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How do people rank the girls they like the look of? It’s absolutely impossible to tell of course, everyone is turned on by different things, and this is why we categorise the companions on our website in very particular ways. There are a number of categories, but we find that petite escorts are among some of the most popular.

These companions look so gorgeous. They’re obviously not the tallest girls in London, but they are certainly all proportioned perfectly with their nice tight bottoms and pert breasts. Simply take a looks at the wide choice we have in our gallery and you will see for yourself.

One of the primary reasons our elite clientele choose this type of girl is that they themselves may not be among the tallest gents around. Sometimes a client may not wish to go out to dinner with a girl who is significantly taller than himself, for obvious reasons.

It’s no fun having to stand on a chair to give your date a kiss goodnight! The petite escorts you will find on our website will not be too tall for you, even in their heels. There is also a very psychosexual aura about these smaller framed girls that make them very appealing to their clients, who will often enjoy the sense of vulnerability these girls exude, and perhaps their willingness to be taken care.

Give us a call if you have any questions about any of the girls on the website and we will be able to answer any of your questions.

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