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Once an important part of London’s brisk river trade, Bermondsey sat derelict for several decades, until the area’s wharves were renovated in the 1980s and turned into expensive apartments and live/work units. Modelled on the warehouses and lofts in New York City, Bermondesy underwent a cool new artistic renaissance at that time. Bermondsey Square was excavated most recently with many interesting Roman as well as medieval artefacts found and catalogued before a luxury hotel was built on the site.

Maybe you are staying in that hotel and need some company?! In Bermondsey and the surrounding areas, our escorts are of the absolute highest calibre and you can be sure of a great time. Best of all we are open for your convenience around the clock, 24/7. Call us day or night to make a booking, Our Bermondsey escorts are just waiting for your call.

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Bermondsey is a lively part of town, with some exceptionally good restaurants and cafes and even micro-breweries housed under railway arches, although many are tucked away down alleys and under arches, which adds to their charm. When you call up and request a Bermondsey outcall escort, we can send her to any location that is convenient for you; hotel, apartment or other place of residence. Just say the word and we are happy to fit in around your busy schedule.

Bermondsey also has plenty of excellent bars and pubs, usually packed to the rafters with visitors and regulars alike. Try the Woolpack public house on the ever popular Bermondsey Street with its enormous year round beer garden and draught ales or head over to try the gin at Jensen’s Gin Distillery. A gin and tonic is always a good bet for your guest! Just don’t forget to make a booking with us for your Bermondsey outcall escort today!

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