book around three hours. This will give you enough time to meet her at a restaurant of your choosing, have a nice unhurried dinner, and then take her back to your place. Everything should pan out nicely for around £300. If you add £150 on top of that for a nice dinner, you’re looking at a really good night out for £450! Hell, some London escorts charge that for an hour of their time for goodness sake!

Don’t forget you can get your cheap west London escort overnight for just £600, so you might want to choose that option for maximum value. We guarantee that you won’t get that kind of price for an overnight anywhere else in the city!

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Cheap escorts in north London love to dine out

cheap escorts in north LondonJust because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to be treated to dinner once in a while you know! Our cheap escorts in north London have been dining out in all the best places for a long time now, so we thought it would be a good idea to share some of their recommendations.

Remember that we’re not restaurant critics here, we just know what we like. Well, when we say “we”, we actually mean our cheap escorts in north London of course. There’s no possible way on earth that we as an agency could dine at as many restaurants as the girls do. So basically it’s their opinion, not ours. Let’s take a look at a couple of their favourites:

  • North Nineteen – 194-196 Sussex Way. This might not be what you’d expect, but it’s a lovely place to go and eat. The reason we say it’s not what you’d expect is that it isn’t exactly your quintessential romantic restaurant. However, a number of our cheap escorts in north London have actually eaten here, both with clients and friends, and they love it. It’s a family run pub basically, but the food is fresh and nicely cooked. It’s good old fashioned, non-pretentious English grub in warm and friendly surroundings. Very relaxing!
  • Ottolenghi – 287 Upper Street. This is a little more “chic” as some would like to say. Personally, we can’t abide that word, but we know what they’re talking about. Ottolenghi is a relatively new place that specialises in north African and Middle Eastern cuisine. The dishes are inspired and the restaurant itself is very nicely presented. A little pricier than pub food of course, but if you want to impress our cheap escorts in north London, then this is a sound bet.
  • Gokyuzu & Kervan Restaurant – 183 High Road. Good old fashioned, classic Turkish food here, and cooked to perfection (when we last ate their anyway!) Private areas for dining can also be arranged in advance if you give them a call. Perfect place for you and a few friends and maybe some of our cheap escorts in north London, to have yourselves a little private party!

Cheap escorts in north London

So there you have it! Three recommendations from some of our most popular north London escorts. Remember that if you’re in north London, you can choose any girl from the gallery, and we’ll make sure we get her to you wherever you are.

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Cheap escorts can still dine in expensive places!

cheap escortsJust because the girls we represent are reasonably priced doesn’t mean they don’t have the required finesse to dine out in style! We say “reasonably priced” there because sadly some people still thing that the phrase “cheap London escorts” connotes poor quality. Any of our regular clients would soon have a word or two to say about that we’re certain. In today’s brief article we’re going to tell you about a couple of places that our so called cheap London escorts have actually dined at; and incidentally, got along just fine!

Alain Ducasse – The Dorchester Hotel, Piccadilly

Being in the escorts business, we’ve come to learn a little more about London than most people out there, and we know a good restaurant when we visit. We have actually had the pleasure of dining here ourselves, and a number of our cheap escorts have done so too. Alain Ducasse is arguably the only place to dine in London for authentic French cuisine with a hefty dose of imagination and talent. There are many restaurants in the city that claim to offer good French cuisine, but none of them can touch this. The menus are changing all the time with the season, and you’ll always find everything as fresh and as locally sourced as possible. You wouldn’t expect anything less from The Dorchester anyway, would you? The restaurant is now under the fine guidance of Executive chef Christophe Moret, and we really must say that he’s doing a wonderful job. A fine place to take one of our cheap escorts, just so you can see how classy these girls really are!

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – Chelsea

Well, at least you’ll find that our cheap escorts swear a lot less than Gordon Ramsay! Not that you’ll find him here of course, he has far more important things to do, but we have no doubt he pops his head in every now and then to shout at his staff (wouldn’t be Ramsay otherwise would it?) A number of our escorts have had the pleasure of dining here. You will find it a delightfully playful, yet sophisticated environment, and it’s perfect for a romantic dinner for two! You and your chosen companion will have a wonderful time choosing from the highly impressive menu. Let us know how it goes!

So let our cheap escorts prove you wrong!

If you’re one of those who believes that cheap escorts have no place in restaurants like this, then take the challenge. We dare you to! These girls aren’t just able to conduct themselves using the perfect etiquette in places like this, they’ll also look a million dollars for you. They all have wonderful wardrobes of designer/evening wear and take great pleasure in dressing up for a night out!

