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Kenton escorts are available to you from Allstars, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! There aren’t actually that many agencies that can claim this you know. And there are even fewer who will cover the whole of Central and Greater London, and even some areas of the Home Counties! We really do have the monopoly here, and we continue to offer a consistently good value service for our clients. Our receptionists are always on hand to help with your bookings, make suggestions and ensure you get the service that you want. We are a customer driven agency, offering high quality escorts to you from all over the world.

You may be new to Kenton, or you may already be a permanent resident. Either way, we have a massive choice of girls who could well be your Kenton escort for the evening. There’s nowhere in particular to go on the website to choose your Kenton escorts, other than the main gallery. You can choose any young lady you want from here and our drivers will ensure they get her to you at the time you choose. That is of course if you have left us enough time to physically get there. It’s worth considering advance bookings whenever you can, and you must always make allowances for the traffic at particularly busy times of day.

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So what do you have planned for yourself and your lovely Kenton escort? Don’t go into too much detail, we don’t want to know too much! We were just wondering whether or not you planned to go out for drinks or dinner? If so, we have a suggestion or two for you. It’s not a bad area for places to entertain.

Blue Ginger on Kenton Road is a nice, ambient and romantic Chinese restaurant and cocktail bar, pretty perfect for a date night experience with a Kenton escort. If you want a place to go on your own, for lunch or even dinner, we suggest The New Moon on Kenton Park Parade. The food is standard “pub grub,” but they have a wide selection of real ale too!

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