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Once upon a time, in the 1700’s, there was a beautiful mansion called Canons Park, built on land in between Kenton and Stanmore in Middlesex. The wealthy owner, a Mr James Brydges,didn’t really think much of the views west of his house, so he set out to improve them. He had large mounded hill built and called this Belmont, where he then proceeded to perch a summer-house on top of it to take in the better views. Today this mound forms part of Stanmore golf course. And if you are taking a break from trying to improve your handicap on the fairways of Belmont, give us a call for a Belmont or Harrow escort! You will not be sorry you called. Best of all, we are open day and night, no matter when you decide to call to make your booking.

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Wherever you may be in Belmont or Harrow; in your mansion on the hill or in more modest accommodation, our outcall escorts can visit you regardless, even in hotels and apartments. With a discreet and flexible service, our Belmont & Harrow outcall escorts are the best you can get. In 1932, the railway came to Belmont on its way from Harrow to Stanmore but it didn’t last that long, falling victim to the infamous Dr Beeching’s cuts in 1964. Belmont circle has long been a popular place to shop and eat in the area, and if you wanted to treat your delightful companion to a drink or two, then why not stop in at Funky Brownz on the circle for a couple of ice-breaking beverages. That’s sure to get things off to a flying start. Or, if you prefer something more traditional, The Duck Pond public house over on Kenton Lane might be more up your street with Belmont Escorts.

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