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There are some pretty common stereotypes concerning Essex girls, we’re sure you’ve heard. They are supposedly: high maintenance, highly sexed and very forward. These stereotypes are not all true of course, this is simply what popular culture attempts to teach you about these girls.

It isn’t helped of course by TV shows like The Only Way is Essex! This show will attempt to tell you that most of these girls are not very intelligent too (actually none of the cast seem to be!) Whilst the Essex escorts we represent do indeed like dressing up and look absolutely fabulous in a pair of high heels and a nice short skirt, they are not in any way shape or form like the quintessential Essex girl. The companions we choose to represent must all have a certain level of intelligence in order to be successful with us.

You see, it goes a lot further than simply looking good (even though all our girls clearly do). There are several criteria that our Essex escorts must meet, only with every other category of girl we represent. These criteria can be found in our criteria section of the website. Essex of course is a big place, but we are happy to cover it.

Before booking however, you should realise that on top of our very reasonable price, you will be required to pay travel expenses for the companion you choose; particularly if you live a long way from Greater London.

Call us on the above number if you have any questions and we will do our best to clarify everything you need.

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