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Longford’s name comes from a long ford crossing the River Colne, and was for many years written and pronounced as two separate words. The village began life as a stopping point on the Bath Road development was limited because the low-lying land was vulnerable to flooding from the river. These days Longford thrives and has expanded due to its close proximity to Heathrow airport and particularly, Terminal 5. Many airport related businesses have sprung up close to Longford as a result of the airport expansion. Call Longford Escorts whether you are in the area on business, or leisure.
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What is an outcall escort? Well, an outcall escort is one of our delightful young ladies who will visit you at your hotel, apartment or any other place of residence chosen by you at a time of your convenience. These lovely ladies are waiting for you now in Longford and the surrounding areas. What do you need to do in order to meet one of these beautiful escorts? Simple, just ring the number and tell us your requirements- it's as easy as 1,2,3! And if you wanted to perhaps treat your escort, altahough you are under no obligation to do so, well, everyone can benefit from a cheeky drink or two to get the evening off to a good start, right?

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