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Well, we all know what Wormwood Scrubs is famous for don’t we? And if you don’t, you’re probably a tourist. Which is fine of course, we get plenty of tourists choosing our girls. Wormwood Scrubs is the site of the famous prison of course, and before you ask, no, we don’t offer Wormwood Scrubs escorts to the prison! Now that would be a whole new type of privilege wouldn’t it? It’s all very well having TV’s in their cells, but escorts too?
No, we don’t think so!

What’s escaping your attention, if you’re not familiar with this, is that Wormwood Scrubs is an actual area close to White City. There’s a massive load of park land there and it’s really rather nice. It’s a nice area to meet up with friends just out of the West End too, perhaps on their way home from work etc. Just far enough out of the centre, and not too far away. If you’re staying in the area, you might be interested in knowing about some places to hang out or have lunch, as well as what these Wormwood Scrubs escorts are like!

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So, where would we go? Where would we advise going out with one of these Wormwood Scrubs escorts. They love going out to a nice bar for a few cocktails, or even out for a nice dinner for two. The Fusion Thai on Latimer Road is a nice cosy restaurant, and it’s pretty quiet at times for a nice romantic dinner. Of course, you’d have to like Thai food, but at least we can vouch for a number of our girls who really love it. In fact they’re into most cuisines to tell the truth. They get to go out a lot, as we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Of course, they’re also very happy to come to your hotel room and just spend the evening with you instead if you prefer. You may have much more fun!

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