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There are escorts and then there are executive escorts. What’s the difference? Well, this is a very good question indeed. The executive breed of this marvelous group of women is more used to offering their services to the more discerning gentlemen out there in the city and beyond.

Executive” clients are usually those in high power positions and those gentlemen who have limited free time but like to enjoy themselves as much as possible with a young woman who fully understands their position and the level of stress and pressure they may be under. These girls are highly experienced in stress relief and offer services that far outweigh many others in London. It’s not just a case of using their often remarkable massage skills to get the tough bits out of your shoulders, they’re also often excellent listeners.

Listening is an important part of an executive escort’s role of course, but another essential factor would have to be their ability to converse on a wide variety of subjects. We are acutely aware that our more executive clients will require someone who can hold a sentence together, speak good English, and contribute to a conversation.

These conversations do not of course have to be about work, they could be about anything from current affairs to popular culture; both topics that our executive escorts are very proficient at discussing.

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