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East London escorts love to be wined and dined

east London escortsSo if you’re going to book east London escorts and take them out, where are you going to take them? Well, that’s what we’re here to help with today! It just so happens that all of us here at the Allstars Escorts office, know something about eating out. And it just so happens that a couple of us actually live in east London. That’s not to mention all the east London escorts that are located all over the place too of course!

East London is a great place to dine out. It has its fair share of both affordable and expensive restaurants. We know that you gents have varying budgets, so we’re going to introduce you to some of our choices from both these categories. No-one said that just because you’re looking to book east London escorts for only £100, you don’t want to spend a lot on dinner. In many ways, booking cheaper escorts is an excellent way to have a great night out with a gorgeous young woman.

East London escorts and east London restaurants

So here’s a few to be looking at. We’ve been to some of them, and the east London escorts we represent have been to many of the others. They like it best of course when they have a nice gentleman to go with.

  • Village East – 171-173 Bermondsey Street. Nice European brasserie
  • Tonkotsu East – 1a Dunston Street. Japanese restaurant
  • Beagle – 397-400 Geffrye Street. Great British dining
  • Bistrotheque – 23-27 Wadeson Street. French cuisine
  • Palmers Restaurant – 238 Roman Road. Modern European dining

We could go on and on with the restaurants we’ve been to, and even longer about those we’d like to go to. We are certain the east London escorts we represent are in agreement with us too! In fact, if you have any recommendations for us, we’d be very grateful if you’d post it in the comments section of this blog. We do try to stay connected with our clients and readers, and we will reply to you!

Booking east London escorts

Booking your company isn’t difficult at all. Take your pick from any of our London escorts and we’ll get them to you anywhere you like in east London within the hour. In fact, we’ll get any of the girls we represent to you, anywhere in London or Greater London! That’s not something many agencies can say!

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Eating out with the cheapest Stansted escorts

cheapest Stansted escortsGet the cheapest Stansted escorts! When you’re booking escorts that won’t cost you the earth, you’ve got that little bit of extra cash available to treat yourself and your companion to a slap up meal right? Well, we would sincerely hope so! Whether you choose to take the cheapest Stansted escorts with you to dinner or not is entirely up to you of course. Either way, we thought it a good idea to let you know about a few places we recommend.

Where to eat

To begin with, let’s not rule out the fact that many of the local Stansted hotels have wonderful restaurant facilities for you to enjoy. This depends on where you’re staying of course! It does make things a lot simpler to have your choice of the cheapest Stansted escorts come to your hotel and join you for dinner there, but if you fancy a change of scene, here are a couple of recommendations:

  • The Ash Pub – Bury Lodge Lane, Burton End, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UQ. If you have some transportation and you fancy going somewhere a little quiet and “off the beaten track,” so to speak, this is a wonderful place for an intimate dinner.
  • The Cork House – 40 Lower Street, Stansted CM24 8LR. This is a cosy place that offers great tapas in the bar area and there’s a lovely restaurant upstairs. Plenty of quiet places to get to know some of the cheapest Stansted escorts!

How to act

There are some of you that have never dined with an escort, and it’s for this reason we thought we’d better put your mind at ease. It’s much the same as dining with any other woman in many respects. The only difference here is that you have paid for the company of these beautiful young women. You should never think that the cheapest Stansted escorts you book don’t want to be with you however, or any other type of escort for that matter. These girls are strict professionals who love their job. They are very happy to spend time with gentlemen of all ages and backgrounds. They see every booking as an opportunity to get to know someone new, and they love the attentions of a man over dinner.

You should try your best to relax at dinner. Be polite, courteous and ensure that your escort has everything she wants/needs to keep her happy. Much the same as you would do if you were on a regular date of course. Converse about anything you like, you’ll find that the girls are very open to discussion, they’re highly intelligent and love to debate this and that. Having dinner with a London escort can be a very rewarding experience, and you’ll find that the event itself will allow the two of you to get to know each other, thus making you both feel more relaxed and open to more intimate suggestions later on!

Where to book the cheapest Stansted escorts

Well, you book them through us of course! We have the cheapest Stansted escorts for you to choose from in our gallery and they’re all £100 per hour! You really can’t get better than this, no matter where you go online. Remember that if you find them cheaper than this elsewhere, they’re probably not very good!

Have a lovely weekend gents, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions…