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James , 24.01.2024 23:08:11
" I had a wonderful time with Doris. recommend "
Pellss , 24.01.2024 02:02:16
" yay! very satisfactory. Doris, thank you for the time spent in your company! "
Pellss , 24.01.2024 02:01:59
" yay! very satisfactory. Doris, thank you for the time spent in your company! "
Clement , 01.10.2023 01:14:48
" Extraordinary expe! She is the best . Recommend "
Daniell , 05.08.2023 11:49:18
" she is an amazing girl! extraordinary! I recommend and I hope I can reach her again. "
Hj , 27.06.2023 14:34:51
" Doris is a girl of millions! I spent my free and relaxing time with her, it was 3 hours of a dream! she is beautiful, fine and smart. RECOMMENDATIONS "
Hindyy , 21.05.2023 23:48:33
" Doris is extraordinary!!!! RECOMMENDATIONS "
Dee , 12.02.2023 22:32:10
" reading this girl's comments I decided to spend time in her company! I can say that it was the best choice! Dear good ! her hands are made of gold! ! doria is special and I can say that I recommend her and I hope you feel the positive energy of this young lady! "
Max , 14.12.2022 18:57:01
" I spent the most beautiful 2 hours of my life. Doris has a special personality. she is very cute and very smart. I recommend and every time I return from Arizona I return to her. "
Ot , 05.12.2022 04:40:00
" I am very grateful and satisfied! she is a good, delicate and educated girl! I recommend and I will come back "
Tim , 01.12.2022 21:40:43
" She is the best ! Clean and smart . Good experience Highly Recommended  "
Edwgard , 12.11.2022 00:57:36
" Doris is the best choice. I know that she is the woman I can spend my free time with. she is spectacularly beautiful, smart and sent me a feeling of well-being! he knows how to behave. I recommend and I will definitely come back. "
Adam , 05.11.2022 01:30:16
" the right choice . she is very good at massage. excellent services. pretty, beautiful, very beautiful natural breasts, open mind and we had good conversations. recommend "
L , 05.10.2022 02:09:36
" the best experience ever! dorris is very good. Omg she has such an athletic, attractive body and the lingerie looks so good on her bulging bottom and flat stomach well worked at the gym. excellent services . I recommend and I will come back again. Thank you for the recommendation, it was the right choice! "
Marricio , 02.09.2022 21:12:15
" Doris is the best in town ! Recommend !  "
Daniel , 22.08.2022 23:21:10
" the right choice ! doris is a very special girl! I spent an hour in her clean, luxurious and tidy apartment, she is a good masseuse, the time spent in her company was very relaxing. I recommend it to everyone who wants to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. I will come back "
Az , 19.08.2022 19:25:58
" Doris! she is the most attractive and qualitative woman! I spent an hour in her company in the hotel room. excellent services. recommend "
Chirie , 13.08.2022 03:42:27
" Doris is the best and the most exceptional professional!! I spent time in her company in my Apartament and I want to say that I was very satisfied with her and her services! she is a real lady, thank you for the recommendation and I will return to her services again. "
Z , 08.08.2022 01:56:20
" Doris is extraordinary. the best massage of my life! I recommend and I will return to her services which are very good. "
Mauricio , 03.08.2022 02:05:35
" the right choice ! doris is extraordinary! reading the comments I decided to spend my time with Doris! yes, the best choice! I recommend, doris is very good! "
Is , 30.07.2022 23:11:11
" the perfect choice ! Doris is amazing! reading the comments I decided to spend my time with her! I can say that it was the perfect choice. she is amazing, the massage is wwwooooowwww!!!!! I recommend and will return to Doris' services again. thanks "
Will , 07.07.2022 16:38:05
" Thank you for your recommendation ! Doris is a good choice! for the first time I tried and I was lucky to have a special girl! is a professional in massage and the services are very good! recommend "
Edna , 15.06.2022 20:00:44
" Thanks for finally talking about >Doris Italian escort - Best Escort Agency  "
Eder , 11.05.2022 19:58:46
" I made the perfect choice when I decided to visit Doris. it is extraordinary! services are the best! I'll be back. recommend  "
Viktor , 01.05.2022 13:42:43
" I made the best choice when I chose to spend my time in my hotel room in the company of Doris! it is exceptional. I made this choice seeing the comments and I did not regret it. it's explosive! excellent service! recommend "
Logan , 19.04.2022 20:10:45
" I spent a wonderful day with Doris, I learned new things and I am delighted with her beauty and services. all stars is a good agency and Doris is exactly what she needs for this agency. I recommend. thank you ! "
Francisco , 12.03.2022 02:20:15
" Recommend!! She is Professional! Excellent service  "
Abdullah , 04.03.2022 16:54:20
" wonderful time excellent service! I recommend. Doris is wonderful. "
Ahmed , 01.03.2022 17:40:14
" Doris visited me last night at my house. she is special, beautiful and very open minded. the services are excellent. recommend "
E , 26.02.2022 03:48:09
" I spent an hour in my hotel room with Doris. it's amazing! I will definitely return to her services. the reviews posted by others indicate that it is really popular and with excellent experience. recommend "
Paçcos , 18.02.2022 02:16:59
" I spent an hour in the company of Doris! it is wonderful, delicate and beautiful! I recommend! excellent service! Thanks for the recommendation "
