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Hendon, in northwest London, is probably better known for some cricket or rugby team or something like that. It’s a relatively affluent area we believe and one where you won’t find any shortage of people booking Hendon escorts! Which is why we have plenty of them on offer of course. Except our Hendon escorts aren’t necessarily from Hendon! They come from all over London and Greater London. Indeed, if you book an escort in Hendon, the chances are she’ll be travelling to you from East, South, or even Central London. If you want your girl to get to you as quickly as possible and you haven’t had time to book in advance, simply tell us and we’ll send the closed girl to you.

Outcall Hendon escorts

So you’re booking an outcall girl. If you’re local to the area she’ll probably be coming to your home right? These girls are very professional, so you need never worry about them drawing unwanted attention to themselves when they do outcalls. If you’re not from around here then you might want to consider staying at The Pillar Hotel, or perhaps The Hide. They’re both very nice places, and very reasonably priced with good facilities etc.

Eating out in Hendon is always a pleasure, as we’re sure you could imagine. Our Hendon escorts who have visited the area have dined in Tim’s Bistro on Hendon Way, and Eighty-Six (86) – another bistro, this one on Brent Street. These are nice places to go with a date, but you can go alone too if you wish of course. If you are just looking for somewhere to share a few drinks with your Hendon escort and get to know her before taking her home, Carluccio’s is always nice and you can grab a little bite to eat perhaps whilst you’re there.

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