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Beddington is another one of these leafy little places in South London, close to Mitcham and Croydon, Carshalton and Coulsdon. Originally a quiet rural village, it is now a popular are in which to live and work. Mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, the name of this place hasn’t changed much in centuries! It was then known as Beddintone, and ‘Bedding’ in Anglo-Saxon means a bed or lodging. This probably means that Beddington was a stopping place on the great road south out of London. In fact, the Roman Road to Sussex passed through this area. Pretty cool, huh?! And if you fancy a stop in this part of London, along with some charming company, then don’t hesitate to call us for a Beddington escort.
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When you call for a Beddington outcall escort, we can send one of our delightful, friendly girls out to visit you. Your visitor is bound to be the soul of discretion and great company. She can visit you at your place of residence in Beddington, a local hotel or apartment. Just tell us which location works best for you and we will do our best to accommodate you with a Beddington outcall escort. And if you find that you want to explore Beddington a little bit more, the 58 hectare park is said to be one of the most rich, of all historic & archaeological sites in south west London. In 1930, a Roman coffin was even found here and it’s believed that a very grand Roman villa and associated bath house once stood here. There is even the peaceful river Wandle meandering through the park before forming the lake. Remember though, to call us for the very best Beddington outcall escort.

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