Piccolingo , 14.02.2022 23:48:59
" amazing! I've been with Doris for two hours! I made the right decision to spend my time and vacation with her! I don't regret it, thank you for working with such women! surprisingly amazing !!!! is so delicate, beautiful and irresistible body of Athletic !!! I recommend to all those who want to spend their time in pleasant company !!!! Doris is amazing !!! I recommend it to all men. I stabbed the comments of those who wrote and I made the decision to be in her company !!! 10 stars "
Edy , 11.02.2022 01:43:04
" Doris is the best women in London ! I high recommended!!! Excellent service and good location and time !!!!  "
Ollien , 04.02.2022 16:03:29
" She ia the best ! Highly recommended!!!  "
N , 27.11.2021 03:33:59
" Doris is special! extraordinary! excellent service! clean house positioned in a secluded and luxurious area! I recommend! I will definitely be back "
Federico , 20.11.2021 18:13:50
" I spent 90 minutes in Doris' company. she is a fantastic woman, very good experience, maximum quality. her house is very clean and tidy. I will definitely return to her services! recommend She is very popular  "
Peter , 09.11.2021 16:12:26
" it is popular and I like such women! seeing the comments and words of those who spent time in Doris's company "
Peter , 09.11.2021 16:10:04
" I spent an hour with Doris today! I want to order and thank you for this choice! Doris is popular, seeing the recommendations! Congratulations to such girls as working with them! I was disappointed several times with the girls but this time I made the right choice! I'll be back! I recommend Doris to all men who want to spend their time in the company of a smart, beautiful and elegant woman! "
Hary , 07.11.2021 16:18:52
" I made the best choice! I spent an hour with Doris in my house I recommend it to all men who want to spend their time in pleasant company "
Chrys , 26.10.2021 13:09:07
" She is the best ! she has a sense of humor, she is pleasant, excellent services! I felt so good in her presence! I will definitely return !!! I recommend !!!! "
L , 21.10.2021 01:14:58
" I spent an hour in Doris' company in my hotel room. she is a special and good girl in the field of massage. I recommend with confidence. I will definitely be back. the same choice you want "
Greg , 14.10.2021 11:30:13
" today I was lucky enough to have Doris visit me in the hotel room where I am! I was amazed by the beauty, quality and sense of humor it has! service I have nothing to say! she is perfectionist and very smart! thank you for having as few escorts as you can find in London on your website! I will definitely be back making the same booking Doris ! I recommend to all men who want a splendid woman! Thank you for the recommendation! doris you are so perfect! "
G , 04.10.2021 15:30:47
" Doris is special!! I can only say that I was beautifully amazed by the attitude, elegance and time spent in her company! I will definitely return and spend time in Doris company again! I recommend you to relax in her company, you will not regret it! is the only one of the majority of escorts who has excellent services and common sense !!!! excellent services! only good words to her !!!! recommend "
Hugo , 25.09.2021 19:45:57
" Doris it s the most Beautiful!!! Excellent service!!! Highly recommended!!!!!  "
Kuweit , 26.08.2021 18:39:30
" She is the best !!! I Highly reCommended !!! Excellent service!!!! I booking again .  "
J , 30.07.2021 19:59:00
" She is a fucking women ! Explosion  "
V , 24.07.2021 18:41:58
" I spent 3 hours in Doris' company in my apartment. it was the best choice to call for Doris. pleasant company, clean, open mind, excellent service! I will definitely be back! I recommend! "
Miguell , 14.07.2021 02:19:05
" Doris is very open mind!! Beautiful,stunn and verry clean! I want a booking again! I spend 1 Hour in her Luxury Apartment! I high recommend! The best service and diamond hands for massage ! 5 stars  "
J , 21.06.2021 22:09:25
" a good choice! I had a wonderful time! I recommend! I will definitely come back whenever I feel the need to spend my time in the company of a beautiful woman, with character and the 7 years at home! I met many escorts but Doris was special! thank you All stars for the company spent with a girl who works with you! "
James , 09.06.2021 20:10:08
" She is the best !!!!!!  "
James , 09.06.2021 20:09:09
" Doris is an extraordinary woman. Thank you very much for the recommendation! the time spent in her company was a surprising one. I recommend Doris' company to all men. excellent services. "
Casen , 04.06.2021 01:42:49
" The best ! Extraordinar service !!! I reccomended  "
Kevin , 02.06.2021 10:17:46
" She is the best ! 10/10 Recommended  "
Leon , 31.05.2021 21:21:21
" Wow !!!! Amazing! really fantastic ! I book again when i am back in london. Most beauty ! 5 stars "
N , 31.05.2021 21:19:45
" Belliesimq! Service excellent ! 5 stars. I recommend "
Ahmed , 25.07.2020 12:58:06
" She is the best ! Excellent services ! Beautiful women ! Athletic body and i spend very nice time in her company ! I revommended  "
Sw , 25.05.2020 02:32:41
" I chose to spend the night in Doris company! I do not regret ! it was the best choice and company! I didn't even know when time passed! I will definitely be back! extraordinary services !!! irresistible body! 10 star attitude !! recommend "
Allstars replied:
On behalf of us all at All Stars Escorts, I would like to thank you for sharing this great review. We want every experience to be five stars! We appreciate your business, thank you again!
