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It’s not always easy to get escorts to video themselves and it’s even harder to find one that will allow you to video any of your contact with them. This is for very good reasons however. When you consider that our high class escorts come from a variety of different social and work environments, and they perhaps only offer these services part time, it’s important to maintain some form of anonymity. It really wouldn’t do for one of our girls to be recognised when she is out and about enjoying her regular day to day life, perhaps working or studying.

And you never know where these videos could end up of course. Saying that, regular promotional videos are sometimes a good idea if they are tastefully done and the escort agrees fully.

For this reason alone escorts video is incredibly hard to find online these days. You only have to look at how forbidden it is in cities like Amsterdam for example. If you walk down the canals in the red light district and snap a few pictures or film one of the girls in the famous windows you are likely to end up with your phone in the water, closely followed by yourself of course! It ought really be enough for you to simply make your choices based upon the pictures you see in the main gallery.

We have taken a lot of time presenting the girls in the very best way and hope you will find the bios and details as informative as possible. All the pictures you see on this website are 100% genuine and they are updated on a regular basis when the girls have new images done.

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