Husseyin , 23.05.2020 02:53:36
" superb! toned body, excellent service! I recommend! I will definitely be back! "
Allstars replied:
Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate taking the time out to share your experience with us - and we agree, Doris is truly a gem to have on our team!
Leo , 22.05.2020 14:19:43
" wonderful !! I recommend! extraordinary services !! a beautiful natural girl full of positive energy !! I appreciate women with an open mind!!!  "
Allstars replied:
Hi Leo, the AllStars team is really happy to hear you had such a wonderful experience! We appreciate it hope to see you again soon.
J , 21.05.2020 01:28:38
" Amazing .... charisma is insane!  "
Allstars replied:
Thanks for your five-star feedback!
Bart , 12.05.2020 01:58:02
" I was pleasantly amazed by her beauty! extraordinary services! the time spent with her was a dream! I recommend 5 stars! Athletic body, beautiful tanned skin, extraordinary naturalness. she is one of the few girls who works without make-up! I appreciate that you have in the list of escorts a girl like Doris! "
Allstars replied:
Bart, thanks for taking time and effort to leave a review. We work hard to deliver the best service possible, and we are glad it showed during your visit!
Hector , 11.05.2020 12:42:36
" I spent time with a beautiful girl like Doris! Thank you for your recommendation ! I also recommend it to men who want to spend their time in the company of a beautiful, delicate and open-minded woman! excellent service! "
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Your review means a lot to us and helps spread the word about our business to other customers like you!
W , 06.05.2020 15:53:50
" Thanks for Doris! I recommend! excellent service! perfect body !  "
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Thanks so much with supporting us with a five star review.
W , 06.05.2020 15:52:54
" divine! excellent service! I recommend! I'll be back again! "
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Thank you for the great feedback. We try really hard to provide the best experience at All Stars Escorts in London and are really happy to hear that you enjoyed it!
S , 01.05.2020 22:16:02
" Thank you so much for recommending Doris to me! I will definitely be back! Athletic body, perfect bronze, natural make up excellent service! best Massage ever !! I recommend 5 stars "
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Next time you come in, remind us of this review and we can get you set up with our customer loyalty program - it will save you £££ over time!
K , 10.04.2020 21:25:53
" I will definitely return to Doris's services! I will spend every time I have free time in her company! I book everytim Doris !  "
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We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.
K , 10.04.2020 21:23:49
" Doris is an extraordinary woman! body is athletic and tan, how to behave with a man and the voice makes you want to spend more time in her company! I recommend! 5 stars for services, beauty, style and mind ! breasts are natural and appetizing and the posterior is well worked in the gym! Highly recommended ! 5 stars !!!!  "
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Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We put customers experience and satisfaction as our priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in everyday.
Eddye , 26.03.2020 21:50:49
" Doris is a very beautiful and delicate woman! I had a few hours in her company and I realized that it is very difficult for an escort to be so sweet, delicate and open-minded! is one of the few escorts who knows how to behave! I recommend it to all men who want to spend time with a beautiful woman! the body is athletic, tan, perfect breasts and the bottom is irresistible! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMANDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! 5 stats !!!! I will definitely book with her all the time !!!!!!!! "
Allstars replied:
Eddie, we are very happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted out of your experience with Doris at AllStars Escorts. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again soon!